The Man He Needs To Be...

The Man He Needs To Be…
Summary: Robben is killed. Twice. Or is he?
OOC Date: 24/March/2014 (OOC)
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Robben's Mind, mostly
You don't really want to know
One of the nights after the council was poisoned.

Suddenly, Robben finds himself back in the Great Hall. He can see the feast going on around him, with King Callem in place and alive. The Ruxton himself is fighting that attacker he fought during the fight, only using his crutch to try holding off the swordsman. Knowing he has the odds against him in this fight, and at some point, he will probably lose it.
Images of faces pass through his mind. First his wife, then the twins, then a sort of a faceless little child. Each image gives him strength to keep fighting against the invader. There are also images of others, his parents and siblings, some of his wife’s family and other people he calls friends.

The swordsman straightens from where he had put all his momentum into that swing which misses, hissing as he comes around with another wild swing toward Robben. "Lay down and die you swine! Your guts will be mine !" He pursues Robben with that long sword rising to hack further at the Ruxton Heir. "All shall feel our wrath and anger!!!"

"Need someone else’s gut because you’re gutless yourself?" Robben’s words comes out with more effort as he smashes the crutch for the face of his enemy, strength restored by each of the images in his mind, something the other man realizes as he stabs the sword into the gut of the Ruxton.

"You cannot save them, fool! First you die, and then we will kill your family, slowly. You will see them again in the halls of the dead!" Twisting the sword around, and then pushing Robben backwards, just as everything turns black in front of the eyes of the Heir of House Ruxton.

Emptiness is the next thing that registers in his mind. Total dark emptiness, making him wonder if this is what it’s like to be dead…

And then, he can see the council chamber from above, after they all have started to feel the effect of the poison. He can see himself down there, looking down into the table, unable to move at all…

Naiya remains unaffected from whatever seems to be ailing the others in the council meeting. In fact, she rises with her wine in hand, moving to the head of the table where the throne is. She places her free hand on the back of it, looking at the others in disdain. "You all pretend to mourn or worship a King that almost every one of you have threatened, in the recent past, to turn your back on. Why not let's all be honest and open about the relief you all feel that he is gone now. He was incompetent in leading us, guiding us to a war that should never be fought. He blindly trusted so many people near him while he was ruthlessly misguided. "

Remembering what his self down there by the table was thinking, Robben-spirit along the roof manages to say what he wanted to say down there. "You haven’t understand the one basic thing about how it all works, have you? We do not serve the person sitting on the throne, but the throne itself. Even though he made his mistakes, he is now dead, and we should treat him with respect, as most dead."

Eyes widening as she hears the words, Naiya looks around, before she seems to recognize the voice. "Fool!" The word leaving her sneering lips, as she approaches his body down there at the table. "For all of the education your father gave you, you never realized how things work, did you? You would have been a bad Duke, and with your current wounds, you cannot even be used as a military commander. This is something House Ruxton will be stronger for…” And into her hand, a dagger comes, stabbing at his body down there, repeatedly.

"NO!" It’s called out as the world again fades from Robben’s consciousness and darkness fills his senses again.

And then he’s awake, wounds still there as he lies in his bed, turning his head to see Aemy next to him. ‘Must not wake her, she needs her rest,..’ goes through his mind, but he can’t hide his relief, or his self doubt, and he lets out a breath before he’s unable to hold back the tears, sobbing freely now. Can he ever be the man his Father, his House, his family and the entire people of Weston, maybe of the entire Kingdom, needs him to be?

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