Sess 17, 229: The Bird Admonishes the Beast

Lord Hadrian follows through on a promise to show Lady Emma his waterfalls in Lakeshire using his usual dastardly ways, but finds his usual tricks of the trade aren't needed, nor appreciated.

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Waterfalls at Lakeshire
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Sess 17, 229

*clank* There came a sound early in the morning. *clank* The sun was barely even visiable in the sky and the bare tinge of red starts to feel the horizon. *Clank* It's the sounds of peddles hitting the window. Someone was up early and tosses them at the Lady's window. Not really knowing who's going to come to the window but his servant told him that was the room she was in. Would it be her or a maid. The person who was down there was Hadrian Kincaid.

"Helena, what is that." Murmured sleepily from beneath covers, Emma pulling them down beneath her chin as she curls knees to her chest. Helena is in her own bed, snoring softly, not hearing the clanking of rocks against the window, "Helena." Emma will breathe out, only to hear more snoring before she's sighing and drawing the blankets back, sitting up and swinging her legs around. The young woman, who stands at 5'9" easily, if not taller, will rub her face before another clink sounds from the window, wondering if birds are being little pests. Up from the bed she'll rise, moving to the window, curtains shifting as she opens it to lean out, looking out before she spots the figure down below, brow tugging down as she eyeing down, "Lord Hadrian?" A squint, "Are you lost?"

He shakes his head when he sees Emma come to the window, "No, it's time for the expedition. Get dressed. We leave in a few minutes." He had a pack tossed over his back and moves a hand to his lips, "But don't tell anyone. I don't want everyone knowing of this place." He smiles some and waits to hear her response. He looks up to gaze at her and her bed hair self and he chuckles a little bit.

Emma looks confused, thick pout takes over her lips as she blinks, leaning forwards on her elbows, hands clasping together as they hang out the windows, "Wh-OH." Waterfall! Leaning up her hands will slap at the window sill before she disappears from view. She will emerge about 15 minutes later, handmaiden in tow, guards behind her, wearing a cloak overtop a dress of dark grey brocade with gold detailing, her hair down, hastily brushed, gloves upon her fingers. Her cheeks are glowing apricot pink with her excitement. Of course she /did/ try to remain quiet but getting dressed roused Helena who looks miserable, and of course the guards posted to her weren't about to let her leave without them.

There was a small horse and carriage waiting. He smiles to her and offers his elbow to help her over to it. He didn't want her hobbling over to the docks of the lake. He looks back and counts, "Three boats we will need." He says to her, "You can ride with me. And then they can follow us. It will require some rowing. I hope they do not get tired easy." He says softly with a grin as he waits to take her to the carriage. It had a flat back for the others to sit. "I am sorry to wake you this early. I did not want others to try and tag along. No one in my family knows of the place."

Emma will hand off her crutch to her maiden once again, smiling as she takes Hadrians elbow, "I've never rowed before." Emma will state, sleep still puffy from sleep, lines from her pillow and blankets lining her skin lightly, smile wide. Over to the carriage she'll move with him, allowing him to assist her up into her, casted foot holding bare toes, her other foot slippered in a light blue slipper, "I am glad for it, Lord Hadrian, please do not apologize. You are making a dream come true for me, I have never seen a waterfall prior." Her people will follow to settle on the flat back for the ride as Emma settles in with nervous excitement, "So I thank you."

After he helps her up onto the carriage, he moves to sit in the front next to her. A light flick of the reigns sends them off. The trip to the docks is a short one thankfully as it would have been longer walking. Once there, his servant was waiting to take care of the horse and buggy as they arrived. He then extends his arms out to help her down so she doesn't have to get hurt trying to climb down. The servant comes over, "Mi'lord, Mi'lady, the boats are ready." He was a young lad and he looked tired too. Hadrian offers him a nod.

It would seem everyone but Hadrian is tired. Emma however is perking up, a morning person perhaps, or just so excited that lack of sleep has been pushed away. Gripping his forearms she'll slide out from the carriage, loosing him after she's touched the ground, taking his arm now, a smile given to his servant, "You poor thing, you look as tired as I feel." Said with a soft teasing tone, "Blame it on me entirely, I'm sorry." A breeze will sweep through, sending her hair flying over her features, free hand lifting up to brush it back from her face as she looks to Hadrian, eye to eye with him as their heights match quite easily.

Hadrian smiles softly to her. The servant moves from then and begins to lead the horse away. Hadrian escorts the lady and her small party to the boats as their boots can be heard along the docks. A moment later, slowly, Hadrian climbs down into the small boat made for only two and offers himself up so that her weight can fully be placed on him to that he can avoid hurting her, "I never did asked but how did you get hurt?" He wonders. There was two more boats for her handmaiden and her guards.

