The End of the Road to Jadda

A portion of the log of the trip to Jadda.

The End of the Road to Jadda
Summary: A portion of the log of the trip to Jadda.
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Nearing the Capital of Jadda
Even here in the jungle the smell of cooking fires mixes with the scents of a primitive forge. Children not being tended by their parents trail behind the wagon peering at it curiously. All around there are small carvings of something called a hummingbird on many of the smaller stone buildings. A fountain can be seen between clusters of buildings. As they move deeper through the city and the jungle in this area there are people staring at them. The woman are scantily clad and their ebony hair is decorated with beads, feathers and sometimes gold. Some of the woman's chests are bare and others wearing collars or who have been what looks like ritually scarred are naked. Men dressed in in loin cloths or skirts. Others are naked like the women. They are all staring and watching.

They are at the end of the road, the sun is fading in the horizon as they slowly inch their way towards the temple and fortification of the great god king. The air still humid and thick with mosquitos that buzz and bite at any portion of human skin they can find. The fortification is a tall structure that towers above the canopy of trees. Each stone is carved with fantastic runes and scene depicting strange creatures, armies and death scenes. The air smells sweet and is heavy with heat. When they get closer there are smaller homes to be found and those that reside here come out to gawk and stare at the pasty sickly strangers that have come to here. Many turn their faces away and others grab at amulets as it ward off the fever sickness. (re)

Kieryn rides along on his hotse, still looking rather sick, even though he had been a little better some days ago. He sighs and glances around as they arrive at their destination? at least he thinks that it is and sighs. "so we're finally here?" he asks.

It had been a rather long journey mixed with sickness, dreams, fear, loss. At the moment, Nima is outside the carriage, riding along with one of the Priestesses, since her own horse had been food for the cat. Her brother Altair and her handmaid Syri are nearby as well. As they approach their destination, she looks encouraged and pleased, glancing over at Kieryn with a bright smile. "It seems so, Sir Kieryn."

It's been quite the trip, through vast and bizarre jungle, and the Ranger Victoria has managed to make it through relatively unscathed, a few recently acquired wounds from the land evident on her cheeks and forearms. Riding atop a horse with a hawk upon her shoulder the woman is not far behind the group now that they've come to a stop, wrapped in her cloak, face hidden beneath deep hood and wrappings of scarf, tanned arms covered with gauntlets, her bow strapped to her back, quiver just behind her right thigh on the horses saddle. Seeing the group finally over the crest of a hill and in paces of civilization, the Huntress will send her hawk off with a whistle, Nelan (Hawk) launching up into the air as his hood is taken off, the bird of prey flying back to give signal to Venan that they've found the group.

Eldan is actually sitting up in the carriage, currently listening to Elly prattle on about every important detail he missed while he was so sick. The man isn't well, but he's better which is an improvement from previous days. Of course important details to Elly could mean the card game her Uncle Kieryn played with her, which earns a look from Eldan to his brother about the idea of teaching his daughter poker, to the pretty dresses Nima's handmaiden let her look at while Nima and Eldan were both sleeping, to Nima showing her how best to polish her tiara, to riding around for a time on Cai's massive shoulders… at least that way Cai could keep track of his youngest charge. Eldan seems interested in every last bit of it, at least from all appearances anyway. Having Eldan feeling a bit better also seems to have loosened some of the tension in Cai's massive frame, though he is likely not going to relax until he can get his main charge to proper medical attention and a proper bed.

Using a borrowed horse, and hanging on as best he can, given that he's not fully recovered from the illness, Altair is looking around rather carefully for the moment. Some days have been better than others, and this seems to be one of the good days, although he still feels like he could sleep for a month or something, if given the chance. There's a brief smile as he hears Kieryn's question, or more importantly Nima's answer. "About time…" he mutters, a bit quietly.

