Thedor 39, 229: Sutherland Cliff Diving

Sutherland Cliff Diving
Summary: Wedding guests gather along the southern coast of Sutherland for cliff diving, swimming, and fun on the beach.
OOC Date: 02/08/2014 (OOC)
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Sutherland Orchards
Here the coastal road that runs north and south along the eastern edge of Sutherland bends towards the west, following the water that ultimately becomes the southern border of the Duchy. Thick hardwood forest abounds here on the eastern half of Sutherland, giving way to more cultivated land in the form of fruit orchards. Miles and miles of farms cater to the exotic fruit woods in this sultry warmer climate while vineyards take advantage of the breath of the sea mixed with olive trees. Fine manor houses defended by the finest knights in Mobrin are interspersed with small villages.%r%rThis area is much reknown for winter visiting nobility with warm, clear waters, beaches and good hunting.
Thedor 39, 229.

The day is sunny and warm this far south. Not yet /hot/ but decidedly very warm for those more used to northern climates and cold weather. Here along the Southern most coastline of Sutherland it feels like late April with flowers and orchards in bloom. All along this section vineyards, manor houses, orchards, and small farm steads dot the landscape rimmed with white sand beach. Here and there stony escarps break through, proof this is not as rich and fertile ground as found in Greenshire.

Carriages and horses have gathered at one particular stretch where the beach is very nice. Several small boats are pulled up with men to man them. Several pavilions have been erected with blue banners to wave in the sea breeze. One is for wedding guests to get out of the sun and to sit at tables to take refreshment, while smaller ones are local people who have taken the occasion to bring out their various wares to sell - brightly colored locally made cloth, jewelry, hand crafted wooden goods including musical instruments, pastries, pottery, jams and dried fruits, among other things. It's a festive day at the beach. Some distance out in the clear turquoise water stands a craig of stone. The small boats will be taking the men out to the craig for them to dive from the cliffs, much to the distress of the many sea birds that nest there.

Ronan has arrive to oversee the event. The Duke is walking around speaking to various of his guests as they arrive and greeting the vendors to see that all is to his liking. Children are darting around flying kits or waving long colorful streamers, laughing and smiling. A dog lopes along with them, barking and tail wagging.

Cass, newly returned to Duke Crawford's service after a brief hiatus from his duties, is following along slightly behind Ronan, bedecked in the livery of House Crawford. Blue surcoat worn over a lighter suit of leather armor befitting the setting, the outer garment is trimmed in white and red and has a white belt worn over it at waist-level. A sword belt is worn as well, allowing for his two-handed sword to be kept close at hand while keeping it out of the way as it's not needed. He keeps a keen eye out on him and those present, guests and villagers alike, his expression friendly without being too obvious what his emotions are.

Ronan catches site of Cass and after speaking a few more words to the vendor to thank him for coming out with his wares, the Duke turns to approach his fellow Sutherland knight. Kierne and Rosley are both here, seeing to other guests, making certain there are enough chairs for everyone, blankets for the ladies to spread over the sand or to dry themselves. There is even a small pavilion for changing clothes, of course.

"Sir Cass! I hoped to speak with you. Will you be coming north after the wedding to partake in my uncle's tournament? I should like to see you fight."

Aldren is amongst the folks wandering about now. He is dressed more casually than normal and wears a smile to greet the day. With his sister about his arm they move through the crowd inspecting the wares . Seeing the Duke Aldren waves and approaches. "Your grace. We could not have hoped for lovelier weather, I daresay." The knight receives a nod now as The Count goes back to examining his surroundings.

It's been an… interesting visit so far, as Altair makes his way out to this little event at the moment. Looking between the people present, before he starts making his way over in the Duke's direction, steps a bit slow.

The day is sunny and warm this far south. Not yet /hot/ but decidedly very warm for those more used to northern climates and cold weather. Here along the Southern most coastline of Sutherland it feels like late April with flowers and orchards in bloom. All along this section vineyards, manor houses, orchards, and small farm steads dot the landscape rimmed with white sand beach. Here and there stony escarps break through, proof this is not as rich and fertile ground as found in Greenshire.

