Cri 45, 229 2E: Tales In The Garden

Tales In The Garden
Summary: Family gathers to tell tales in the garden while the newest Haravean sleep.
OOC Date: Saturday, 05/17/2014 (OOC)
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Garden - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
A garden, surrounded by stone walls, with paths in white paving stone that meander aimlessly about, benches placed here and there should one wish to sit and take in the air and the fragrance of flowers. Rose bushes and other flowers line the walks, herbs line the cracks between the paving stones, that when stepped on lend an additional pleasing fragrance to the air. A gazebo of stone and wood, with delicate arches and holders for small torches rests in one corner, containing a couple of chairs and a small table for refreshments. Small birds and other creatures are seen from time to time, fluttering about: a squirrel scampers for nuts, a bird flits down from a tree to dabble in the small pedestal basin (working also as a sundial) resting in the center of the garden. Small trees are nestled into the corner.
Cri 45, 229E

It is mildly late in the garden now. A week or so after the birth of the newest Haraveans. A little fire has been built off to the side in a safe place away from Moira’s garden and anything that would suffer from such heat. The sky is clear and its unusually warm out this spring night. Cri is slinking off now and the last of Sheats illumination is bouncing off her as the stars begin to blaze in the sky. Aldren is seated upon a bench with his wife, her legs draped over his lap as he is leaning back. With one hand on her knee and another around her waist he looks quite comfortable and content as he sits relaxingly. Aldren is dressed casually, loose fitting brown breeches and a loose white shirt hanging about him now as the little fire crackles away.
With an admiring look he stares at Moira and her greyish eyes now. A slight smile is pasted there on his face now as she takes in the sight of her for a long moment before speaking. "This is nice." He says plainly while his fingers scratch at her knee now over her dress. A sudden look comes to his face and he grins even wider. "My sister will be joining us soon. We can brush up on some old Granarian legends. I am sure we can trick her into telling us of her favorite one." He chuckles a little now and winks at the Rose.

Moira smiles, leaning her head against his shoulder, even as her eyes dart up to the window, high on the manor where a shadow walks back and forth, from one side to the other. And, if one listens, two faint cries: one quiet yet clear, the other loud and demanding. A soft chuckle, "That is your daughter telling the nurse that she wishes to be changed now. Your son is far quieter about letting his needs be known. All he does is look at one with those eye of his and he seems to get what he wants.

At this hour, the guards probably would not sound an alert when family arrive. After seeing to their horses, Wenna, Caedmon, and Lilly amble slowly through the manor and into the garden. Caedmon is dressed casually in comfortable clothes for riding, dark breeches and a loose tunic. With slow movements, Wenna walks beside him into the garden. She is dressed in a pale rose colored silk gown. Her hair has been placed in two braids that fall down to her waist. Her braids are thick and holding them together are gold clasps that Aldren would recognize as their Mom's. She is holding onto his left arm. Lily is wearing a simple dark green gown with yellow and pink flowers stitched in silk floss along the hem and the sleeves. Her hair, which is almost as long as Wenna's, is loose except for a slender gold band that circles her head. She holds onto Caedmon's right hand while they arrive. She is beaming at the thought of having been included in what she imagines as a more adult gathering than most that she attends at her age.

Moira seems to almost be asleep, but it is more just being comfortable, leaning upon her husband. Then, hearing voices, she looks up automatically starting (or trying to) swing her feet off of Aldren's legs to stand and rise to greet the guests. "Sister….Brother…and darling Lilly, it is pleasant to see you.." even as she tries to do these things.

Wenna holds on to his hand tightly. "What brother failed to tell you sweet Moira is that he is fine storyteller in his own right. We have spent many a day in our youth telling stories to each other and pretending we lived with the fae and or pirates." She smiles when she says this. "Our mother was the best teller of stories. Once we were ready for bed we would gather in her room and sit on her bed with her and she tell us tales until we started to fall asleep and then she and the servants would tuck us into bed." Her voice has a very fond tone in it when she reminiscences about their mother. "Stay where you are Moira. There is no need and you look so comfortable." She says to her. She leans over and places a quick kiss on Caedmon's cheek. "We thought that perhaps you would like some company."

Caedmon smiles when Wenna kisses his cheek and then nods to Moira. "Indeed," he agrees, "we see enough of formalities at the cattle. Being away from all of that is a welcome relief, even to Lily." He nods to the girl who grins and releases his hand. She trots across the garden toward Moira to gives her aunt a hug full of affection. Caedmon inhales the crisp air and notes, "This is a lovely night to sit in a garden and visit."