Emma will reach out for Hadrian, hands upon his shoulders as she gingerly steps forwards and allows him to carry her weight entirely, laughingly answering him as she puts her trust in him not to toss her out of the boat, "I kicked a door while quite vexed, trying to get at my brother behind it." Quite honest, her servant and guards all climbing into the boats behind them, everyone quite used to boats, so it's a quick transition, guards taking up the oars in ready to follow closely to Hadrians own boat with the young Lady Emma.

Once Hadrian lets her take to her seat, he sits down and begins to row. The sun starting to rise more and more in the early morning sky, "I'll oar, you sit there and look pretty." He says to her as he begins to make across the lake. "Don't stick your hand in the water. There are things in this lake that will take your hand." He states as he continues to row towards the hills on the other side of the lake. There is a valley in the large hills, smaller then moutains but still tall, where the water flows through a small crack. They seem to be heading there. As he rows, he can look at her and still see what he's going.

Good thing he mentioned not sticking her hand into the water, likely because she was about to do just that, her hand snapping back to her chest as she peers over the edge with a soft nervous laugh, "What's in the water?" Asked with a glance up to the man, her eyebrows raising though she is soon taken by the sight they're rowing towards, "I thought your city was beautiful …" Breathed out, not having to do more than glance over Hadrians shoulder as he rows to see the view. Behind them and to the side the other boats keep pace

Minutes pass by as they row. Other boats can be seen fishing in the waters as the fishermen work their nets in the distance. "Big large things with teeth." He grins. A few more minutes go by and the man continues to row through the water. Then the hills draw closer and closer till they enter the valley. The water even begins to flow some and the boats would begin to pick up a little speed. Hadrian sits down and starts tapping his foot as soon as a large dent in the hill is passed. The valley his small leaving no more then a foot on either side of the boats edges. He pulls in the oars. "You might wanna grab on to something."

"Like sharks?" Emma will ask, interest soon back to the waters as she shifts a little to grab the side of the boat and lean forwards slightly, staring into the waters, really, really wanting to tempt a tickle of fingertips. Noticing as the waters grow swifter she'll glance over to Hadrian at his words, eyebrows raising up though she doesn't question him, instead her right hand will swing away from the left side of the boat to grip the right as she braces. For what, she doesn't know, but the look of excitement on her features is unmistakable.

<FS3> Hadrian rolls Reaction: Success.

"No, but they also sit on the land sometimes." He was talking about crocs. The water begins to turn into a small faster rapid. The vallet opens up just a little bit but not much. It begins to go faster. His foot continues to tap and he looks like he is concentrate harder. Then the boat tilts downward some as the waters speed increases more. Then an oar is suddenly pushed against a rock that sticks out of the side of the river. Up ahead there is a fork. The current is very strong flowing to the right but Hadrian makes his move and shifts the boat to flow to the left side fork. Maybe he was trying to loose the guards.

<FS3> Emma rolls Reaction: Good Success.

<FS3> Emma rolls Chance: Success.

"Land sharks?!" Emma will breathe out, her lips parting as she gapes in surprise. Land sharks. What she wouldn't give to see one of those. She'll turn and call out, "They have land sharks!!!" Said with a laugh as she turns back around, white knuckled grip on the boat sides as Hadrians expert maneuverings keep them upright and careening to that left fork. She'll let out a cry of excitement, enjoying this all far too much. Her guards, the experts that /they/ are in waters, have no problem following in behind them, oars finding that rock as they shout to each other instructions and vroooooooom, they're all riding on the same current, Emma's handmaiden beside herself with terror, but she's still there!

Soon the water begins to soften and slow but still remain steady in a stream like pull. The hills rise high above them and soon the edges soon to close in on them and close the distance, trapping the boats from going any further. It comes to a sudden stop. He then climbs from the boat and onto a rock that is flat that leads further along. Even though the boats stopped, the water still goes on and around a small curse. There is a two foot path that moves along the right side of the hill, large enough for them to walk and move along, "It gets tricky here so be careful." He turns and extends his arms to help her out and to the rock that is only a small step onto the small path.

Emma rises up, steady on her one foot even as the waters continue to move around them, reaching out to grab Hadrian by his elbows, hopping up and out onto the rock, bouncing a little to make room for the others with a hop to the small path. Guards and Handmaiden follow, the handmaiden quite pale but moving along as duty warrants it, helped by one of the guards as they make to move to follow along!

