Sess 43, 229:The Defense of Cookies and Kittens

The Defense of Cookies and Kittens
Summary: Little girls gather for cookies and are met by a vile creature of black and white
OOC Date: 29/Mar/2014 (OOC)
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Garden, Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
A garden, surrounded by stone walls, with paths in white paving stone that meander aimlessly about, benches placed here and there should one wish to sit and take in the air and the fragrance of flowers. Rose bushes and other flowers line the walks, herbs line the cracks between the paving stones, that when stepped on lend an additional pleasing fragrance to the air. A gazebo of stone and wood, with delicate arches and holders for small torches rests in one corner, containing a couple of chairs and a small table for refreshments. Small birds and other creatures are seen from time to time, fluttering about: a squirrel scampers for nuts, a bird flits down from a tree to dabble in the small pedestal basin (working also as a sundial) resting in the center of the garden. Small trees are nestled into the corner.

Playing the Part of Lilly, we thank Lord Caedmon; in the dual roles of Elisabeth and Elly, we thank Lady Elisabeth. Honorable mention is given to Master Trevens, without whom our hunger may not have been sated.

The table is set for the party platters of food set out for consumption, all manner of treats to be nibbled upon.
Finger sandwiches are of three varieties, and served on a tiered platter, from top to bottom, chicken salad, watercress, and cucumber.

A platter a bit more elaborate open faced cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches.

There is a sizeable platter of strawberries that have have been dipped in chocolate and stood up on the hardening base, then have been sliced open and a decadent cream cheese sweetness has been put inside.

Delicate little shells of light flaky, puffy pastry with a creme center tart enough to compliment the sweetness of the fresh berries on top.

Swirls of colorful sugar spiral along with creme in these rolls of cake, sliced and placed tantalizingly on this platter.

43rd Sess, 229 2E

The weather is fair, cool but not to ocol, a pleasant breeze blowing. Two tables are set, one larger cover with an opaque netting, the other a smaller table suitable for small girls, older women and….dolls. cups rest next to small plates, knives and spoons are present, a small wrapped box with a name on it at each place setting. Moira is inside the gazebo for a moment, speaking with Kayla.

"Yes, my lady - they're in a closet, well only three so far: two all black and one all white - save for the veriest tip of its tale which is black as well.

The door that leads from the manor into the garden opens to reveal a slender girl of approximately six years, with dark brown hair and eyes. She is wearing a gown of soft, heavy chocolate brown linen. The gown itself has embroidery in various shades of pink and green along the hem of the scooped neck and modest bell shaped sleeves, and more embroidery in the same colors along the actual hem of the gown, which is just short of brushing the ground. The needlework depicts climbing wild roses with five petals apiece. In her hair, she wears silver hair combs with the same design of wild roses etched into them. She carries a small basket with an assortment of fresh fruits nestled in it, and among the fruit, a doll is sitting, observing the scene through bright, button eyes. Lily steps off to one side, not venturing too far from the door yet, sweeping her eyes around the bright garden to see what surprises await. She hears the voices coming from the gazebo, but does not venture there. She smiles timidly and fidgets with the basket on her arm.

Moira, turning as first Lilly then other guests arrive, wears a bright smile, a gentle hand going to Kayla, sending her towards the manor house. A curtsy goes to Lily and all other guests as she goes past, while Moira starts from the gazebo, down the path, blue dress trimmed in red, trailing along behind her. "I am pleased you could make it, Lily" coming to a stop near her, and with a look to the doll in the basket, "And you as well," dipping in a light curtsey.

Kayla returns, after only a few short seconds, with a couple of other maids, to uncover the table covered in netting, to reveal trays of finger sandwiches, platters of small open faced sandwiches, strawberries dipped in chocolate small tarts and small cake rolls decorated with a myriad of colors.

Then, Moira turns to any other arrivals, as she stands there after a questioning look to Lily. "Would you perhaps like to greet the guests with me?"

