19 of Alisair, 229 2E : The Ladies' Picnic

The Ladies' Picnic
Summary: The search for Victoria is only momentarily fruitful, so Brendolyn and Nerissa decide to make the most of their wait for the huntress's return.
OOC Date: One fine day
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The Forest
A place with lots of trees and a stream
IC date of RP

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=stealth Vs Victoria=Perception
< Nerissa: Good Success Victoria: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=perception Vs Victoria=stealth
< Nerissa: Good Success Victoria: Good Success
< Net Result: Victoria wins - Marginal Victory

With the chance to get out of the castle and stretch her legs, Nerissa first let her horse have a good run. After that, she settled her two maids in a clearing with one of the guards, and a small picnic for them to enjoy. One of them wears the Lady's good cloak, and her red braid is allowed to hang forward, a bright splash against the silvery gray. However, one looking close enough at the face in the hood can see that it is not the noblewoman that sits there. That noblewoman is currently unseen to the passersby, as she is now on foot, bow in hand with arrow nocked as she stalks some tracks she spotted. Her Ranger clothing and simple leather armored vest blend well into the forest surroundings.

Completely unseen is one Greenshire Ranger, the woman up in the trees, currently on patrol through these forests, nothing official, mainly what she does in her off time since she lives in these parts.
She's dressed in her full ranger gear as well, imbued blue gaze scanning the forest floor as she moves like a gentle breeze through the canopy, from branch to branch, trunk to trunk, limb to limb, a leaf drawn by the wind.

The noblewoman below finds her quarry and rises to aim… and notices the little one with the adult she has tracked. The bow is lowered, and the arrow restored to quiver. For a few moments, she remains crouched, just watching.

The rise and fall of a figure catches the eye of the Greenshire Ranger who will then begin to near the other figure stalking her prey. The prey is considered a moment, as is the other rangers decision not to cull the prey, and a faint rustling from behind Nerissa may be the only warning that Victoria has dropped from the treeline and landed in the fallen leaves below on the forest floor. A whistle then as two stark white german shepherds appear from the bushes in the area Victoria was stalking, a lazy smile on the womans lips as she raises a hand to greet the other, "Afternoon, good hunting?"

Keeping low, Nerissa spins with her bow nocked and drawn once more, only releasing it when she sees it is a human, not some dire creature that has landed behind her. When this had been ascertained, she stands and lowers the weapon. “Depends on your definition of good hunting,” she replies honestly. “If you consider finding my prey and having her in my sights, yes. If you consider good hunting dependent on the kill, no. However, as she has two little ones yet to be weaned, I did not wish to kill three with one shot. I let her be.” She tilts her head slightly. “We have been looking for you Master Ranger Skyhawk. We would like to ask-” What they would like to ask is cut short by a blast from a wooden whistle not far away, and she sighs. “Sounds like company. However, if you would care to join us when you are finished hunting, we would appreciate your company.” She doesn’t have time to wait for an answer, however, as she quivers her arrow and turns to scurry away.

Five horses are tethered off to the side of the path, and a fire is crackling where two ladies sit on a log, with a table cloth spread between them and a picnic. A guard sits on a stump across from them, whittling away as he watches over the two. It is mid afternoon, and the fire is more for comfort in the slight chill of autumn, rather than cooking. One of the ladies is obviously the handmaiden Chassidy, the other wears the silvery-gray cloak of Lady Nerissa, and a red braid hangs down as she leans forward to poke at the fire.

Off in the distance thundering hooves beat a path, more than one set of them by the suonds of it. One horse seems headed for the clearing where Nerissa & Co. have come to be and thankfully the hooves slow before they have a chance to spook the other horses tethered nearby. Brendolyn brings her mount to a slow canter and slides down with ease, looping the reins over a branch then she peers over at the fire and smiles. "Afternoon, Lady," she says. She walks that direction and then pauses to tilt her head and listen, yep, they are getting closer, and it makes her grin more widely. She's wearing breeches, oddly enough, dark brown, sable hued riding boots and gloves, a dark green tunic and brown leather vest. Her long hair is drawn back in a braid though her recent jaunt through the woode has left it with a few rebellious tendrils pulled free. The other horses slow and draw near and Bren turns to look at her guards, one of whom most assuredly mutters "Dammit," then turns and tosses a pouch to another guard. "I told you she'd win.." he says and shrugs, easy coin. Lastly a young maid arrives, content to ride at her own pace, this is not new to her, Bren is a handful. The youngest Haravean nods to her group then turns back for Nerissa and smiles, "I thought I might find Victoria out here.. wasn't expecting you, pleasant surprise."'