Venan pushes his wide-brimmed hat back and looks upward at the sound of the whistle. Spotting the hawk he clucks his tongue and taps his mule with the switch he carries. To the mule's credit it does move faster for a few steps before falling back into the slow ground eating plod that has carried it and the other three mules this far. Venan takes hold of the bowl of his pipe and points with the stem, "Good girl, you just get us there and leave the dashin about to them what traded their patience for prettiness." He chuckles, "Aw, now ya know i don't mean that, you're plenty pretty…such a fine ass." He sets the stem back between his teeth and puffs up a fine cloud of smoke as he settles in for the last bit of catching up.

Kieryn didn't teach Elly how to play poker, he played a game with her called "fish" he wouldn't teach his niece to gamble, would he? Nah, he wouldn't. He then wonders when he became a sir and smiles to Nima when he sees her bright smile, he drops back some and rides beside her, "It is good to finally get to where we were going. I wonder if that means we will start to feel better soon, now that we won't be traveling out in the weather and such." not that he's not used to sleeping out in weather, he is a sailor after all.

Even here in the jungle the smell of cooking fires mixes with the scents of a primitive forge. Children not being tended by their parents trail behind the wagon peering at it curiously. All around there are small carvings of something called a hummingbird on many of the smaller stone buildings. A fountain can be seen between clusters of buildings. As they move deeper through the city and the jungle in this area there are people staring at them. The woman are scantily clad and their ebony hair is decorated with beads, feathers and sometimes gold. Some of the woman's chests are bare and others wearing collars or who have been what looks like ritually scarred are naked. Men dressed in in loin cloths or skirts. Others are naked like the women. They are all staring and watching.

Sitting straight, Nima looks towards the area where they are intending to go before her gaze lands on Kieryn again. "Hopefully everyone can rest and get healed before the journey back." Hearing Elly's voice echoing, a warm smile plays over her lips. "She is such a bright and lovely little girl. I adore her." There is a glance to her brother as well. "How are you feeling, Altair?"

Venan hums to himself around his pipe stem as he works a bag of treats loose from his pack. "A man could get used to this sort of view…" he muses as the mules strive diligently to catch up to the coach whose trail they've been following for days. He pushes his hat back again and gives a short sharp whistle through the gap in his teeth. He gestures towards one of the men, then holds out his palm showing the treats. He picks one of the two up and pops it into his mouth, then gestures with the other towards the man. As the mules haven't slowed there's not a lot of time for decision making. The treat is a small piece of licorice soaked in honey to soften then covered in powdered sugar.

As people wearing very little come into view Eldan slaps a hand over his daughter's eyes, causing her to complain, "Papa, I can't see nufin! Come on Papa! I wanna see!" If there was any need for stealth it has just been destroyed by a 4 and a half year old. Eldan isn't going to let go despite his squirming and protesting daughter. If he needed stealth he'd just slap a hand over her mouth.

"Feeling like I wish I could sleep for a month or something… But I will survive," Altair replies to his sister, offering her a brief smile, before he looks around at the people present, and their fashion, or lack thereof. "That is…" he begins, going silent again now.

Victoria waits on Venan, watching over her shoulder as Nelan comes winging back in with a chirp at her, winging back down onto her padded shoulder, a nuzzle given to the woman's cheek. Only when she sees the fellow come along with his asses does she turn to take in the town, nonplussed by the nudity and the attire of the folk there; she herself is quite used to such things and a steadfaster supporter of such. Dismounting from her mount Victoria will grab the reigns, pressing a soothing hand to the mounts muzzle as she walks him in further to the group that just arrived, "Ranger Victoria Skyhawk here on behest of Count Forrester to provide aide to the King and his traveling group." Greeted quickly and firmly, the woman's whiskied voice carrying easily, her gaze soon shiftin to the natives staring at them.

Kieryn nods to Nima and smiles again, "Yeah, I hope we get better before then too that way we aren't so miserable." he then catches sight of the naked and half naked women, though he doesn't seem to be too phased by it, "You know, some women do that when out at sea and away from land. I guess some things are the same everywhere, aren't they?" he grins and then whistles softly in appreciation, though not loud enough to be heard by the women.