Other than a panicked visit to find out about Rorey, Elisabeth has been enjoying her time as a newlywed for the last few days. Today though she brings Elly over for the Tea Party. The little girl dressed in another Sari to mimic Nima's style of dress and holding Lis's hand as they enter the garden thereupon she releases it so she can join the other little girls in the garden.

Brendolyn makes an appearance too, she is a lady, after all, even if there are likely those who would argue the details of that title. She is dressed in a vivid blue gown with a scooped neck and fitted sleeves. A ceinture wraps twice at her waist and as she is wont to be, different, the tie of the cord-belt is at the hip instead of hanging down the front. Her hair is drawn back into a long braid that has a narrow ribbon woven in with the strands of her dark hair. She seems almost as hesitant as Lily, stepping into the garden and looking around slowly, nose wrinkling somewhat at her lack of child to escort to the party.

Lynette doesn't have anyone to bring with her at the moment, thought that does not mean she is on her own, persay. She carries with her a box that holds some rather yummy cookies as they are having tea after all. There is a slight pause as she peers out around the garden and smiles as she catches sight of others as she moves along. "Good afternoon everyone." She offers with a friendly tone. Her dress is dark blue with silver trim across the collar and down over the bodice which also curls around her waist, her hair is pulled back in loose curls.

A bright smile spreads over Lily's face as soon as Moira emerges from the Gazebo. She looks down at the basket and grasps its handle with her left hand while she pulls her right arm free from it, being careful to avoid tipping it too much. Then she quickly sets the basket by her feet when she sees Moira approaching, and dips into a deep and very proper curtsey which she holds for a few seconds before straightening and looking up to Moira. "Good evening, Countess," she greets in a small but steady voice. She picks up the basket and tucks the doll under one arm. "Mum and Daddy said that I should bring you some presents, to thank you for inviting me." She offers the basket to Moira. She smiles and guesses, "You need someone to curtsey for you? I can do that!" She dips again in the same well-practiced move that she gave at first. When the door opens again, she turns, sees Bre, and for the third time, repeats the gracious move, pinching the sides of her gown and raising it slightly so that it will remain above the ground. "Lady Bren-lyn," hs greets. No sooner has she risen from that then she sees Lynette, whom she has not met. Again, she bobs, and she smiles. "Welcome!" She sees Elisabenth and Oh! another child! She curtseys to them, and then gives a questioning look to Moira.

Brendolyn smiles down at Lily then curtsies in return to her, "You are very good at that," she says softly and there is a sort of lingering look on the little girl as she continues to bob down for each guest. Bren turns to look at Lis and Elli and she smiles again then steps back letting the little ones have the run of the place.

Moira takes the basket, eyeing the fruit with a smile "Oh, these are quite lovely. THey will go well with tea, cookies or sandwiches. Then, her eyes twinkle brightly as Lilly greets each of the guests as the arrive, "That is most excellent, Lady Lily. I don't think I was quite that practiced myself at your age," Leaning down to whisper to her, casting a glance at Brendolyn, "And, where Bren may not believe it, I was abit of a tomboy when I was your age but I decided to learn other things and worked quite hard at them."

Then introductions must be made, Lilly to Lynette, and to Elisabeth and Elly. "Lady Elly and Lady Elisabeth, have you met Lady Lilly?" To elly, she continues, "You are looking quite lovely today, and your friend," glancing at the doll, "…is looking quite well. If it alright, you and Lily could take your friends to look at the tables or play in the garden, and perhaps find which place setting is yours." The writing on any place makers is in simple printing so that anyone, especially perhaps those just learning to read, could make out their name - as that is usually one of the first things one learns.

Elly gives a proper little curtsey to Lilly in turn, looking very serious for a moment as she goes into that practiced stance before giggling and releasing Lis's hand and heading over to join the other girls at the party. Elisabeth smiles as she watches her new niece enjoy herself with the group before there is a curtsey from herself to the other nobles here present. She moves over to join Brendolyn with the other adults, "How is Rorey fairing?" She asks in a soft spoken tone, curious to catch up on Family news.

