Nar 17, 228: The Bigger they are the Harder they Fall

The Bigger they are the Harder they Fall
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OOC Date: July 20 2013
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Bard's Tale Tavern
The Bard's Tale Tavern is where the locals come to drink, game, talk, and generally relax. The atmosphere in the main room is crowded, smoke-filled and noisy. In the southeast corner, to the right of the main door as you enter, is a large stone fireplace; on the other side of the door, a window shows the flickering torchlight from the village street. The furniture is coarse, yet comfortable; mostly plain wood, but a few of the chairs have upholstered seats. Hardly any of it has escaped the years unscathed, though; nearly every table, chair and barstool carries nicks, dents and stains, whether from bar fights or simply clumsy customers. The wooden floorboards are regularly swept clean.
At the far end of the room is a long bar, and on the wall over it a large, hand painted sign. Behind the bar you can see a door leading to the tavern kitchen. A staircase along the west wall leads up to guest quarters where weary travellers can rest and relax.
Nar 17, 228

In the Bard's Tale sits Flynn, over at one of the tables, with a fresh mug of ale infront of him, and his feet up on a chair nearby as he lounges about this fine summer afternoon!

Even though it's early in the afternoon the tavern, as always, is a busy place, especially given recent events that have given the townsfolk so much to celebrate. Or really, an excuse to drink to excess every day without having others turn up their noses at the notion. Victoria happens to be one of these people who have determined that the best place to banter is the tavern given that those not out doing their regular farming or other tasks are in here, and that brings about the best source of new information. Dressed in light brown skirts and a dark green corset she presses through the door and pauses within it to take a look about before traipsing in further, hips gaining a light sauciness to them as she puts on her game face, broad smile on her lips, the bar headed towards and mead her drink of choice.

Next to the staircase leading upstairs is Blian the bard. Dressed in a faded red shirt with a pocket on the left side, and worn brown breeches, his lute is in his hands. As he tunes it he seems oblivious to the goings ons around him. When he feels satisfied he begins playing random chords. slowly he attempts to string them ino a proper progression as he stares into nothingness. The melody begins to take shape as he starts to humm along. Assuming he has his wits about him, the humming becomes a song of war that he makes up on the spot.

Flynn shoots a little glance at the humming bard, but otherwise remains plunked on his backside at his table. The arriving Victoria gets his attention though, and he offers out a big wave her way, "Victoria!" he calls.

And the door opens once more, this time letting a group of people enter. The group, seven men in total, is led by Baron Fallon Riverwynd, who looks around very carefully as they enter. Turning to look to his men now. "Spread out, and find that fucking troublemaker! He's supposed to be here after all." A brief pause, before he makes his way over towards the bar. Making his way there right behind Victoria, he studies the woman from where he is for a few moments, smiling and nodding a bit to himself.

See, already more information for Victoria who reaches the bar, twisting around slightly from the hip upwards to look at the voice calling her name ; Flynn is given a raise of her hand before she turns back and leans into the bar to ask for some mead, a coin filched from her top with a plucking fingertips, flicked to the bartender once she gets her mead, the joyfulness in the tavern quickly ebbing down as faces duck down into their drinks and shoulders hunch up, a few belligerent drunks in their midst, no doubt about to start trouble soon with the arrival of the Baron. Mead in hand Victoria will turn, having heard the Baron's voice and his command, her mead lifted to her lips as eyebrows raise up upon seeing the man, a greeting of sorts. A smile from behind her mug as she sidesteps to give him way to her spot at the bar, intending on mingling her way over to Flynns table.

Apparently the tune is a success! For Some folk are truly enjoying the tune he is making up as he goes. The arrival of the Baron does not go unnoticed by Blian. But he just continues the song, as a few drunkards have begun to tap their feet and smile. No doubt they have not taken notice to the new arrivals. Blian, now being done with the chorus just continues the instrumental part as he seems to camoflauge into the wall, his lute the only sign he is still there.

Flynn pauses a bit as the Baron and his men arrive in force, and he blinks a bit, though his attention soon shoots about for anyone looking rather nervous all of a sudden. He remains firmly on his backside, though his feet come off the chair so he's sitting more properly.

Nodding a bit as his men looks around, Fallon offers a smile to Victoria, studying her a bit carefully for the moment, before he turns to order himself an ale. Seems he's content to let his men do the searching for now.

