Nar 18, 228: The Hawk visits the Battered Beast

The Hawk visits the Battered Beast
Summary: Victoria visits Shazaa in the Castle Infirmary
OOC Date: 21/July/2013
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Shazaa Victoria 
Castle Infirmary
The infirmary is a quiet, cheerful room decorated in azure and silver. A number of beds with colorful, warm comforters sit along one wall, each shielded by its own privacy screen. A cheerful fire crackles a short ways from the bathroom door, and across from it sits a few overstuffed chairs and small tables. Shelves holding jars that properly preserve medicinal herbs line one wall, with jugs of sterilized water rest beneath. The infirmary looks clean and gleaming, and is obviously attended to daily to keep it that way.
Nar 18, 228

Laying in one of the beds, is the big man known as Shazaa. His face is swollen, his jaw broken. Black scabs decorate his face around his eyes and his mouth. His skin is purple and blue in many places, the other; red. His breathing is stifled. A healer is seated beside him, knitting. Also, next to him is a guard of the Kilgour house. He stands at the ready, waiting to defend the wounded man from any further attack. His wrists and neck are bruised from resting in the stocks, unconscious, for over an hour. He looks rough, and his already large body, frame, and head… is swollen.

Victoria doesn't look anywhere near as terrible as Shazaa, the Huntress pressing in from the infirmary, woman bruised along the right side of her face with a swollen black eye and cheek and a cut lip. Her hair has been pulled back away from her face, neatly braided into a fishtail braid and held by a length of cord, "May I?" She entreats softly as she edges in towards the guard, "I'm a friend of his, Victoria."

The healer looks to the guard, who nods to the woman, motioning for her to enter. Shazaa hears her voice and instantly tries to sit up, but apparently his ribs are broken as well, as he immediately sinks back into the bed, wincing in pain. His hand reaches for the woman he cannot see from his backside. "Vi…" His voice is ragged and rough. His speech is broken by coughing, as his chest heaves. The healer frowns and stands to his side, trying to lift his head only slightly to help him clear his airway. She gives a concerned look to Victoria, then back to the massive man. "He is not well." The old healer says with worry in her voice, "Those men really did a number on him." He sighs, before moving to sit back in her chair.

Something in Victoria's chest breaks and she feels the wind leave her lungs as she sees the state Shazaa is in, her brows tugged down as she looks to the healer, distress clear on the Huntresses face. As he tries to sit up she takes a half-step back as if that could make him stop the attempt, but soon enough she's by his side, having glided across the floor to lean her face in close to his, bottom lip tucked between teeth as she nods to the Healers words, misty orbs of gold looking down on the mighty warrior. Gently she'll reach around with one hand to press her hand to the side of his ear, the other hand coming to the top of his head as she begins to kiss his face gently, kissing his wounds as if the touch of her lips could aid in healing, "He is very strong …any other man would be dead. The Kundari are not easy to bring down, however." Murmured to the old healer as Victoria presses her forehead to his, still standing at his side, a deep breath taken in, "Only you, Shazaa, could make a beating look so good on you." Handsome, regardless of how terrible his wounds are, "Is there anything I can do to aid with his healing?" Asked now of the healer, Victoria not moving from where she is.

The healer looks to the guard, then back to Victoria, "He will have to stay here for a few more days. After that, he will need someone to care for him. I am not certain if he will be allowed to stay here, in the castle." She believes that is explanation enough, and goes back to her knitting. Shazaa finally gets a hold of her hand, with his. "Vi'toria…" he whispers in a low grunt, "I tried…." He starts coughing again, in a fit. After a moment, he starts again, "I tried…" There is something in his voice, almost panicky, and definitely remorseful. "I let them… I tried…" The healer frowns, looking to Victoria, "The herbs have him…." she motions to her head, indicating that the healer believes he is out of it. His eyes are only slits, barely open as he looks at her. "I tried…"

Pursing her lips softly the woman will press her lips down to Shazaa's mouth, softly shushing him even as she kisses him, "Hush, Shazaa …I know." What she knows, who knows, but the panic in his voice is alarming to the Huntress, never having seen him in this state, "He will be staying with me, until he fully recovers if the Castle will not have him." Victoria states as she leans up from the kiss, gently running her thumb against Shazaa's hair as her fingertips twist and dance within his dark locks as well, "But I will speak to them to ensure that he may stay as long as is best for his recovery." Do what she must, bribe whom she may, sell off anything she has. Eyes look to those slits of his as she manages a soft smile for him, lip cracking and a bead of blood dispersing across her bottom lip before it's swiped away with a flick of her tongue, "May I lay beside him for a short while?" Asked though she's doing as she wishes, carefully pulling up and sliding in next to the Kundari, pressing up against his massive arm and partially hanging off the bed due to his massive side, her lips pressing in against his neck as she keeps her head near his, one arm curling under her head, the other ever so gently moving to rest on his abdomen, "Rest, my little sparrow hawk. Let your body do as it needs, and the herbs - -"