Hadrian helps the Lady walk by offering part of his weight and walking close to the edge for her so she stays tucked close to the rock wall edge. They move around the path and soon some to a large circlur area. The water flows to this area and down beyond the paths edge where the water is is a large whirlpool. He points to it, "We'll be there shortly. But look at that." He says to her motioning to it. Around the path as it seems to end is a small entrance to a cave.

Bounce, bounce, clinging to Hadrian the young Lady will allow her eyes to roam to the area they're in, and leading into, eyes wide, "How did you /find/ how to get here in the first place?" She'll ask, eyes widening at the whirlpool, smile wide. A glance over her shoulder as she bounces a little more, grinning broadly to the group behind them that endeavors to stick close, "What would happen if you fell into the water, Lord Hadrian? Would you get sucked down to Inouv's palace?"

Hadrian chuckles, "Actually, no, I will show you what would happen." He says and moves till they enter the cave. He reaches into his pack and pulls out a stick, long and old look as if he has had it for a long time. As they enter, the cave path is wide enough now for them to walk side by side but the angle of the path is very steep and seems to head down in a small spiral. He looks over to her and says softly, "Don't let go of me." He puts the stick on the wall and begins to move on. One arm moves to wrap around her side almost seems like he's picking her up to carry her weight but mostly to keep her from falling down. Also, it begins to grow darker as they move more into the cave.

Emma's fingers curl to hold tightly to the man, pressing in close to him as she keeps her gaze forwards to where her feet will be stepping, reflexively holding that much tighter as it gets darker as well, "I won't." All to happy to have him hold her to keep her from falling as she limps along on one foot, not so sure of herself now. Guards, maiden, all follow carefully, Emma wanting to see what would happen if one fell, but of course, not wishing to be part of the demonstration herself. But curiosity does compel her to not ask to turn back.

The cave begins to darken even more and soon it would be near impossible to see. Hadrian felt the stick guide him a little to the right and soon they are moving along a path that cuts sharply right. He turns her so with him as they move, heading on downward along a path. Weither or not the guards notice this change in direction is another as their path would end up leading them straight ahead and deeper into the cave more. Perhaps this was his plan so that he could spend time with her without others listening in to their conversation. He makes a very softly shhh noise as they move. Loud enough so only she can hear.

[OOC] Hadrian says, "again, your call on the guards noticing this change in direction."
<OOC> Emma laughs and nods her head, "Lemme roll a chance. If it fails, they follow, if it succeeds they go straight.
<FS3> Emma rolls Chance: Success.

And just like that, with the turn to the right, Emma is being led by Hadrian alone. His shhh to her making her think that perhaps there are landsharks in here, and her limping steps become even more cautious, hand even coming up over her mouth to silence any murmurings she might feel inclined to do in a moment of fear.

The guards and handmaiden will pick their way along the wall going straight, delving deeper into the cave.

Some minutes go by as they decend and soon there is a touch of light. As they grow closer to it, the light begins to shine brighter. The sound of rushing water can be heard as the mouth of it opens to reveal a small wonder of paradise. It's a large cave with water flowing from one of the wall edges and splashing down into a large pool. There is light shining brightly from the top of the roof through a hole in the top. A rainbow lights the area due to the mist of the waterfall. There is even a large flat stone surrounded by grass here. The pools edge is smooth stone and does not seem that the pool is deep. It flows from the pool in a soft stream deeper towards a wall and vanishes under the wall. "Here we are." He says and walks her over towards the flat stone so she can sit if she chooses.

It's when the light breaks fully and her eyes adjust after a moment of blinking that the view truly hits her in all it's incredibleness. Her breath catches in her throat and she will follow Hadrian blindly as she cranes her neck to get a full view of everything, a final gasp escaping her. For now she's speechless, grip loosening on Hadrian once they read the flat stone, her knees giving away beneath her as she sinks down amongst skirts, hand extending out so she can lean upon it as the other raises to her chest. She can feel the mist of the falls saturating against her skin, her hair, like tiny faeries kissing upon her flesh, eyes closing just a moment to take in the sounds of the water falling into the pool. Finally, finally, she'll turn to look over her shoulder up at Hadrian, blue-green gaze full of wonder, "/How/ …did you find this?" Her lack of groupies isn't yet notice, but she will notice soon.

He moves to sit down beside her but still leaves some space as to not make her feel uncomfortable, "In all honestly, it was an accident. I had ran away from home and did not wish to return nor did I have a desire too." He says to her and looks towards the water, "I was honestly running away from home and did not ever wish to go back. My father is not who he is infront of people." He states flatly some while watching the water. "I was just trying to get away and then I ran and ran, into the darkness I ran. Then I found this place. It became my home away from home. I use to swim here. In the winter, the water will freeze and the light shining down from it lights up the room in a way that is just beyond words." He looks over towards her, "And so now you have seen a natural waterfall."