Gah, mead this early in the day always hits Victoria a little badly, feeling it as a little zing in her bloodstream; she should have eaten a lot more in the morning. Now that the Baron has moved to the bar to get an ale, and she received a smile instead of something worse, she will shimmy her way through the crowd and make her way to Flynns table, coming up beside him to lightly prod him with her hip as her brows raise up and her head nudges a little towards the men searching the place. Listening to the musical accompaniment of the Bard, her amber gaze shifting towards him. She'll remain standing for now, if anything 'bad' happens it's easier to move.

Blian's attempt to blend in seemingly does not work as he hits a sour note and it takes the merriment from the tune. A few listeners notice and he loses their attention. But the Baron's men gain it. Blian gracefully ends the tune as best he can and returns his instrument to his back. Approaching the bar he orders himself some drink all the while keeping to himself as best he can, attempting to blend in with the rest of the patrons.

Flynn reaches out to pat at Victoria's leg as she hip-bumps him and he peers a little at the Nobleman lazing at the bar while his men search the room. "Wonder what they're looking for." He murmurs to the woman nearby him.

Fallon gets his ale, and takes a long swig from it, before he looks around the room, to see if his men has succeeded with carrying out his orders. Leaning back a bit in his seat, the gaze also moves to the women present, studying those every now and then.

One middle-aged fellow angrily pushes up as he's touched on his shoulder by one of the men who goes about searching, we'll call him Hedrid, as when he's pushed with the 'touch' which was more of a shove his ale knocked forwards. Twistin' round with a growl he reaches out to push back, both hands sweeping up to push the Baron's man if he can manage it away, "Bugger off y'poncin' mong, y'owe me a'nuver bloody ale." Dark brown eyes bug out as he states this firmly, a bit of spittle flecking his lips and massive beard.
Victoria looks down to Flynn, and leans over to murmur back to him, "I know exactly who they're looking for." And then a table or so away Hedrid is rising up and Victoria is swearing softly as she quickly sets down her mead on Flynns table to rush around with her hips swaying this way and that around a chair here and a patrons back there to rush up and try and tug Hedrid back, "Shit, sit down, I'll get you another bloody ale -"

The commotion is observed by Blian as he receives his ale, He shifts a bit and attempts to make his way as far from the commotion as possible. Taking a drink from his ale he begins to back away from the bar.

"You do?" Flynn asks, giving a little look towards Victoria, but then she's rushing off over to the scene of the little comotion and he's 'huh'ing just a bit, taking a pule from his drink before sitting up a little more, watching the huntress.

Fallon's attention goes to the commotion with Hedrid for a few moments, as he sips his ale once more, before one of his men comes over to the bar. "He's not here, my lord." This gets an angry glare from the nobleman, although it only takes a few moments before he nods a little. "We'll wait here for him to come, then. Because where else would he go, unless he's crawled back under the rock he came from."

Victoria pulls back Hedrid and quickly moves back to the table with Flynn and grabs up her mead, swinging it around over folks heads as she brings it back and presents it to the man, pushing down hard on his shoulder as she leans in, "Stay your bloody ass down." Murmured to him as she straightens then and moves back towards the bar, this time to the end of it, to order herself an ale now. Ale gets slapped down in front of her, the bartender stating no cost to her; you know. Affiliations. Taking the wooden mug back she'll offer a grateful nod and move on back towards Flynn, leaning in to whisper to him a moment.

Victoria whispers, "The troublemaker is the man who helped save that farmer the last time here. You know him. Looks like they're back to get revenge for his handling of them." to Flynn.

As Blian has melted into the scenery, he moves towards the table with victoria and flynn. "Friends." He says, though this is unwarranted as they barely know each other. More likely he knows no one else and feels power in numbers ;). "What is the meaning of all this?" The last sentence is whispered quietly to Victoria nad Flynn, Hedrid most likely hears as well.

Flynn gives Victoria a confused little look as she murmurs in at him, he takes a sip of his ale again, setting the mug down and murmuring back to her before his attention shifts to the arriving Blian and he shrugs, "Guess the guy up at the bar is having his soldiers look for someone."
Flynn whispers: I don't even know what you're talking about… But if I know him that's only a couple people it might be!

