Sess 40: The Interrogation

The Interrogation
Summary: Sir Ronan Crawford goes down into the dungeon to interrogate the Lady Naiya Ruxton, the former Castellan to the late King Callem who poisoned the Council members.
OOC Date: 26/03/2014 (OOC)
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It's dark, dank, and not a fun place to be locked up.
Sess 40, 229

Naiya Ruxton, former Castellan, was brought to the dungeons of the Palace after her capture following the Council meeting. She has been here since then and has refused to talk to any questioners thus far, of course most of those questioners are simply palace security. She has simply been sitting quietly, drinking but refusing food since her imprisonment. She sits indian style on the cold floor. It is said she sleeps little, though she has taken care of her daily routines, keeping herself clean, including making sure her hair is combed. She seems to be waiting for something… but what is anyone's guess. The woman is a bit off her rocker.

There is the sound of a heavy door being unlocked and then shoved open, followed by the sounds of not one or two guards boot steps, but of at least three or more men. The rattle of keys, the closing of the door, a guard's voice that says, "She's down this way, Your Grace." A deeper baritone asks, "You have been looking after her as befits her station, have you not? Good food, warm blankets, wine if she wishes?"

The guard leads the way to the proper cell, "I believe so, Sir. I'm not the one who usually tends to this level, Your Grace. I will inquire." Ronan arrives, dressed in his near black Rioga armour and armed. A knight of Sutherland comes with him. "Open the cell. We've come to speak with the Lady." The guard moves to do so.

Naiya has been offered all the amenities as befits her station, she has simply refused to take many of them. She has turned her nose up at the food, even though it comes from the Palace kitchen. She has kept up her appearance, and she has enjoyed good wine and tea, but beyond that she isn't accepting much. She lifts her head when the cell door is opened, but she does not rise to her feet. While there is a place to sleep that is way more comfortable then what is normally offered to a prisoner, she seems to have made herself a little spot on the floor to sleep. While there are chairs to sit, she seems to be content with the floor. She folds her hands neatly in front of her, "Your Grace… Your Excellency… You look well… Pity."

Ronan steps in and looks Naiya over and notes her not moving to stand or bow. The Duke waits a moment for Aldren to join him and the guard closes the door to stand by to see she doesn't dart past and out of it. "Pity? Was it your intent that we die, Lady Naiya? If it was, you did a very poor job of it. Not one of us have done so." The Rioga takes a few steps and sits down on her bed since she doesn't seem interested in using it. "When you did have us … poised to listen, you began to explain your actions, and your reasons, but you did not finish. Would you care to do so now? We are listening." Let them begin civially and see if she is willing to speak.

Naiya arches a brow, "Actually it was the intent, I simply mixed the poison wrong. An oversight on my part. You were all supposed to die writhing in agony. Isn't that what a knight does? Die for King and Country? You, your Grace, are the epitome of what is wrong with Mobrin. You are hot tempered and bloodthirsty. You mourn Callem, but you have publically disagreed with his leadership. This war makes widows, robs mothers of their sons, and for what? Callem's ego? Now Tyrel's ego? This war forces you all to make alliances to try and gather allies…. and make stupid moves. First trying to match you, Duke of Sutherland with that Princess… Princess of the very lands that attacked and killed his family. And then matching his own son with Moniwid by negotiating with a bastard… not even proper nobility. You should all be happy he is gone… Though I had intended to rid you of the whole family… rid Mobrin of the plague that is the current ruling group, which includes the Council. You are all to blame. You are all a disease on this nation… bloodthirsty war mongers! No better than the pox the lot of you."

Ronan listens and though at several points he might say something, he holds his tongue and lets her speak. "Ah, a most unfortunate oversight. You said your original targets where the Moniwid daughters. As I am apparently a mislead and ignorant man, perhaps you would illuminate me as to why you would desire their deathes? Besides the obvious bastard born nature of the fake Princess Emerit? Why would you seek to remove them, and the Prince Logen, as your primary desire even more than King Callem himself?" A pause, the Rioga Duke keeping his baritone level. "You also have me curious, Lady Naiya … as to these remarkable assassins you chose, who could defeat Rioga knights. Obviously you are a clever woman to find such men, so willing to endanger themselves for your plot, and yet be such extremely good fighters. No common men, those."