Emma's lips part slightly as she listens to his story, looking to him as he looks to the water, brows tugging down slightly, "What made it so terrible?" She resists the urge to reach out and lay a comforting hand upon his forearm, knowing that her lady will likely hiss and pinch her as she is wont to do when Emma is perhaps too giving of her affections which is just the kindness in her and wish to comfort those in need. Instead the hand will fall to her lap, her face falling a little, "He seems such a kind man …" Breathed out, perhaps not wishing to think of Aidan as anything but, but then she has heard rumors of family strife, not one to seek out more information on such, "I'm sorry, Hadrian, but obviously a God, or a Goddess …..wished you to find this place so that you would not disappear into the darkness." Her bottom lip will lift up slightly as he turns to look at her, faint smile tugging her lips though it's a sad one, "Thank you, Lord Hadrian, for showing me your place of solitude. It's beautiful."

To her question, he does not answer, "I shall perhaps answer that another time." He says softly. He notes the way her hand moves and he would not have cared so if she had touched him. "But let us not talk of my father for it only puts me in a foul mood." His gaze moves towards the pool and then back to her. "But your words are kind and I am thankful for it." He falls quiet for a moment while watching her, admiring her being brave enough to journey with him, "But I must also apologize to you on two fronts. One for what you saw at the wedding. I ws trying to get through to Lady Brendolyn but seems she's lost as a woman. And my other apology is I intentionally knew the way here and did not alert your guards or handmaiden. I assure you that you are safe with me. But do not worry about them, they will come out of the cave behind some bushes and find a road leading them back to Lakeshire. Assumeing they don't fall from the twenty foot ledge they have to climb down to get out." He chuckles some. "But I am sure the guards will help the lady with them as well."

Emma nods her head, blushing a bit, "I'm sorry, it's not my place to ask besides, Lord Hadrian." But knowing his childhood might explain some things, "It's just .." A pause, as she nods her head then, glancing off to the water once more, gazing at that rainbow as she listens to him. There is some discomfort there then, "Lord Hadrian." She will state at first, braving words perhaps, "Lady Brendolyn is my friend. And …" Well she will clear her throat daintily, shoulders lifting up at his admission, a stricken look upon her features, turning those large eyes of hers upon his face, "I do worry for them, and I worry for myself now with the position you have put me in, Lord Hadrian." Whispered as she shifts to her knees, readying to stand up, "Why would you do such a thing." Keen hurt on her features, she had /trusted/ him despite all the warnings from people. To give him a chance on his own merit rather than the words of others, including Brendolyn.

"They will be safe. There is nothing in the cave that will harm them but my servant will be waiting to ferry them back to the town. You have my word they shall be alright. When asked, merely tell them we got lost and and sperated. All will be fine." He says softly to her as he watches her, noting her features, even though hurt, she still seemed beautiful to him. "As I put you in the mess, should anything happen, I will take responibility. You have my word on that as well. But this gives us a chance to talk freely without others listening and starting rumors. "I am sure Lady Brendolyn might have told you I'm a fiend? A monster?" He wonders some and waits to see how she's going to reply.

Emma's left hand will lift to cradle the side of her head, cool leather not comforting for her which means the hand is dipping down as she tugs off her gloves to set them in her lap, both hands now lifting up as she tries to calm her beating heart with a press of palms to her cheeks. Listening to Hadrian she will look to him again, rising up fully to her knees now, gloved falling to the flat stone with a flop as skirts rustle with her movement, "Is this not the start of a rumor sure enough?" Asked softly, her cheeks rising in color, lips pinching together a bit as she further tries to calm herself, bottom lip sucked in as her gaze drops, "In not so many words, but that had spoken to her of a mans needs and that a strong and brave woman would be needed for you who could …stave you from the draw of brothels." And a whole lot more. Of course, "That you insulted her womanhood by inferring she wished company of the same sex." He already knows what he told Brendolyn, she is merely paraphrasing now. With a wince she will try to shift her right foot from beneath her, tilting instead to rest on her left hip as she draws the leg out to carefully lift her knee up to avoid aggravating the ankle further, "I am not sure that makes you a monster, but a fiend …do you not think, Lord Hadrian, with such ..words that would compromise a womans chastity and honor?"