Carriages and horses have gathered at one particular stretch where the beach is very nice. Several small boats are pulled up with men to man them. Several pavilions have been erected with blue banners to wave in the sea breeze. One is for wedding guests to get out of the sun and to sit at tables to take refreshment, while smaller ones are local people who have taken the occasion to bring out their various wares to sell - brightly colored locally made cloth, jewelry, hand crafted wooden goods including musical instruments, pastries, pottery, jams and dried fruits, among other things. It's a festive day at the beach. Some distance out in the clear turquoise water stands a craig of stone. The small boats will be taking the men out to the craig for them to dive from the cliffs, much to the distress of the many sea birds that nest there.

Ronan has arrive to oversee the event. The Duke is walking around speaking to various of his guests as they arrive and greeting the vendors to see that all is to his liking. Children are darting around flying kits or waving long colorful streamers, laughing and smiling. A dog lopes along with them, barking and tail wagging.

Prince Cayden Aberdeen arrives with his usual manservant Bartrem and bodyguard/escort Sir Edrick Temple in tow, though the latter looks considerably more relaxed than he might normally. Cayden himself is quite dressed down, with a pair of loose-fitting pants and a simple white linen shirt. Not much point in dressing up when you're going swimming! Though Bartrem does bear with him a bundle of cloth that's likely more suitable for noble company. His entourage hangs back several paces as he too approaches Ronan, moving alongside Altair, and giving the Kundari a nod and a bit of a grin, "Good afternoon, Prince Altair. All is well, I hope?"

A dip of his chin is given to Ronan instead of a full on bow, the leather armor not designed to allow such motion easily. "Your Grace." There's a slight twinkle to Cass' eyes when the tourney is mentioned and he nods, causing a bit of his hair to fall against his brow despite ealier attempts to tame it. "I had already sent message to His Grace, informing him of my intention to paricipate in the sword on foot." Too bad he hasn't been schooled in the art of jousting as he would have signed up for that as well but such is not in the cards for the knight.

Noticing motion out of the corner of his eye, Cass shifts positions, moving out of the way so the others can speak to Ronan without having to talk around the Duke's guard.

Draventa is not far behind everyone, her to hand maids and guards following. She has her sketchbook in hand, although is already dressed for swimming. There's an actual bounce to the princesses step. She's excited. She doesn't approach anyone at first, instead taking a moment to look around and set her maids up. Her maids still need to braid her hair it seems, by their fussing.

Brendolyn walks alongside her brother, her hand curled in the crook of his arm, her long hair bound back in a loose braid that sways in time with her skirt. Her attire is not the typical but designed for the day at the beach with skirts a bit less full and not quite dragging the ground, sleeves fitted to the arms instead of full and draping. An overdress of heavier fabric is cinched at the empire waist with a toggle, parted enough down the front to show a dress of lighter fabric beneath. She dips a graceful curtsy and smiles as Aldren greets the Duke then nods, "Quite lovely, the day and the festivities, thank you," she says then goes back to shopping as Aldren leads her on their way.

Jarvice, unlike most of those in attendance is not here for swimming as he is here to aid his Duke in making sure things run smoothly for the others. He does get to smile and at times laugh as he watches and hear. Thouse Who do go out swimming having a great, time. Jarvice is once more dressed in his Stewards finary, helping direct things as needed or just watching, he'll greet each noble or royal properly as he runs into them, wishing them a fine and glorious day.

Ronan lays fist briefly to his heart to salute Cass and smiles, "Very good. Do not worry if you should loose your armour and weapon for if you find you must ransom them, I know you haven't much by way of funds. I will sponsor you and cover the needs of any knight of Sutherland who will compete." The Duke himself is dressed as he often is in blue doublet and matching clothes in various shades with riding boots, spurs, and arming belt with blades. His attention roams over the guests.

"Count Aldren, a pleasure to see you have arrived! I hope that you and your Household will enjoy your stay." Ronan offers his friend not a bow but a hand to greet him, "Will you be diving with us, today?" He does incline his head politely to Brendolyn, "A pleasure to see you again, my lady."

The pair of Princes do not go unnoticed. The Duke of Sutherland offers both Cayden and Altair a bow, "Welcome to Sutherland, Your Highnesses. I trust the warmer weather today is more to your liking?" And as an aside to Aldren, Ronan adds, "I'm glad the rain has let up."

Altair smiles in return to Cayden, "So far it has ben quite nice, Prince Cayden. I hope you are well today as well?" Looking around at the others, he offers a smile and a nod to Draventa, before he looks to the Duke and the others near him, offering them all polite nods and smiles now.