Fallon just remains where he is, drinking his ale a bit thoughtfully, with bit of a smile. He has all the time in the world at the moment, it would seem.

"They're looking fer th' mighty man who whupped 'em good them last time they stuck their filthy noses in dis 'ere tavern!" So says Hedrid who raises up his mug of mead to his mouth and gulps it down, liquid spilling down the rotund mans beard and onto his tunic'd belly, "Shazaaam …shinzaei. …shinzer …shin…man." He's drunk, and pushes up, "An' they ain't got nuff of them 'eads smashed in, goin' fer th'full 'perience …" Okay only half-way pushes up, man shifting forwards heavily and dropping back down into his seat; he didn't want to get up anyhow. But there's your answer, Blian.
Victoria's eyes lid partially closed as she takes in a deep breath, left hand lifting up to press thumb and forefinger to the bridge of her nose, "Hedrid - shut your lips-" "'Ey, jus' …tellin' 'bout yer man, 'Vi'toria', I 'eard 'im, yer 'is womin an' …I'm just sayin' …y' ..y' .." Whoa, mead is strong, "They want some more of 'im." Chuckling as he nods his head in towards his round belly, "Asses …" He's talking loudly enough for the entire tavern to hear right up until he chuckles out the word asses, staring at his empty mead mug while Victoria's nostrils flare and she sits a little lower in her seat, mug raised up to her lips, "Bloody idiot .."

Victoria whispers, "That Kundari fellow the other day, big big ..shirtless man." to Flynn.
Hedrid's words are heard by Blian, and most likely many more. Looking about the bard does not notice Shazaa, so, he gulps down his tankard. Instead of pulling his lute he attempts to start rhythm with his foot and launch into a popular song from Weston about a girl with blue eyes. If it works it could be assumed that most patrons join in, stomping their feet and signing along.
Flynn huhs a little then looks over towards the Baron then back towards Victoria, nodding a little and he offers another murmured word to the woman even as the bard starts to do his little song and dance number.
Flynn whispers: Oh! The savage guy, so he murdered a farmer then??? I guess that'd be a good reason for those men to be out looking for him.
Victoria whispers, "No, he saved /those/ guys looking from him from murderin' a farmer." to Flynn.
Fallon raises an eyebrow as he seems to hear something from out in the room, and gets to his feet, a bit slowly. Starting to make his way forward, he blinks a bit at the music, and moves a bit slower through the crowd, while sipping his ale now.
Caedmon arrives from the Village Square.

Indeed, the music raises up spirits, how could it now, and men and women begin singing along as they go back into their drinks; Shazaa isn't there so it helps! No one will get busted around, and so gruff and melodious voices raise, feet stamp and hands clap in time to the song. Victoria, in the midst of this, is leaning over momentarily to whisper to Flynn a moment, her head shaking, hand raising up in animation briefly as she corrects something he said.
Hedrid, for his part, tries to drunkenly sing along, his his chin is dipping in deeper towards his chest as his overly pickled body sends him off into a drunken stupor.
Having corrected Flynn Victoria will take another deep drink of her ale, nose wrinkling as she keeps amber gaze moving to keep an eye on where those guards are, and the Baron.

People joining in lends confidence to Blian's voice as he sings louder. The foot stomping gains aggression too. Not just by him, but by all involved. Spotting a slim and slender red-head he moves closer. Attempting to lean in close he begins to try and sing at her looking her in the eyes. She just may be smitten with the bards attempts.

"Huh." Flynn says at Victoria and he nose wrinkles a little too. The approaching noble catches his eyes and he gives Victoria another sidelong glance.

Making his way further into the room, Fallon looks around for a few moments. Gaze stopping on Victoria again, he shakes his head a little bit, before he looks around a bit carefully now, glancing to one of the guards.

Victoria gets a sidelong glance and she turns her gaze towards the Baron as he looks at her and then away. Wooden mug lifts up and she drinks slowly of her ale, taking the time to look over the room to the other folks in the tavern.

After a few more minutes of the crowd singing and the bard trying to woo Willow Redhead, the door opens again to admit a slender man in shabby, dull clothes. He waits while a barmaid crosses his path, bearing a tray that is heavy with dishes that she must deliver to various tables. Then he heads for the 'commoner class' part of the room. He finds a table against the back wall and stops tries to stop another barmaid, but she hurries past. He makes another attempt, and this time she pauses long enough for him to say, "Bread, cheese, and cider. No tab. I'll pay."