Lynette offers a warm smile to Lilly as she goes about setting down the box of cookies that she brought with her and goes about opening them and sets out the small tray within it, certain yummy cookies from a certain bakery in town that is for certain. With that done she turns back to offer a warm greeting to Lilly. "It is a pleasure to meet you Lilly." At the question on Rorey she glances up curious to see how the other is doing seeing how she did happen to visit after that little mess dealing with the dog and bird.

After the curtsey, when Elly giggles playfully, Lily grins and giggles. "That is mos' esellent, Lady Elly," she adds, mimicking Moira and throwing another glance to the hostess before she looks to the small table where they will sit. She looks to Elly and assures, "I can find my name, but … Elly, Lily … hm …" She looks perplexed for a moment. Then she nods. "Mum says, 'If I dunno, ask Auntie Moira!" She looks to the table again, and then back to Elly. "We'll see! Come on!" Without waiting to see if Elly will follow, Lilly heads for the little table, with her doll still clutched under her arm.

Brendolyn smiles, "I think she's fine.." she says of Rorey. "A little unhappy with the dog but, there are worse things." Her attention turns to the girls and she watches them, "Cute," she says aloud, though to no one in particular.

Moira watches as Lilly runs off, expecting or anticipating Elly will follow. Then, glancing to the other ladies, she offers "She /is/ quite upset with Cricket. WHen Aldren is not around, and about his duties, I keep him from upstairs and away from her until she has settled down."

Kayla and the other maids she brought out with her, are keeping a wary eye on gamboling little girls as well, chuckling softly at some of the antics.

"And now, I must think of how to keep Cricket away from Muffin for the next few hours. I feel guilty, i had one of the men take him to the stables for the day. The thought of cricket making an appearance today was simply…unthinkable."

Elly happily follows along in Lilly's wake as they head over to the table where the name markers are. Oh she has a small concept of her name, but there are a lot of L's! She lets Lily guide her to her proper seat.

Elisabeth looks over to Moira and nods at the comment about Cricket,"I thought it best to leave Oscar at home. This many younglings I think would encourage chaos with the pup." She says with a nod before looking curiously at the mention of Muffin, "Is she having her kittens?"

Lynette smiles a moment and nods as she hears that Rorey is doing better. "I am glad to hear that she is doing better than the other night at least." At the talk of Muffin a glance is sent to Moira to hear if the cat is indeed having her kittens.

Moira nods, glancing towards the girls playing for a moment, "So far - three. Of course, i have no idea how many she'll be having but she started this morning. I think it is harder on her since she is so much older. These,I think, will be her last ones. And I know," glancing at Lily, "…that Caedmon and Wenna want at least two, I believe.

Lily comes to a stop between the tables and looks at the taller one, and then at the shorter one. No one has explained which one is for which group, but starting with the shorter one seems easier and so she goes to it and circles it, peering at each of the labels, and tracing the shapes of the letters with her finger. She looks to Elly and calls, "Mine!" while pointing to one of the labels. She looks at the chair next to hers, and examines the label that has two of the three letters that she now knows by heart because they are in her name. She points to it and then calls to Elly, "This might be yours! Mum says that if we're friends, you can call me Lilly, not Lady Lilly." Then she frowns and warns, "But always call big people Lord or Lady, unless you know their titles." She nods somberly, as if she has spoken some great truth of the universe.

Brendolyn looks around then slips inside for a few moments then returns with two small quivers, two small bows. She looks to Moira, askance, then glances at the bows and grins, trying not to attract the girls' attention for the moment. They are being so cute about the tables and the actual tea party part, she's content to wait until it seems time to move on to 'intruders'!

Moira smiles, a hand to her lips, and dips her head, "Of course, Bren - that might be just the thing, once they're ready to settle down from enjoying their tea and cookies. Although, when I was their age, and forcing Shep and Drogan to have parties with me, it usually involved a bit of both at the same time."

Lynette smiles at the talk of the kittens. "If there might be one needing a home I'm rather sure I could talk Shepard into letting me have one." This said to Moira as she nods her head slightly seeming to like the idea. A glance is sent over to Brendolyn as she catches sight of quivers and bows which only makes her grin. "Oh… That does look like it might be fun." This said with a soft tone to not alert the children /just/ yet.

