Nar 41, 228: The Best Day So Far

The Best Day So Far
Summary: Ruthgar becomes a Knight of the Rioga and Baron of Dellhaven.
OOC Date: 13/08/2013 (OOC)
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Throne Room, Darfield Castle
The feature of the Throne Room of Darfield Castle that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room. The Kilgour Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne.

A rug of purple softens the path across the white marble floor, swirling patterns picked out in glinting silver thread. To each side of the rug, stand tall silver vases of Stargazer Lilies and Irises, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with mingling swathes of purple and silver silk, with touches of white for smooth contrast. Set about the room, tall silver candelabras hold long purple tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks. On the balcony above, more swathes of purple and silver silk have been draped, shimmering with a scattering of silver glitter. More glitter is dusted across the marble floor, and over the soft petals of the flowers.

41st day of the month Nar, 228

Servants are still cleaning the Throne Room, struggling to have it as magnificent and impressive as it has to be for such an important ceremony. And, at all sighs, their work has been exceptional, for everything in the chamber shines with the light of the scarce and stormy sun that enters through the windows, helped with torches and candles that raise yellows and magentas from the colors, everywhere.

And the Throne, the seat from where many Kings of the past have ruled Mobrin, is now occupied by Callem Kilgour, wearing his finest royal doublet. Gray and purple, dancing and surrounding the eagle of his House that rests on his chest, down the golden crown that lays over his light hair. His gaze, darker than that, scans the room as it begins to receive the guests. A nod and a smile are set free in the Queen's direction and his arms are extended on the sides of the seat.

Tyrel is also seated on the dais, near the throne. He is also looking over the room, which is beginning to fill with various nobles and knights of the realm, along with a few foreign dignitaries from the Eastern Isles. Seated next to Tyrel is the Crown Princess, Ciarrah Kilgour. Tyrel is leaned over, murmuring something to her as he watches the various people pile into the large room.

Tyrel mutters to Ciarrah, "Ruthgar… good… serve… family… I… with such… dowry…. happy… will serve… Rioga…. seen…"

Laetitia's hair is tinted a merry pink, the Queens locks all wound up in a well coiffed bun, slender crown upon her brow as she sits regally in her seat, a faint smile upon her lips as she deigns to remain quiet for the duration of this ceremony, utterly content to watch, and offer polite nods and congratulatory smiles later on for Ruthgar, her future son in law. She seems to be in incredibly good spirits, pale green eyes warm and full of delight. She is dressed in the same colours as her husband in a beautiful gown of silk, something light and airy, long sleeves dropping down past her wrists.

Caillin rushes as close near the main line as possible together with her handmaiden Gaela. Handmaiden offers a curtsy for the royals. Young Princess does the same, but she does not concentrate her look for too long on her parents or brother. Caillin's gaze slips through all these servants and people who are gathering into the Throne room. Of course, grey gaze is the most excited to find, to see the man for whom the ceremony is arranged. Girl nips the soft fabric of her burgundy dress nervously, but wide smile dances on her lips.
She sighs and raises her hand to brush all these flaxen curls away from the bright face and a bracelet glints on her wrist. The bracelet is made of polished silver, its links shaped in the form of the silver anchor of House Ruxton. There is one of a slightly larger shape, carrying a small ruby at the point of its center where the beams join in a cross, attached to it so that it playfully hangs down from the lady's wrist. It looks like that princess never takes it off.

Logen arrives at the ceremony right on time, a polite smile on his lips as he greets those he knows. His attendant follows along with him, making sure he feeds the correct titles and names to the prince as they move through the crowd. Once he's found his place in the gathering, Logen takes to watching the proceedings with interest. It isn't everyday you watch the future husband of your sister become a Rioga, a sense of pride is felt for his future brother-in-law.

Solara wouldn't miss this for the world, so she arrives, just behind Logen and also right on time. She moves in, offering a curtsey to the royals, and then she finds her way to a seat. Her hand maid is with her, and the guards her brother insists on. Solara just finds a spot with a very good view, so she can enjoy watching.

