Alasair 6, 228: The Importance of Embroidery

The Importance of Embroidery
Summary: The morning after Caillin Kilgour's wedding, a member of the Council sits with another Princess to discuss the facts of life.
OOC Date: 23/08/2013
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Darfield Castle Salon
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
6 Alasair, 228

It may be surprising to see any Kilgours out and about, the night after such a celebration. And yet there is one to be seen - Princess Roslin, dressed in a far more simple gown of silver with a purple dragon embroidered on the cap-sleeve shoulder. Her hair has been left down today, with only a few tight braids along the top of her head to decorate. And she is not alone.

Her maid is with her, of course, always a few steps behind. But on her arm is the Baroness Wenna Blackforge, the two walking rather leisurely into the Salon. From their body language, it seems easy to tell that they have just found each other's company, and are making their way here. The redhead speaks softly, so that only the brunette may hear.

Roslin mutters to Wenna, "… was… taken… delicacy… last… discussions,… delicacy regarding delicate… have… for…"

Not far behind Roslin's handmaiden is Wenna's handmaiden who is carrying both a sewing basket and a silver headed cane. Her eyes are bright and a kind smile touches her lips. leaning in she whispers something back. But when they enter the room she pauses and offers a curtsy. "Good evening good lord."

"Hrmm?" Hadrian turns, having not heard them enter, "Oh." He bows a little, "Good day." His eyes move to Roslin, they linger there just a moment, and then he lowers the parchment he was holding. "If you'd prefer, I can go. I was just reading the delivery from my father. The two of you are welcome to the room if you wish."

Wenna mutters to Roslin, "… learned… years… is… key to… well… issues… directly… them… into… especially… vessel… female."

Roslin giggles softly, speaking quietly to Wenna once more before lifting her head and smiling to Hadrian. "My lord," she says, friendly enough. "Please, do feel welcome to stay. Try as we might I am sure we two ladies could not find use for the entire Salon, even if we had a wish to." She steps a little closer, keeping her arm with Wenna's for companionship and to offer support. "I trust your father is well?" The Princess asks, speaking in regards to the letter.

Roslin mutters to Wenna, "… it… is… I… for…"

Hadrian nods, looking a little disappointed as he answers, "He seems to be, yes." Not much love apparently. "He's asked me to stay here longer." He looks away a moment, then back at Roslin. "Looks like you're stuck with me for a while, little princess."

"I welcome the news," the Princess says, smiling aimiably. "You and your father have been the most excellent of hosts to me during my time at Lakeshire, it only stands to reason that the favor should be returned. I hope you shall find the activities of court to your liking. Pray, tell me," She tilts her head to the side. "How fares your sister, after birthing two healthy childrne, as I am told?"

"Court," repeats Hadrian, almost grumbling. "Ugh." He shakes his head, "He has declared me Ambassador for Kincaid. Clearly, he's laughing right now, knowing my distaste for such things." He sighs, nodding a little, "Aemy? She's good, actually. Her spirits are up. She's worried, I mean, the boy is the heir after all, so there's pressure, but she's up for that challenge.

"A challenge to be welcomed, no doubt. Let us all hope we may be as blessed as the Ruxton family has been - two new babes, an heir, and a wedding all so tightly together." Once more, Roslin tilts her head to look over the man. Some thought seems to be bandied about in her brain before other things are said. "Oh, forgive me," she says at last, her focus broken. "Are you familiar with Baroness Blackforge?" She gestures to the woman on her arm, nodding then for the maids to pull up a few seats. They do so, quickly, ready to be sat in when Wenna and Roslin wish. "Baroness, this is Lord Hadrian Kincaid, if you are not familiar with the man."

"But pressure within reason, many know that not all will live to see adulthood. That is why we pray." Wenna says in a gentle manner as she moves to take a seat stiffly. Wenna's handmaiden brings her the sewing basket and her cane. She looks between the two of them.

Hadrian bows to Wenna, "Baroness. It's true. Unfortunately, the ones that make it to adult aren't always the best ones." He looks back at Roslin, "Welcomed?" He smirks, "Not really, no. Politics aren't my game, Ro- Princess." A quick glance at Wenna at that slip, then back to Roslin. "I far prefer the subtleties of leading the rangers."

Roslin helps Wenna to sit down, and she in turn sits beside the woman. A moment of quiet contemplation is taken as the girl smooths out her skirts, adjusts herself here and there to make sure that, seated, she is just the picture of Princess respectability that one would expect from the last Kilgour Princess left. "That is something I did wish to discuss with you, my Lord. At your earliest convenience. You were of such great help to me in Lakeshire when I needed to locate a specific tradesman or ship's office. I wonder, perhaps, if I might employ those skills again - if you are not too busy with your own duties, naturally."

Hadrian folds the parchment and slips it into his pocket before stepping over to sit in a chair across from Roslin. "I may now be ambassador, but I'm still also overseeing the Lake Rangers. If you need something from me, I'd gladly see to it those needs are met, if you'd allow."