Aldren takes the offered hand with a grin. "WE are allready enjoying our stay thouroughly. Just last night we enjoyed a bit of carousing at the inn. I was even lucky enough to dance with a princess. Bastard or not the girl is gracefully." He inclines his head to Cayden now and not so much to Altair. Continuing he says, "Yes. I've not been swimming in some time. Not the strongest in that area but I am quite good at jumping off of things and weighing the consequences after." He is all grins now and looks to his sister. "Anything grab your atenition?" He asks.

"Your genrousity is moving, Your Grace. Thank you." The Crawford steward is nodded to just before Cass bows to the princes, as deep as the one Ronan gives them. "Your Highnesses." Straightening once he greets them, he bows to Aldren next, the gesture not as deep but every much as bit respect-filled.

Draventa sits down so her maids can start the task of braiding her locks. Her eyes stray over everyone there. She's already been warned to not go cliff jumping, it's not considered lady like here.

Jarvice nods to Cass in return as he moves thru the crowd and checks on the others while his grace is currently busy. Jarvice also makes sure enough towels were delivered from the castle for those who decide to go swimming later, be disasterous to have nobility and royals catching cold from a swim. Jarvice does make a stop by the food vendors selecting a nice pastry and a cup of mulled wine to wash it down with.

"Indeed, Your Grace. I find the climate here far more agreeable than that of Darfield so far." Cayden replies to Ronan, inclining his head towards the man and smiling brightly, before offering proper greetings to those others assembled. "You have some beautiful lands here, Duke Crawford. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to see more of Mobrin than just Stormvale." He glances over towards where Draventa is, giving her a smile and a nod as well.

Brendolyn inhales deeply of the fresh afternoon air and she smiles as she looks from one booth to the next then perks, "Oh look," she says, tugging at her brother's arm, "Look at these little pouches," she says, reaching to touch a little green silk pouch with delicate beading.

Draventa gives Cayden a smile and wave, but can't move as she's not entrapped by her maids braiding.

Altair smiles as he hears what's being said now. "It is a very nice city you have here, Your Grace," he offers to Ronan, before he adds, "And some very well behaved knights as well." Smiling as he looks to the knights escorting him, and then back to the others now.

The Count smiles as he looks over the little pouch. "Oh, that ones nice." He says with a smile. "Go ahead and pick one." Turning back over his shoulder Aldren asks, "Will you be showing us the way, Duke Crawford? Have you had sufficent time to heal?" Drav is noticed and he waves to the girl while she is sprawled out over her blanket.

Jarvice munches happily on his pastry, more so as this time he's not been asked a question or commanded to do anything while he's enjoying it. So for now Jarvice wanders the festivities and checks out who and what came out to sell wares as he slowly devours his pastry and drink his mulled wine.

Roslin arrives from the City of Trueborn.

"Not at all, Sir Cass. It is my responsibility to look out for my knights. While I may lay certain expectations at your feet for your conduct and taking a squire or two, in turn I am obligated to see that you have everything you require to perform your duties. So, fight at the tournament without fear of loss of anything more than perhaps a man's pride and you may well do very well by it, in any event."

Ronan smiles to what Prince Cayden says, "Thank you, Your Highness. I am pleased you are enjoying your stay. If you or Prince Altair need for anthing while you are here, please do not hesitate to let me or my household know." Draventa is espied over there. Ronan offers her a hint of a smile and a bow of his head. Altair draws his attention and Ronan looses his smile, "They are for your protection, Your Highness. As long as you are my guests here so that you may enjoy the festivities." Yes, the Kundari security concerns him, and it doesn't hurt to have some of his own people keeping an eye on them and where they go in any event.

Ronan smooths a hand over his abdomin, "I will not be diving, no, Count. However, these fine men over here…" he indicates the ready boatmen joking and speaking among themselves, "Will take you out to the craig to do so. I may also come and swim, though I am not quite fit enough to risk diving as yet." Not to mention Roslin might strangle him.

The day is sunny and warm this far south. Not yet /hot/ but decidedly very warm for those more used to northern climates and cold weather. Here along the Southern most coastline of Sutherland it feels like late April with flowers and orchards in bloom. All along this section vineyards, manor houses, orchards, and small farm steads dot the landscape rimmed with white sand beach. Here and there stony escarps break through, proof this is not as rich and fertile ground as found in Greenshire.