"That depends on the woman. I'm different. When it comes to protecting things and those that matter, I will and will gladly die for such things." He watches her shift a bit, "My words with Lady Brendolyn are the same I have with every woman. Some to run them off as to make sure there is no chance at all of a courtship with them. I may have push your Lady friend a bit to far but they were a test as well." He then shakes his head a little bit, "She did well but like I said, she's got a shell she's not willing to break from and I do not have the patient to crack it." He turns a little more to face her, proping one leg up on the stone as the other still sits, "Some things I do on purpose to piss my father off. But the bottom line is that I want a woman who can brave the waters with me and endure all the tidal waves of our society with me. What I said about the brothels is true as there is something a woman can do for a man that can keep him from the brothels without her ever having to worry about her chastity being taken. But as I said, I'm different. I view things differently then others. But to find such a woman, willing, in all that, would be the woman I chase after and keep at my side always."

"It is often the way with fine women, Lord Hadrian, that they are not simply swept up in the waves a man makes but rather fights against them most vigorously to prove she is no wilting flower." Emma will murmur, listening to him with patience, "You use brusqueness and coarseness as a means to test, Lord Hadrian, but is that not your shell you put up as well? A means to not only …raise the ire of your father, but ensure that you can continue this …facade of being this brute of a man with a chip upon his shoulder?" She accuses, turning her gaze upon him firmly, "How can you hope for a woman to fall for you, to want to be with you, to make family with you if you do not show them a side of yourself they can hope for?"
As for the issue of chastity the young woman will shake her head a little, "As I said, it is not just the manner of chastity that ..makes what you proposed difficult, but a woman's honor. What a man does before he is Husband to a woman is his own business, but to …entreat upon a woman to ..take care of needs meant for the marriage bed is asking a woman to .." Biting the inside of her cheek she'll consider her words, glancing away back to that beautiful waterfall, "Dishonor herself and her worth. You may think differently, Lord Hadrian, but you have to know that a Lady, one proper, would not readily agree to such. Are your own needs to rise above her own? It is not fair to start off the beginnings of a union with such strings.”

There was a long pause from him as he listened to her words. He turns his gaze away from her while he listened to the roar of water hitting the pool. His eyes watching the water bubble and splash about in the cave before he turns around to look back at her. "I don't know. I have never known love. My mother died when I was very young. My father…." He pauses a moment and then comes to look away from her again, trying not to show the pain in his eyes, "…never shown me love so I have never come to know it. He use to drag me in the woods so no one would hear me scream and beat me till I was black and blue. He called me weak all the time. It was his fault that my first courtship was ruined. I didn't love her but she was pretty. I didn't mind. I was to wed Princess Roslin but he sent me to the front lines which ended the courthsip and allowed my cousin from my mother side, Duke Ronin to have at her."

Emma cringes visibly as she listens to Hadrian, feeling for him, truly, her eyes welling up a little as she sniffles back, hand raising to fan her gaze as she tries not to be entirely taken in by his words. All she'd need is to start sobbing like a young child. With a press of her fingetips to her cheeks she'll keep her gaze to the waterfalls, trying to be polite, nodding her head, "T-think then." She'll murmur softly, "Of the lack of …kindness and softness that you extend to women with your brusqueness, and how the lack thereof makes them feel. Like …objects, unwanted for themselves but for your own ..male needs."
Entreating him perhaps to see what she means, woman's voice slightly husked from the tears that wish to fall, her throat tight, "It is terrible for you that you were ..not raised but forced to take such ..a coarse hand from your father." For propriety sake she doesn't reach out to touch his arm, keeping hand firm to her own flesh, but it's clear she feels for his pain, "I am sorry for the loss. My family puts a high value on kindness and love between courtships. If you truly wish Lady Brendolyn the way to curry her favor would be with sweetness. Though I am afraid it may be too late there, lest you were honest in apology and intent." Said softly as she exhales out a shaky breathe, "We all, Lord Hadrian, deserve to be loved. To know love. Not knowing it's touch …should not become an excuse to propel us forwards in cruelty and brashness. Try to ..deviate from your fathers path he set out for you. If you wish happiness. If you simply wish a union as political means to join houses and do not wish for happiness, then by all means, continue in your current manner.”

"I don't know how to be anything else but who I am. It's that very reason perhaps I should not be with anyone but the whores who's beds I seek." He states flatly and notices how her face shows her emotions, the words she spoken as they seep into his ears and feel him with certain feelings. "As for Lady Brendolyn, no. I can tell she's not it." He says softly to her and keeps his voice a little low as he talks. "The war is coming soon and I shall be in it to fight for our people and land. Many are rushing to get married as to spring up offsprings and heirs of their own. My father favors my brother who squires from a great man. I feel it shall be him who shall become heir." A light smile forms on his face, "I have spoken to much and of things I should not have but I am a blunt man and nothing will change that." He states and comes to a stand. "Let me take you back now and forget the words I have spoken. It's as it should be for my future."

