Nar 20, 229: The Name Game

Queens and Goddesses
Summary: The Queen of Laniveer discusses names and truths with Logen and Kierne
OOC Date: 22/July/2014 (OOC)
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Mobrin Suite - Castle Meade
This spacious sitting room is simply but stylishly decorated. Finely woven patterned rugs cover most of the marble floors and compliment two white leather sofas arranged to face each other near the center of the room. The wall to your left as you enter contains an oak door on the near portion and a spacious hearth on the far portion, where two additional sitting chairs and a small table rest. To your right as you enter is a mahogany door next to an extensive bookshelf which hosts a collection rich with both art and science titles. Tapestries of places throughout the continent adorn the walls on both sides. Directly in front of you, the far wall is covered with lush foliage, hanging and potted plants collected from exotic locales. The room is kept lit by small brass and crystal chandeliers.
Nar 20, 229 2E

The Mobrin suite is outfitted with a number of shelves, and, after Kierne had spent about a year down in the library, this morning, his guards had offered to stock the shelves with the piles of books he'd been accumulating on one of the library tables. All the easier to guard the fellow when he's not in a place where he could contact much of anyone. Of course, by the time he'd gotten back upstairs, he'd been more or less mentally drained, and a bit of a flop on a couch to rest his eyes had turned into a full-fledged nap, the Knight of the Lake looking particularly baby-faced and angelic in his sleep, long lashes resting against the very tops of his cheeks, mouth slightly open, one arm tumbled awkwardly down toward the floor.

The prince has been sleeping well and he's healing quickly. He's already rolled over on his side and he is rather relaxed in the nice bed. He's currently awake and amusing himself watching the drool move like lava out of the youth's mouth. His green eyes twinkling with mischief and a need to bother the sleeping beauty.

The queen has given her pigeons a couple days reprieve from her questioning. The guards allow her in the room and wait near the door as she stands there looking over the pair. Her gaze flicks to the young knight and his youthful appearance, so much like her son. She turns her gaze towards the Prince and she smiles, "Ah, you are awake and looking better. That is good to see." Ophelie says with a false warmth to her voice. "What are we calling ourselves today?"
WEATHER: It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and clear. The planet Cri hangs over the western sky

Kierne hasn't slept much since his arrival here. Maybe he's getting more relaxed, the longer he's here, letting down that guard that forces him to sleep with one eye open. Or else he's just completely exhausted and unable to keep it up longer than the four or five nights he's already done so. He lets out a breath somewhat deeper than the rest when a voice begins to speak in the room, his eyes twitching behind their lids as the words meet his sunconscious, possibly transferred to some dream-image before the dream disgorges him into the reality of wakefulness, somewhat disoriented, and with pins and needles eating his arm.

Logen turns and sees the Queen. He slowly slides to sitting up. His color is back in his skin and the bruising on his face is far less. He takes a moment. "It depends on assurances." His voice goes quiet. "I will tell you my name is anything you wish it to be but if you wish the truth. When you decide to kill me, do it quickly. None of this torture crap." He keeps his eyes on her.

Ophelie glances over to the knight and then to the book shelves and looks pleased to see he take upon her offer. Her gaze then turns back to Logen. "Ah, is my pidgeon a bird of a finer feather that he fears I pluck those feathers?" Ophelie says as she moves closer to the bed, "Fine feathers can be quite useful for many things and oft treated well under my hands. I will not hurt you for your truths dear boy. Have I shown you any ill as yet? You are in a fine bed and have been treated by my best healers. It is sad what evil is spoken of our court in your southern lands." She says forlornly.

Kierne bites down on his lower lip when he catches wind of the state of his arm, swinging his legs down to the floor and then sitting up straight, using the less asleep of his two arms to lift a face to his hand and rub his eyes, then cover a yawn, squinting over at the prisoner and the Queen. The Queen? Ohshi— he stands up briskly, about to say something, maybe a greeting, who knows— it stays within as the other two are already in discussions.

Logen frowns. "Yet, I hear the hollowness in your voice. I feel the cold even when you are trying to be warm. You are hiding your true nature and I am not afraid of it. Your pigeon is not a pigeon. In fact, Kierne here is a dove. Yet I, myself, am an eagle." She should understand that one. His eyes slide closed before he opens his eyes. "Apparently, my ex wife is here."

"A woman can not give away all her secrets dear boy." Ophelie replies to the accusation before arching a brow at the admission. "Ah, a fine feather indeed. Shall I bring her down to confirm it?" She says with a thoughtfulness to her tone. "Now, we can talk of the uses such fine feathers have to us." She says before looking over to the Knight now standing so quickly, "I must wonder whether my birds did know each other's true nature…" She ponders before glancing to her books on the shelves here. "Learning much from our books?"

Logen frowns at the woman. "I don't really want to see her, thanks." He looks to Kierne. "He was under orders to keep his beak closed or I'd kill him. It was him who convinced me to speak the truth." He stays sitting in the bed even if he's feeling tense. "I will be of no use to you. My brother set me up on the front lines to die. You really think you could get anything from him?" He grins and shakes his head. "He feels nothing for me. I am a threat and he eliminated it."

A dove? Man, Kierne wanted to be a cool bird like a hawk… or an… emu… or something. But soon he's looking as though he'd much rather sit out on this metaphor entirely, tossing his arms haplessly outward, the number of the two falling the more briskly back to his sides. "Been looking to find reference to that information I'd recalled, Majesty. If it's not in one of those, I doubt it's in your library at all. But the indices on these things aren't always what they're cracked up to be, so I'm browsing each of them," he mumbles sort of fumblingly, in tha face of the much more important conversation unfolding.

