Thedor 20, 229: The Civility of War

Elisabeth and Tyrel discuss civility in war.

The Civility of War
Summary: Elisabeth and Tyrel discuss civility in war.
OOC Date: 01/20/2014
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Elisabeth Tyrel 
Upper Hall
Pools of golden light shed by the candles that line the walls collect along the marble floor, adding warmth to the cool stone. The candelabras are made of finely carved gold, gracefully arching arms of light. All along the great vaulted ceiling hang the banners and arms of the noble families of the realms, their colors and designs a testament to the variety of peoples in the land. Some of the doors have guards outside them, armoured and blazoned with the crests of the Kingdoms, Duchies or Counties for whom they are working. Footsteps echo against the marble as people walk down the corridor, muffled only by the tapestries that line the walls. These tapestries depict several scenes from Mobrin history and from the mythology of the land.
Thedor 20, 229

Tyrel stands looking at the tapestry of the last great war. He is wearing his light plate, decorative but highly functional armor meant for a commander.

Elisabeth has been staying in the Greenshire suite when not in the company of Roslin of late. Leaving the Princess to her meetings and prayers but always at hand when she is summoned. She steps out of the suite quietly still pinning her hair into place when she notices the prince and pauses in her tracks to dip into a curtsey. "Your Highness."

Tyrel turns and looks back to Elisabeth nodding, "Lady Elisabeth, pleasant morning." His eyes move to her hands in her hair and he smiles, "As this is one of the rare moments that I can offer the compliment, Lady, your hair looks quite remarkable when down. You should wear it that way from time to time." His hands are folded behind his back, a slightly awkward look given the metal, but he does not seem discomforted by it.

The compliment clearly takes Elisabeth by surprise as she rises from her curtsey and her cheeks colour at his words. The braid half pinned in place and dangling somewhat, she reaches up to remove a couple to let it fall back down on her shoulder. "Um, thank you your highness. It seemed more to the fashion here." Well with the older ladies at least and she has tried hard to fit in here instead of being seen as the country lady from the Shire. "How fare you this day, any news?"

Tyrel's eyes are easy to follow, as they lower from Elisabeth's eyes to her cheeks, when they raise again he says, "There is no need to thank me when I am recognizing something obvious, Lady Elisabeth, thank the gods for your beauty and compliment your maids on their skill, but I had little to do with the matter other than to enjoy it." He pauses for a moment then says, "However, you seem to have picked up a habit from Roslin of wearing too little powder, do see that you and she begin applying enough, you're both far to prone to turning pink." His eyes then move back to the tapestry, but he continues speaking, "Some news, it seems that Lady Rowena and her entourage will be remaining with us for some time yet. I believe you have been assisting my sister in her efforts to see them comfortable, do continue to do so. The guards have been given additional instruction on what priveledges they have lost."

Elisabeth looks up to the prince as he continues on the compliment with a dose of instruction. Such sets her cheeks a bit more pink and she drops her gaze to hide it. It is Roslin to whom the compliments do fall, not the mousy maid. It is clear she is not quite used to such. "I will inform my maid." She says in a quiet voice. As the other topic is brought up, it is almost with relief that she looks up again. There is a look of surprise at first, "Comfortable your highness?" She starts before she bites back any further words and nods to the prince. "Of course, I will aid her highness in seeing to their further comforts until such is no longer desired."

Tyrel nods, "Yes, Elisabeth, comfortable." He turns his head to look back at her when the question comes out and is bitten off. "We will continue to set the better example in the hopes that they return some measure of that treatment to my wife while she is in their care. I should never wish it upon you, Elisabeth, but should there come a time when you were held awaiting ransom how should you wish to be treated? That is how we will treat Rowena and her group. Not as we feel they would treat us, but as we feel should be done properly."

Elisabeth is quiet at the 'reprimand', thoughts going through her mind that she does not quite hide. Considering the words in conflict with her experience and feelings on the matter. Finally she nods. "Of course your highness. I had not thought of it in such a way. I will endeavour to see to their utmost care as if I was treating your wife herself." Elisabeth says in a soft spoken voice. "If this is one thing I can do to help, I will see it done if it might bring her home all the faster and avert war." Her maid Cassandra was a few seconds behind her out the door, but remains a respectable distance away.

Tyrel says, "I do not believe war will be averted, Lady Elisabeth. Such efforts that we make now will, I pray, see that the battles are fought with honor and those that are captured or surrender are treated properly." He looks towards the tapestries his arm raising to indicate several of the panels that show a victory and the gracious surrender and treatment of the ladies of the keep, the children as well. "It may not be as pastoral as the image here, but I do not wish for my sons and grandsons to look upon tapestries lacking this civility, nobility and mercy."

"I can only pray your highness that it might be, whatever I know may be otherwise true. It is not easy to think upon my brother leading the fleet though I hope he honours the kingdom as he does so." Elisabeth responds to the matter of war and looks up to the tapestries and whatever colour that was in her cheeks does fade. War may come here and she may be as like one of those ladies in the keep. "May the war never reach our shores so such civility is not tested." Her jaws tense slightly before finally she turns her gaze from the reminder of what may be in store. "If you will excuse me your highness, I must see to your sister."

Tyrel nods, "Of course, Lady Elisabeth, be well." He then turns his attention back to the tapestries.

With the permission to depart given, Elisabeth dips a hasty curtsey and heads quickly down the hall with her maid in tow in the direction of Roslin's room.

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