"Lord Hadrian …" Emma will venture gently, "Have you not shown with such a depth of conversation today that you are not what you purport yourself in public to be? Why allow it to stand as such? Why would you embrace an image that clearly does not represent your whole, true self?" This is why Emma is open to learning of people on her own terms rather than allowing rumors, or true words from others to entirely guide her opinion. There is always something /deeper/ to a person that is not seen in public realms most oft.
However she does feel relief for her friend that Hadrian has not chosen to pursue her, that would have no doubt aroused more ire than would have been allowable and forced Emma to take her friends side entirely, "Those ..women who provide relief to men .." She can't use the word 'whore', such a terrible word, "..They are people too, Lord Hadrian. There is no shame in finding relief, even companionship in them." Everyone has a purpose, afterall. However socially acceptable.
"Perhaps your fate does not lie in becoming heir but becoming a great man in the war, Lord Hadrian. You may find your …current guise cast away to prove those who speak ill of you wrong. Mayhaps …it will be your stepping stone to finding that love in which you have never experienced." Said most firmly, her hands extending up as she reaches for him to help her up, and if he does so she will nod with gratefulness, "Please, Lord Hadrian. I will not forget the words, but instead extend to you an offer of an ear when you need it. I am young, and …prone to flights of whimsy and emotion but I am a good listener. Maybe an advice giver too much but tell me when it is so and I will quiet down instead to hear you out."

He accepts her hand and helps her come to a stand. In doing so, pulling a little to much as he pulls her smaller frame into his own perhaps accidently or maybe on purpose. The Gods may only know the answer to it. This gives the man clear sight as he stares down into her eyes. For a moment he seems to keep her close to him while letting his eyes connect with her own, staring into them and not saying anything at all. Only after a brief moment does he finally speak, "If I act as a true man should, then my father will bring any and every woman he can to me in attempts to see me married, that including women that I find….unfavorable." He means ugly. "He does not wish for my happiness at all so I wear a mask to find the woman who can see past it, strong enougg, smart enough, and bold enough to walk with me side by side in courtship." His tone soft and gentle as he speaks.

You know who else other than Kierne is a hugger? Emma. As he looks down at her she feels overwhelmed, and listening to his words which are so /sad/, and yes, shallow, but so /sad/. Her face falls a little, those lips of hers quivering before she's finding herself hugging him tightly. Even thugs need hugs. And she hugs him firmly and tightly, "Such things take time and effort, Lord Hadrian. Do not lose hope. But do not allow the mask to lead you entirely, to look behind it is what will win a woman over to you. Not the mask itself." And then she draws back, gathering herself with a self-depreciating laugh as she rubs at her teary eyes with palms, taking his elbow as she limps to his side now, nodding her head, "I'm ready to be taken back, my handmaiden is likely beside herself with worry thinking I'm dead." Or deflowered!

He lets himself show some favor of emotion as she hugs him, softly letting a chuckle out as well. "Well as I said, you would be safe with me and your words are right. But I ask that things we spoke about here remain between us." Only for a brief moment, does he seems to hug her back. And something inside him grew, something changed. This wasn't a hug from a whore who was thnanking him for his coin, this was different. Then she pulls back and he felt the empty space once again. As she takes his elbow, he slowly turns and heads over towards another wall. The wall as a bit of a mirage looking like one wall but was infact broken. Just behind part of it was a path that under you walked up to the wall, one may have never known it was there. There is light as it is cracked through the roof some and he looks over to her, "Can you swim?" He wonders a little before the path begins to climb upwards, walls close to them but the path large enough for them to walk side by side. He was happy that she was able to show him something….hope. "Our only way back is to jump…." As the path opens up, the tunnel ends and they come to a small cliff with no way down but to jump into the lake below. Off to the side was a boat waiting, tied to a rock close by, "If not, I got you." He says and looks over to her with a smile, "I apologize again for not telling you of this." He chuckles again. But from here, all of the city of Lakeshire can be seen. It was a sight beyong sights.

