Alasair 4, 228:The Other Princess

The Other Princess
Summary: On the day before the wedding Ruthgar encounters his future sister-in-law.
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Ruthgar Roslin 
Salon, Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
4th day of Alasair, in the year 228

Not many are around at the Salon of Darfield Castle on this wonderful summer afternoon, as most have ventured outside to enjoy the warm sun, making use of the fair weather for activities outside that are usually kept to the inside of the castle, as will be the case in the rainy days of autumn. Activities like sparring and riding at the quintain, archery even - activities that a young noble lord and newly minted baron usually enjoys, alas not today. It is his last day before he will be united in matrimony to the Princess Caillin, and Ruthgar seems to prefer to spend it rather pensively, albeit not alone in his room, but here in the salon, giving all those who wish to see him the opportunity to do so. He is clad in a red tunic and black breeches, no sword at his side. Pale grey eyes stare somwehere in the distance, as he sits on one of the seats, leaning slightly forward, his elbows resting on his knees, while the lower part of his arms hang down, loosely crossing before his shins.

"Excuse me, my lord," A dark-haired maid says quietly to Ruthgar, bending down so that she can mummer softly in his ear. "Her Highness wishes that you join her at her table." Of course, as Ruthgar would likely know, this maid is not Gaela, belonging to his betrothed. This maid is likely entirely unfamiliar to him. And yet there is a Princess, by the sound of it, who wishes for his attention.

If Ruthgar follows, or looks ahead, he will see that seated in a comfortable mahogany chair, upon a silver cushion, is the Princess Roslin. She is younger than her sister by a year, and though her complexion and her mouth somewhat resemble that of Caillin, this girl looks startlingly different with her bright red hair. She wears a simple but fine dress of satin - dagged sleeves and a pooling skirt that falls slenderly around her body in royal purple. There are embelishments if one looks closely, in silver with lighter purple beading - a sun. Trailing vines. A dragonfly upon her shoulder. The Princess sits daintily, with a very straight back, while she embroiders something or other. She seems totally engrossed, as though she isn't even expecting someone to disturb her. But there is a matching chair just across from her.

The maid's words have Ruthgar raise his head, and then his gaze as well. Pale grey eyes quickly take in the motioning gesture of the girl, and move on to the regal presence at the table. And although he does not know her rightaway, the resemblance of her sister, at least in certain aspects, is enough to catch his attention, arouse his curiosity, and alongside the explicit invitation, make him rise from his solitary seat to approach the younger Kilgour Princess which will become in less than a day his sister in law. "Your Highness.", he greets with a soft voice, offering her the bow that befits her station. "I… do not believe we have been introduced yet. I am Lord Ruthgar Ruxton."

When Ruthgar approaches, Roslin lowers her embroidery, smiling a gentle smile toward the man. She does not have her sister's broad, all-encompasing smile. But her is pleasant in her own way, if thoughtful. "Yes, my Lord. I am aware. I am your sister-in-law, or shall be after tomorrow. Princess Roslin. And I thought, as soon-to-be family, we might chat, you and I." She gestures to the chair across from her. There is no table between them, in fact it appears to be something of an akward setup. It has clearly been arranged for her pleasure. Roslin continues to embroider, looking down at her work for a few stitches while Ruthgar settles himself. "How do you fare with it all, my lord? Are you fully prepared for tomorrow? It shall be quite a busy day."

"I am glad to make your acquaintance then, your highness. You have been away I presume, as I haven't seen you around. A chat… would be most welcome. I still need to get to know my new family,…" his voice trails off for a moment, his stare suddenly a bit pensive. But after a light shrug he continues: "How do I fare with it all? The preparations? The wedding?" A sigh leaves his lips, although the smile accompanying it might make it sound less offensive. "The preparations are not left on my shoulders, so I am fine I suppose. Your sister has… an impressive personality, I feel most fortunate that your father picked me of all to become her husband. As for the question if I am well prepared… No, not at all." The Ruxton chuckles almost apologetically. "The day of marriage is special. And how much more special, if you marry a princess…?"

The princess smiles a bit wider, tilting her head just so to look over the man. She is a very pensive person, this one, and she does not appear to mind keeping the man waiting while she has her thoughts. "I cannot say, for certain," Roslin answers. "In this case, the Princess is my sister. So for us, it is a rather special day as well." The woman looks back to her embroidery, speaking as she watches her little stitches. "But then I imagine so few are ever ready for marriage, particularly on the day that it comes to them. Even moreso for ones as young as Caillin and yourself. But I can say this - you are fortunate in many ways. Even were she not a Princess, and not the gentle personality that she is, she is quite eager to please and impress you. Your opinion weighs very highly with her."

"Is that so?" Ruthgar eyes the Princess, looking rather surprised, although in a pleasant way as the hint of smile at the corners of his mouth suggests. And now it is he who pauses, his pale grey eyes drifting towards one of the windows for a moment, as he as well seems not averse to get lost in his thoughts now and then. "I am aware she has a certain… warmth inside of her, that is seldom to be found, especially in one of such high birth.", he muses thoughtfully, his gaze shifting to Roslin before he lowers it. "I admit I was surprised at first, as the betrothal was made known to me. Less than four weeks ago." His pale grey eyes are are raised and suffenly focusing on Roslin again. "Yet I am sure your father and my father had very good reasons to agree on the contract." After continuing to watch her go on with her needlework in silence for a time the Ruxton adds: "So… as that day came as quite a surprise to me, I am quite confident that I will manage to deal with what the day may hold in store for me tomorrow. I've fought many a battle already… and although I am aware this will be different, I am sure that all will go well. But… what about your opinion on all of this, your highness? You must be quite surprised to return just in time for this marriage, that you can't have known of, possibly?"

