Umbra 39, 228: The Council Meets

The Council Meets
Summary: A meeting of the King's Council with some unusual invitations - the Duke of Sutherland and the Princess Roslyn attend. Two brief matters are discussed.
OOC Date: 12/11/2013 (OOC)
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Council Chambers, Darfield Castle
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head.
39th of Umbra, 228

While servants circulate around the room, checking on every detail before the nobles arrive. Caedmon and Wenna are sitting near the head of the table with cups of tea and a platter of snacks before them. Caedmon also has several sheets of paper, his inkwell, and quills within reach. His wooden case, which also serves as portable desk when necessary, is sitting at his feet. He turns to Wenna and remarks, "I would have liked for your cousin to be here, but I understand his absence. I imagine that he will provide me with a full report on the situation when he has ensured the well-being of his ship and crew. After all, in a sense, they are his kingdom." He chuckles.

Robben arrives from the Hall of Chambers.

Tyrel enters with his aide and takes his place after offering greetings. He settles with the slate pieces carved with maps of the area and troop information.

Tyrel fits a few of the slate squares together in front of him forming a small map. He then steeples his finger and waits.

As he was invited, the Duke of Sutherland arrives with his man servant only moments after Caedmon and Wenna. Ronan leaves his dark blue cloak on as it is not as warm in the large chamber as it was in Aldren's suite. His dark eyes look up the table and he finds a place he might take seat until introductions or business is announced. His servant sets a small pitcher of wine on the table with a cup for his Duke and the knight quietly thanks him, dismissing his man to go and wait along the wall by the door. The others who are presant, or are arriving, are givening his attention to study.

"My dear Voice, I do think that he will, they are but it is wise keep those on the council informed especially the Voice and the king." Wenna says in response and when the others of higher rank begin to arrive she rises stiffly from her seat and she offers them a proper curtsy though the curtsy is awkward and stiff. Soon she lowers herself back to her seat. No sooner is she settled then a goblet of mulled wine is given to her by one of the servants making rounds.

Stepping in a bit slowly, Robben looks quite tired. Looking around the room, he shakes his head a little bit, before he moves to find himself a seat, slumping down into it now. Nodding to the others present, a bit quietly now.

Caedmon stands briefly when the others begin to arrive, and he bows to them before reclaiming his seat and reaching for his cup. "If he had any urgent news, I trust that he would have delivered that immediately," he answers Wenna. He returns his attention to the others and calls to them, "Welcome, lords! Before we begin any formal discussion, I would like to welcome Duke Ronan Crawford of Sutherland as our distinguished guest and at-large member." He looks toward Ronan and nods.

Tyrel lifts a cup towards Ronan, "Welcome, Duke Ronan." He falls silent then.

Aldren has came in behind the others and taken a seat. Mulled wine has been poured for him as well and he begins to sip. He looks around at the others who have arrived. When he hears the toast he drinks. A slightly soured look on his face as he swallows. Eyes cast downward at the drink show more dissapointment then outright disgust but he straightens up all the same.

A moment late, but only fashionably so, is the Princess Roslin Kilgour. She enters after being announced, having missed what is to be said. Wearing a fine velvet dress of navy blue and royal purple, the woman bows respectfully to those in the chamber, pausing to look about before quietly making her way to a seat nearby, her maid in tow.

Ronan of course duly moves to stand as he is introduced. He bows his head to those who had risen and paid himself courtesy, "Thank you. It has been far too long since I enjoyed the hospitality of Darfield Castle." To the man who raises his cup to him, Ronan studies a breath before he lays his hand to his chest and bows his head, "Young Majesty." He may not really know Tyrel but he's likely seen him before over the years. The Rioga then retakes his seat and quietly pours himself a half cup of red wine his servant had brought for him.

Wenna is dressed in a gown of charcoal grey wool, her gown is the same as other female healers who work in the infirmary the only difference is that the embroidery embellishing the gown is a little finer. Her hair has been bound up with black and grey ribbon. She sits beside the voice at the council chambers she has an ink well, quill and parchment before her. For the moment she is listening and smiling but her gaze does go to her twin and when the princess enters she offers the girl a bow of her head. After a few more moments have past she says warmly. "Welcome Duke."

