Nar 26, 228: The Contract

The Contract
Summary: Duke Jon Ruxton and his son, Lord Robben meet the Crown Prince and the Chancellor, and two fates are sealed.
OOC Date: 29/07/2013 (OOC)
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Crown Prince's Office
A man's room. This spacious room is graced with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Three tall windows, topped with gorgeous stained glass look out over the harbour to east, and the ocean below. Dominating it is a truly massive, oaken desk, topped with assorted bits of small statuary and objects of art. The desk is ornately carved with an elegant vine pattern. Behind it is a rather grandiose throne of a chair, carved in a somewhat gothic style. What isn't wood is covered in black leather secured by silver studs. In front of the desk is a cluster of smaller black-leather chairs. The hardwood floor is covered in a thick purple rug with silver trim. A few silver candelabras spaced about the room in addition to a few wrought-iron wall sconces provide plenty of light. The walls are paneled two thirds of the way up the wall with a dark cherry wood. From there on up they are painted purple, and about a foot from the ceiling is silver stenciling. On one side of the room, a bookshelf lines the wall, from floor to ceiling. The shelf is filled with books from all across Daeren. A door leads to a private room for the Prince.
Nar 26, 228

"I know, Ciarrah. But, the King will not be back until tomorrow. He has ordered me to take care of this situation." Prince Tyrel Kilgour is speaking to his closest advisor and confidant, Ciarrah Kilgour. Ciarrah stands from her seat next to the Prince, and turns to give him a kiss on the cheek, patting him softly on the head, "You will do fine." With that, she heads out the door. Tyrel pinches his lips together with his fingers as he turns to stare out the window. Several minutes go by, before a knock is heard at the door, and a Guard enters, offering a quick bow before saying, "The Duke and Lord Ruxton are on their way up." Tyrel nods, and dismisses the guard with a wave of his hand, before looking back toward the window.

Pausing at the door, Robben waits for a few moments before he enters now. "You wanted to see me, Your Highness?" he asks after a few moments of pause, voice kept rather quiet for the moment as he looks around the room now.

Allowing Ciarrah to pass in the hallway, the Duke just outside offers her a bow, "Your Highness." The voice may sound very familiar for it's none other than Duke Jon Ruxton. As he comes up behind his son, he places a hand on his shoulder. "Son. Actually, we both wanted to see you. Crown Prince Tyrel can explain though." His voice is low and he stands straight and tall. "Let's go have a seat." Stepping inside, he bows to the prince. "Your Highness."

Tyrel stands as the pair of Ruxtons enter, moving around his desk. He smiles to Jon, "Your grace…" and a glance is offered to Robben, "Lord Ruxton. Please, please, come in." He motions for them to enter. A servant quickly moves to hand goblets of wine to both Ruxtons as she had already been ordered to do. Prince Tyrel has his own goblet of wine, sitting on the desk. He motions toward the chairs in front of his desk with a smile, "Please, sit. We have much to discuss." He then turns to move back behind to desk once more.

That hand on his shoulder, and the voice. Robben pauses for a few moments, as he offers a bit of a smile. "Father! What are you doing here?" Nodding a bit as he steps in as well, before he moves for that seat. Looking a bit curious, although he keeps quiet for now.

Once inside, and having the pleasantries done with, Jon accepts the goblet of wine from the servant with barely a look in her direction. He's a man used to people obeying his orders and servants always fumble over predicting his needs. Taking a seat, he nods to his son once more and replies in that same deep voice. "We'll soon find out."

Tyrel leans back in his chair as he sits, the leather making a noise as he does. He clears his throat, then reaches for his goblet of wine, taking a slow drink, before setting it back on the desk. "I apologize for my father not being able to attend. He had pressing business over the past few days in Sutherland. He will not be back until tomorrow evening. However, he felt that this… matter was important. He asked that I should speak with you about a few things regarding…" a long pause is taken as he takes another drink, in thought, then finishes with, "…the future."

"The future?" Robben asks, raising an eyebrow a little, before he goes silent again now. Listening rather quietly at the moment, he leans back a little in his seat at the moment.