"I heard rumors," Roslin admits, pulling the needle tight through the cloth and then going back, doing a second and third time before speaking again. "Even all the way in Lakeshire, one can always hear rumors. I do imagine it was a surprise to you, and as I am not your father or my father, I cannot say as to why they decided that this match was for the best. But I would like to give you some advice, my Lord, if you would not be offended to hear it from a child as young as I." In truth, the young Princess is just 16. "For whatever reason the Gods have ordained to bring this about, this is an opportunity for you. Most young men dream of the chance to prove themselves to their King and court - you will have that opportunity better than all of them. Do not dwell too much on the how or the why - do your duty, and then go above and beyond your duty. There are many a young man who would sacrifice much for the opportunity to prove themselves, and to earn elevation through their actions. Just because you wed a Princess does not make you a great man - it is simply the chance to demonstrate that you may be a great man."

"Lakeshire?" Ruthgar casts Roslin a glance, his eyes suddenly attentive. "You were in Lakeshire, your highness? The place I spent so many years squiring for Sir Jarvis Kincaid, a cousin to the Duke. You must have liked it there. I have… fond memories of the place." His voice trails of again, while his gaze stays fixed on the princess. Something that she said, or how she said it, seems to have caught the attention of the newly minted Baron of Dellhaven. As he hears her words about great opportunities Ruthgar lowers his gaze with a smile. "I know very well, what you are talking about, your highness. I have strived to earn my position, I assure you. Fighting at the Battle of Blackbarrow, never avoiding any battle that is required for the best of the realm - it has helped me to gain a spot in the Order. My loyalty is with the King, your father. And I am sure he is aware of that, or he would not have chosen to me as his future son in law."

"Good. I do not doubt your abilities, sir. I shall be watching and expecting great things from you. As will your crown prince and your king, as well as your wife." Through all this, the woman continues to embroider - the color she is using is a dark grey with a silver sheen. Only the finest embroidery for the finest of ladies, no doubt. "In some ways I do not envy you your life with her. She is a sweet, gentle, far-too-innocent creature. But she feels every emotion quite keenly. She will not only be happy with you - she will be elated. She will not be angry with you - she will be furious. She will not be dissapointed in you - she will be distraught. That in and of itself shall be a challenge." She lets that settle in, allowing the topic to shift. Her smile becomes a bit more conversational, though she has yet to lower herself from her tall posture. "I spent the last year at Lakeshire, a guest of the Kincaids. I have a keen interest in trade and economics, and there was hardly a better place to hone my knowledge. I learned a great deal about shipping, trade routes, and trade law. Rumors of my sister's betrothal and … other things brought me back." For a moment, a shadow passes over her features in regards to those other things.

"A challenge I am willing to take.", Ruthgar replies in all simplicity to Roslin's words about her sister. "I feel she is special, and I will certainly treat her that way." Then, as the topic shifts towards Lakeshire, the Ruxton shifts as well in his seat. "I did not know that. Our House is already well connected with the Kincaids," - his gaze wanders off again, towards the view of one of the windows - "and… how interesting that you are eager to learn about those things… Especially a young princess such as you." One brow raises in response to those 'other things' that brought her back. Although Ruthgar does not know, he certainly has his suspicions, and there are other family members of his betrothed who have been the talk of town just recently. Yet his sense of tact prevents him from touching the matter of Prince Logen and his betrothed, although the line between his brows suggests he might have an opinion on the matter.

And who could not, on such an issue? But it will not be brought up here, today. Not by this Princess. "You are not the first, nor the last, to show surprise at my choice of study. Yet it was something that interested me greatly, and as a younger daughter with a beautiful older sister and several brothers, I have always intended to do whatever I am able in order to make myself as useful as possible to my family and my Kingdom. In truth, it is best I came back when I did. I was having quite a good time, and there was always something new to learn and discuss, if news had not brought me back I may well have spent my young, marriagable years on the docks with sea captains." She lays her embroidery across her lpa, smoothing out her skirt around her. "My lord, tomorrow you will be my family. And in a wish to be as useful to my family as possible, I invite you to always come to me if you have any concerns or topics you wish to discuss. I shall be candid with you as I can be."

"A very honourable attitude indeed.", Ruthgar comments on Roslin's remark about her trying to be as useful as possible to her family and her Kingdom. "And given your sensible manner, probably the best thing that could happen to your family in times as these… And, of course, you will be able to attend the festivities tomorrow." His pale grey eyes seem to widen a touch at that observation. "By the Gods and Goddesses, it will be happening tomorrow already…?" A nervous flicker appears in his eyes, but only for a short moment, until his usual composure has returned. "I thank you for your offer, Princess Roslin. And I prefer candidness over any cunning and political intrigue…" A discipline in which Ruthgar is not very versed in indeed. "Alas… I fear there are some things that I need to see to, especially since there is so little time left before… the wedding. I thank you for the conversation, your highness. A good afternoon to you." The Ruxton has already risen from his seat and bows again to the princess, this time in a polite goodbye. It does not take long and he moves towards the door to head out for the stairs that lead downwards, his mien pensive with a line between his brows.

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