Nar 18, 228: The Hawk Heals and Helps

The Hawk Heals and Helps
Summary: The huntress Victoria finds the Chancellor in his office, busy but with time for common folk. She provides more details about the circumstances that led to the brawl at the tavern. He offers a haven for her and Shazaa, and she agrees to work to pay their way.
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Caedmon Victoria 
Chancellor's Office, Darfield Castle
Dark cherry wood floors and muted rose walls encase a showroom of understated splendor. A large desk stained a shade lighter than the floors dominates the arrangement, placed about three-fourths of the way toward the back of the room and covered with several neat sheaves of paper. Three dark wood chairs, tastefully carved with rolling pattens, accompany the desk, with one behind it and two facing it. Opposite the desk, just beside the door, a bookcase stands, its sturdy wooden frame matching the tones of the rest of the furniture. A long, rectuangular rug with geometric patterns in rose, pink, burgundy, and taupe covers the center of the floor, and various maps, weavings, and foreign trinkets line the walls. Illumination is given to the surroundings from several glowing globes hanging in what looks like a fishing net from the ceiling.
Nar 18, 228

<WEATHER> It is a summer evening. The weather is stormy and windy. A storm has moved in from the east, from the Great Sea. Very strong winds are blowing, causing the trees to bend and sway. Some people call this a tempest, others call it a typhoon. Either way, the weather is nasty.

A storm might be raging outside, but the offices are a quiet place where much of the castle's real business occurs. Caedmon presses his seal into the wax on a folded parchment and hands it to a waiting page. "Deliver that to Duchess Terrwyn with my apologies for its tardiness, and tell her that I have not forgotten about our agreement to meet for breakfast outside when the weather permits." The page bows and turns, clutching the parchment as if the Chancellor had entrusted a treasure to him. The boy hurries for the door and opens it to leave.

As the door opens a woman with a cloak slung over her arm steps in, immediately noticeable as the woman from the previous evening. You know, Victoria. Knocking on the wooden frame she'll move in further, obviously still healing, "Chancellor, if you've a moment."

Caedmon is already looking toward the door to see that the page leaves with his missive, and probably thinking about the next matter that he will need to attend. When Victoria stops in the doorway after the page has left, the chancellor stands. Even though she is a commoner and custom would dictate otherwise, he bows to her. "He called you Victoria," Caedmon recalls after straightening front he bow. "Welcome. I am too often busy, but you were brave to defend your friend." He waves to the chairs. "Do you wish to sit? Would you be more comfortable to talk in the infirmary?"

"Victoria Skyhawk, Chancellor. Bravery had nothing to do with it." Victoria states as she steps quietly in towards the chairs, bootfalls but a whisper upon the floor as she sets the cloak on his desk first, "Thank you for lending that to me. And thank you for /your/ assistance. I am just wanting to make sure that this dastardly business of that disgusting man is going to be brought forward to the King and Queen. This is the /second/ time that man has caused issue within the town and nearly beaten someone to death."

"I rode to town, even with that weather, Mistress Skyhawk, to question the tavern-master and his staff about the man who attacked the Kundari man," Caedmon explains with a glance toward the window which is shuttered against the storm. He reaches to touch his cloak on the desk, but does not take it yet. "I know who he is. The king has a message from me about this," Caedmon assures. "His name was on the docket before the king returned."

Victoria moves now to sit on one of the chairs, twisting around as she leaves the cloak behind, a chair chosen and sunk into. One leg will lift up and cross against the other, foot hooking around her own calf as she leans back, hands up on the armrests, "So he has had other involvement that has brought the eye of the Crown his way." Bottom lip will twitch slightly, her nostrils flaring as she takes in a deep breath, a hand flying up as her elbow digs down into the arm of the chair, fingertips finding their way into her hair as she drags nails down against her scalp, "So we wait, while this man trolls the town?"

"For now, the storm should be our ally, mistress," Caedmon answers. "I am not counting on that, however. You are clearly more capable of defending yourself than many women in this town would be. The same is true for your friend. As we saw, he has allies of his own. Whether they have sworn loyalty to him or to his gold, I do not know." He shakes his head. "My advice to the crown will be to find this man and bring him before the throne." He frowns thoughtfully, and then queries, "Do you know why he wanted to seize your friend?"

Victoria's gaze shifts towards the windows to look out to the storm battering at them, chewing on the words of the Chancellor thoughtfully, woman lost for the time being in a deep, dark thought, jaw tight. When the question comes out it's the lilt of the words that has her turning back attention to Caedmon, the Huntresses features turning down into the frown, "Did you not hear of the man that was nearly killed by that man and his men? Shazaa saved the man, kept them from killing him. The man called Shazaa a 'trouble maker' when he first came into the tavern - he was right behind me when he told his men to search for Shazaa, calling him that."

Caedmon inclines his head when Victoria answers. "I heard, but rumors being what they are, I could not be sure that your friend was the same man." He shrugs. "Some said that this defender was as tall as two men. Your friend is large, but not that." He pauses to take a thoughtful breath. "I can see from your actions that neither of you has much room for orders unless they serve your purposes. Still, I will ask you. Stay for now in the castle. If you can, persuade him to do likewise. The king should tell me his mind on this soon. I would have you safe, so that if he wishes to hear from you, you will be ready to speak."

Sudden relief washes over Victoria's features, her body losing it's rigidity as she suddenly is up from her seat and moving towards Caedmon to offer him a deep curtsey, "Chancellor, it was my hope you would not let us leave; Shazaa is near death and the healer was saying he would only be there a few days and then sent off and …I've skill but not that of a healer .." Down she is, not moving until he speaks, "My hope would for him to stay here until he is well, I can aid the castle in any manner as payment, Chancellor."

Caedmon stands from behind the desk and circles it. With a gentle hand, he touches Victoria's shoulder lightly. "Stand, Mistress Skyhawk. On my authority you and Shazaa are welcome here. I will speak to the healer as well and confirm this to him. The war has cost us dearly enough for the Lady Steward to adjust our resources, but I personally will vouch for both of you. For now, you should rest. When Shazaa is awake and alert to have visitors, send for me. Then we will talk about how you might serve the castle. If you need work, I am sure that we can find work for you."

With the touch upon her shoulder the Huntress rises up smoothly, inclining her head now in a thankful nod, a hand coming up to her chest to press palm down firmly, "I do not need a job, Chancellor but I will earn my keep. I can assist with hunting for the tables and gathering of herbs necessary for the healing of Shazaa." Down her hand drops, "May I have your permission to return to my home in the forests and grab my necessary tools? I'll travel under cover of night, the man should not be able to sniff me out, though I doubt he is looking for me now at any rate as his target was obviously Shazaa." She will take a half-step back, balancing on the ball of her foot as she looks to the Chancellor, "As soon as he is able and ready I will send for you. Thank you for your time, Chancellor." This time a deep bow, the huntress turning to head out into that storm sans a cloak and anything - everything left back in her tree.

"You have my permission, and loan of a horse if it will help," Caedmon answers with a nod. "Even though weather favors your secrecy, be wary. As for work, hunting and gathering are the oldest of professions, in spite of what some people think." He steps toward the door. "First, check on Shazaa. Tell the healer that I also want to know."

"Of course, I will check on him on my way out and relay your words to the healers." A hand will lift up and she will touch two fingertips to the middle of her browline, twisting on booted heels and heading out of the office and beyond to the infirmary once more.

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