Limp, limp, hop, along she'll go with Hadrian, nodding her head, "Of course, Lord Hadrian, though none would believe me likely as it were." She'll tease gently, still sniffling back her tears though she's well enough of mood to still laugh softly, "Your mask is quite effective." Confused as they walk towards a wall, a look of uncertainty given to the Lord before the mirage breaks and proves to be that break, her lips parting as she 'ohs' softly, feeling silly. As to his question she will peer down, her smile faltering a moment as she turns her head to eye him. This would have been something to tell the woman.
"Another confession, Lord Hadrian, and you'll have me beating you about your head. This is the last?" Asked rather pointedly, though her blue-green gaze will light up merrily as she limpingly hops towards the edge and leaps off from the edge to the water below with a screeching laugh, hitting the water with her injured leg drawn to her chest with her knee hugged amongst skirts so her good foot can break the water. SPLASH. And up she'll come, treading the water with her hands, long blonde locks made dark by the waters, her delighted laughter rising up.
"Come quickly! I have to ready to make the ship in time! This dress will not do any longer!" Called up to the man as she strongly breast strokes to the boat, pulling up to it and pulling herself into it with some struggle, the water is weighing down all those fancy skirts of hers, but seems she's used to this sort of thing as she flops to the bottom of the boat, waving a hand at Hadrian to hurry his backside as she settles in and begins squeezing out her skirts with draws of her hands downwards on the fabric.

Hadrian laughs softly at her and could ot beleive she jumped. He was not expecting that at all. He thought he would hav eto throw her in. He then leaps off the edge like he did as a boy many times. He hits the water with a large splash and then makes for the surface. He rises and shakes his head before swimming towards the boat. After a brief swim, he pulls himself into it and comes to a slow stand. The water seems to outline his features a little more. His tunic sticking to his body to clearly define the chest under it. He then sits down and grabs the oars, "I do hope that you had a good time." He says softly to her as his eyes move to look at her own. He begins to row back towards the city where he is sure a very unrule guard and nervous handmaiden awaits them both.

Emma braces in the boat as his wake hits the boat, her laughter light as it carries out over the water, hands lifting up to wring through her hair as she very quickly averts her gaze as he stands in the boat, knowing full well what water did to clothing and outlines with men, "It had moments, Lord Hadrian, where I questioned your methods. I still do, but it was enjoyable, yes." Said as she braids her hair now, squeezing the braid down with hands, hearing him sit and glancing his way now with a faint smile, "You did not have to send my guards and maiden away to speak, Lord Hadrian. They are there for my protection and your own. You did nothing untoward that would have set them off in any manner."
Reassuringly stated, though it leads to her next request, "Next time ..they can sit away, but I would prefer them there well." A pause, Emma's lips pressing together as she glances away, "Would it inconvenience you terribly …to send a note of apology to Lady Brendolyn. It does not have to be flowery or elucidate things you do not mean, but …tame the fires wrought by your manner. She has done you a favor not speaking of your behavior to her family, she swore me to say nothing as well. I think it speaks of her character and her wish to not harm yours.”

Hadrian listens to her as he begins rowing towards the city. He offers a slight nod to her, "I shall send her a little something. But to your guards, had I not then my normal behavoir would be questioned." He says with a soft smile, "But perhaps maybe, with the right influence, I could change." He says towards her as he rows. His gaze remains on her though as he judges her reaction to his words then something of an idea hits him, "Perhaps after we both have changed clothing, you would be so kind as to join me for some food. Perhaps we can talk some more?" He wonders some as he rows a little slowly not really wishing for their time to be interuppted just yet.

"Please nothing insinuating anything else other than an apology. A nice small written note perhaps. The smallest gestures reap the largest rewards." Emma will ask, shifting slightly in her seat as he speaks, glancing to him to catch that soft smile, echoing it with one of her own, "You don't oft smile, Lord Hadrian…you should do so more. It lends a pleasing air to your countenance." Lending to the idea of his words that with the right influence change could occur.
Then a shift of her glance to take in that beautiful vista of the city beyond, her chest rising and falling with it all, this day…morning, rather, having been spectacular, "I would love a meal shared with you, though I am afraid it will have to be short. My brother Lord Kieryn and the Haraveans are leaving to continue our journey onwards." Said with a tone of apology as she looks back to him against the backdrop of the scenery beyond him, "When I'm back to Stormvale, though, I would seek you out for such again. You are pleasing to talk to, when not trying to be something else."

There comes a mild amusment from him with the sound he makes, "Well don't tell anyone yet. I still need to maintain things till well…" He will not tell her that business but chances the sentence to something else, "….till my father is married. I can only imagine that he'll be more into his new bride then worrying about me. So many wedding happening lately." He replies and continues to row. He looks ahead and sees his servant, her guards and her handmaiden. He looks back to her and offers a warm smile, "Maybe I might journey back with your group if business allows me too." He states before he seems to look over her features a little bit, but trying to act like he's not staring at her. "You are the first to say I am pleasing to talk too. And by your words, I feel foolish for ditching your guards but at the same time, it was kinda funny. At least to me." He winks in a tease.