Flynn gives a little look over towards Victoria, "So is there any sorta bounty on this guy or something?" he wonders, fidling with his ale mug a bit before taking another moment to peer out across the inn with his added armsmen presence.

Fallon doesn't seem to have found any person he's been looking for, and so the Baron makes his way back to the bar, looking to one of the six men he brought with him. Back to the waiting game now, to find out where the person they are loooking for is.

Snorting softly in to her drink as the music provides a nice melodic din over the bar, Victoria will lean into Flynn, "Not that I know of, I think these guys are just intent on getting some skin back." Looking towards Hedric she'll set down her nearly empty mug, head buzzing, a booted foot kicking out to the mans chair to send him flopping forwards, a shocked snap done as he sits up, "'EY. Mertha, I ain't touched yer milk maidens in a full full, give off!" Snork. Snort. Snnzzzzz. A smirk will play over Victoria's lips as she hazards a move to the bar, rising out of her seat and making her way to the bar with her mug, draining the last of it's contents, edge of the bar approached and mug seat down, "Mead me." Flutter.

Shazaa comes pushing into the tavern, glancing around a moment before his eyes fall on Victoria. A grin tugs at his lips as he spots her, and quickly he moves in her direction. "Vi'toria!" He calls out to her from across the crowded tavern. As he enters and calls for the woman, the rest of the tavern falls into a hush, looking between the huge Shazan and Baron Fallon. The large burly man notices the crowd falling into a hush, and his stride slows, and after a moment… stops. He glances to a few people, then follows their gaze to Fallon and his men. His eyes narrow as he recognizes one of them. "O aro a nian oth ciadgog bon arn." He mutters under his breath, before taking a few more steps toward the bar.
Blian continues to woo the red head as he ignores the impending doom ;)

Flynn is about to say something in response to Victoria, but she's up and off to the bar, so he quiets up again and shrugs, remaining on his ass at the table. Then the savage is in the doors and he looks over towards him, then at the group of armsmen with the Baron.

Finishing up his drink, Fallon offers another smile to Victoria as she arrives at the bar, eyes studying the woman carefully for a few moments. As he hears Shazaa's greeting of the woman, he gets to his feet, turning towards the man now, a smile on his lips. "Well, well, well. How nice of you to finally join us." There's a brief look around the room, towards his guards now. "Seize him!"

Not avoiding the Barons gaze, as creepy as it is, Victoria offers him a brief smile, hand reaching out as her mug is slid to her and then Shazaa walks in and things set into motion to go to shit. A soft curse, Victoria turning her head to look towards Shazaa, brows tugging down together as she pushes away with her mead and quickly strikes through the crowd to try and make her way to Shazaa before things get crazy. Try does not always mean does, however.

The red-head seems scared as the scream of /seize him/ are shouted. Blian pulls her close though as if he is some unsung hero! Attempting to pull her towards the staircase he remains confident and sly as his hands are around her hips. If executed properly he may be the luckiest man in the tavern tonight….

The barmaid pauses briefly at the table in the back with the slender man's order. She extends her hand to receive the coin first, and after tucking it away safely, plops a small clay plate and clay cup before him. On the plate is one roll of dark bread and a cube yellow cheese. While he is reaching for his cider, the ominous hush falls over the crowd and the man looks toward the front of the room, where he sees the giant Shazaa. His eyes flick from the gargantuan to the huntress, and from the huntress to the noble. He takes one small sip and then slowly lowers the cup while he watches the trouble beginning to brew.

Shazaa raises his massive fist, turning toward the men as they approach, and like a caged bull, he strikes at one of the men with his fist as if it were a club. He sends the Riverwynd man up, off his feet, and over a table. He then turns quickly, and strikes at the other man, his fists amazingly fast for a man his size. He sends that man reeling, and turns toward the next. He is then kicked in the back of his leg, and Shazaa stumbles forward. He catches himself on one of the men, sending a knee into his gut and knocking the breath out of him. Shazaa is then kicked again by another, again in the back of the leg. He stumbles…

"Woah!" Flynn exclaims as the fighting erupts rather suddenly, though not exactly unexpected. He moves to stand up from his seat, probably just to get a better view of the scuffle.