Carriages and horses have gathered at one particular stretch where the beach is very nice. Several small boats are pulled up with men to man them. Several pavilions have been erected with blue banners to wave in the sea breeze. One is for wedding guests to get out of the sun and to sit at tables to take refreshment, while smaller ones are local people who have taken the occasion to bring out their various wares to sell - brightly colored locally made cloth, jewelry, hand crafted wooden goods including musical instruments, pastries, pottery, jams and dried fruits, among other things. It's a festive day at the beach. Some distance out in the clear turquoise water stands a craig of stone. The small boats will be taking the men out to the craig for them to dive from the cliffs, much to the distress of the many sea birds that nest there.

Ronan has arrive to oversee the event. The Duke is walking around speaking to various of his guests as they arrive and greeting the vendors to see that all is to his liking. Children are darting around flying kits or waving long colorful streamers, laughing and smiling. A dog lopes along with them, barking and tail wagging.

Brendolyn nods to her brother, idly running her hand over one pouch then another, then moving to a selection of reticules. She glances up as he speaks then she smiles softly at Ronan, "I am glad you are feeling better at least, full healing is just on the horizon," she says, then turns back to the pretties and finally chooses a deep purple linen reticule with beaded fringe and a beaded design of a black rose on one side.

The smell of food is tempting and for a moment it causes Cass' attention to waver but he is steadfast in his duties and remains put despite how his stomach growls. The Duke is good distraction from his welling hunger and he's quick to nod in understanding. "You stil have my thanks." That is left at that, the knight not wanting to seem argumentative. When the others mention his injuries he frowns, still displeased with how he was away and not there to try and protect Ronan.

"Ahh, yes, I'd heard something of a boar hunt? Glad to see it wasn't -too- serious." Cayden notes to Ronan, "But thank you for your hospitality, Duke Crawford." He smiles to the man, then glances to Altair and cocks his head towards the waiting boatmen, "Shall we, Prince Altair?"

Aldren pays the vendor now so that his little sister can have her pretty little pouch. When the foreigners speak of going over to the boats he surmises that he will have to tide along with them so he just shrugs and puts on his happy face. "Well. Now is as good a time as any." He says to the men before making his way over to the boat and magically changing to the proper attire somehow on the way, most likely stopping somewhere to do so. He shys away from the topic of hunting, still feeling a bit guilty for the run in with the dire boar they had while he was off with Bre skinning a buck.

Ah, the warmth. It's almost too much pleasantness to bear. But bear it they must! Roslin approaches the group from a bit further away where horses are being wrangled and servants wait for their masters and mistresses to complete their days. She is a little late, but fashionably so, and after all she is still a Kilgour and a Princess besides, so one cannot quite expect her to be the first to everything. She looks, however, like neither. Away from court, the Princess dresses more comfortably, more casually. Gone are the heavy velvets of winter, replaced instead with a comfortable (yet still impeccably fine) blue dress, with a ruffled neckline and sleeves that puff at the shoulders and cinch at the elbows, with a but of ruffling left to hang halfway down her forarm and sway in the breeze. The underskirt is a darker blue, almost a navy. She wears a silver eight-pointed star around her throat. But her hair is the most remarkable. Instead of tightly bound in a crown of red braids, it has been left down in a bright cascade, falling halfway down her back. It is held out of her face by a double-strand of pearls wrapped around her head. She moves arm-in-arm with the Lady Elisabeth, and two maids follow carrying baskets. Both the Princess and the Lady are laughing, talking animatedly. When they finally approach, she stops to gaze over the group. "Oh my," she says, gaily. "We've had so many new arrivals! So many dear friends." She speaks warmly to Cayden first, moving to offer him her hands in a gesture of friendship, and even kiss his cheek if he'll allow. But already her eyes are moving to Prince Altair, who should be greeted next based on his station. "Don't let me keep you, but we'll talk this evening," She promises. Amidst it all, she manages to gaze at Ronan but once. But oh, the smile she gives him!

Altair nods a bit to Ronan's words, offering the man a brief smile. "I know, and I appreciate it, Your Grace." A brief pause as he nods a bit at Cayden's words, "Sounds like a good idea." Looking over towards Aldren for a few moments, he offers the Count a nod and a smile now. At Roslin's entrance, he turns to offer her a smile and a bow. "Princess Roslin. I hope you are well today?" he asks her, before he nods to Cayden again. "To the boats, then?"