Robben offers a polite nod to Ronan, before he simply listens to what's being said at the moment. He doesn't get himself something to drink, just watching for the moment.

Caedmon watches the other members of the council while they settle into their places, and then he looks to the guards at the door, Before he can nod to the to close the doors, one of them gives a subtle gesture. Then they announce the arrival of the princess, and Caedmon's eyebrows rise for a moment. He stands and waits for Roslin to enter. Then he bows. "Your highness," he greets her. "We have convened the council. Is there some urgent matter that requires our attention?" he asks.

Tyrel gestures for a cup of wine and settles back into his chair after the introductions are over. He looks towards Roslin while his wine is filled.

Clearing her throat Wenna sets aside her goblet of wine. "I would like to say it is good for her Highness to listen in as she has much to learn about councils and it would be a way for her to learn." She smiles to Roslin. Then her attention is drawn to others who are gathered. "With that said I have business to speak of I wanted to form a healers guild here in the kingdom. It would be a way to start some talks between us and Moniwid as I was going to ask the Duke if I could join his guild and get a faction of it started here under the condition that our healers need to swear fidelity to our crown. If he does not agree to the idea, I can and will create this guild from scratch and add it to the list of duties for the Royal Healer. The reason I think this is important is it will help aid us in knowing when there are plague outbreaks or ther disasters that have need of this type of aid."

The Princess Roslin's name and title announced is a surprise to them all, perhaps. The Duke of Sutherland turns his head to look, then stands as well with the faint chime of spurs. He also bows and says very low, "Your Highness."

"I was invited to sit in while father is away, as the Baroness has stated." Roslin says, reaching over to a servant to take a cup of wine. Her smile is as sweet and innocent as she settles in, though her head is high as she nods to Caedmon once, respectfully yet with the force of royalty behind it. "Do not let me slow up your business at all, My Lord, I beg of you. There is much to be done I am sure, and I would surely wish no part in hindering it." From then on, her lips move to taste wine rather than words, and she goes quiet.

Robben slowly gets to his feet as well. "Your Highness," he offers to the Princess, staying up until it seems safe to seat himself again, before he nods a little at Wenna's words. Makes sense to him, at least.

Tyrel looks over to Wenna, "I see no reason a healer's guild should not be formed. I would request that the healers be encouraged to serve within the military at several points within their training so that they are prepared for the rigours of combat. Reasonable compensation would be provided to support the guild for the time spent." He looks around the room, "Are there any other stipulations that should be made as the guild is being structured?" Once the question is asked he adds, "And welcome, Roslin, an earlier arrival next time, please, as the council contains far too many polite men to allow a Lady of your bearing to enter quietly."

The Count seems confused as Caedmon addresses the princess and he stands as well. When all the pleasantries are finished he sits back down and sips his wine as he listens to his sister, nodding along as she speaks. He does flash a curious look to Roslin. He glances in Ronan's direction with a funny look as earlier statements are confirmed. Roslin's answer only has him smirking at the table for the briefest of moments before he looks back up. Listening to Tyrel, he now at least pays a bit of attention but says very little. He does however add, "How many of these new responsibilities will fall directly to the Royal healer? Perhaps I do not understand the posistion but would that not cut in greatly to your duties here in the castle?"

Ronan can't help but twist the corners of his lips up at Tyrel's comment to Roslin. Without further comment himself, the Duke of Sutherland retakes his seat and listens to the discussion concerning a healer's guild. While he is not on the King's Council and has been invited to attend as a guest, he nonetheless has no fear of speaking up, "Serving with the military would be highly useful to all."

"Invited?" Caedmon questions. "I do not remember sending an invitation, and as Voice of the King, I am ultimately responsible for these meetings and other business of the kingdom in his absence." He looks to Tyrel and nods when the prince suggests promptness. "However, the experience might be instructive," he agrees. Turning to Wenna, he recommends, "The healers in this guild should communicate with one another regularly, especially regarding news of ailments and treatments that they discover during their work." Then he nods to Ronan and his input on the matter of this guild. "That arrangement would benefit the guild and the armies. I also would recommend that we should include or forces at sea."

"Forgive me, dear brother and My Lord Caedmon. It was not until recently did I know I was coming at all." She looks to Wenna and then nods once more, respectfully to all of them. Unlike the invited guest of the South, who does get a quick pass of green eyes, the Princess does not feel the need to speak at this time. Instead, she remains silent, watching and learning - as she was invited to do.