Laine would rather be elsewhere, but alas the nature of his position means he needs to be involved. While he expects no trouble, as who would cause trouble with all the palace guards about, he figures the presense of the Watch couldn't hurt. Besides, what better way to annoy Allyn then to make him rub elbows with a room full of nobility. Upon entrance he drops to a knee to throne, helm removed and head bowing in deference. He then rises and steps off, giving nods and bows to the nobility he passes before taking up a place where he can scan the entire room. He may be Watch, but ranger skills don't just disappear.

Into the Throne Room enters… a Ruxton, although not as easily to be recognized as such any more. Gone are the Ruxton red and black. A cloak of purple bulges behind him as he moves forward with surefooted steps, and below the cloak blinks the armor he yet needs the permission to wear. Wrought onto the breastplate is the crest of House Kilgour, and only the Knights of the Rioga are allowed to wear it. By his side hangs his sword, although merely for decoration purposes for now. Pale grey eyes drift through the room, careful not to linger too long on any of the faces, before they come to rest on the King. A few feet away from the throne Ruthgar comes to a halt, offering a deep bow to both the King and the Queen - and the rest of the royal family, the Crown Prince, the other Prince and his betrothed, the Princess.

Making sure to have arrived on time, Robben's somewhere in the room too. In fact, he's making his way over towards wherever Solara found a spot with a good view. He comes to a stop as he sees his brother enter, studying Ruthgar rather carefully for the moment, expression one filled with pride for his younger sibling.

Following after the Captain, Allyn does as Laine does, kneeling to the throne and such copying the older man. He then follows along and stands at Laine's side and out of the way.

Although Caedmon is usually punctual to these things, he has good reason for tardiness, as becomes evident when he arrives, walking at a slow, measured gate with the Baroness Wenna Riverwynd holding onto his left arm. She is stressed in a simple dark gray gown and wears a veil of mourning, although it is raised at the moment to allow her to watch the scene without impairment. She has carefully braided her brown hair and cooled it on top of her head. In her free hand she is carrying an ornate cane of mahogany, decorated with silver scrollwork and a silver handle. She moves stiffly on the right side. They pause at the door, and he bows toward the throne. Then Wenna sidesteps slightly and curtseys while still holding onto Caedmon's arm. the baroness's handmaiden follows them into the room and curtseys deeply toward the throne as well. Then the chancellor leads Wenna to a trio of chairs that await them. She holds his arm until she has settled herself and leaned the cane against her left leg. Then he settles into the seat beside her to watch the ceremony. When Ruthgar makes his appearance, proudly wearing the armor that will become part of his life from this day forward, Caedmon, Wenna, and the handmaiden all bow respectfully from their seats to him.

The King offers nods of his head in welcome to all the arrivals. Special ones to his children, dignitaries, ambassadors, and another prominent figures, but never forgetting those who are not. His gaze, shining, is matched by a proud smile, casted to the Ruxton who approaches the Throne in the colors of his own House. The same man who will soon be his son in law.

"Welcome, Sir Ruthgar, of House Ruxton." he says, strong enough to make most of the chatter around to fade enough for him to proceed. "It is an honor for me, my family, and my Kingdom, to have you here with us. The Gods have guided your path, and have made today a day of celebration for all our hearts. Today the Realm will congratulate you, and you will offer your own life to us, with new challenges and responsibilities, but with the honor only few can have. Sir, please come closer and kneel."

Ruthgar's manner is composed, at least it seems so on the surface. When the King addresses him he can not help but shoot a quick glance towards his brother Robben and his sister Solara, one corner of his mouth twitching upwards in a faint smile. Although this glimpse lasts less than a second, and the King of Mobrin has his fullest attention from that moment on. Following Callem's bidding, he steps closer, his gaze lowered, to kneel before him as requested.

Solara glances at Robben as he arrives, smiling at him and moving a bit, so he can also see. She turns her attention back to Callem as he begins speaking, and then Ruthgar goes to kneel. It's an exciting moment, and Solara clasps her hands together in front of her, leaning a bit forward as she watches.

