17 Alisair, 229 E: Temper, Temper

Temper, Temper
Summary: Baron Brennart continues his instruction of Lady Nerissa, and tries to get her to lose her temper on the training field.
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17 Alisair, 229 E

Although Nerissa is of the opinion that lily-white honor will not do her any good dead, she's at least made an effort to heed the warnings about wagging tongues where her training is concerned. In the corner of the field, near a small stands, Lady Nerissa's maid sits next to a woman dressed in the rich, silvery gray cloak that is recognizable as the Horizon Lady's. The hood is pulled up against the fine drizzle that falls on the ground this afternoon, concealing the face, but a red braid has escaped down the front.
They sit with the lady's guard, watching Lord Brennart teaching a young squire, a lithe lad in leather armor and a hood pulled up to keep the rain from 'his' face. Although the rain isn't enough to turn the dust to mud, it has become slippery enough to make footing a factor as they cross wooden blades.

Brennart is using his sword in two hands as a proper bastard sword should be… and is using a bit of force behind his swings to try and make the nimble little squire on 'his' toes. He's dressed up in his training leathers and cloak is covering his stuff off by 'Nerissa' and maid and guards.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=defense Vs Nerissa=blades
< Brennart: Good Success Nerissa: Good Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=blades Vs Nerissa=defense
< Brennart: Success Nerissa: Great Success
< Net Result: Nerissa wins - Solid Victory

Why is Cordelia here? Who knows. Perhaps she heard tell her sister was going to be out here. With her own handmaiden and guard in tow, the younger Horizon makes her way over the grounds towards the area where the practicing is going on. She's quiet, gaze upon the knight and the 'squire' going through the movements, "Hello.." She says to the cloaked one, casting her gaze aside to her 'sister' before turning back to watch the practice.

The cloaked one starts to slide down to curtsy to Cordelia, but Chassidy's hand on her arm stays her, although Nerissa's maid does appropriately greet Cordelia. "Good afternoon my lady," she intones. The hood of the cloak dips, and the other maid chimes in, watching Nerissa as she works with the two wasters she holds, the shorter one in the left had at this time.
When her attack on Brennart is turned aside, the pupil slips slightly, but as the attack comes, she lunges slightly into the slide, bringing her weapons to bear together along one side of the bastard sword's blade, rather than trying to meet it head, and she pushes to the side, away from the man and blade. "Ha, missed," she jibes. "Getting slow, old man?"

Brennart chuckles and shakes his head, "No I think you're getting faster younglin…" He smirks as he goes back into the offensive but he does toss in a few different things like kicking some mud up at her as he starts the attack as a distraction.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=blades Vs Nerissa=defense-1
< Brennart: Great Success Nerissa: Good Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=defense Vs Nerissa=blades
< Brennart: Good Success Nerissa: Good Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Marginal Victory

Still grinning, Nerissa turns to face Brennart once more. The sight of something rushing at her legs makes her flinch reflexively, realizing too late that it's mud, she's already slipping with the attack comes. "Blast it," she mutters, slipping to one knee as his blade knocks her aside and then taps at her rear. Reddening at his choice of target, she takes a swipe at his legs to get back at him, but her reach isn't quite long enough, her blade slashes the air about an inch from his boots. "Beast." It's an easier move to just continue down and roll out of his reach to stand.

Brennart chuckles and hmmms, "The mud suits you… You never did look comfortable all dressed up… Not saying you don't look good that way just not comfortable." Is he trying to provoke her? Hmmmm…. Either way he's taking a defensive stance for now.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Brennart=defense
< Nerissa: Success Brennart: Great Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Brennart=defense
< Nerissa: Success Brennart: Good Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

Not in the least fazed by the mud that she'll have to clean off the armor later, or the splash that adorns her cheek, Nerissa shrugs. "I shall have to remember to roll in the mud before entering South March should I ever visit," she tells him, a false sweetness coloring her words. "Just to prove your hospitality is so considerate that I feel I can be perfectly comfortable." However, she doesn't seem comfortable actually moving in the mud, and her frustration mounts slightly as her flurry of blows is met and turned aside.

Brennart chuckles and shrugs, "It wouldn't be the first time that somebody tracked mud through the keep… Although usually it's not pretty young ladies but I suppose you'd be an exception to the rule." He moves in for an attack just to see if she's still keeping her defenses up and… yeah.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=blades Vs Nerissa=defense
< Brennart: Success Nerissa: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=blades Vs Nerissa=defense
< Brennart: Good Success Nerissa: Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Marginal Victory

"Ha…" Nerissa's response to being an exception to a rule is eloquently delivered as she sets her defenses when he advances. She manages to keep him from getting through, but she's unable to deliver any blows in return. She finds herself backing up until she ends up against the stand, having lost track of her direction as he pursued her.

Brennart chuckles as it seems to be sticking to a stand still, "You've gotten quite better, even started to control your temper it's impressive to say the least. Now if you just didn't hate all men so much could even possibly see you getting married off to some nice unsuspecting lord…" Yup still trying to goad her.

Nerissa snorts. "As if I want to get married…" she parries verbally instead of physically, her eyes shifting to figure out how she can get out of her situation. "There are six other girls in the family to be bartered off around the world, and a brother to make an advantageous match. There's no need to shackle me."

Brennart shrugs keeping himself between her and open ground, "I've got tons of siblings to make an advantageous match… For some reason it's expected that I marry at some point as well." He hmmms and decides to press the attack knowing she can't get too far without going through him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=blades Vs Nerissa=defense
< Brennart: Amazing Success Nerissa: Failure
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=defense Vs Nerissa=blades
< Brennart: Good Success Nerissa: Failure
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

"Ah, yes. Unlike you, however, the Horizon family line isn't depending on me to produce an heir," Nerissa reminds him. She sees the attack coming, but with her back against a solid obstacle, and the footing underneath not so cooperative, there isn't much that she can do.

Brennart steps in and with the power that would have been behind the blow he pulls it just shy from actually connecting and pulling his hand off from the hilt he reaches over to brush the mud off her face, "That would have been your demise right there and it's because you didn't watch your surroundings. I recommend you practice dancing when you have the time the more people the better have to get your situational awareness up. Otherwise your defenses have been excellent, better than most experienced squires I've worked with."

It's hard to say which causes Nerissa to lose her cool the most. The knowledge that he had to pull his blow because she was so ill prepared to defend, or the hand that brushes her face in a gesture that some could call familiar. Her face goes red at the liberty he takes and her eyes flash, hands raising to his chest to shove him away. She practically vibrates with an anger ready to be unleashed on the Baron.
However, even with her prediliction to hate men, she is an innately honest person, and can't argue with his assessment of her mistake, and so checks her 'swing'. His compliment of her skill mollifies slightly, so that she only pushes her way out of his proximity, rather than trying to pummel him to the ground. "Thank you, my lord," she tells him stiffly, her pride still wounded, even with the approval shown of her learning. She stalks over to the maids, and wraps her wasters in their 'disguise' before taking back her own cloak. She pauses, and remembers to give him a curtsy with a "Good day, Baron Giantslayer", before she walks away.

Brennart offers a bow to Nerissa, "Good day Lady Nerissa… And that temper was what I was trying to draw out through most of the training. You're getting better at keeping it in check. Keeping a calm head will help you keep your head. You survive I promise I'll put on my armor let you get a blunted melee sword and beat the crap out of me. Just stay alive."

There's a pause from the departing lady, and she turns to look back. "Now there is an offer that is impossible to refuse," Nerissa quips.'

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