Nodding a bit as his men works on bringing the savage down, Fallon steps forward, while still keeping out of Shazaa's range so far. As he sees Victoria trying to move into the happenings, he tries to grab her. "I don't think you should be participating there," he offers to her now.

Victoria's golden gaze shifts quickly as the woman steps forwards and manages to completely miss out on helping Shazaa before he goes stumbling forwards, her mead addled mind slowing down her reaction time considerably despite the adrenaline rush. As Shazaa stumbles the second time Victoria's jaw is clenching as she draws in a deep breath — and then decides to act - you know, like. 3 seconds after the fact. Which gives good purchase to Fallon to grapple her, which means that her sudden fueled rush is spent on him as she snaps her head back to try and catch him in the face as she decides he's as good - it was an accident, honest! As she bends her knees and raises back via natural reaction. Woman does not like being grabbed from behind, "Shit - what?" Grunted out as she then tries to twist away, dark hair flying from side to side in a snap of black raven tendrils, "Shazaa!" Called out to him loudly, her voice rising up to a crescendo at the end.

Shazaa turns with a serious, angry look on his face toward the man who kicks him in the back of the leg. But, as he turns, he spots Fallon moving to intercept Victoria, and his huge massive fist turns toward the Riverwynd Baron, his shoulders bulging and his eyes wide. "Ko nan ophas!" He swings, barely missing his targets… which causes him to stumble forward again, just as another of Fallons men kick the big man on the back of the leg. Shazaa hits his knee, just as another kicks him in the ribs…

Blian just holds the girl tightly around her hips as he stays well out of the way…with her. The girl winces and tightens into his grip as he holds her tight and looks on as the big man holds his own. Slowly he turns and eyes the staircase as he wonders what is on the next floor…

Flynn Gets up onto his tip-toes to peer a bit better at the fighting going on, grimacing a little as he watches Victoria and her 'friend' fight with the nobleman in the middle of a bar.

Managing to avoid the attack from Victoria, and then the one from Shazaa, Fallon reaches out to pat the young woman's cheek a little. "Perhaps we should talk later, hmmm? But right now, I have some business to attend to, if you don't mind." And then he moves the hand to her chest, the other hand letting go of her so he can shove her away from the little situation, before he attempts to kick Shazaa in the ribs, not quite succeeding.

Oh Fallon, so creepily smooth. Having twisted around to face the Baron she finds her cheek getting patted, amber gaze swimming before the next second sends her sprawling back into a table where a round of nearly empty glasses clutter all around and the table tips over with her falling into it, reaction time a mite bit slow. Head snaps back into the table and there's a moment where she's dazed, but the men of the tavern, specifically those she's at the table with, are oh so kind and reach down to help the Huntress out, and as she's lifted by hands beneath her underarms, a few gazes cast down the front of her tunic to her bountiful chest to eye it - she'll kick out at the baron with a grunt, aiming for the side of his knee as she uses the motion to propel herself forwards to rejoin in, this time attacking the folks attacking Shazaa.

Other patrons begin to shift to their feet so that they can watch the ensuing brawl, and the slender man's curiosity prods him from his seat as well. He slips the roll into a pouch on his belt and then leaves the table, with the cheese in one hand and his cup of cider in the other. Slowly, he moves along the perimeter of the room, angling for a better view. As before, when he seees someone crossing his path, he stops so that the person can pass. In this case, it is Blian with the redhead. He watches when the redhead screams and bolts in one direction, and Blian rolls in a desperate attempt to evade. Then a patron collides with him. His cup flies into the air, releasing an arc of cider over the onlookers. He looks at his now empty hand and mutters, "My luck to come for a quiet meal tonight."

Shazaa sees Fallon coming to kick him, and the big man rolls away, barely avoiding the kick to the ribs. One of Fallon's guards take the moment to stomp on Shazaa's hand, causing him to collapse to the floor clutching it with his other hand. He growls low, "Kunis lotar soma koloa momoa." He then rises to his knees, then to his feet. His eyes narrow on the Baron, and he swings for the man, but is clubbed in the back of the head right at the very last moment, causing his punch to veer and the big man staggers once more.