When Caillin catches the sight of her betrothed, she raises her hands, as she would like to start clapping, but princess stops her hands from letting any sound. Just smile, brighter than the sun, tells how happy and proud she is. She does not turn her look away from Ruthgar. Everyone around just vanishes from girl's gaze. She knows, that it was his whole life's dream and now he can touch it.
However, princess can't hide this worried flame, which flashes in her grey eyes, after the King utters, that Ruthgar will offer his own life to the Kingdom. But girl shakes her head, letting these flaxen curls to float in the air and she takes a deep breath, trying to keep all that joyful mood on the top, just staring at Ruthgar warmly.

Tyrel drops his gaze to Ruthgar with a grin, and a nod of his head. He leans over, muttering once more to Ciarrah, who is still seated beside him. Glancing across toward Caedmon, giving his cousin a nod, before looking back to Ruthgar, watching the cermony quietly.

Laine's attention is more on his surroundings then the ceremony. It's harder to divide your attention when you have a massive blind spot. Of course he istens to the ceremony, but he feels the need to stay on watch. Of course here, in the throne room, the charge of protecting the occupants falls more on the palace guard then the watch, but this is still Laine's city. Oh sure, the King may claim it, but Laine is the one who is charged with seeing it kept safe, so, at least to himself, he can claim the city as his.

Robben smiles in return to Solara, moving to stand next to her now. But for the moment, all of his attention is on Ruthgar. Watching as the other Ruxton son kneels before the King, his smile widens even further now.

Allyn watches the ceremony a bit curiously since he's never seen such a thing before, but that's not unexpected. He tries to do his best, as Laine does, keeping watch, though feeling a little uncomfortable with the surroundings as they are at the moment. Ah well, its what he gets for letting the captain drag him along, not that he could have really argued and if he had, the results probably would have been the same anyway, having to follow the captain's orders and all.

A sword is drawn. A sword with a gold pommel, a sword of Kings. The sword that gave him glory in battles of the past, a sword that teared blood, flesh, songs, and legends. The blade that is now held, again, by his hand, this time to give glory and honor to someone who deserves it. Not many more things bring more satisfaction to the sovereign.

The steel finds rest on Ruthgar's shoulder.

"Sir Ruthgar Ambrose of House Ruxton." Callem says in solemn voice. "I, Callem of House Kilgour, King of Mobrin, grant you the title of Knight of the Rioga. A title only the finest men in this Realm are granted. May your deeds bring only honor to your Order, to your family, to your Queen, your King, and your Kingdom. May your sword only serves the justice and protects the innocent." a moment of silence completes his sentence, but his speech is clearly not over. "And, along with it, I extend you the title of Baron and grant you, and the children after you, the lands of Dellhaven. Rule them with wisdom and with the guide of the Gods and your King." the sword moves to touch his opposite shoulder and continues the motion to point to the floor. A respectful nod is given, as well. "Now rise, Baron Ruthgar Ruxton, Knight of the Rioga. Congratulations."

Solara's breath catches and she watches, not even aware she's holding her breath. Course, now she's just standing there, pride written all over her, watching her brother! A Knight of the Rioga and a Baron now! Someone may have to remind her to breathe… which her maid does after a moment, and Solara's breath whooshes out, and then in, nearly silently.

Caedmon looks around him, bowing his head to Tyrel and Ciarrah, and then smiling. His eyes fall on Caillin, and after bowing his head he smiles with special warmth because he recognizes that glint in proud her eyes and the meaning of her gaze steadily following Ruthgar toward the dais. Robben and Solara gain a long look that is both solemn and reverent. This ceremony is part of a significant chain of events for their family. His eyes return to Ruthgar in time to see the man beginning to kneel, and Caedmon focuses on the pageantry unfolding. When it concludes, he nods firmly and calls "Hear, hear!"