The Count grins. "Yes. He will be a demanding little bugger I would think." His own head leans against hers now and he tightens his arm around her and adds, "Though Rose is certainly as vocal as every other Granarian girl I have come across." Still smiling now he looks as the pair arrive. Since Moira's attempt was just that, attempted, she is denied! "Relax. The voice needs no curtsey from you." He says teasingly as his hand holds her leg. Though she could fight through it if she felt the need ;) "Brother, sister. I had a feeling you would be joining us." He says happily. "And yes, I am." Aldren answers to Wennas words. His pipe is pulled from a pocket now. With an outstretched foot he kicks a branch that is leaning on the fire and it flies up in the air. Catching is and certainly looking quite cool he lights the pipe and tosses it back into the fire. "Sit though." The Count insists. "Little Lilly!" He now says with his bowl hanging from his mouth. "You want yer' momma to tell you a story, right?" He grins at Wenna and is not sure how the girl refers to her but takes a crack at it anyway.

Moira returns Lilly's hug with an equal amount of affection, taking a hand to tuck a strand of hair behind one hear as he looks upon the girl. "And Miss Lilly - how fare you? Are your lessons going well? If you like, and are quiet, " you may.." glancing ad Wenna and Caed, " upstairs to look at the babies sleeping. I think they should be now - at least if Rose has finished with her demands." And indeed, there still may be a faint sound of very unladylike caterwauling from the recalcitrant second born that her nappy was not changed quite quickly enough. And, " with a knowing look in her eyes, "Perhaps, you would be kind enough to let one of the kitchen servants know that they can bring refreshments out…." Then,s he settles back against Aldren quite content and at ease even if her eyes glance from time to time to the window, a faint smile on her lips.

"I am not certain what stories I can tell." Wenna says honestly. "It has been years since I have told any. I am very rusty and I do not know if I can recall any of them. The only way I will tell one if each and everyone here tells a story of their own." She announce as she looks from her brother, to Moira, Lilly and then Caedmon. "Also Aldren is that Long leaf or is it Tobacco? If it is long leaf I have some?" She waits for Caedmon to find them their seat and to help her settle into the seat.

Lily steps back from Moira, and starts to curtsey to Aldren when she remembers the informality of the occasion. Instead, she greets, "Papa said that I could come, Uncle Aldren, because he knew that mama and you would be telling some of your stories from Greenshire," she explains. When Wenna mentioned the Fae, the girl grins and bounces on her toes. "The fae? Have you seen them?" she questions. "I wish that I had wings like the Fae!" She flaps her arms as if they were wings. When Moira makes her request, the girl nods and agrees, "I will if I can stay and hear the stories." Caedmon chuckles and leads Wenna to a bench and helps her to settle there before he sits beside her, slipping an arm around her shoulders.
"I fear that I lack the gift for telling tales, or else I should have been a bard like my sweet sister. I would love to hear some of the tales that you've shared through the years," Caedmon urges.

As Moira rests back against him Aldren relaxes too. "Sister. Quiet with that trash. WE can all tell one then. But you will go first." He grins, "Here." He holds the pipe out now marking that it is indeed not tobacco. "This will help." His hand rests back upon his wife's leg now and he says, "She is being modest." Another wink given before turning his attention to Lilly. "Of course you could come little one. Run and see the little ones and we will wait. Oh. and be a dear and when you see the servants tell them wine is needed among the refreshments." He winks and adds, "Tell them to give you some chocolates as well." To Caed now he says, "You are in for a treat. Truly. Go on Wenna. Tell us of that Jenny girl when Lilly returns and I will go next." He is smiling mischievously at her now to see if she takes the bait.

With effort she rises and to go and get the pipe from her brother. When she settles back on to the bench she sticks the pipe in her mouth and she inhales and holds the smoke in her lungs before letting it. She repeats the process three times before she relaxes against Caedmon. Her eyes are at half-mast now and they are distant with memory as she recalls the story. She cuddles against him. Then she speaks only after Lilly has left to check on the little one. "The story of Jenny Greenteeth is older than this country. For that matter Jenny is said to be one of the oldest of the fairies. There was a time she was in the fairy courts and she was considered one of the most beautiful. But jealously was her undoing. She fell in love with the queen consort. The queen found this out then banished her from court. Bitter and angry Jenny wandered until she found a place to call her own. Her domain became the hidden ponds and quiet streams. One day a young human boy as playing in the water and Jenny hearing him trespass on her domain grew angry and she pulled the young boy into her water and she killed him and then she ate him, leaving nothing for his parents to find." She pauses and takes another deep drag off the now cooling pipe. She hand the pipe to her husband. "You will need to relight it."