"Vic! This is just gonna be bad news!!" Flynn calls as the woman goes back in to punch and kick at people once again, grimacing a littlre more. He stays out of the fight though, for the time being.

Backing away from the incoming attack from Shazaa, Fallon gets hit by the attack to the back of his knee, and stumbles forward a bit, before he regains his balance. Looking to the savage, he then nods at his guards. "Keep him down, no matter how you do it." And then he turns towards the huntress. "Now you have done it…" he mutters, before he aims a punch for the side of her mouth. And not holding back either.

Flynn, why did you have to talk to her right then? She had turned her head to look at the man to give him a look that said 'no shit', only to twist back right into the fist of Fallon which hits her right against her cheek and mouth and sends a starfield echoing in her vision as she stumbles forwards a half-step before rocking back and dropping down to her knees before she slumps over unconscious, head knocking against the bar adding insult to injury. Victoria is an archer; melee combat? Sure, she can hold her own but you see that delicate bone structure of hers? It's susceptible to heavy hits. And he certainly put his weight into it. So there she is, laying in a pile of thin skirts and a corset which at this angle no longer carries her breasts full, mounts of flesh lobbing over to rest against each other as she lays there, large bruising already appearing on the right side of her face, lip split and bleeding.

With a growl, the big Shazan turns toward Fallon once more. Blood is trickling from his right eye after being clubbed by one of Fallon's men. Shazaa fights onward, and the punch to Victoria's face has enraged the man, his face turning red, his eyes growing dark and cold. He takes two quick steps, and his third is in a run, as he charges at Fallon. He intends on tackling the man, but instead, is clubbed again by one of Fallon's men, to the side of the head, sending Shazaa sprawling to the floor.

Nodding a bit as he sees that Victoria will not be able to attack him again for a little while, once more lucky enough to avoid getting hit by the big Shazan. Trying to kick at the man's ribs again, Fallon clearly doesn't succeed in causing pain for the other man, but there's a grimace as he steps back again, so it seems he managed to hurt someone, at least…

Victoria is on the ground. Out cold. But she's breathing! And bleeding.

With the fighting still going on, Flynn moves over to the sprawled out Victoria, crouching down and grimacing a bit as he attempts to drag her away from the skirmishers.

Shazaa rises back to his feet quickly, spitting blood at the feet of Fallon as he does. He then turns and decks the man who keeps clubbing him, sending him sprawling. Just as quickly as he hit the first man, he turns again and charges toward Fallon, attempting to spear him. He does get the Baron, taking him to the ground, before his head snaps up, crouched over him as he tosses several rather nasty punches at the man's face. He can't run now! Shazaa his him pinned, as several quick punching find the meat around Fallon's eyes and on the bridge of his nose. Brutal!

The man in shabby clothes is still not he edge, following the wall but watching the fight intently. He sees Victoria's rise and fall, and then someone stooping to check on her. His own fists clench with tension when Shazaa rises to loom over Fallon and then land punch after punch in an effort to exact barbaric vengeance.

Well, he didn't expect that. And so Fallon goes down to the ground rather hard, trying to get out of the way of the incoming punches, but without too much success. He stays conscious, though. And wondering why his guards hasn't taken down the barbarian yet…

Shazaa lands several more punches, before a rather sharp blow to the back of the head sends the big man sprawling once more. Fallon's men then surround the big man, having all wielded a club or a piece of a leg from a broken table, beating Shazaa rather viciously. He takes blow after blow after blow, his head swelling and blood squirting here and there. Women folk run, men let out groans as the hero goes down. Fallon's men hit him in the head, in the ribs, or anywhere they can get in a shot. The fight is over, and Shazaa is down. It takes ten or twelve shots to the head for him to be rendered unconscious, but finally, he is there, on the floor and unresponsive.

Flynn continues attempting to drag Victoria to safety as the fighting continues, hoping Fallon getting wailed on, and the man's guards doing their own punching on Shazaa is enough distraction that he can get Victoria up, at least a bit and try to get her outside the Tavern.

Victoria is dragged and regains consciousness somewhat, waking up more and more, her eyes rolling open as she groans in her throat, "Ow …"

Blian sees the large man being bludgeoned, it gives him a painfull look to his face as he witnesses. After getting clear he rushes forward attempting to help Flynn get the lady to safety before anger is turned upon her once again.