"Perhaps with the marriage of your father to Lady Nylie she will temper his fiery ways and calm him. You'll find you don't need your mask any longer when not rising to his baiting, nor he to yours." Her smile is still there, taking his words of 'not telling anyone yet' with a mere dip of her chin and a widening of her smile, head canting to the side as she gives a wordless gesture to indicate she will think on it, teasing of course, "Spring is here, many rush as you said to seal their unions before we awaken back into war that the winter allowed us to slumber on. I like to think though that as everything has blossomed anew, love has been given a chance to do so as well." A moment of silence then, before she's breathing out soft laughter, looking to Hadrian now with a full apology clear on her features, "I'm sorry, I know men hate such musings from ladies. I am taken by the view and it inspires me to such, it was such a long winter …" Wistfully murmured, not noticing his attempt to try and not stare.
"I can not be the first, Lord Hadrian, there were plenty of folk who have spoken of you in high regard." Her tone admonishes, dancing gaze keeping to the waters and the approaching city and her people, her hand waving up to wave at them most excitedly to allow them to know she's fine! "Yes, to /you/ it was funny, you've likely earned me a harsh talking to by my father." Emma will state, not at all worried, no, his teasing has hit it's mark and she's grinning impishly, "First I kick a door and break my ankle, refuse to love my soon to be sister in law, and now I've a scoundrel like you, Lord Hadrian, taking me to dark caves and losing my guard." A shake of her head as she readies to hop out of the boat when able, "You will be the death of me." Teasing right back, "If your business allows, please do."

He seems that's she in lighter spirits about it and this pleased him overly so. He did indeed have fun today even though there may be events that come his way that get him in trouble. He doesn't care about that. As he comes to the dock, his servant rushes over and take the rop to secure the boat. "Mi'lord, they are most mispleased with you." Hadrian comes to a stand on the docks. He was not worried at all, "For what, getting lost? Surely I can't get blamed for that?" He says and then extends his arms out to help Emma from the boat. A soft smile on his face as he goes to help her our of the boat. There was something in his eyes, something that was not there before. Perhaps he was a scoudrel but it too a good woman to make the best of one. "Isn't that right Lady Emma?”

Fun days, as few as they can be, help to shutter away the darkness when it encroaches, providing a warmth of fire to carry one on through to lighter days. At least Emma would tell him so, she's like a fortune cookie of the medieval ages, "Oh, indeed, I was terrified but Lord Hadrian led us back here safely, I was so terrified for all, Helena, are you okay?" Asked with genuine concern as she reaches up for Hadrians outstretched arms, taking his with a firm grip as she pushes up on one foot, quite soaked, "/Lady Emma/, why are you soaked?" Helena will state with shock at her ladies state of being, Emma blushing, "..I fell into a large pool of water."
Jumped, "Lord Hadrian ensured I made it here back quite safely without once making an attempt on my honor. Indeed, he kept it most honorably and here I am." Pulling up into him she will allow her guards to tend to her and wrap a cloak about her shoulders as her handmaiden thanks the Lord Hadrian most fiercely, hands coming up to grab Emma's cheeks, "Oh you'll catch your death cold. We must be off at once to make you proper and warm for the ship. They will be leaving soon." As she's fussed over she'll smile with bemusement to Hadrian, greenish blue eyes sparkling with the excitement of the day made possible by him, "Lord Hadrian, I'm afraid breakfast will be out of the question, please do see if your business will allow you to travel with us?"

Hadrian seems to almost feel drawn to her as she goes along with his rouse. He offers her a bow and a smile, "It was a pleasure and an honor to see to your safety in toeh place of your guards." He says with a smile. He was a cunning fox indeed and that was something he would not let go of. It did him well on the front lines. He watches her group come to her aid and fetch her a bit, "I will check in with my Rangers and if nothing is going on or orders from my father preventing me, I can sail with you on the ship." He says softly. He did not wish to be around his family anyway save one, his cousin Fae. He says to her, "And then we can recall our scary adventure together as we sail and make light in laughter of such a funny event." His servant falls in behind him as he moves his wet form passed her. He was pleased with himself, "I shall hopefully see you in a few."

Emma doesn't want him to have any more trouble when it isn't needed! Now if he had been untoward to her then it would be a different game. But a little white lie never hurt anyone, "If not, when we are both back in Stormvale, Lord Hadrian." Emma will state cheerfully, ushered away by her servant and guards, the entire trip back in the carriage that waits one that has her being interrogated most thoroughly, Hadrians trust not betrayed by revealing the conversations, but assurances given that he didn't so much as touch a hair upon her head. Once back she will be sent into a hot bath, scrubbed, dressed and readied before getting rushed to the harbor to meet with the ship they're all sailing on and shown to her room down below.

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