"The future, Prince Tyrel?" Taking the initiative in calling him that instead of the whole long title, echoing his son. Duke Jon Ruxton is seated at the front of the desk of the Prince, seated beside his son Robben, the heir. He takes a sip of his wine, watching the Prince as he awaits the guillotine to fall.

Tyrel is seated behind the desk, a goblet of wine in his hand. He glances toward the grandfather clock in the corner, then back to the men, "I must admit, I had summoned the Lord Chancellor to this meeting, but I am afraid he is running late." He furrows his brow and once more a glance is given toward the grandfather clock.

As if on cue, the guard outside knocks and then opens the door to admit the lord chancellor, dressed in dark gray pants, a bone-white linen shirt, black polished boots that rise to mid-calf, and a matching belt. Beneath the shirt, a gold chain glimmers occasionally, and anyone familiar with the chancellor knows that the seal of the kingdom dangles at the end of that chain. Caedmon stops and bows to the prince before stepping into the room so that the guard can close the door again. "You called for me, your royal highness," he notes. He turns to study Duke Jon and Lord Robben beside him. The chancellor offers a bow to them as well, and then looks to the prince, awaiting his direction.

Robben nods a little as he listens now, just remaining where he is. He hasn't taken a sip of his wine yet, just watching both the Prince and his own father. Looking to Caedmon as the man enters as well, offering a quiet nod now. Then looking back to Tyrel.

Jon Ruxton rises when another arises, his breeding leaves him no choice in the matter. None too gently, he nudges his sons chair before he bows his head to the newcomer. Only after the greeting does he have a seat again and nurse his goblet of wine.

Tyrel stands quickly as Caedmon enters, moving toward him. Tyrel tosses a glance over his shoulder, then back to Caedmon, leaning in, he mutters to Caedmon, "… has asked… you and… negotiate… treaty… house and… wed… Caillin… Ruthgar Ruxton. I… you… notes and… documents."

When he hears the prince's words, Caedmon straightens for a moment, and then bows once more. "I will be honored, highness," he answers, slipping to the slightly less formal term now that the prince has explained the situation. He steps back to the door, opens it just enough to instruct one of the guards. "Bring my lap-desk from my office at once," he orders. He holds the door open and in less than a minute, the guard returns with a plain wooden box. Caedmon takes the box and reminds the guard. "We are not to be disturbed unless the visitor is one of their majesties, or it is an urgent matter, by which I mean nothing less than the castle itself being under attack by gods or men." Then he closes the door and moves to one of the remaining empty chairs. He quickly sets up for the work, opening the box to reveal a portable desk complete with inkwell, several ready quills, and an abundance of parchment. He looks to the prince and nods.

Getting to his feet at the nudge from his father, before he offers a more proper greeting to Caedmon this time. Looking to the Prince and the Chancellor, Robben pauses for a few moments as some of the quiet words seem to be heard. Letting out another bit of a breath, he seats himself again, this time reaching for that goblet of wine, taking a sip from it as he waits now.

As the Prince speaks with the Chancellor, Jon can overhear certain words and he sits up straighter, wondering if he wasn't reading more into it than he should. For one of his sons to wed one of the royal family? That would be the greatest honor he could imagine. Still, he tries not to look too eager.

Tyrel turns away from Caedmon as he moves to the door, moving back to take his seat behind the desk. He reaches once more for his goblet of wine, lifting it to his lips and taking several drinks as Caedmon gets settled. He then clears his throat once more, and leans forward, setting the goblet on the desk in front of him. "Now that we are all here…" he tosses a glance to Caedmon, then back to Jon, "These have been trying times in the Kingdom, Duke Ruxton. You know this as well as anyone. It is in times like these that heroes rise and fall, legends are made, and alliances are sealed." He pauses for effect, looking between the Duke and Robben before continuing, "My father has desire that we should propose a marriage, between your house and ours. Something that would forever link our families together, moreso than they already are." He leans back, pausing once more, "The King wishes to propose a marriage between the Princess, Caillin Kilgour, and your son, Ruthgar Ruxton." He lets that settle in now, waiting for reactions.