"It is a pleasure young lord is it?" Wenna asks Hardian properly as she moves to arrange her dark skirts of her plain gown around her legs. Her handmaiden brings her the sewing basket and her cane. She does notice his slip between the Princess' birth name and her Title. There is some amusement in her eyes as she looks between the two. "Careful my lord and your Highness, the walls have ears here and many could take that slight slip and create a wildfire." Her tone is gentle and there is a sisterly or motherly tone to her words. "I am not one of them." She adds.

Hadrian nods at Wenna, "The princess stayed with my family for quite some time. It's easy to forget formality, though you're right in that it's not proper." He pushes up to his feet, "If you'll excuse me then. I need to make arrangements for staying, it seems. And I'll need to let my sister know, as well." He bows to them both, again, his eyes linger a bit on Roslin, thoughtfully, before he turns to go.

"I know she was fostered to your family but careful, stay I will be quiet and keep my tongue to myself, I only offer the caution. I myself have to live by it and I would not have either one of your names tarnished by idle tongues. I asked you both for forgiveness and I know there is nothing but innocence's here." She takes a panel of a dress out of her sewing basket and she begins to pick out stitches. "Never do needle work when you are tired." She changes the subject.

"Good day, my Lord. I will send for you in awhile, I think, so that we may discuss other matters." She nods her head to the retreating lord, before looking wryly back at Wenna. "Well you have no need to apologize, Baroness. You are quite in the right - please never feel the need to censor such sensible opinions in my presence. Lakeshire is less formal than court, as his Lordship explained. I am sure he shalln't make the same mistake again, now that he knows you are wise to him for it." A little smile creeps across Roslin's features as her own maid, too, brings her embroidery. It's a project she has been working on for some time, by the look of it - a very intricate dragon, the family symbol.

Setting down her sewing Wenna moves to pick up her cane, she rises when the Hadrian moves to leave and she offers him a curtsy. She then goes to take a seat. Still smiling she continues to pick out the stiches. "Then I shall not." She looks over at the needle work the princess is doing. "That is a lovely piece of art or work, who are you making that for?" Wenna asks her. "How much training have you had in the art of healing and in medicinal herbs?"

"Thank you," Roslin says, turning the embroidery a bit to show Wenna. Then she goes back to work - outlining the boning of the dragon's wing in silver. "I had meant to have something for Caillin for her wedding, but I was not near in time. I am a slow worker, I fear." A few stitches go into the peice before the redhead speaks again. "Oh, none at all, I'm afraid. I never much took to it, try as my tutors and mother might have tried I remain quite useless on such matters. Show me a map, however, and I can plot the best place for your trade routes."

Wenna says, "Aww I am quicker with a loom than I am with a needle. It really is lovely." She looks at her as she continues to pick out the stiches. "That is a good skill to have; each of us cannot know the same things." She pauses. When she is certain there is none who can over hear she shakes her head. "Your brother has issues with listening, I did see that last night during the meeting with the chancellor and he did not appear to be pleased to be at your sister wedding, is he trying to distance himself from the family?" She asks very quietly in a tone that is a whisper."

"Aww I am quicker with a loom than I am with a needle. It really is lovely." She looks at her as she continues to pick out the stiches. "That is a good skill to have; each of us cannot know the same things." She pauses. When she is certain there is none who can over hear she shakes her head. "Your brother has issues with listening, I did see that last night during the meeting with the chancellor and he did not appear to be pleased to be at your sister wedding, is he trying to distance himself from the family?" She asks very quietly in a tone that is a whisper.

Roslin glances over her shoulder as well, and in front of her. The motion is quite discrete, but it is enough to make sure that no one can possibly hear, save perhaps for the maid. And then? She simply shakes her head and looks back to her embroidery, stitching along. "He is cross with all of us for being displeased at his behavior with the Duke of Sutherland's sister. He thinks it has no bearing on the Moniwid alliance, so he refuses to discuss it - even with the council, as I have now seen. And he thinks we are all cruel for thinking him dishonroable for his behavior. That, I am sure, has some bearing on his demeanor."

"I have birthed many a bastard, a man sowing his seed is normal but what has happened with the Duke's sister." She pauses and shakes her head. "They are lucky she was not sent to the Temple and or beaten for her loss of virtue. I do not think either truly understand the repercussions of the situation. Even those of us not of the royal family understand that we normally cannot follow our hearts we are pawns for political gains of our family, Stallions and Broodmares." She shakes her head again. "But your father and mother are kind and they are just rulers they are both lucky as are you."

"We are blessed, the Kilgours. I do not disagree with it. But this is why there is anger toward Logen - we are well-cared for in life so that we may make these sacrifices on behalf of the realm. The wealth and prestige does not come for free. We must earn it, with our behavior, and we must strive to leave Mobrin better off then it was when we came into this world." Roslin shakes her head a bit more, missing a stitch. It takes a few moments to go back and undo the mistake. "Tell me, Baroness, and I pray you tell me true - has this business with the Duke's sister clouded my brother's mind in council matters? It worries me that he does not seem to comprehend the ramifications of what has been done; though I hope it is only this matter, and that it is simply his passion which sways him in this area."