When Wenan returns and settles on the bench and snuggles against him, Caedmon slips his arm around her shoulders. He, too, closes his eyes and listens while she recounts the story in slow, dream-like words. When she finishes and asks him to rekindle the weed, he nods and takes the pipe in hand. He drops to one knee by the fire. While his wife continues to unravel the tale, he lights the pipe again and returns to her, offering the now smoldering. Lily returns, followed by servants bringing the refreshments, just when the tale is ending. She comes to the bench and sits beside Caedmon. He glances to her, smiles. and begins to tell his own tale. "The people of Albion say that they have two kinds of mystical creatures. Some people in Albion, especially children, claim to have seen strange creatures, the selkies, in the river and along the shoreline. The creatures look like seals, but they can have a human shape. Some say that the selkie can shed its seal skin and become human. Many families in dire straits have found rare treasure, gifts from a selkie, at the door or even in the house, left by a friendly selkie - maps that show the best places to fish, bits of silver, gold, or even small jewels. They say that weak children grow stronger and barren couples soon have children after a visit from a selkie." He looks from face to face and smiles. "People are careful to protect the seals and otters who come ashore on the coast, as well as the otters and beavers of the barony. More than one sailor claims to have seen selkies during the late watches of the night. Some say that if the strange creatures find a lost ship, they will surround it and guide it safely home. Others say that selkies will save a sinking ships' crew."

Moira waits until Lily has returned, glancing to Wenna and Caed, enjoying the pleasant weather."Wenna, I do not believe I had heard that one before. I shall have to pass that on to Sarai and Kayla (who was given some well deserved time off). And, since they are family, she takes the opportunity to kick off her slippers, and wriggle her toes in the dirt, quite like when she was a small girl. Caedmon's story is listened to with great interest, nodding along as it is told. "Perhaps Drogan feels kinship with them this is why he has such a sudden interest in the sea," tugging on Aldren's sleeve for a moment,

Then, waiting until Lilly is settled, she takes a deep breath, and in perhaps the longest speech anyone has heard from her (at one time), begins a simple story, as the firelight flickers, the pleasant sound of insects serves as a backdrop, servants quietly set out an offer refreshments and a light breezes wafts the air.

"In ages long past, in the years beyond our knowing, the Haraveans and Kerrigans were always friends,almost as brothers and partners. When the first Lord Kerrigan was called to warden a spot of land in the center of Greenshire by one of the first Lords of Haravean, he came up on a fell in the midst of a bounty of forest and streams.

Upon it were the remains of many old trees, as if a great fire had come upon the land - from perhaps a summer storm or some other cause -that he never knew. This lord, a brave and brawny man by the name of Kelwin Rinder Kerrigan, stood upon this barren spot, gazing down upon the verdant vales and streams below. Unsheathing his bow, he knocked an arrow and as the arrow flew, he declared "Here, upon this fell seemingly covered in ash, where this arrow falls I shall build a house upon which we shall serve our lords and kings. May the Gods bear witness to this and guide me and mine in our efforts."

And, so it is that where the arrow landed, Ashenfell Manor and the city that came to be called after it, was built. And, some say that where that very arrow landed a mighty apple tree later grew, one that has never failed to bear fruit in all these many years. This lord later married a woman from a family unknown to any in the vale and with her help, they husbanded the land and in time, the hills and fell that hand been ashen later grew into a verdant green hills covered in trees and wild flowers. It is from those trees and wildflowers that those in Ashenfell take the seeds we gift to newborns so that new life will bless new life." Moria's voice, soft during all of this, falls quiet and she leans against her husband. "Or, at least so the story is told in Ashenfell.

Aldren relaxes some more against his wife as she leans into him and he listens to his sister as she lays out the tale. "Ahh, I'd thought you would go with that." He says happily when she has finished and he turns to Caedmon. The words of his tale absorbed now by the crackling fire. He grins now and apparently appreciates the new bit of folklore. "They sound a tad bit more amiable than Jenny." He laughs a little now and while the Countess tugs on him and kicks her slippers off he grins as a look is flashed to her bare feet in the dirt. A little grin forms and he says, "Much better." A little lean into her is given now as her true Granarian nature is showing whilst she tells her own tale. He gains a cup from the servant and settle back now, a hand lent to his wife's thigh as she tells her tale. He smiles at the rendition and squeezes her tighter. When it is over he says. "Moira, that was near as lovely as seeing you kick off your shoes." But now it is his turn.