Getting to his feet now that he sees the big man having gone down, Fallon aims a kick for Shazaa's head. "Get him out of here," he says to his guards, before he adds, "Put him in the stocks!" That done, he starts moving over for where Victoria is being dragged away. "Stop!" Leaning down to place his face in front of hers, he says, "You should not have attacked me, girl." A brief pause, as he places two fingers under her chin to attempt tipping her head up towards him, and saying something rather quietly to her now.
Fallon whispers: You are a spirited little thing, though. I like that. I will see you later, pretty little thing.

Shazaa is dragged, in a bloody heap, quickly from the building.

Flynn is appearantly intercepted in the tavern chaos by a rather rapidly moving Fallon.

Blian, being approached by Fallon as he attempts to help Victoria tries to keep moving forward for the door, saving his own sorry ass.

Victoria's eyes blearily take in the face in front of her as the Baron comes in front of her, the Huntress held up by Blian and Flynn — too late to avoid the anger of the Baron of course, but not to late for Blian to bust his ass away to save his skin. As he leans in to whisper to her those soft words she will let out a gurgling laugh, lips licked as she curves a wide smile at the man then, amber gaze finally focusing in on the man. Her answer to him? A snaking snap forwards of her head as she growls and bites for his bottom lip to gnash her teeth into the flesh. Like a hawk snapping at a fish in the water.

There's a smile as he sees the smile, and hears that gurgling laugh. But then the woman bites his lower lips, something that Fallon did not anticipate. His reaction? Well, first, he presses his lips against the woman's very briefly, before he pulls back, aiming a slap for her cheek.

The cloaked stranger's lips tighten into a grim frown while he watches the guards heaving with all of their strength to drag the giant through the front door of the inn. Fallon's command to Flynn snaps the gray eyes from the door back to Fallon. He gazes at the man for a moment, as if fixing Fallon's appearance in his mind and mannerisms in his mind. Then he loosk at Flynn and finally Victoria. He shakes his head slightly in warning to each.

One would assume, and hope, that she was still being held up by Flynn, and if not, someone else has taken over for managing the weight of Victoria as she's popped up in front of the Baron. Head will snap to the left after the stolen kiss which was promptly followed by a slap, long locks shuffling over her face as her knees buckle a moment, her head flopping forwards, body beginning to shake as the woman begins to laugh throatily, turning her head to catch the side of her mouth on her shoulder, golden gaze lifting up, fiery. She can't see the cloaked stranger, her vision is bleary again though she can see the Barons face given how close her is, her lips licked as she tries to taste the Barons blood upon it as she smiles through a bloodied mouth. No words. None needed. But if there were, it might go along the lines of 'Nice try, bitch'.

Having succesfully gotten away before things get hairy. Blian stops by the door as the big man is drug out. Giving the man a sorrowful nod it is plain to any looking he is dissapointed in the actions going around, his most likely more than the others. But, he does not change course, he simply shrugs and tries to blend in avoiding the weather. The actions between Fallon and Victoria must go unnoticed for he has blended some feet away from the door behind taller men, seeing only their backs and the door to his side.

That reaction to what he did makes Fallon study Victoria's face a bit carefully for a few moments, while staying out of bite range. He looks as if he's about to do something now, but finally just steps away, moving to head out the door while wiping away some of the blood from his face. After all, he and his men managed to do what they came here to do this night. So out he goes.

The stranger watches Fallon's back while the man heads into the night. After taking a slow breath, he goes to where Victoria lies, and nods to the barmaid who is now pressing a rag to the huntress's face. "Mistress?" He speaks quietly but confidently. "Lie still. I will send a wagon with guards and healers for you. They will take you to the castle. Do you understand?"

Seeing no redhead and being out of danger, Blian slips out.