Elly nods to Lily, "Daddy calls me princess, but you can call me Elly." She declares as she takes her seat and her eyes brighten to see the gifts and food already displayed there. "Handkerchiefs for dolly and me." She declares though she looks to the perfume bottle, "Like the grownups!" She declares and proceeds in a mimicry of what she has seen her aunts do and drips the perfume on her wrists. Ok a little more than her aunts do.

Even when adults are trying to be quiet, certain words trigger a child's interest. Lily is sitting at the table, talking to Elly about her visit to Greenshire while they nibble on cookies and the servants pour tea for them. Apparently, she recently overheard other conversations, or her new parents might have talked to her about the adding kittens to their household. Suddenly, the little girl looks past her new friend. Her eyes rivet on Moira and she wonders, "Kitties? Muffin kitties?"

Ah, squires, such tortures they must endure. Well, Brendolyn probably compensated him quite well, but is there enough coin for this? With the little ones focused on other things, Bren opens the door enough to let a 'skunk' walk through. With a black cloak painted with a white strip and an eared hat to match, the squire looks sour enough to be a skunk indeed. He even smells a little funky, but don't all boys? Eww. He moves to some bushes to crouch down and wait.

"Oh goodness, girls you might need that perfume, I think I smell a skunk," Bren says, stepping toward them. "I wonder if you'd help me find him.. and run him off, I have these," and she slings a little bow off her shoulder. "We don't want the new kitties to smell like a skunk do we?" she asks, eyes dramatically wide.

Moira's eyes look from the girls to Bren to the skunk and back, trying finally to hide the mirth in them, making it instead a delicate cough. "Yes, Lady Lily, kittens. She's still having them now, else I'd let you all see them Mama cats are…can be difficult while giving birth. And then afterwards, as well. But, Muffin has always been a gentle soul" save for dogs intruding on her turf at Ashenfell and the occasional squire or person she, for whatever reason, takes an intense dislike to, "…so perhaps we might peek for a moment or two later.But when they are a bit older, she may well demand you look at them.

Lynette glances over to the squire looking a bit amused as she shifts to settle upon a seat at the table. She goes about picking up a cup and pouring herself a bit of tea to watch the 'skunk' hunt as it were. "Oh my, I certainly hope there are a couple brave girls that can help find the naughty skunk before it causes a problem." She grins a touch as she says that.

The alert about there being a skunk and needing to hunt causes 'the princess's' eyes to light up and she looks up to Brendolyn with open interest. There is a glance back to Elisabeth as if asking permission to help with the hunt and the Lady smiles back and nods, "Yes, please, I would hate to go back to the house smelling like a skunk! Save us!" She declares with a bit of playful drama to her voice.

Lily grins when Moira confirms what she heard. Kittens! She nods along with the countess while she explains why they can't see the kittens yet. She frowns slightly, but notes, "Mum said that Kitty mommies are pro- pro- … pro-TECT-ive!" She nods with bright eyes at the women. When Bren hurries to the table, and Lily sees Elly's present, she unwraps her own and holds the items up for examination. "Skunk?" she asks. She sees the small bow and arrows, and reaches for them. "You taught me to shoot!" she insists. "You did, daddy and mum did, Uncle Aldren did." She tests the bowstring and she nods earnestly. "I don't know what a … skunk is, but if it wants to hurt kitties, that's no good!"

Well now, the brave cadre of young ladies, as coached by Bren, are about to defend kittendom, frm teh ravages of the 'skunk;. Moira moves to join Lynette, grabbing one of those cucumber sandwiches, glancing at Kayla and the maids who are hiding laughter as well, "Yes, definately. Oh, and don't forget, skunks like sandwiches and treats, too. We mustn't let them get any of those." She, too, will apologize and reward the poor squire later; he's most likely going to be severely trounced for his efforts - and will earn Moira's eternal gratitude for agreeing to said maneuvers for Brendolyn.