Ruthgar's head stays lowered, even though his eyes move to get a look at the steel of the sword. He keeps still, time seems to stand still even, as he enjoys the moment of anticipation, only few moments before his dream will finally become reality. Then, the sword comes to rest on one of his shoulders. It this then, that the Ruxton raises his head, his pale grey eyes looking up at the King standing there before him, watching each word leave the mouth of the royal with excited fascination. When he is proclaimed a Knight of the Rioga, Ruthgar offers a reply. "I have served you before, your majesty, and I will serve you even more fervently now, to prove to you, myself, and the world that I deserve this honour you bestow upon me." His voice is gentle and firm, and even though his voice is rather low, his words can be heard in the farthest corner. To the granting of the barony he lowers his head again. "I thank you, and will do my best. Make Dellhaven prosper. And serve you with whatever the barony can provide." It is then that he follows Callem's bidding and rises, smiling finally as he lets his gaze wander over those present. It seems to linger a bit longer on Princess Caillin, and his composed demeanour is warmed by a smile.

Princess does not see that bow of her cousin. She is too much concentrated on Ruthgar. Caillin mumbles something barely heared under her nose, when the last words of the King are pronounced. She mumbles something joyful, cheerful, it may be understood from the last word, which can be read from her lips, and it's the same "Congratulations". Now her hands are clapping without a sound. There is move, but there is no sound. It may be seen in these sparkling eyes and warm lambent smile.
When Ruthgar turns to the crowd, the young girl once more, even more clearly, whispers "Congratulations" and a sunny wink follows the word.

If his sister seems to have forgotten to breathe, it's the other way around for Robben. Taking a few deep breaths as he listens, he smiles as he hears Ruthgar's words. He notices the look from Caedmon, offering a nod to the man, before his gaze focuses on the newly made Baron of Dellhaven again.

Solara's smile brightens her entire face as Ruthgar rises and speaks. She glances at Caedmon and then her own words call out, "Here, here!" There's a definite pride in her expression, the sunshine of Weston perhaps showing just a tiny bit. She lets her gaze go around the room now, until she comes to Caillin and that increases her smile, and the warmth in it. Since it seems Caillin looks to be just about ready to burst with pride in Ruthgar.

Laine straightens a fraction more as the ceremony draws to a close. He inclines his head in the direction of the new knight out of deference, a slight tug to his lips at the lingering look before his face settles back into a more guarded expression. All he can hope is that everything continues to go smoothly but he remains on guard. He has never believed in his own luck after all, and simply must hope that the luck of those in the room with him continue to carry things forward.

"I am sure you will, my future son." Callem says, rather warmly, to Ruthgar before returning to take seat on the Throne. "And now," speaking to everyone, "Let's celebrate. Don't forget to drink a cup in the name of the new Baron." his smile grows wider and his hands extend to the sides.

The drinks? Of course there are drinks. Many servants enter the chamber, offering wine, mead, and multiple different options for all the guests to delight.

Next to the Chancellor, Wenna the lady in grey leans over and murmurs into his ear. When she is done murmuring she turns her head to scan the room.

Wenna mutters to Caedmon, "… me."

Conall comes into the rather crowded Throne room, along with some servants that is running behind him. Taking in the people gathered and grinning a bit as he is able to have his hand on something to drink before drifting to the side to look over what is going on. Offering a nod of his head to anyone around. Pretty much in time with Callem's words of celebrating.

Allyn bows to the newly knighted person and like Line goes back to just watching, he does happen to shift a little bit where he stands, hopefully it's within Laine's blindspot so he doesn't notice, if he is seen he'll probably get an earful later when back out on the streets.

From all the corners of the Throne Room, many bards rush in with instruments in hand. Harps, lutes and voices rise in songs of celebration. Those are none other than the personal musicians of the Crown, always ready to offer the best performance they can.

It is done. The newly minted Knight of the Rioga and Baron of Dellhaven is too overwhelmed by the moment, and so he offers the gathering a rare gift. Starting as the usual hint of a smile, his face twists into a wide grin, as he stands there, both hands set to his sides, obviously quite comfortable in that steel armor with the purple cloak, and quite handsome as well, as a certain princess probably is convinced of. A cheer can be heard from the crowd, growing in volume in response to King Callem's words; well probably at the part about drinks and toasting. Ruthgar uses the opportunity to move over to his family, the Ruxton heir and the vice chancellor, spreading his arms slightly to the side, indicating he will gladly accept any hug in congratulations from them. "A fine day indeed." The best so far.