Venan gives a little wave to Victoria when she looks back to him, but there isn't much to be done about the pace of the mules so he just puffs on his pipe and offers the treats to those who are brave enough to accept them. As the crowd thickens he catches up to the King's entourage. He gives a nod to the nearest guard, "Oi, lad. When she's done reportin in or whatever it is ranger's do then have a word with her and she'll vouch for my bein here. Till then you just let me know what sort a distance you'd prefer I'd keep."

Venan tilts his hat back and considers the guard, "Ah, my apologies, you're no lad, least not so young as I thought…just got that sort of boyish face. Must drive the womenfolk mad. You'll have to let me share a drink with you once the pomp is past and it's proper to do so by way of apology."

Eldan drags his daughter into his lap even as he looks at his brother, "Remind me to never let Elly to sail anywhere with you." She'd probably come home with tattoos or something… he thought he was getting past the running naked portion of childhood. This is just going to enhance. Elly just squirms in her father's lap trying very hard to see whatever it is he doesn't want her to see.

The closer the get to the temple men with metal tipped spears can be seen. They are dressed the same as others but small half capes adore their shoulders of brightly colored feather mixed with silver square links. These men eye the travelers warily and they are standing at what could only be described as attention. Others with quivers full of arrows are nearby them. They wait. They block the path to the stone fortress in the in sky.

"Ah, so that is why you go sailing?" Altair remarks to Kieran, unable to hold back a brief chuckle. He pauses for a few moments as he hears Victoria's words, but keeps quiet for now, studying the woman for a few moments.

Venan tugs his hat back down and puffs up a good cloud of smoke under it as he reels in his mules so they're walking two abreast rather than strung out. He gets a firm hold of them saying, "Aye, careful now girlies, this be bought the time when it's right easy to get poked full of holes." He digs into the emergency incentive supply and produces a carrot for each of them. "Now remember that cute and harmless look we been practicing?"

Victoria glances over her shoulder towards Venan and the guards he talks to, a slow smile curved on her lips as she tugs her mount back towards to give said word. Not that her word that he's a trader she met on the road will help any, but perhaps that will give him enough purchase to be able to stay. He's already here after all, "Time to start showing off your wares to the staring natives, yes?" The Huntress will suggest merrily, her quiver untucked from the side of her saddle and slung up over her back and through the bow until they're nearly settled between her shoulders. Despite the heat she wears her full leathers of dark browns and greens, though the hood of her cloak is pushed back and the scarf wound about her forehead and lower face is undone to give her sweaty face a moment in the air. There she's able to be studied more openly, the Ranger moving forwards with the rest of the group, reins of the horse re-taken as she leads it along, steps easy and swaying. Admiring the locals and their clothing she will pine secretly to be able to wear clothing as they do, amber gaze studying as she merely keeps in line with the group, there to assist where she's needed.

Having fallen silent, Nima watches, uncertain of what to say as the temple men cab be seen. It is for the King to decide, surely. Assuring herself that Elly was in a safe place, she smiles to discover her with her father. Casting a curious glance to Kieryn, she laughs softly. "Do they? Out on the sea?"

Kieryn chuckles at Altair's comment and shakes his head, "Oh no, of course not, that's not the only reason I took up sailing, but I would say that it is a perk, wouldn't you?" he grins and then looks to Nima, "I know, I am a real cad aren't I?" he gives her a wink and then doesn't give the naked women another glance, its not like he's never seen then like before and he knows better than to stare openly, especially when there are other women around.

He nods to Nima, "Yeah, some of them do, as I said when out of the sight of land. It's warm out on the water."

Venan tsks and shakes his head in response to Victoria's suggestion, "That'd be poor form, best to give those of highest rank and biggest bank chance to buy first." He looks over the mules, "Also, I've no feel for this King so I'm not certain how much of this he'll consider his due gift and it is best not to come up short on a first impression." He follows her gaze towards the locals a few times then chuckles and says, "Don't worry, mistress, you're better lookin by far."