Brendolyn nods seriously toward Lynette, "Yes I can't get him on my own I don't think. I know Lily knows how to use this but we may need to show Elli.." she says, brows lifting toward the girls. She grins at Lis and Moira then nods to Lily, handing her the bow and quiver, "A skunk is a stinky animal.. they are black with white stripes.." she starts then coughs and the /skunk/ shakes the bushes and makes a weird 'cheeping' sound, which almost makes Brendolyn laugh but she manages to look to the bushes, "Here, Elli," she says, handing her her bow. Then she moves to face the bushes, "Be ready!"

Lynette nods as she hears Brendolyn. "Indeed!" This said softly as she curiously watches looking amused but also a bit serious to not let in on the 'game' so to speak. A glance is sent to Moira and she grins to her. "Ever so nice to have a pair of brave archers protect everything today now isn't it?" The 'cheeping' sound makes her blink and she holds back a soft laugh by hiding behind her cup of tea.

Lily pulls an arrow from the quiver and lifts the bow at arm's length. She nocks the arrow and draws back on the string until bow and string form a rough diamond shape with the arrow resting against the first knuckle of her left hand and thumb. Then she looks at Elly. "See? You can do it, 'specially if Lady Bren-lyn teaches you! She's good!" Then she lifts her eyes to Bren and nods. She glares at the rustling bush with narrowed eyes and warns, "No skunks allowed!"

Elly at least manages to hold the bow the right way up, but young fingers have a harder time with the arrows. A couple lessons she has had, but she is no greenshire child. "The arrow won't stay in!" She exclaims in dismay and eeps as the bush starts to rattle with the evil skunk. Elisabeth allows Brendolyn to help her unless beckoned over. The instruction from Lily though seems to do the trick of at least getting the first arrow loaded.

Moira glances at Lynette once more as the brave defenders take arms against the STINKY skunk. "You are more than correct, sister - brave warriors of whom we could not be any prouder. I'm glad they're here to defend you and I and Poor Miss Muffin and her children.

Brendolyn nods encouragingly to Lily and then smiles, "Just like that Elli, you'll get it," she says, then she coughs a little. The cough draws the skunk out into the open a little, his head showing as he cheerrreeeps and gives Brendolyn a sort of helpless look, it's not like he's played a skunk before. "There girls, shoot!" she says and then bends toward Elli to help her hold the bow and draw back, "Aim good.." she says and the skunk starts to crawl-scurry for cover behind a bench. "Again girls again," she'll call out, as soon as the first arrows let fly. Poor squire.

Lynette smiles and nods to Moira. "Indeed." She offers with a happy tone while letting her hands rest upon her cup while she curiously watches the 'game' so to speak.

With Bren's encouraging words in her ears, Lily aims and releases the arrow, but she is too excited and she misses wildly. Her arrow veers into the bush, rattling the branches well over the skunk's head. She winces and frowns. But the bad shot does not deter her. She pulls another arrow from the quiver and nocks it. She draws back on the string, preparing to take another shot at the nasty skunk!

With Brendolyn's help at least Elly manages to knock and fire an arrow in the general direction of the skunk, though little power behind the shot and it falls well short. She frowns with concentration as she grabs up another arrow and looks up at Brendolyn to help her with it. "How do I make it hit the bad skunk?" She asks in an oh so serious voice.

Moira continues to watch, nibbling on a cucumber sandwich or two sipping tea. It's exacting and trying, being protected from the predations of a skunk - Moira must keep her energy up. Oh, thank the Gods, Kayla and the maids bring some fresh tea from the house whilst Moira's eyes regard the 'skill' with which the brave protectors. Thank goodness they only have small vials of fragrance and that they're gifts - or the skunk would be sitting pretty.

Brendolyn reaches to draw Elly's arrow downward, just a little, "Your aim is off a little bit..good job, try again," she says. "He's about to run I can tell!" she calls out loudly. The skunk responds with a skittering crawl out from the chair and into the open, looking panicked, and not sure where to go, he scurries for a shrub that will do little more than give him something to rattle while he waits to be shot. "Good job, Lily, again, he's getting closer to us!"