With the inkwell and parchment in place, and a quill pinched between his fingers, Caedmon listens while officially unveils the proposal. A warm and proud smile curves his lips when the prince mentions his cousin. He watches the Ruxtons with keen interest even the most subtle of their reactions. Already, and without his needing to watch his hand closely, he begins to take brief notes in a kind of shorthand that he learned long ago while working for the steward of this castle as a boy.

Looking to his father as he hears that, Robben offers a quiet smile, before he looks back to the Prince again. Letting his father take the lead on this one, since after all, he's the Duke.

Once everyone is settled back in their chairs, Jon continues sipping his wine. When the prince finally drops his bombshell, the Duke widens his eyes, unable to hide the surprise as his thoughts were confirmed. It's a big honor to House Ruxton and he knows it. "Robben," his voice booms out. "I'm here just to listen in, you're here to do this. You're the Heir, it's time that you work on the politics. Step up now and make me proud." Not giving him the option, really, but here to guide if necessary.

Tyrel leans forward expectantly, and as the Duke lets his eyes go wide, a grin spreads on his face. He grabs at his goblet and begins to raise a toast, but as the option is deferred to Robben, a brow is raised. Glancing between the Duke and Robben, he settles back once more, waiting on the Lord to make his decision.

Caedmon, too, looks between the elder and junior Ruxton, but he does not seem surprised about this turn of events. He simply nods to the heir and encourages, "Your father honors you in this, Lord Robben, and you will honor him by your efforts." Still, with his quill poised over the paper, he watches the young lord.

Robben blinks a bit at his father's words, and he looks to the Duke with a bit of surprise in his expression now. Taking a few deep breaths, and another sip of his wine, using that sip to compose himself a bit. "It is a great honor for House Ruxton, Your Highness." A brief pause, before he adds, "I'm sure we can come to an agreement about this."

Since he had left it to Robben, Jon just leans back and leaves the vitally important matter to his son. As Robben speaks, his eyes drift to him and withholds any sort of commentary of his own.

Tyrel nods to Robben, reaching again for his wine. He lifts the goblet into the air, a smile spreading on his lips as he toasts, "To the future!" He looks between the two, and once they have saluted, he takes his goblet and pulls down a healthy swig. He wipes at his mouth with his sleeve, before looking to Caedmon to see if he is drawing up an agreement. Looking back to Robben, Tyrel raises a brow, "What sort of dowry will be required?"

Caedmon remains quiet, writing now in longhand. He looks up when the prince asks about a dowry, knowing that the point could be vital to the decision. He nods to Tyrel. Then he looks quizzically to Robben while he dips his pen in the inkwell again, ready to continue.

As he hears that question, Robben glances to his father again, as he realizes this is something he hasn't had much experience with so far, and hasn't had much time to learn what would be the proper one. So he says something very quietly to the Duke now. "I… should… Father…. of… that… haven't… knowledge about yet. So… ask… for…"

As the two talk and Robben asks his question, Jon leans in to whisper to his son as well, with a wide and pleased smile on his face. "Since it's already an honor for them to offer… Princess… son… suggest… even more worthy… such an honor… him… Knight… the… as a… our… of… and our… have… an honorable…"

Tyrel continues looking between the two, silently, waiting on their response. He laces his fingers together on the desk, waiting for word on the dowry.

Caedmon lowers his quill into the inkwell but does not leave it. Instead, his hand resets on the neck of the bottle with his fingers pinching the quill, ready to draw it again as soon as the Ruxtons decide and Tyrel agrees to the offer.

Nodding again at his father's words, Robben smiles as he looks towards Tyrel again. "Your Higness. Since it's such an honor to have an offer of such a marriage, what about making my brother a Knight of the Rioga, both as a symbol of our eternal support and loyalty, and as a sign of him being worthy of the honor it is to marry the Princess?"

Tyrel shakes his head at Robben's suggestion, "This will not work." He leans forward, taking in a quick breath to explain, "Your brother is already slated to become a Rioga. His actions at Blackbarrow were such that he is being recognized for heroics." He leans back, motioning with his hand, "There must be something else." He says casually.