"Indeed," Ronan replies to Cayden, "And another boar hunt we shall soon have, here in Sutherland. Mayhap the Gods will see fit to make it as exciting, but in a less harmful manner." One can hope. A glance to check that Rosley is greeting those who enter the refreshment tent and seeing to their needs, and Kierne is on top of doing the rounds to check the guards and knights who are keeping watch over things - and pausing to consult with Sir Jarvice over there, the Duke returns his attention to his immediate guests. "If you are ready, we can go on out to the craig and see what we may find. No doubt the ladies will enjoy it if we gather bird eggs and bring them back as small gifts. I'm told they are a multitude of painted hues and make very fine soup."

There are a pair of small pavilions set aside for men and women to change clothes, so Aldren need not streak naked over the beach. Lucky us! The Duke turns to accompany them towards the boats when Ronan sees Roslin … wearing blue. He stops in his tracks to watch her and then she beams a smile at him! Like a man struck dumb, he only stands there for a few breaths and smiles back to her before he remembers himself. He bows, "Your Highness, welcome. So pleased you and your ladies could join us."

What sane man would refuse a kiss on the cheek from a Princess? Certainly not Cayden! He gives Roslin's hands a brief, affectionate squeeze and smiles brightly to her after adding a brief peck on her cheek as well, adding, "These lands are lovely, Your Highness. I hope you will find all due prosperity and happiness here." He looks to Ronan after releasing Roslin's hands, nodding, "Well, we'll see. Not a terribly skilled hunter myself, but I may ride along. When Altair makes his invitation, Cayden nods towards him and starts in that direction, presumably along with Aldren and Altair. And whoever else might come along, of course.

Brendolyn smiles at Aldren as he pulls away to go with the men to the craig though the forelorn look in her eyes would indicate, she wishes she was going too. Instead, she clasps her hands and looks down at her reticule then looks to the horizon and reaches to tuck back a strand of her long hair, ever rebelliously whipping free of its confines. She turns to look around then spies a pavillion and strides to it, disappearing inside for a time before exiting sans the overdress. The dress beneath is made for a day in the sun, as much as any lady's dress is made for that, eat least in mixed company. It's modest but less layered, more sleek than floofy. Her maid follows along.

Roslin releases Cayden after a moment, nodding happily to him. And then … oh, Prince Altair. For him, not so much an affectionate kiss as a warm smile and a low, respectful curtsy. "Your Highness. I am so pleased to see you here. It's been a terribly long time, and you look so well. I hope things went well for your journey back home. Is your sister with you? I should very much like to see her." Despite … awkwardness. She curtsies once more, allowing the man to answer briefly if he will and then go his own way. Ronan, for his part, gets another quick glance and the smile changes from warm into playful and pleased, but she managed to roll that back a bit.

Draventa's maids finally finish and she'll stand, huffing slightly. She's trying to not be annoyed, but there's water to be swam in! She'll straighter her swimming dress and walk toward Roslin. SHe leaves her sketchbook with the maids for now.

Jarvice watches as most if not all the nobles and royals of male decent head off to go swimming as Jarvice continues to explore the festivites and watch from a safe distance. He cant help but notice princess Roslin and will be happy to greet her as his dutchess when the time comes but for now she's having fun socializing and thats what counts.

It is time for the Crawford knight to fade into the background, this being something Cass does not need to be in the middle of as socializing with nobility and royalty discomforts him at times. And yes, this is one of those times thanks to the sheer number of such people present. Leaning in a little closer to Ronan, he says quietly, "I am going to go on patrol, make sure no one is trying to sneak about or be somewhere they shouldn't be, Your Grace." All present are bowed to before he goes to do exactly as he told Ronan he would.

Kierne and a number of Sutherland knights will remain here to keep watch over the noblewomen to keep everything safe. Not that this is an unsafe area. The young Kincaid looks pretty happy, soaking up some sun even if he's wearing his armour and doing official squire duties today. He stops periodically to speak with various people as he keeps watch.

Altair smiles, "She is here as well, Your Highness. And so far, our travels have been good, although I am starting to discover that travelling by ship and me will never be the best of friends." Another brief pause, before he adds, "Thank you." Moving with the others to the boats now.