His sister riding off mostly alone into the wood.. must be Saturday, though he has to follow of course to be sure all is well perhaps meeting up with another as he was about to head out it's not one but two riders which approach the grounds. Moray is riding quickly through the woods and glances back to make sure the other is still there before likely the sound of hoof-falls grows louder and louder before the sight of the fire allowing the camp to be found. The man will slow his horse as he comes into the small cleared area. He is surprised to find not one but two here. "Rissa." he nods his head "Lady Brendolyn. Pleased to find you both."

Brennart has ridden out with Moray having a nice chat about… stuff on the way out stopping his horse a bit further back as he lets Moray approach the little camp picnic thingy first, "Lady Brendolyn and Lady Nerissa a pleasure as always…"

The lady in the silvery gray cloak stiffens, like a deer who scents a wolf in the wind. The guard looks up, and then sets aside his whittling to give a proper greeting to the Haravean lady, and blows a sharp blast on a wooden whistle around his neck.
"Of course she outran all of you," Nerissa says, stepping out from the trees on the other side of the clearing in her Ranger attire and leather vest, bow in hand, about the same time that the rest of the Haravean entourage catches up. Her short sword and long dagger at her belt, as well. "It was a well run, my lady. Perhaps you'd care to match me on the return trip?" Her smile is genuine as she gives her maid decoy permission to drop her disguise and the woman joins the other handmaiden in greeting the newcomers properly. "I did see Victoria just now, but I left them when I heard the whistle. I believe she may be joining us later, which is fortunate as we both have much to ask her, I am sure."
She unstrings the bow and wraps it to protect the string from damp chill, looking up as her brother approaches with… "Baron Giantslayer," she dips her head to the Sutherland noble. "Always? Hmmmm…"

Brendolyn grins at Nerissa and nods toward the fire and picnic, "Care to add some rabbit to that?" she asks. She nods to the Lady, "That would be fun, the only other female who will race me is my sister and she's hardly ever around," she answers. At least now the servant girls have each other to talk to while they do their duty in keeping their ladies' reputations in tact. The Haravean guard nods to Nerissa, "Yes, My Lady, I suppose I knew it too," he says in defeat and somewhat amusement. Bren turns to her horse and unties a sack, "Two rabbits, just need to skin them and we can put them on the fire," she says. Her own sword is at her hip and a smaller sheath is strapped to her thigh, a knife likely. She turns to look at Moray and smiles, inclining her head, "Good afternoon, Lord Moray," then there's Brennart and she smiles, "Baron.." and she glances sidelong at Nerissa then back to Brennart, "Giantslayer?"

The heir will dismount and tie up the horse somewhere it can rest and perhaps find a snack or two. Moray looks to his sister "Nice to see you too." he says to her teasing before he looks to Brendolyn returning her smile "I hope all is well with you?" he asks he'll wait to bring up the meeting perhaps a little bit later first making sure all was well.

Brennart shrugs, "Slay a giant and it sticks with you for life I guess.. And yes always a pleasure… Although in varying degrees sometimes more sometimes less…" He chuckles as he makes his way over to tie up his horse as well.

"Of course it does, my lord," Nerissa agrees, raising on her tip toes to give her brother a kiss on the cheek. "Yes, dear brother, I am pleased to see you as well. Rabbits would be wonderful, since the prey I was stalking had two little ones." She tilts her head. "Would you like a hand with those, my lady?"