"He's close, in that bush!" Lily coaches. "Look down the arrow and point it at where you want to hit, Elly." She relaxes the string while she explains. "Aunt Bren-lyn can show you! She's good, like mom and dad and Uncle Aldren!" Then she glances to Moira and adds, "I bet Auntie Moira is good, too, but she likes flowers and hunting mushrooms." Then she pulls the string taut again, sights, and release. The arrow sails through the air. This one finds the mark, thwacking the nasty skunk, the stinky coward, on the shoulder! Bad skunk!

Elly takes the coaching from Lilly and Brendolyn and finally manages to hit the body of the skunk as he approaches, even if its not a solid shot. The girl squeals with delight, "We hit it!" One can only imagine how this event will play out in the retelling to her father tonight. Elisabeth claps for her new niece, "You are doing very well Elly!" She encourages with excitement in her eyes before looking over to Moira, "Thank you so much for hosting, she does not seem to have many children her own age to play with."

Moira nods, "I remember, growing up, there were few girls my age. If it were not for Kayla (and her mother), who is more friend than maid, I may well have been utterly friendless at times, I fear." Watching Lilly for a moment, and Elly, " it is not easy losing your mother when you are young, I thought they might like to be friends, as they seem of an age."

The skunk yelps, those hurt! Or maybe at least startle him and he spins around on his knees and starts to retreat. "Ooh there he goes," Brendolyn says excitedly, "One more and he'll run off for sure!" she says to the girls. "Draw back slow and then let go without hesitating once your aim is set!" she says to them.

Lily bounces on the balls of her feet when the shots hit. Even if they merely glanced the hide of the vicious skunk, that might be enough to scare the stinky beast. She yanks her third arrow from the quiver, quickly nocks it, and sends it on its way. The skunk is on the move, however, and retreats just enough so that her shot falls short. The arrow thuds into the dirt and its shaft vibrates with the force. "Missed!" she hisses, but she sees that their enemy is in retreat. "He's quick!"

Elly also gets a little too excited on her last shot and the arrow falls short of the target and so she picks up the hem of her dress and starts to chase after the skunk, "Go away skunk! You can't have our tea!" She declares quite boldly waving her bow at him. Elisabeth watches on, holding a hand to her lips to hide her amusement at Elly's antics. She looks over to Moira and nods, "Yes, I think it will be good for them both."

You say, "So, Elisabeth, how are you enjoying your married life? Do you find it pleasing?" Her tone is quiet and serious; there are some who don't find marriage meets up with the expectations before hand; but fortunately, no one Moira's known recently. And, even without asking, her eyes seem to have a knowing look as she regards Elisabeth. She did see the two of them together during a phase of their courtship."

Brendolyn claps her hands as the girls shoot again and the skunk makes a fast retreat toward the door. Weird, a skunk who can reach up and open a door? He does. "Good job, girls, he's gone!" she chirps at them then nods, pleased. "You may keep your bows and arrows for practicing.

The question from Moira causes Elisabeth's cheeks to go quite red and the woman dips her head, "Yes, I am enjoying married life." Well for two days, not even the servants saw hardly hide nor hair of the couple. Only the rumours of Rorey's 'demise' brought her out of the marriage bed and racing over to check on her cousin. "He is a most attentive husband." She says before the cheeping from Brendolyn draws her attention to the little girls again and she applauds, "Our tea and sandwiches are safe again!"

Moira's hands lift in a clap, as a servant exits the Manor. Glancing about and seeing that Moira is occupied, she then makes her way to murmur quietly to Kayla who, in turn nods. As the un-named servant leaves, Kayla makes her way over to Moira and murmurs something to her quietly.

Lily grins to Elly. "We did it!" she squeals. "And you learned how to shoot. We can practice at the castle if you want," she invites." Then she looks back to the table. "We need food now!" she observes, and heads for the table to snag the tray of cookies. She returns with it and offers some to Elly.

Kayla mutters to Moira "… more, my… has a… of… on a… paws… a…"

("Two more, my lady. One that has a myriad of colors on a field of black and the other black with white paws and a white nose.")

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