Naiya shrugs her shoulders, "They found me. Their targets were the Moniwids… my targets were the Royal family. We just converged. The bastard has a father after all… Ever wonder who it might be?" She pauses a moment, "My motives were my own, your Grace. Their motives were theirs… Our targets were close enough that our purposes converged. So arrogant you are your Grace… see the problem with your Rioga is that they don't fear their leaders. They fear their enemy more. Your precious Rioga can go back after having failed and know they may be punished, but not necessarily with their lives… and not in the most painful way. They only face death from the Enemy. The men who were utilizied, feared returning failures more than they feared dying at the hands of your Rioga."

For the moment the Duke refuses to become riled by her insults. "Who is her father?" Surely Naiya will tell him that much, "They have reason to fear for their lives and their order now, thanks to you and others, dear lady. So, who were these men sent from who aided you? From the Finger Isles perhaps? Pirates? Or the Laniveer who don't particularly like to see House Moniwid align their ships with us?" Ronan rubs his brow, "I'm an arrogant, foolish knight, Lady Ruxton. I would like to understand. If nothing else, perhaps I can better see what is /really/ going on and how foolish I have been. You don't want this war after all, you think it's foolish."

Naiya's nostrils flare, "Of course I don't want this war! I have given everything in this war and for what?! What has this war brought me? So you lost your parents and your brother and his wife…. So what. I buried 4 sons… /4/! Children of my body that I raised and held and cared for. All of them lost to this /bloody/ war! I lost my husband too. Perhaps the day will come when you are a father and you understand the depth of my pain. So when given an opportunity to strike and family responsible for this stupid /bloody/ war, I took it. You think I cared who gave me the opportunity? The bastard's father is a pirate.. that is all I know. I know not his allegiance nor do I care. And you are a fool because you fight this war… and one day, if you survive long enough, you will be sending your own children off to fight… if not you will be making your wife a widow."

Ronan strokes his beard hair along his jaw, "So … you propose we don't fight. Let the Laniveer roll in and you think we should welcome them? You think they won't rape, slaughter, enslave, murder, and otherwise treat us ill, Lady Naiya? Do you think any of that will bring back your children? I /am/ sorry for your loss. Truely I am. You speak of Trueborn Keep as though you know who was responsible. What does the death of my kin have to do with the war? Everyone says it was pirates, Lady Naiya. Do you think otherwise, have evidence that the war with the Laniveer caused it?" The Duke muses, "I digress. In any event, you confess to what you have done, freely. It is a shame you can't more clearly explain those who have aided you. It sounds to me that they have used you and now they leave you to rot in our dungeon, haven't they?"

Naiya would never admit to her grief making her vulnerable… and effecting her sanity. Why? Because she doesn't feel that it did, "No, I used them! They did not use me. I used them to help accomplish my goals and the King is dead. The people are dissatisfied and in fear for their safety. They don't think you can protect them." She shakes her head, "And no… nothing can bring my babies back, but I got my revenge. Callem is dead… and all of you are warned of how weak you are." Logic will not work with her. She is definitely beyond logic. "Callem provoked this war, declaring himself King of Laniveer. It is his ego… his arrogance. The people will see it… they will know. You all lead them to death with your arrogance." She nods her head, "Yes… they will see it… they will… With him dead it will be better. I saved Mobrin. One day people will see it. I saved it from outsiders and arrogance. I did that.."

The Duke shakes his head sadly, "You have been used Lady Ruxton but are too blind to see it. And you have not saved anything, not even your own children. You have made chaos, yes, and caused murder. The Gods and Goddesses see you, Lady Naiya, and I think none of them but Inouv are pleased. But him? Yes, I think you have pleased him with your deeds. Pleased him indeed for he will claim your soul and keep it." Ronan moves to stand, his questions answered and his business here finished for now. "I pity you, Lady Naiya, and the stain you have cast upon your noble House. I will pray for your children's souls."

Naiya lets out a screech and tries to fling herself at Ronan, "You don't get to pity me! I pity you!" She tries to strike at him, but she hasn't eaten much in her time and even if you do let her hit your armor they will be ineffective hits that would hurt her hands more than they would hurt you. Of course the guard moves in to pull the woman back. She is easy to restrain and the words called out to you make little sense. The woman has obviously lost her mind.

The woman's reaction is … more or less what he expected. Ronan intentionally tried to provoke and put her to the test and has his answer. The Duke steps back that his face not be clawed, his arms strong to push her back - in time for the guard and the Sutherland knight with him to restrain. "While Tyrel will ultimately decide your fate, Lady Naiya, it is only what will become of your living body. It is up to the Gods what becomes of your soul. I suggest you pray for their mercy." The Rioga steps calmly out of her cell and closes the door. Once he is out, the other men can extract themselves and lock the door. It is time for them to depart and for Ronan to write up his findings.

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