Ronan adds low after Caedmon speaks, "It would ideally organize more uniform instruction and make it easier to gather and distribute healers where needed with greater efficiency." The military appreciates efficiency. He takes a light sip of his wine. His attention briefly returns to Roslin at her speaking and then he quietly studies others around the table.

"Your highness, there would be woman then serving as well." Wenna says simply. "All the requirements will be the same no matter the gender. It ensures that the education is the same and quality of care is the same as well." She looks to her brother and smiles sweetly. "I run the healers college it will not add to it. In fact it will make things easier as I will be able to have all in it be able to share information, and just as the Duke has said." She offers a slight inclination of her head to Roslin is given.

Tyrel says, "An arrow does not discriminate between man and woman, a castle at seige or a town attack will see enough women injured that I would have both the men and the women of the healer's guild trained to deal with the wounds acquired in battle. While I have no desire to see a woman in the lines of battle nor do I wish to see a woman's reputation called into question because because a stray arrow caught her in a seige. Additionally as I understand it there are medicines to be brewed, bandages to be prepared and ointments to be mixed that can be done by a woman in the service of the military, I believe we do have female cooks and seamstresses that see to the camps."

Aldren listens to the others, sipping his wine, and seeming none too pleased for it. When his sister speaks her piece withe her sweet little tone a suspicious look takes form on his face. "Very good." Is all he says though. Listening to the prince he will remain quiet as he is now moved to the edge of his seat and the thirst for this converesation to be over evident in his eyes. He remains calm for the most part on the outside, save his foot tapping under the table.

Robben is keeping silent as he listens to the others for now, nodding a little bit at what's being said.

Ronan's gaze has settled upon Aldren and there might be a flicker of amusement in his dark eyes for the Count's impatience. He fingers his own cup and awaits the next item of business, if this one is concluded.

"Healing should begin as soon as sickness or injury strikes," Caedmon notes. He turns to Wenna sitting next to him, and he continues, "In addition to training healers, I believe that we should train any soldiers who wish to learn how to bind wounds and stop bleeding, so that they can help to save lives as well. As I mentioned, we should keep records of illnesses, wounds, and treatments so that others might learn as well." He lifts his cup. "If we are agreed on all of this, then we have a good beginning to the plan." He looks around the room and queries, "Is there anything else? If not, we should move to our next topic, the status of Sutherland. I am sure that Duke Ronan can enlighten us on that point."

"Bring it up only because there are some who would not want that. But I agree with you all on the points you have borught to the table pertaining to this subject. With that said I will send word to the Arch Duke." Wenna smiles again and she moves to stretch her right leg out in front of her as she sits on the hard chair. She also moves to fold her hands into her lap.

The Duke of Sutherland lifts a dark brow at the unexpected request. Ronan nonetheless moves to stand, "Very well, though no one informed me I would be asked to abridge you of Sutherland's status so I have come somewhat less than ideally prepared." The Rioga meets the eye of any man or woman at the table unflinchingly all the same. He's not timid. "As things stand right now, we are down horses and men alike due to several deprevations over the years. The most recent being the sacking of Trueborn keep and the murder of my family; Duke Cedric and his lady wife, Terrwyn. As we sift through for clues and begin to rebuild the keep, my Steward is collecting data on /precisely/ how many men and horses, as well as other assets, remain on hand. If the King and this Council wish, those records will be provided when completed." That said, Ronan pauses a breath ere he concludes, "Nonetheless, I received word that Mobrin requires additional support in the north. I have brought men and horses with me this trip for that purpose."

the Count moves his back to his chair and a slight roll of the eyes is given as the meeting heads in a new direction. After a moment a servant refills his cup and that at least seems to bring some relief to his face. As he samples the newly poured vintage he looks to his sister and nods as she celebrates her little triumph with a smile. Now he awaits word from Ronan, seeing if he lays anything new out that he did not hear. His words on numbers bring a frown to Aldren's face but not too deeply, he saw this coming. When he is finished he looks now to see how the Marshall takes this news and adds himself, "I have no wish to press the Duke on any prior agreements made with his brother. There is no need to deplete his forces any further."

