Thedor 30, 229 - Sess 3, 229: The Courtship of Lynette Kincaid

The Courtship of Lynette Kincaid
Summary: Sir Shepard Kerrigan undertakes the courtship traditions of Lakeshire, for the hand of Lynette Kincaid.
OOC Date: 31/1/2014 to 17/2/2014
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Lynette Shepard Aidan 
Kincaid Manor
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
Thedor 30, 229 - Sess 3, 229

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