With the noblem men making for the sea to go swimming, Jarvice makes his rounds and nods to both ladies and princess's a like and as he encounters Princess Roslin and lady Elisabethe he bows, while smileing. "Princess Rolin, Lady Elisabethe I do hope your enjoying the day so far. " as Jarvice looks around. "would you be interested in trying some of the pastries or various drinks while the men, have their fun..?"

Ronan gives Sir Cass a nod and as the male guests look to be about ready, he likewise slips into the pavilion to change. When he returns he's wearing a loose, sleeveless tunic with loose fitting pants and is bare of feet. He's snagged Rosley to take care of his things and without loitering to interact with the women further in his rather causual attire, the Duke heads on to the boats to help the rower push it out into the water. A brief push of muscles is proof his abdominal injuries are healing well and then with only a faint wince, he hops up into the boat with half wet pant legs.

As the others are ready to board, the boats are shoved off. The rowers begin their work to take the men out to the craig. It's about half a mile. Close enough the women can see them when they dive but not so close as to be indecent if any of the men wish to shuck off their clothes entirely. After all, there is warm sun, wheeling sea guls, rock to climb and eggs to steal! And each of the rowers have a nice cashe of wineskins and cups to share around.

Once the boats reach the craig they tie up to old iron spikes beaten into the stone. There are thin trails and hand holds worn from generations of boys and men using the craig. Up and up it rises easily 70 feet or more, though there are shelves of rock at various lower heights. Ronan gets out and starts to climb carefully. He looks back over his shoulder, "All around is deep enough water and clear of stones you might strike. Nonetheless, for those not accustomed to diving, I suggest start at the lower ledges. If you strike finger-tips first, as straight as an arrow, you are less likely to come to injury."

Roslin nods respectfully once more as the men turn to go, and turns - almost walking right into poor Draventa, who has stepped up behind her. "Oh! Good afternoon my dear. You're all dressed I see." She looks around. "Forgive me, I'm holding everything up." She smiles, fondly, at the ladies around. And then Jarvice is there. "Hmm? Oh no thank you, Sir Jarvice, I think I've held the ladies up from their own swim for quite long enough. Elisabeth, where's my? Oh, thank you. I'll just be a moment. Elisabeth, help me with this, won't you?" The two girls step into the pavillion. They'll emerge a minute or two later in their own swim dresses. Rosln's is a light peach in color, a fine and sturdy linen that will hopefully keep from being too see-through when wet. She's removed her jewlery, and her own feet are bare. Her ankles and calves are pale, rarely seeing the sun, as are her arms, which are more exposed in the cap sleeves. She grins, looking around at the other women to see their state of readiness.

Aldren was making off allready it seems so he did not see his cousin nor little princess spoily brat as they arrived. Shuffling off he too dons less formal attire in the form of some cut off breeches, well worn it seems. He helps with the pushing of another boat and hops in. when they reach he hops out into the waist length water. A quick survey and he sees the holds that he uses to begin his journey up, paying little attention to Ronan since he may have done this a time or to. He starts low though, twenty feet or so. A running start and he catapaults himself through the air attempting to flip backwards and hopefully land in the cannonball posistion.

The flip is executed with a success! Damn he looks cool.

Draventa grins and nods, stepping back to allow Ros to get ready. the quicker they get ready, the sooner she can get in the water! She'll humm softly to herself as she waits.

Brendolyn looks to Roslin then curtsies, her own bare toes sinking into the sand a little as she rises. She smiles at Draventa, "Happy afternoon to you," she says. "I am Brendolyn Haravaen," she offers in introduction. Her own skin is not so fair as some might expect, but more sun warmed, which seems a compliment to her more toned physique.

Jarvice bows as he spots Draventa and says. "Hello princess. I hope you enjoy your time in the water. " as he spots Princess roslin when she exits the pavillion having changed and Offers her another bow. " the men wont know what to do should they see such beauty Hiness, might very well flounder." as he grins softly.

Altair smiles as he hears what's being said, getting out of the boat to climb up along with one of those lowest ledges for now. After all, good to start there, right?

Roslin looks around at the ladies, smiling to Jarvice. "I should hope not, Sir Jarvice. I think perhaps there are some things that are better left for the men and the women to do seperately." She looks to Bendolyn, and smiles. And then Draventa. And then? She's off like a shot, grabbing for Draventa's hand. If she can grab it and the other Princess doesn't turn away, she'll find herself attached to a Roslin Kilgour in full sprint, skirts kicking wildly around her knees, hair shaking free as she runs right for the water lapping along the beach. She'll release Draventa just before the surf, and then a loud shriek will go up that echoes around - just before she twists to the right and throws herself longways into the water without another thought.

