45th Thedor 229: The Pains of Hindsight

The Pains of Hindsight
Summary: Elisabeth tries to return a missed visit from her brother and finds him having left orders that he is not to be disturbed. THis does not seem to stop her.
OOC Date: 15th-16th Feb 2014
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45th Thedor 229

As Elisabeth demands to be shown to her brother, there's an outbreak of murmuring amongst those crew by the gangway. Some obviously think this is a good idea, some a terrible one, for indeterminate reasons. In he end though, the coxswain interveens and invites the lady, and whatever retinue she has brough, onboard and escorts them aft. It's a ship of war, not a fancy merchanter or such, so the guards will likely need to stay on deck as he leads the Lady and her maid down into the below deck accomodation for the more senior crew. On the way he mutters words like, "arrived in a right funny mood he did, begging your pardon m'Lady,", "issued those orders 'imself he did" and "not seen 'im since" before showing her to a door which is presumably Eoin's. THat done he shoots her a quick look to ask if she really wants to be doing this, then scoots off to attend to his own duties once more.

Elisabeth is oft seen as sweet and pliant, doing what is expected at court and following all the rules. But when it comes to family it is quite another matter. She remains on the gangplank until someone finally lets her aboard and she nods to th eman who finally escorts her. Her lips press to a line as she knocks upon the door, "Thank you sir, I will take it from here." Her escort remain further down the hallway and she gives them a look to stay there. This is her brother she needs no escort.

Eoin had no been expecting to be disturbed but the knock brings his mind back into focus and he replies with a short, "one moment." He does a quick visual scan of the cabin, finds his boots and hauls them back on with no particular airs or graces, then turns to the small bowl of water near his hammock and cups two handfulls up onto his face in an attempt to look presentable. Reaching across the small space to grab his sword belt and start to thread it round his waist he's taking the couple of steps towards the door to see what the emergency might be when he finds it openning anyway and has to hastily avoid. Angry at the intrusion he's about to let rip at the guilty party but then he spots who it is and his expression becomes one that seems to fluctuate rapidly between confusion and concern. "Beth?" he asks, just standing there for now, neither inviting her in, nor gesturing that they should head out onto deck, "what's wrong?"

Elisabeth steps into the room and she is still holding to the door handle as she looks him over and frowns. "That is what I came here to find out brother. I had a message that you came to visit me and yet I could not find you and your crew lying to protect you. Alas they are poor lyers." Well she is perhaps known to family to be quite perceptive to such things. She finally steps into the cabin and looks him over, before biting her lip slightly. "Nylie?" She finally asks.

The room is not big, but then space is at a premium on war ships, there is room for the pair of them though, even if he has to step back a little to allow her full admitance. Turning to unsling his hammock to make more room he states as he works, "I told them I was not to be disturbed unless the security of the realm was at stake. Do not judge them as lyers, meres as men following their orders." Job done he sets the resulting bundle on the floor and gestures for her to take the chair that sits beside a small desk. The room it seems, is really not meant for receiving in, but he knows that look on his sister's face and does not want this conversation out where anyone could hear. Moving to ensure the door is fully closed he avoids the question for a few more moments by asking, "do you need a drink, water or wine? I can have some fetched from the galley." Finally, since he can't think of any other way to prolong things, he starts to undo his sword belt once more, since he won't be needing it, and then gives a single, slow nod. The chosen activity does have one advantage though, in that it gives him something to be focusing on so he isn't forced to actually look at his sister, or anyone in fact, as he states in a controlled manner, "I had the chance to speak with her, briefly, once I had found out you were unavailable."

"Well dealing with the unhappiness of my brother is paramount to the security of the realm for he is Admiral of the seas." Elisabeth says with a nod of her head and steps aside as he closes the door behind her. She shakes her head at the offer of drink and food, but takes a seat in one of the chairs. She watches each action and movement hands placed upon her lap. She remains quiet so that he can speak his tale.