The healer frowns as Victoria kisses him, then as she crawls in the bed with him, the healer hops up in a huff and heads out to the waiting room. The guard, doesn't even seem to notice. Shazaa uses his arm to pull her close to him, wrapping it around her as he does. His strength is still amazing, even though he was beat nearly to death. He holds on to her as if he were holding on for dear life, though gentle. "Vi'toria…." He lets out a deep sigh, then turns his head very slightly to try and get a glimpse of her, "I tried…" he says yet again. Taking advantage of the retreating healer, the guard then moves to sit in the empty chair. "I think one should speak to the King, or maybe the Queen… about this." He says, then leans his head back as if to go to sleep. "I tried…." Shazaa mumbles again, remembering how Victoria was hit.

"Sssshh, don't move, don't talk." Victoria urges softly, her eyes closing as she listens to him, nodding her head slowly as her lips play against his neck, not allowing much in the way of a view of her aside from her thick hair, "I am going to speak to the Chancellor, first, to gain entry to the King and Queen." Whispered to him, her voice fierce in its emotion, "And then I will hunt that man down and claim his lips for daring to touch mine." As he lays his head back she will lean in to kiss him beneath his ear before carefully moving his arm off of her so that she can slip out and off the bed carefully, pressing his arm back against his side. Reaching over her shoulders and behind her neck to take off the necklace he made her, moving up to the head of the bed to place it about his neck, leaning down to whisper to him, "When you are well enough you can give this to me once again. It carries my heart." Putting it on the man she'll kiss his hair then, inhaling deeply before she moves off to wander the castle to look for Caedmon to snag his ear.

Shazaa gasps for air, his eyes almost going wide, if they weren't swollen shut. "Vi'toria…" He calls out to her weakly, reaching almost wildly with his hand to grab her, but she has moved away. "Vi'toria…" he tries again. His hand raises to motion for her to come back… "Vi'toria… are you my woman?" He asks. Perhaps the herbs have made him delirious, or perhaps they have given him the courage to ask her what he has wanted to for days. Then, he starts taking another coughing spell, his body heaving against the bed.

Oh typical male, ask a question when most vulnerable to avoid the woman saying no lest she send the man into a death spiral. She's nearly reached the door when Shazaa goes all squirrely and she pauses, a glance given to the guard, her soft booted steps taking her back towards the big mountain, reaching for his hand to clutch it against her chest, pressing in back to the bed as she looks down to him, somehow managing to muster up a playful smile as she positions herself above him so he can look at her better if possible, long hair cascading down to create a canopy in which Victoria's face is the sky, long dark hair the trees of the forest, "That is your most pressing matter in this moment?" Teasingly stated as she smoothes her free hand down the side of his face, "Are you asking me if I will be your woman?"

Shazaa coughs again, his body thrashing against the bed violently. After a moment, he stops and opens his eyes, looking up at her. "I…" he gasps for air, "I… will kill man. Right now, cannot. But, if dead in this room, I want know that you were my woman, at least for a while." He finally musters his thoughts into spoken words, his Daereni getting better, although the damage hindering his ability to speak clearly, his words muffled and quiet. The guard raises a brow as he watches them now. He didn't think much about her kissing him, as the healer did, but now that he knows she wasn't even really his woman, the guard is intrigued. He sits up, and leans forward, to watch in a nosey manner. Shazaa's thumb gently rubs against her hand, as he tries to look at her through his swollen eyes.

A rent-a-woman? Victoria isn't sure how she feels about this; not exactly what she was looking for but if he /does/ die. She must do her duty, as duty demands; the flame that burns hot and short. And so, with nary a frown or anything but amusement on her face she will look down his frame, nodding her head, "I am your woman, Shazaa." Looking back up to his brown eyes beneath those swollen lids, leaning in close to him once more as she feels his rough thumb press against the soft flesh of her hand, "But you will ask me again, when he is dead, if I will be your woman."

Shazaa didn't exactly mean rent-a-woman, as she has already proven she won't accept money. His head dips ever so slightly into an incline to agree with her. He says nothing more, as the pain is just too much. He grips at her hand a moment, in a gentle manner, as if to tell her everything will be alright. After only a moment, he starts another coughing fit, the bed shaking as he convulses.

Well for the shorter duration then, "And if you don't ask me it will be /your/ lips I will be claiming Shazaa, and putting it on a new necklace of my own making as a warning to all others." Ah - see. She /does/ want to be his woman, but she's not about to be claimed by a man. No. He must ask. As he spasms into another coughing fit she will raise his hand to her lips to bite his knuckles lightly before releasing the massive paw, a look given to the Guard as she draws back. No words, indeed, she simply twists around and moves on once again to leave the infirmary and hunt down Caedmon.

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