Venan puffs a few clouds then adds, "But if you should wish to make the comparison fair, I'll not object to your adopting the local fashion."

As he sees the men with with the spears and arrows, Altair instantly moves the horse he's on closer to his sister, just in case. "I really hope the natives are less aggressive than their lands," he says, in their native language, words kept rather quiet for now.

With her horse now well enough to be ridden, Luna leads the group of eight clergy members within the party. Their matching white robes tied with thick golden ropes sway with the movements of their mounts. Vivid green eyes look out over the crowd of natives, her lips curved in only a small, curious smile. The humidity still causes those tight raven curls to poof and halo her head. After all this time in the jungle, her naturally tan skin has darkened to a healthy bronze-brown hue. For now, she remains silent and ever watchful

For a long moment, Nima is speechless as she gapes at Kieryn, but the blush that steals into her cheeks is telling. She ducks her head demurely, but there is a small lilting smile on her lips. "Perhaps not so much of a Cad, Kieryn." His reply was an answer she had expected, and the blush heightens.

"Oh by the rotten toes of Inouv, Venan, all the way here, you never stop." So says Victoria with a low chuckle, her hand extending away from her slowly to gesture towards the man with the missing tooth, "By all means, you adopt their dress and let us compare the menfolk as is appropriate, then perhaps my shyness will fall away and I too will adopt their dress for fair comparison." She won't speak directly to the natives however, going with the others as they move. Stop when they stop.

Venan makes a quick, "At-tut-tut-tut." Noise and shoos some of the children back when they get too close to the pack animals. "Oi, ya scamps. Don't be prying into them. There's many a breakable thing in there and even them pouches what have the treats you're liable to spill on the ground and that'll spoil them." He considers for a moment then pulls round the bag of treats, "Alright, bit of a game while them what do formalities are formalitizing." He grins, "My name is Venan." He points to himself and says, "Venan". He then pulls a treat out, "Right, so Venan." He points to himself, "…gets a treat." He grins, "Now, here's yer chance to win a treat. Say my name, say your name, and say treat." He points to himself, and to them, then to the treat."

One of the party who was hired to be the translator, passed away from the burning sickness. But one of the guardsmen during the travel had been learning the rudimentary basics of the language. The man steps forward. He has long since discarded his chainmail. The man stands about 5'9 in height is much taller than the guards. His is ash blonde and his skin burned a red from the sun when they can find it. He is sweating profusely and he is covered with mud and mosquito bites. He converses with them softly and perhaps it just not their lucky day. He turns to them. "Your Majesty, highnesses, lords and Lady, they say come back tomorrow the God king is busy. We are welcome to stay outside of the city. They say we have the look of the Pigmi on us and we have the burning sickness. But I am not sure, but I think I may have insulted these two guards. Or perhaps one of you can see if you can persuade them that we are harmless and let them allow us to stay in the city?"

Victoria will remain close to the group of people who actually have the ability to make decisions amongst the group, keeping an ear out to Venans' activities which brings a smile to her lips that she quickly suppresses, straightening up her stance as she looks to the nobles, waiting to see which one will go about trying to soothe the natives.

Venan glances over towards the guard at his pronouncement then turns his attention back to the children, "You lot stay put, seems the formalitizing isn't going exactly as one would hope." He rises and carefully stows the bag of treats. He puffs a few times on his pipe and, when no cloud of smoke is forthcoming, stares cross-eyed down into the bowl. "Ah, ya blasted weed, now ya run out on me?" He pulls a twig and candle from his pack and lights the twig from the pipe, the candle from the twig, then blows out the twig, empties and repacks the pipe, then lights the twig from the candle and the pipe from the twig then blows all but the pipe out. Once he's got his cloud going again he moves a bit closer to Victoria, "Oi, Mistress, what's all this then about not getting the royal welcome? Oh, and don't think I didn't hear you askin to see my bum, I just didn't want to say something in front of the youngsters."

Luna moves up to the guard and natives, smiling enigmatically. "Ask them if their King has time for those who speak on behalf of other gods. "

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