"I think would say yes, but I have only been recently placed on council, I am also going off what I have seen of his action and how others react to him. I would say after my experience last night he has issues with listening to the wise council of others. He did not listen do the Baron who is also the Voice of the King, he only heard what he wanted to hear and then came to false conclusions. I think perhaps that when he grows older he will learn to temper his passions or focus them in a more logical and practical manner." Wenna tells her truthfully. "If your father, my King were to ask me I would tell him the same thing. I would also say the same thing to the Baron. With war at our doorstep I would rather ride a horse that is tried and true and then to ride a greenbroke one. He is greenbroke in my eyes."

Roslin does not look up from her embroidery, trying to correct her previous mistake. "I do not disbelieve you, and your opinion seems highly-held, particularly in the eyes of some whom I would trust above most others." Cryptic, but it seems truthful froom the young woman. "Father and Tyrel will see things appropriately through, I have no doubt. The plans Tyrel and I discussed … they are good. I think no better could be managed. So let us hope that will be the end of it, at least for a time." Roslin is quiet, then, as she sews. Then, thoughtfully, another topic comes to her mind and she speaks up on it. "I do hope my condolences last night were not … difficult to hear. I have been taught that, no matter the circumstance, it is always appropriate. But I hope you will take them to heart, and know that often such condolences are given, in the hopes that they will be recieved and interpreted to mean far deeper than the mere words spoken."

"I do understand what you are saying." Wenna tells her. A thoughtful expression crosses her face as she continues to pick out stiches. "They were not, there is no love lost between myself and the Late Baron. He would not mourn me; I have given him more courtesies than he would have given me, this I know. He was a widower twice over and did not mourn for the loss of his other wives. I take condolences in this manner as way of people not quiet knowing what to say or how to react to this situation. It is not like they will come to me and say, I am happy for your loss, you are free my Lady Baroness. They say what they are trained to say or what tradition dictates in certain circumstances."

At that, Roslin smiles a bit more broadly, more calmly continuing her needlework. "Even the nobility have hearts, though some would have you believe otherwise. Perhaps they are so difficult to discern because the only way they are shown is through such civilities. In other circumstances, they could be quite cruel, those words and condolences. And yet the same words, now, display an inner honesty." The girl remains still, save for her hands. Her eyes move from the embridery to the woman and back again, casually. "And your own goodness has shown through previously. I am told you were of consolation to my sister when she first learned of her marriage and was confused and concerned by the prospect of wedding a man she so little knew." That is yet another vague explination, that likely only the two women in the room will understand the truth in.

"My dear sweet highness, we all are born and we all die. We all have emotions that is true, but it is how we react to those emotions that make us who we are. In anger do we beat a servant or wife or do we instead frown and go for a walk. Or do we show love, though kindness or through pain. I have seen all. I have seen broken bodies and death. My reaction to Fallon's death will make me a horrid person in many eyes, the way I see it is that they only see what they want to see and they do not see what is beneath the surface." She explains. "I have only turned my back once on a person who sought my comfort and but I am perfect, I am flawed. She did come to me and I did offer what I could, I have told none about that meeting. You are the first to speak of it."
"She told me of it, upon my return. And I shall say, as a sister and not as a Princess that I thank you for your good care of her. She is an emotional creature, and often in need of other people to center herself again. In absence of a sister, she has turned to you and I am ever so grateful to know that the hands she was in were not only honest and good-natured, but sensible as well." Looking over at the other woman's work, Roslin pauses in her own for a moment of study. "There is no rush. As a child I felt confided by embroidery - I thought it was nonsense, a useless way to stay busy. But now I see it as … occupation for the hands while the minds are set to other tasks." Once again, the woman makes sure they cannot be overheard. "What are your thoughts on this letter my father has charged the council with advising on?"

"I loved it as a child it was time I would spend with my mother and not in the care of tutors, it is the same reason I love to weave, my aunt my mother's twin sister did teach me. Hours the three us would spend working on the looms and I learned much about herbs from them as well." Wenna grows quiet. "Now as for the letter, I have many thoughts and emotions tied to it. One is fear because there is no true outcome that we can predict. The other is a need to make sure we have spoken and planned for all possible scenarios. The other is that I pray we can keep from becoming divided. Your bother's reactions showed me that it will be an uphill battle to keep us the council as a unified front."

"And yet, I do not think that what he has said would be accepted by most. The strategy to hide inside the city and wait for our enemies has already been cast aside. We shall prepare the city, of course, but it will be our final stand, not our first. If all goes well, they shalln't come near us, here. But from what the Chancellor has said, we have little to offer that Moniwid will admit that they need. But no country, no island, is as strong as he says. Perhaps … well, I am sure we shall discuss it soon." The princess rises in a rustling of skirts, handing her embroidery off to her maid. "I ought to pay my respects to my mother, I have not yet seen her today. But I am sure we shall talk again soon, Baroness. Thank you for your company - it has been most inspiring."

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