Victoria is quivering with anger, turned over onto her side on her elbow and forearm, long dark hair piled over her shoulder and arm, some plastered to her face due to her bloodied face. Chest rises and falls heavily though soon her eyes are closing as the cool cloth of the barmaid touches her face. Her lips will purse, a tickle of red drizzling once more as the wound is reopened on her lip and her right eye is swelling up now, deep purple black encroaching under her eye and along her cheek, "D-do I have ..a choice?" She stammers out, brain still reeling and her head swimming with color. Amber gaze will flutter open once more as she nods to the stranger, corner of her mouth pulling down in a frown, "Th-they have him." There, anger returns, her nostrils flaring, tongue bitten down on as she winces as her lip is touched down on with the cloth, and bruise gently sweep, "I understand." And so she stays there, until she's retrieved, eyes closing as another trickle of pain runs through her head.
The stranger frowns at Victoria's questions. "If you fear going to the castle, I will not force you. However, I have a question for you. Who were those men who fought?"
"Oh my toes ..why would I fear going into the castle ..if I could I'd be running after those guys." Said with a throaty groan as the woman turns over onto her back with a wince, elbows digging into the floor as she tries to sit up, "I'm fine going to the castle .." Up her head lifts and she winces - does she have whiplash? Hot damn. Turning over to her side again she'll glance at the stranger, "Which ones?" Blinking at the man as she tries to focus on his face.

"There were two, one large and very solidly built, like a tree," the stranger clarifies. "He speaks strange words when he becomes upset. I saw you with him here before tonight. The other …" He shakes his head. "I have not seen him."

"..Which other? The big mountain of a man with the tight ass-" Hey, she's still out of it and being crude is a thing with her when she's got a concussion; she could be swearing it up like a soldier, "Shazaa …surprised you have not heard his name ..everyone in this ..bloody tavern does ..after he saved that farmer from that man who took him tonight."

The stranger nods. "I don't have the luxury of coming here that often, mistress," he admits. "Shazaa. I will remember. Do you know the other's name? And do you want to go to the castle so that the healers can treat you? If you do not, I understand."
"Are you crazy, why would you give me a choice, yes, yes - sweet fanciful Sess, take me to the castle, what am I going to do, have the creatures of the forest dote upon me?" Maybe just a bit snappy due to the concussion. A little, "Ah ..the other man …I've ..never seen him before …ask the people in here though ..they should know ..I think .."

For a moment, the stranger smiles at Victoria's humor. "You can ride with me or wait for a wagon that I will send. I will be going by the gate to the main road, where the stocks are. Unless that other man had something else in mind, your … friend Shazaa will be there. I must free him and take him to the castle, too. He will need a wagon."

The man stands and pulls Victoria to her feet. He removes his cloak and drapes it over her shoulders. Then he offers his arm to her. "Walk with me." When she is ready, he leads her carefully toward the door to begin their journey.

Victoria rises up with him, unsteady on her feet though she tries to straighten her spine and square her shoulders. As the cloak is draped over her shoulders she'll take his arm and lean into him, walking with him and out.

Shazaa is unconscious in the stocks, blood dripping continiously, almost in a stream, from his chin. His head sags. He barely breaths.

Approaching while noone is around, Blian pulls a small flagon and presses it to Shazaa's lips. "Drink friend, you will need it." Weather the big man notices or drinks is up for question, either way the bard slips away into the crowd quickly after.

Shazaa remains unconscious… as lightning flashes across the sky…

A horse's hooves pound on the road, their sound barely audible against the growing storm. The horse carries two riders, one behind the other. They approach the area outside the gate where the stocks and gallows wait to exact their punishments on those found guilty of crimes. The area is lit with enough torches to ensure that no one can attempt to rescue the prisoner in the stocks. However, the flames of the torches flicker wildly, and threaten to die in the tempest. The horse slows before the stocks, and a male voice demands of the guards, "Who is your prisoner?"

Victoria's the other rider, having vomitted once over the side of the horse but she's good now! Cloak about her shoulders, hood pulled over her head as she holds on tightly to the rider in front of her, head turned as she looks towards the guards, waiting for an answer.

One of the guards steps forward, bringing a torch with him. He lifts the flickering torch so that he can see the riders' faces. At that moment, he goes pale. "Lord Chancellor!" he exclaims. The guard looks back to his comrade and then the the man hanging unconscious in the stocks.

Caedmon nods. "I'm taking this woman to the castle so that our healers can treat her wounds. Stay here with the man. A wagon with healers and guards will be here shortly. You will take him to the infirmary. In the morning, both of you will come to my office to report. Is that clear?" Both of the guards bow, and hurry to remove the giant from the stocks.

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