Brendolyn snerks a little at Brennart, "Well, we can see that it does yes, you may try to pretend you mind," she replies. She smiles at Moray, "All is well so far as I know," she answers, eyeing him a bit, perhaps studying him for a hint in case something /isn't/ alright. She turns to Nerissa and nods, "It will go faster if you do one," she says with a nod. She finds a suitable stump and dumps out the sack with the soft little bunny corpses in it then retrieves a few other things from her saddle and draws out her knife. "Do you need a knife?" she asks as she makes that first cut, completely uncaring that yes, a lady is skinning a rabbit. OMG.

Moray chuckles at the kiss to his cheek from his sister "Thanks." he looks back to Brennart "It would seem so m'lord." he says though he's still respectful. He will step closer to the circle and the others his focus shifting to Brendolyn as she speaks, he'll meet her gaze a moment as she looks to him he tries to reassure though he'll wait until some of the activity dies down before he speaks about that. "Hm rabbit, is there a use I could be put to?" he offers moving towards the fire.

Brennart chuckles as he watches the two ladies skinning and prepping the rabbits, "See handy ladies Lord Moray… They're not squeamish they can get their own food and prep it…" He looks around and hmmms, "Same here anything I can do to help?"

Nerissa draws her own long dagger, and takes the other rabbit as the Ranger accompanying her finds appropriate wild herbs to season them. "I don't know, my lady… do you think there is any use for the men?" she questions conversationally, with a gleam in her eye. "I wonder, do they know how to set up a proper spit to roast rabbits? One of them being a soft sailor and the other… well, he can slay, but can he cook?" If the scene were set in a castle, the two might have been embroidering while chatting of the delicacies of tea, as their manner is quite similar. "Where did you find that magnificent animal?" she adds, nodding towards the equine that Brendolyn rode.

Brendolyn smiles at Moray and Brennart when they offer to help and she pauses just long enough to hear Nerissa's comment which erases her smile and draws a serious shake of her head and sigh. "I do not know, my lady, I suppose we might let them try.." she says in a pained manner, though her eyes sparkle with amusement. She looks to her horse then back to the rabbit as she starts to peel the skin from it in a long *schhhhhhhtttkkkk*, "When we went home for a wedding, I brought him back with me. I was riding a castle horse but I thought it safer to ride my own, they always gave me /the look/ when I took off on one of theirs, and it upset the squires.. because I.." and she makes a little face and changes her voice like a young boy, "stir up too much dusssst.." She rolls her eyes.

He turns back looking to Brennart nodding to his words "Quite capable m'lord though I never doubted either." says though Moray turns to hear his sister speak and arches his eyebrow at her words soft sailor right after his words he cant help but laugh a little. He turns to see Brendolyn but looks away when she does. The heir will just begin grabbing the items need for the job at hand bringing them back towards the fire so that they can be setup.

Brennart blinks, "Make a spit? You mean you don't have one already wittled up from a blade of grass and a rock?" He does start to work on a spit because he may not be a ranger… but he has been out on the campaign trail and has been out hunting once or twice.

"Actually, I do, my lord," Nerissa replies looking up to Brennart. "But, I wouldn't want you to feel useless…" her eyebrow raises as she meets his eyes once, the blue almost ungaurded, almost. Then she returns her attention to Brendolyn, "they wouldn't have so many problems with dust if they could keep the pace, now, would they?"

The guts are drawn out with a slurp and she sets them aside then walks over to the 'men folk' and offers it. "Do you need a stick to thread it on? I have one.." she offers. She glances to Brennart and grins, "Oh she does.." she starts, then Nerissa is rattling off the smarty pantsed answer and Brendolyn looks to Moray, skinned rabbit in hand. She answers Nerissa's comment though she's looking at Moray, "Keeping up usually proves to be a problem, for most."

Moray looks back to Brennart after they've got the required things they'll need and move over to help with the actual setup on the spit. He looks back still listening to the conversation as well smirking "I know that tone Rissa." he teases about the keeping up pace knowing she's thinking about trying it. He looks over as Bre moves towards them "I thought ahead for once." he reaches to grab a stick he's found while gathering. He'll hold it ready though hold his hand out for the rabbit or have her spit it whatever she prefers. If he can he is pondering how to try and speak without exactly being overheard.

