8th Thedor, 229: Temple Speculation

Temple Speculation
Summary: Nylie and Eoin speculation on why hte temple might be closed, and how best to respond.
OOC Date: 08/Jan/2014
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Nylie Eoin 
Public Gardens - City of Stormvale
A broad path of crushed white stone runs in a wide circle around a fountain, ringed in turn by flowerbeds. Beyond them, the lawn continues, smooth and softly green. A row of rosebushes, in full bloom, are planted along the stone wall to the north, flanking the gate. The path branches off to the south, where it joins a shady avenue lined with lush green trees, and to the east toward a quiet grove.
8th Thedor, 229

Eoin had been intending to make use of a period of mutual free time to meet with his sister and catch up, but alas it seems that her duties have ot in the way once more and so it's he alone who heads back towards through the gardens and towards the castle. Head down against the snow it's the sound of the approaching Kilgour party that he notes first and then, upon glancing up, spots the quintet and moves aside a little to ease their passage, apparently not yet recognising exactly who it is that's out and about.

If anything, Nylie knows well how duties can eat one's siblings time up. A hand rising to tug the hood of her cloak back into place after a gust of win threatens to tug it back. Her maid coming to respond,"Yes, my Lady, if any would know, he would certainly have been informed." Nylie nods a little,"Least if the delay is to be much longer than a view days, such was my thought." A slight nod of thanks starts to go towards the figure that had moved aside on the path, but after a few blinks to clear the snowflakes that tried for her eyes a smile comes. "Lord Admiral, I do think it snows simply so our paths might cross." It does often seem they meet in the snow. In recognizing him, there is a pause to her steps, a drop of a curtsy,"Hopefully your evening did pass quickly enough," one can only hope for quick when it comes to those meetings," and your day goes well."

Eoin obviously has his mind on many other things for it takes a couple of moments for him to register the greeting. When he does though he glances back up sharply, blinks once, then bows. "Lady Nylie, apologies, I had not realised it was you." Since he's stopping to converse he shifts round so the wind is at his back, then continues, "it would appear so yes." He eyes the snowmen and asks, "I take it your evening was more productive than mine? Although I must say, I think people were still being cautious after the previous meeting, it was less painful than I had feared."

A small shake of Nylie's head occurs,"There is nothing to apologize for, my Lord. " A quiet smile and that hint of sheepishness arises with the noting of the snowmen,"It was perhaps the case. At the least, more peaceful. Jorlyn and Vytis are not very chatty fellows. " A hint of amusement as she offers up the names of the snowy pair. "I am glad to hear it was at least less painful to endure this time. Perhaps people took time with their thoughts and found some of their own answers. Or like you, simple raised the matters directly with Crown Prince Tyrel or Caedmon. "

Eoin glances to the pair as they're named, then back to Nylie. "That is possible, and one certainly had taken their thoughts to the Queen herself, who was present as well." Perhaps it had been her piercing expression that quelled any discent. "There were a few rumblings about the war, but it was at least short." Then, moving on so that said meeting does not dominate the conversation. "Have you been down into town yet this morning?" he asks, "I was wondering if there had been any news on the temple yet but have been too busy to check for myself." And hasn't thought yet to ask a serveant.

Nylie gives a nod,"That is true as well." And with those burnings so recent who wants to get on the Queen's bad side? Nylie gives a small dip of her head,"I have, I came here after finding the doors yet closed to everyone. It seemed the clergy might again be going into the streets as you spoke of yesterday, though I saw no notice or reason for why the closure. I had thought to perhaps ask Caedmon to see if he had heard anything about it. "

Eoin looks, perhaps faintly disquieted by that news, but nods slowly as it's given. "That is ill news" he answers with a slight frown, "I am starting to wonder perhaps if this might be some reaction from the Enlightened to the recent actions of Prince Tyrel." Another thoughtful pause and then he gives for want of information. "Let us pray though, that there is a more mundane reason behind this, but yes, I beleive your brother would likely know as much as anyone." Outside of the Priests and Priestesses themselves of course.

There is a slow blink, then a faint sigh from Nylie. Her cousin. It was not a thought path she had taken, but….sigh. "I would hope, and shall pray as well it is not. That it is simply something mundane. " AIn theory approaching her brother would be easier for her. But one never knows. A small smile comes,"It can not hurt to give my prayers else where for a day or so. As on travel, or for you when out at sea, we must do so. " There is some slight musing though on how backed up it shall be for confessions. But then what does she have to confess? Missing a few notes? Playing a piece in the wrong tempo? Wanting to throttle Roslin….er.

"There's a faint smile that crosses Eoin's features as the mention is made of making do while at sea and then he states simply, "if there are no priests onboard a ship, you know it is the captain who is charged with the spiritual wellbeing of the crew?" The thought seems to amuse him for a moment before he brings his thoughts back to the matter at hand, "I suspect that the Gods will not think too harshly on us for making do as we can while the temple is unavailable, whatever the reason behind it. Although, I suspect that aiding in reopenning the place may be considered highly too. Perhaps, next time i am heading down to the docks, I should find a priest and enquire of the details."

There is a look of interest from Nylie at the bit of information,"Is he? I suppose that would make sense, as I do not imagine you would oft have a priest traveling aboard. " Nylie gives a small nod,"I would think They to think more harshly if we thought not to yet offer our prayers simple because the Temple was closed. " Her hand rising to adjust the hood as the wind catches at it,"That would certainly give an answer to this all, if no one else can. I would be surprised though if this is to go much longer that some announcement is not made."

"He is," Eoin replies with a grin, "traditionally even to the point where, in dire need, he can perform a marriage. Although that has fallen out of favour on more recent years and is certainly frowned upon by most Enlightened. No, the nearest I've ever had to do to their duties is consigning the dead to the deep after a fight, and I that is certainly not a task one yearns for." He nods to her other comments, finding himself in agreement and then offers a faintly apologetic look. "I thank you for your time and the conversation Lady Nylie, but I fear I have matters that need attention elsewhere." Although thankfully inside and near a fireplace, "I hope perhaps that I might see you later though, if time allows."

Smokey eye give a little blink at the thought of marriage on a ship,"I…had not thought of it to be possiblity, or such a need to be married so." Noble marriages do occur with such fanfare. A solemn nod of her head comes,"I do not think it a task any would yearn for, but one that must be done. " A small curtsy is made as he makes to leave,"Of course, Lord Eoin, my apologies for keeping you so long. " A warm smile is given,"I would like that, if time allows. May you day go well."

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