Caedmon begins to twirl the upright quill in the inkwell while Robben asks for the honor, and Tyrel rejects it on the very reasonable point that the reward is practically within tech for Ruxton. The chancellor glances to the Duke but his look remains neutral.

"… will… even a… for… Caillin… the… to… become… to…" Jon rapidly gives his son another option, then smiles at the Prince. "You honor my family with your choices, Prince Tyrel. Greatly honor."

Robben pauses as he hears Tyrel's reply, nodding at the explanation now. "I'm glad to hear he is slated for that, your Highness. It has always been something my brother has had as a goal in life." Nodding a bit again at his father's words, he adds, "Then how about a Lordship for my brother, so he can make sure your sister the Princess is kept in the manner she is accustomed to, and so they have a home to call their own?" Nodding again in his father's direction. "Like my Father says, it is such an honor for our family, so the main thing we could want is something to make sure both my brother and the Princess are comfortable."

Tyrel smiles softly, looking between the father and his son. After a moment, he raises his hands and snaps his fingers, "Done." He glances toward Caedmon, "Draw up the paperwork." He nods to him to confirm his words, before grabbing his goblet once more, "To Kilgour and Ruxton, together forever!" He then takes another long swig of the wine, looking over the brim of his goblet at the men of Weston.

Caedmon draws the quill from the inkwell slowly to ensure that no excess ink is on the nib. He taps the end of the quill on the lip of the bottle, and then he sets nib to paper and continues to write, carefully setting each word in order until the contract, which is not long due to the few conditions required at this point, is ready. He sets aside the quill and inspects the sheet of new parchment. Finally, with a judicious nod and one soft blow of breath across the last line of the page, he looks to Tyrel, Robben, and finally the Duke. "If you came prepared, Your Grace, to set seal to wax, we will proceed."

Jon also lifts his goblet. "To Kilgour and Ruxton, together forever." Immediately agreeing, giving Robben a look of pride before he drinks from the glass. As Caedmon asks, he removes the seal from around his neck and stands. "So let it be written, so let it be done.'

Echoing the words as he lifts his own goblet, Robben takes a sip of the wine. It's probably easy to see that as he sees that look from his father, he quite visibly relaxes a bit now, as he looks between the others. Smiling a little as he does.

Caedmon blows on the paper once more and sets it on the desk between the two men. Then he fetches a wax candle from its sconce on the wall. The sconce is designed so that a person can remove the candlestick and carry it. He places the candle on the desk near the paper. Then he reaches with both hands and lifts the golden chain over his head, offering the great royal seal to Tyrel.

Tyrel stands as he moves to watch the setting of seals, an expression of excitement written on his face. When the seal is handed to him, he takes it, pouring the wax onto the parchment near the bottom and affixing the seal of the royal house of Kilgour in the proper place. He then hands the seal back to Caedmon, and looks toward Jon, "Together, we can achieve anything. Our futures will be forever entwined, and our families will forever be linked in history." A grin is given, then he offers a courtly proper bow to Jon, "Your grace."

Once Jon has the seal in hand, he joins the Prince at the desk and as the wax is poured, he stamps his own seal of his own House on there. "To the future, forever linked, forever prosperous. What we have is yours, My Prince." Offering a bow as well to the Prince, very proper, very courtly.

Robben smiles as he hears the words, and nods in agreement. Staying quiet as he sips his wine at the moment.

Tyrel smiles and nods to both the Ruxton men, then to Caedmon, "It is done." He laughs, then moves around the desk, his hand going to Duke Ruxton's shoulder, "I know you need to head back to Weston in the morning, but the King sends his regards. He said to inform you he will visit the City later this summer, when things are settled." He nods once, "We are going to send a fleet to escort you back to Eastport. Also, I have a gift for you. A fine Darfield Destrier, down in the royal stables. Stall six." He nods, and then turns to Robben, "I am sure you two would like to speak to Ruthgar."

Caedmon hanged the great seal around his neck again after receiving it from Tyrel. Then he waits solemnly by the table for the seals to cool. When the wax has set, he carefully lifts the paper and ncos to the prince, and then to the duke and lord. "It is done. The next step should be to inform the betrothed of their responsibilities and rights." He bows to each in turn.

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