The lack of a further response from Beth seems to catch him off guard a little, not that he has many guards left intact at the moment. Tilting his head to glance at her a moment he'd assumed she'd come to the subject matter so quickly because she knew, but maybe that is not the case? Turning his gaze back to his belt he continues to work it loose, finding it easier to be focusing on something else and talking, rather than just talking alone. "She is to be married Beth," he puts it, bluntly yes, but he sees no point it beating about the bush. "It is what she wants and the King has given his consent." He almost fumbles the belt as he turns away from her to hang it back in it's place, which perhaps gives light to the sheer amount of effort he's putting into his bearing and demeanor at the moment.

There is a pain in her own eyes as she looks upon her brother's pain. Perhaps a faint touch of guilt there as well. When finally he speaks of it she nods, "I found out not long before you. I wish to be happy for Nylie, but I am unhappy for you at the same." She rises from her seat and places a hand upon his arm as he struggles with the belt and takes it from him to place it upon the tack herself. "She has affection for you but her family has control of her destiny and should not allow herself love until she was given leave to. I wish you could have been that person and I know she wished it as well."

Eoin drops back a half pace or so to give her room, but not so much as to break the contact before she does. "I asked her," he starts, shaking his head slowly, "I asked if it was what she wanted." He's still managing to maintain a mostly normal stance at this point, but it's costing him dearly and there's the faintest hint of a tremour around the edges of his voice. "She said it was, so be happy for her. The King gave his consent only after she gave hers." Or so he's been told anyway, he hasn't actually gone checking the facts of the matter. Now lacking a belt to rest his hands on he offers an arm out to his sister if she wants it, "it is done. Anything else I could do would be against her wishes, so do as I have done, and wish her all the happiness the world allows us."

Elisabeth looks up to her brother as she sees his sadness and does not hesitate to take the invitation into the embrace. Her arms go tightly around her brother, "I am so sorry my brother." She says with sincerity in her tone. "I knew you had affection for her, but I knew not it was so strong. I hope my poor attempts at matchmaking did not drive a wedge." She says in soft words.

"They did not," Eoin reassures as he draws her in, closing his eyes in the process, "they did not." He rubs a hand slowly up and down the top of her back in what he hopes is also a reassuring gesture before adding quietly, "I don't think I had realised myself until.. " well, until what is blindingly obvious really, and it's all so clear with hindsight. After that though he can think of nothing else to add, so just stands there, silently, holding her.

Elisabeth tightens her arms around Eoin, "I am so sorry Eoin. I wish I could make this all better and bring her back to you." She says softly and looks up to her brother with sadness in her eyes. "I know she had feelings for you as well but worried they were not fully returned. If I had known another would come in…I would have pushed harder despite it all." She squeezes him again.

"Breathing," Eoin whispers lightly as Elisabeth increases her constriction of his ribs. It's more an attempt to lighten the mood a fraction than a serious indictation that she's holding to tight, although he can feel it fall a little flat even as he says it. The advantage of the hug though, is that he's still looking over her shoulder rather than at her as takes a deep breath an explains to the wall behind her, "I didn't know what she wanted. I wasn't sure what I wanted. If she'd just wanted a friend, I'd've been that for her, if more.. " he bows his heada little, "I was giving things time, to see where they would go, without pressure or interference." He does then squeeze Elisabeth back, very briefly, before straightening his shoulders slightly and stating with what degree of firmness he can, "she says she will be happy though, and that is what matters."

At his word, Lis looks up with a touch of confusion before she realizes what he meant and lessens the embrace. "They say to look in the past is far clearer to your actions than to look to the future. Such is so true now." She says and finally releases the embrace and looks up at her brother. "If you can, be her friend. I think she will still wish it. She is happy that her king has finally given consent and that after all these years she will be a bride. From what she said he has treated her well and well, the duke will have to deal with at least this Haravean lady if he does not." She says with a nod.