"You have our condolences for your loss, Duke." Roslin says at last, her voice gentle yet loud enough to carry easily across the room. She sits relatively unchanged otherwise, perhaps a bit more firmness to her features at the topic. But her eyes move from one speaker, to the next, to the next, the wheels of her mind turning, but her lips otherwise unmoving. Save for sipping wine, of course.

"I'm confident that you will have more details in time, Duke Ronan," Caedmon answers to the man's offer to provide better information soon. "On the other side of that coin, as your liege, the king has a duty to support you in your times of need, and as his representative at this time, I have the same duty. If you need support from the crown for your duchy, we will discuss that when you are ready." His eyes leave the duke's face, and they move slowly around the room to each other member of the council. With his left hand, he reaches for his cup and lifts it to his lips. He lowers his right hand to his lap. "Are there any other concerns that the council should address at this time?"

Tyrel adds to Caedmon's statement saying, "The full tally of your resources will be useful in formulating the appropriate strategy to ensure that the Kingdom as a whole as well as your lands are properly defended while the offensive effort is begun. Those men who are best suited to warfare will be deployed as such. To relieve stress of Sutherland craftspeople who are not best suited to warfare can be sent to aid in the construction and reconstruction of those defenses that have faltered." He looks to Ronan, "You will also be given full opportunity to avenge yourself and your family upon those who have wronged you." His gaze then returns to Caedmon, "I have no particular business for the council at this time."

"Yes us opening up diplomacy again with Moniwid, would you like to send another letter with the one that I will be drafting and should we invite The Grand Duke officially to come here?" Wenna asks as she sits in the same position. "I also curious if troops have started to be moved for the winter. How many will be garrisoned here in the city?"

Tyrel responds, "If all of our troops where to return to the city at once we would be at three-quarters capacity for the garrison. However the majority of the troops will be mobile throughout the winter moving in units along these routes carrying supplies and replacements to the guardhouses and forts." He indicates the maps laid out. "I anticipate a standing garrison at one third capacity at any given time."

We rebuild. The records will be provided. As the King supports us, we nonetheless have our sworn duty to provide every man and horse necessary to keep Mobrin secure. Sutherland will not fail our King when he is in need of us." The Rioga Duke retakes his seat. Ronan retakes his seat.

The Count seems relieved as he can be when the meeting seems to wrap up. But his sister speaks up again and he drops his gaze. When Tyrel elaborates he looks to the maps at hand and nods. "That sees more than acceptable. Any force large enough to threaten the city would be known of and allow at least some time for a number to return. So long as this alliance with Moniwad seems to hold I do not think the city is in great threat from any navy."

Caedmon turns to Wenna and inclines his head. "The grand duke would be most welcome to visit, and if I can add weight to your request, I will affix the seal to it. He and his ships did help ours greatly, although they left some doubts in the beginning." Then he looks to Ronan and nods. "Together, we are strong," he quotes an old motto.

"Good, your highness I will need the exact number as with the winter winds comes the sickness and the plague. Pestilence loves the garrison and slums this time of the year." Wenna responds gently but in a pragmatic manner. "The numbers will be needed for supply reason and for our records if an illness occurs." She looks to brother next and nods her head. She then glances at Caedmon and nods. "Thank you Voice." Her manner is formal.

Ronan has no further input at this time, only gives Caedmon a subtle nod at the motto. He tastes his wine.

Robben nods a little as he listens, pausing a bit at Tyrel's words, "Quite wise, keeping that amount of troops mobile." A brief pause, before he adds, "I'm sure all of us will rest better as we know that." Aside from that, he goes quiet again now.

Matters seeming to wrap up and most remaining quiet Aldren is the first to stand. "That seems to conclude matters for now." He offers a bow and assuming he is not put to the sword he turns and swiftly leaves.

Tyrel has settled back in his chair again to watch the discourse without adding more to it as things appear to be winding down. He sips his wine and turns to his aides to order an updated count to be sent to Wenna.

Tyrel mutters to himself, "… get him… they might… but… he,… held… that… at."

Tyrel hands the slates to his aide and moves to leave.

Ronan moves to rise and his servant comes forward to pick up the wine pitcher and cup while the Rioga arranges his cloak. When all is ready, the Duke inclines his head to those preasent and removes himself to his guest quarters to rest.

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