Sitting forward slightly but still keeping a nice grip on his wife he begins. "OF course we know of Castle slaughter. And it is called such for the bloody battle that was fought there, actually within the walls when Skingaardians attempted to raid the holdings before the city itself was raised in the fortifications shadow. But what is spoke of less is its nickname. Banshee." He lets that hang out there and looks to Lilly. "It is said that in those first days when the Lords of Greenshire were building the castle four brothers lived there together. There was Bildred, Barrick, Bryant, and Brender. Though only one was married and had heirs. The oldest of course or so the bards would have us believe. Bildred had two daughters and when the raiders came and the castle was stormed a bloody battle ensued in which Bildred and his daughters were slain. But the other brothers along with men that would be named heroes despite them having no names that are remembered were able to throw the pirates and savages back. When they took stock of the damage done it is said that Barrick fell on his own sword. Grief had taken the man as he stared at the lifeless body of his brother and his nieces. Bryant himself left and was never to be heard of again. Brinder being the youngest but only remaining stayed and ruled over the castle. He took a wife." Moira gets a smile now, "A KErrigan woman as Haraveans are want to do when lucky enough. Though he would not live to see the birth of his only child and heir. The wasting sickness taking him one night before his wife birthed. To this day one can hear the howling on lonely nights. The four brothers wailing through the castle that they barely managed to defend and all left on unfortunate terms." He looks to Lilly now. "Long sleepless nights are heard as they screa,," He cups his hands and shouts in a high pitched voice "Woooooooooooo" He continues for a moment and adds when done, "Some say they protect the castle while others yest say they only haunt it for it was never a kind place to them." Though most would know that the castle is one of the oldest in the realm and it is surely just the cracked and weatherd walls creaking with the wind…Or is it? Those who have stayed there and heard the howling have surely thought twice.

Taking the pipe back from Caedmon she takes another long pull from it and she holds it in her lungs before she exhales. She then sets it aside. Her eye are bright and as more stories are woven she then leans against Caedmon and cuddles with him. Lilly is offers a loving smile as she joins them. Her eyes close. When Caedmon is done with his tale she kisses him tenderly on the lips. "Very nice tale my love, perhaps we should find a selkie?" Another tale is told and Moira is offered a smile. "Moira, you have a silver tongue and that was a lovely tale and one I hope to hear it again." She cannot help but laugh at Aldren's tale. "Brother if you give Lilly nightmares when she stays in the castle I will be sure to point her to your room so you can chase the ghosts away." She grins. Setting aside her pipe she takes Lilly hand and offers it a gently squeeze.

Caedmon bows his head when Wenna praises his story. "It was a trifle compared to those that the three of you have given," he objects. Lily smiles and offers one of her chocolate treats to him while Aldren tells the legend of how Castle Banshee got its name. She shudders when her uncle adds that eerie sound-effect and she snuggles closer to Caedmon. "As I've heard, the selkies are gentle spirits," Caedmon answers Aldren. "We have others that live in the sea itself, who are less kindly in their dealings." A servant approaches with a tray and he reaches to take a cup of tea from it. "I'm sure that each part of the land has its own haunting," he adds with a grin to Wenna for the caution that she threw to Aldren about frightening Lily. Then he looks to Moira and nods. "I always wondered where your land found its name of 'Ashenfell.' What a fine community has risen from those ashes!"

Moira nods towards caedmon. "Well that is the tale that has been told since as I said, beyond our years of knowing. Papa said at one time, someone had scribed some things down but I do not think anyone has ever found such a thing. and, I have always wonder about Kelwin's wife. It is said she was bright and beautiful and loving and bore him many fine sons but only one daughter.

Aldren smiles and gives Lilly a little press at her tiny nose with a smile. "Tis' only tales little one." To his sister he says, "She will be fine I am sure." Back to Avis daughter he says, "You want to go hear the howling don't you." Over to Caed, =ow he says, "Nonsense. Well told and interesting as well. Though I would be interested to hear of the more aggressive creatures Albion has to offer." He sips that wine now as he hand remains on his wife's leg. "Yes. That sounds like a Kerrigan woman to me. Such is why you are so sought after." He leans at her and she gets a little peck. "Think yer' ready to bear some more sons?" He asks teasingly.

"Not yet Aldren." Wenna interjects as she has been quietly enjoying the effects of the smoke on her. Her eyes are still at half-mast , she is resting against him. Her smile she offers Lilly , her brother when they speak is warm.

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