Robben smiles, before he takes the steps forward to give Ruthgar a solid hug. "Congratulations, brother. We're all so proud of you," he says, quietly.

Solara takes that hug, and gladly, though she kindly lets Robben go first, before she hrows herself at Ruthgar, armor and all. "Congratulations, Ruthgar!" she says, before she whispers something meant only for his ears. Though Robben might hear.

Tyrel smiles softly, as the man is Knighted, and the Prince stands as tbe ceremony ends, moving down the dais and toward Ruthgar. He slaps the new Rioga on the back with a nod of his head, reaching to shake his hand. "Congratulations, Baron Ruthgar. You have served well. I am sure you will provide for and protect my sister."

Solara mutters to Ruthgar, "… so handsome,… your princess is so… shows… her… oh… you too!"

Caillin just follows Ruthgar with her gaze, watches for a few moments, how his family congrats him. However, she already congratulated him three times. So, she does not disturb the man and his family. She mixes somewhere in the crowd, taking a glass of drink. Of course, Gaela keeps her eyes on the princess, likely she is the only one, from whose sight Caillin not vanishes.

Ruthgar just keeps smiling when he hears what Solara whispers into his ear. His gaze finds Caillin once again, and he nods affirmatively to his sister's words. "I thank you brother," the Rioga mutters to Robben. "I am glad you two could be around for this." Then he turns as he feels the slap of noone less than the Crown Prince himself on his back. Accepting the offered hand. "Young Majesty. I thank you. And I assure you I will do all I can to keep your sister safe… and happy." Pale grey eyes shift once again towards Caillin, as she vanishes in the crowd, Gaela in tow.

Allyn turns fully to Laine, "Time to head back out on rounds Captain?" still uncomfortable with the surroundings and such, then again he figures Laine is about ready to head back out as well, knowing that he's not really one for slacking off too much.

Robben smiles as he listens now. "Wouldn't have wanted to miss this for anything, Ruthgar." A brief pause as the Crown Prince makes his way over, and there's a quiet nod to the man now.

Laine nods to Allyn as things wind down. He can leave the rest to the palace guards, "Yeah, back to work. I want you pick up in the market." He turns and gives nods to those he sees and then begins heading out. Too much nobility around for his blood. All the titles might make his head explode.

Tyrel nods to Lord Robben in return, before smiling once more to Ruthgar. After giving a quick glance to Solara, the Prince turns on his heel, and moves back toward the Dais. He moves up the steps and to where Ciarrah is sitting, murmuring to her, before the two head for the royal staircase in the rear of the room.

Solara does step back, after giving her brother a proper hug. Then she beams, as Tyrel congratulates the newly minted knight and baron as well. "Your highness," she says to him, almost missing to curtsey in her happiness at the moment. "I am sure that Ruthgar will do an excellent job at whatever he takes on." Confidence and adoration for her brothers. (At least on a good day.)

Caedmon remains seated beside Wenna for a long time, watching while the other nobles cluster around Ruthgar to congratulate him. He leans to mutter something to her before straightening again, and continuing to watch.

Allyn nods to Laine and then bows respectfully to those present "The market? Alright, I will head there now then." he then wanders off perhaps to seek out some kind of trouble, since trouble probably wont find its way here.

Caedmon mutters to Wenna, "… wait… others… done with… to worry… the crowd."

Turning to look at Caedmon Wenna nods her head at what is being said to her. She lightly places a hand on his arm. Then with a thoughtful expression she softly whispers her response back to him.

Wenna mutters to Caedmon, "… that would… like trying to out… a… there… cow…"

Conall keeps to the side as people congratulate and whatnot. Letting the others go on and do so. He will offer his own if he does get the moment. Else a deep bow of respect to Ruthgar will have to do. The others leaving getting small nods and the similar.

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