"I will try," Eoin promises as his sister moves back, "but she is marrying a man who looks down upon our house as little more than backwards savages. I do not see His Grace concenting to letting his newly wedded bride walk as we have done, and our talk was always free and easy, but once it is his guards protecting her then how can it still be or everything I share with her will make it back to him and be used against us." Turning away slightly so that he can lean against the side of the table he folds his arms up acorss his chest and shakes his head again. "I fear, sister, that we will not be able to keep the friendship that we have, it will be forced to change into something that I know not what."

Elisabeth frowns at his words and settles back to sit on a chair again. "Maybe then she can ease his mind on this matter. She is friends with many in our house. I would hate to think she would turn against us for the want of a marriage." Elisabeth says thoughtfully and glances up to her brother. "This is not fair." She murmurs frowning at his words, though she would fight them she can not fully disagree with them. "For now though she is under Kilgour guards."

"She is strong," Eoin starts in what he hopes is a reassuring tone, "she knows her own mind and I do not see it being turned." He can not help but silently wonder at what restrictions the Duke might add if he knew. He can offer only afaint smile at her murmur, for itis indeed true, but then the same could be said about many things. "I suspect," he states, fianlly now just looking across to her, "that we shall just have to see where the tide takes us."

"I think we must have faith in her. I will hopefully hold no threat to her guards and be paid little mind at least. Many get quite bored with our music playing anyway and leave us to it." Elisabeth says with soft spoken words before shaking her head, "We must have faith in her. Oh if you had both…" She sighs and shakes her head, "Yes, we will have to see where the tide takes us. Please promise me you will take care of yourself? Do not take any chances because of your broken heart?" Already worried for him for the trip back.

"You are a lady," Eoin replies softly, "I doubt the Duke woul have any issue at all, unless for some reason he feels a specific need to be spitefull that once." Not likely he thinks, but not unimaginable. "I however am a Lord," and that whole different kettle of fish he knows he doesn't have to explain. Reaching behind him for one of the scrolls that sits on the table, one of the several, he shows it to her for a moment without unrollng it. "Beth, I promise you, I have too much to do to take any chances. As you said earlier, I am Admiral, and it is my duty to protect the King's seas and I do not intend to fail in that."

Elisabeth nods at Eoin's words, understanding his meanings. "Well then I think for perhaps even the sake of Greenshire, I will continue my friendship with Nylie if you do not mind dear brother. Part of me is upset over this and yet I love you both. I know what to do, but support you both." She nods at his reasurance "I would not think that you do. Your coxswain is loyal to you and knows you grieve. Please rely on his help."

"I would be deeply disappointed in you if you did not Beth," Eoin replies as he sets the scroll down again, "besides, the pair of you still need to win that bardic contest if you recall." There's a faint smile again there, as he remembers their playing in the salon that morning. "There are things being planned, which might keep me away, but I do still hope to be able to listen to the pair of you again then," even if there is a part of his mind that doubts he will be strong enough to.

Elisabeth ponders his words and nods, "And now it is more important than ever for us to play and win together. Though we be only ladies and musicians…she will be of Lakeshire and I of Greenshire. I hope that it gets noted." Making the world a better place through music! "I hope you will make it dear brother." She says and rises from her seat and goes to kiss him on the cheek, "Next time do give orders of 'National security OR my sister." Cause well she will board either way it seems.

Eoin takes a deep breath and nods slowly, "she will, although I do not know when the official announcement will be made. She is still though, and will continue to be a Kilgour I feel." Bending slightly to return her kiss with one of his own to her forehead he then says, "I think though, that more importantly, you should play together and win because you are friends and that should not change for anything." Reaching to give her arm a gentle squeeze as she seems to be making ready to depart he nods to her final remark, even if his failure to include that clause this time doesn't seem to have troubled her.

"Of course I will, but …well I am no soldier brother. If I can do something, even as little as this that might help then I will gladly do it and that I consider her a friend makes it all that more honest." She gives his hand a squeeze, "I will see you in Stormvale. May your ship fly safe upon the winds of the ocean." She says with a warm smile and heads out the door.

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