Ophelie glances over to Kierne for a moment, "Ah the loyal friend. I had wondered at such, your concern seemed to go beyond that of a captor for his prisoner." She motions him to sit down as she too takes a seat on the edge of Logen's bed. His words draw her into silence for a moment. "Then perhaps you might find respect in Laniveer. I am sure I could find a use for an eagle who wished to fly north. Ciarrah was treated well within our walls. My daughter still bemoans her leaving us. We are not demons Logen no matter how your brother may wish to paint us." She cants her gaze to the knight as he answers her other question, "I am sure if such is to be found you will find it if given the time. Of course now I must think upon the lies you have spoken to me. I thought we had a better understanding than that, but I suppose I can admire your loyalty and hope one day you will have such for me."

Logen keeps quiet. "Would you betray your family?" He watches her for any reaction before he gives his reply. "My brother destroyed everything about me. My sister calls me childish and stupid. My family hates me and even after all that I wouldn't be able to. I'm the Black Hawk but even without being a true Eagle… I'd still die for them." He bites his bottom lip and he watches the queen. "I am not Ciarrah. That's his wife. She's important. Send them my head in a box and a message will be sent." He turns his eyes to Kierne and bows his head.

Kierne did try his best not to show concern, but dissimilation is not really among his topmost skills. As for outright lies, well, there weren't any, in truth: he had, indeed, found him on the road, half-dead. And when asked whether the prisoner had given a name, well, no, the prisoner hadn't given a name. Albeit Kierne knew it without having it given. Still, to practice such sophistry with a Queen seems like a petty thing to do when his intent to deceive was decidedly present. He turns his palms forward in a gesture not quite apologetic, more matter-of-fact: here's how things stand, take me or leave me.

Ophelie smiles at the question, "I understand your dilemma Prince and such you must understand mine. A prince in my walls who admits that his family would care not for him and asks for death. I am of a mind not to grant that. It is one thing to send someone off to die, but to have the death fall at the hand of your enemy may still broach retribution. Surely we have had enough bloodshed between our peoples? I will need think on this and speak to my husband on the matter." Ophelie says in a thoughtful tone and looks up to the knight for a moment. "There has been a weight upon you these last few days, let us hope honesty has helped lift it and that we might speak more openly in the future." She looks between both men, "We may yet find a use for you both and mayhaps even one that will not tarnish your loyalty to Mobrin's people. Surely speaking honestly between each other can only help us grow in understanding of each other? Such understandings can be the building blocks to end wars."

Logen watches her for a long few moments. "I am not authorized to be an ambassador. I will not be spilling Mobrin secrets. I'm not stupid. If what you truly wish is peace, I will push as hard as possible but I will protect my family." His voice is quiet. "We can't trust each other. We both call peace and one of us will stab the other in the back. Trust is going to be impossible in these times. How do you have peace without trust?"

"It nearly did, at any rate," Kierne pipes up gently to remind the Queen the state in which the Prince was found. Of course, if Logen was truly sent out to die, making a martyr of him might well have been in the King's plans. These sorts of thoughts scurry along the back alleys of Kierne's mind, and he lifts his arm to hold it across his chest, stepping a half-step closer to the other two. It does feel nice to have one less thing to worry about, while he's here, and it possibly shows in his face enough for the Queen to remark upon it. "If we're speaking openly, the priest you're holding here is also known to us. I don't know about these premonitions of his, but if he's been preaching about them, I would stake much that he truly believes in them, and isn't just trying to rile the people." Which isn't to say, note, that HE believes in them. Only that he believes the priest does.

Ophelie listens quietly to Logen before nodding to his words, "If I understand right you are of an age with my own son. I can only think of what his loss would do to his siblings though they fight and squabble as any sibblings do. No, I think I will not kill you…just yet. You have a handsome head, I think for now it will remain upon your neck." She says as she rises from her seat on the end of the bed and looks towards the Knight as he speaks of the priest. "He has a chance to prove his words to me or the children of the gods can try. They have yet been silent here. An eclipse would surely be sign of the god of the Cosmos and not his children. He is being given the chance to prove his prophecy, should he do that, he may so inform my people. I have seen too many false prophets, many believe what they say either because they convince it of themself or there is a fault of the mind. I will not have my people paniced for no good cause." She looks between the young men, "I am sure we will talk again soon.:

Logen sighs quietly, grinning. "You just want to keep looking at me in a non-decayed state." He attempts to use some of his charm. "Though once I'm up to fighting form, I must let you know as honor binds me, I will try to escape…multiple times." He shrugs his shoulders. "It's in my nature. My parents couldn't hold me in and my brother cannot." His eyes slide closed before they open. "I'm not good in confined locations."

"Isn't it sort of the nature of a prophecy to by unprovable until the prophesied events occur?" Kierne wonders. "It's a matter of faith, not proof. It's not science," he murmurs gently, keeping his voice as neutral as possible despite his clear favoritism of one over the other. And then there's Logen, threatening to escape. Baffling Kierne entirely as to why he would go ahead and say so. Maybe the spirit of honesty has become a little too heady in here.

"Once you are fit to walk around you may take some air with an escort. For now you are a guest." A guest who will be under guards. "At least you are honest now. Such truth we may yet still have between us." She chuckles softly and makes her way to the door. Her gaze flickers to Kierne and she tilts her head ever so slightly,"We will see what he has to say next time we speak. Captivity can sometimes change the tune a bird sings." There is a glance to Logen and she smiles before turns toward the door to exit.

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