Brennart smirks as he makes eye contact with Nerissa, "It wouldn't be the first time I've felt useless…" He blinks at the guts, "Ohhh I forgot about that part…" He points at Moray, "You mess with the guts you're the soft sailor…"

The eye contact is only held for a moment, then there's a slight clench at the corner of her eye as she look aside. "When has a man ever been made useless," she mutters under her breath, the retort not voiced loudly enough to carry to far, but it's given air.
Taking the greens handed over by the ranger, Nerissa deftly stuffs the cavity with some, then wraps the others tightly about the carcass at intervals. One should still be able to thread the meat onto the spit, if they know what they are doing. It is offered over to the men, and then she gives a nod off to the side. "There's a stream just yonder where we can wash our hands and clean our blades," she offers, standing. She has managed the whole messy business, letting the Ranger roll the skin and stow it away, without getting any blood on her clothes. She pauses, glances around, then pries a curved strip of bark from the dead, fallen tree to scoop the guts in and carry away with her as well.
With her burden of offal and bloody knife, she makes her way through the trees towards the sound of a stream close by.

Brendolyn looks over to Nerissa's deftly prepared rabbit then wrinkles her nose, "You'd better do this one like that or it won't taste as good.." she says to Moray, smiling. She glances over to Brennart, eyeing him silently though she says nothing. Soft sailor, hmph. She nods over toward Nerissa and picks up her own knife to follow the lady toward the stream. "Well that's why there's so few who.." and her words trail off as the they leave the immediate area toward the water. ".. can put up with us.." is the rest of it, though who knows who all hears it, surely Nerissa, as that is to whom it's directed.

"Of course m'lady." Moray he smiles though he'll take the rabbit, and will do his best to copy his sisters way of fixing the rabbit with what he's seen. He will find the other stick which he found that should be good enough for the task and will begin placing the rabbit on it, very carefully. He will move back towards the fire and the frame for cooking. "Have you got the other m'lord?" he asks looking. He doesn't seem to have heard the words.

Brennart shrugs, "Every time I try to cook something… I tend to stick to field bread and jerky it's harder for me to burn." He glances over at Moray as he takes the Rabbit over towards the spit skewering the rabbit before placing it onto the frame, "Sure… I hope."

Once out of direct sight, Nerissa stoops down to find a soft spot where she can pry away dirt with her knife and set her offal inside. After waiting for Brendolyn to deposit hers, she pushes some dirt in, then pushes a rock over top for good measure.
Her knife is cleaned first, dried, and returned to her scabbard. Then she kneels on one knee to scrub at her hands with some sand from the bottom, getting the red stain from her hands.

Bren drops her kill's guts into the hole then she crouches down to clean her knife, cool water flowing over her hands and the blade, washing the blood and gore away. She glances over at Nerissa then with a flick of her hand, lofts a handful of water toward her.. possibly toward her face, who knows where it might land. She wipes her blade on her pant leg and sheathes it then shakes off her hands, grinning.

He places the rabbit across the frame securing it. Moray looks back to the other "I would normally agree, i'm used to food on a ship m'lord but trying is the only way." he chuckles but he'll let him do one of them and will keep an eye mostly on the one he's set on. The man glances the way the two had done a moment before back towards the fire he wonders what is all going on.

Brennart hmmms as he looks at the rabbits roasting on the spits before he calls out, "Hey is it supposed to be getting burnt this fast?" He grins towards Moray, "And just Brennart or Brenn is fine especially with everything else considered right?"

"Oh?" Nerissa raises an eyebrow, ducking behind an uplifted shoulder as the water comes her way. "Do you really want to go there?" she asks, although, by the twinkle in her eye and the light challenge of her voice, she really does want to go there, and a scoop of water back in Brendolyn's direction encourages as much. After her salvo, she nods to a couple of flat rocks in the shallows of the stream. "Handlock wrestle?"

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