Sometimes it's easy to forget the girl is only 16.

Cayden pauses at the bottom of the cliffs to strip off his linen shirt and sandals, leaving only a pair of breeches on. Being rather well-accustomed to diving, Cayden climbs up to a bit higher cliff, perhaps about 30 feet up. He's not trying anything fancy or unusual, just a simple but reasonably graceful swan dive off the cliff, and then knifing into the water below. He surfaces a few moments later, laughing a bit before swimming back towards the shore. "Almost starting to feel like home."

Draventa smiles to Brendolyn, "Hello. I'm Pricess Draventa Moniwid of Rustle Isle." Her accent is apparent. The frail princess is all smiles today, "Are you excited to go swimming?" She look up at Jarvice, "oh! Hello Sir Jarvice. Thank you." At the hand grab, Drav laughs out loud and will follow Ros. She's not as fast as the other, but she tries to keep up. She doesn't yell at the surf, although that might be from lack of breath. She does fall into the water though with a comfortableness that comes from growing up in such an environment.

Brendolyn glances up to Jarvice then inclines her head to him, "Good afternoon, sir," she says then as the other two women race for the water's edge she lifts a hand to shield her eyes and looks toward the cliffs. She begins a walk towar the surf, kicking up a bit of sand on purpose as she walks, arms swinging freely beside her. Her maid waits back near the pavillion, looking on, at least approving thus far of the youngest Haravaen's behavior.

Jarvice watches the trio head for the waters edge at a run and first grins and then chuckles at the shrieks and way they enjoy the water while the men are further out and diving off the craig cliff. Jarvice will make sure the guards aroudn the pavillion cover every angle, just to make sure the valuable are well secure as Jarvice move on to mingle with those whoare still around.

Ronan sits on a sun warmed rock and strips off his own tunic to toss aside. He rolls up his pant legs and watches the beach, half a mile away. Too far to make out fine details but he sees a red haired woman that could easily be Roslin streak happily into the surf in a peach colored gown and throw herself into the water. Thinking it /might/ be her, he smiles. Who knows?

After that pause, the Duke starts to climb up the stone face using care. Ronan's skin is sun tanned enough to suggest that when he's in Sutherland, there is likely lots of sparring on the beach, complimenting his dark hair and eyes. Fresh deep purplish pink scars mar his abdomin but not a great deal for his armour had protected him. An older years fades scar mars his left ribs where a sword or axe had gotten him. He pause to watch Aldren dive and laughs, "Man's crazy, Gods bless." Right behind him one of the rowers climbs behind Ronan with a wine skin, "If you find eggs, Your Grace, hand them down to me and I'll put them safely into this satchel." Ronan nods and starts to climb higher.

Birds of several kinds shriek and fly overhead, angry at the climbers and divers. Their nests, their nests!

Roslin may possibly be spottable even by the men across the way - she rises out of the water, her hair blood red from the water. Another cry goes up - this one not as loud, and more of a laugh. She stands, then, the water coming up just to her waist. The wet swimdress hanging from her form is a little ridiculous - it clings in some places and hangs heavily in others. "My Lady!" She calls to Brendolyn, who has not yet gone a little wild - and really, she's known as the wild one! "Come in!" She cries, with a laugh again, motioning with a hand sweeping over her body and head to gesture for the girl to come into the water. She looks over at Draventa. "Is it at all like you remember at home, or similar enough to be pleasant, Your Highness?"

Where Cayden slips into the water with a gracceful ease the Haravean sends a splash up into the air. Surfacing very shortly after. "AHH!" He shouts while treading water, "That stung!" He says to no one in particular. He will lay about now, a back stoke used while he floats to get near one of the boats. Hanging his arms over while still in the water he says to the rower. "What is that? Red?" He motions for it with a 'gimme' motion and drinks deeply from it.

This is Drav's first time in the water since Sess. And she can move! She can kick and isn't being dragged back and forth by the current or her brothers! When Roslin asks her if this is pleasant, she has to turn, Drav's much further out, treading water already. Drav laughs, "Yes!" Even her voice seems stronger, "it's //wonderful! Can you feel the sea? She's happy today!" Whatever that means, but the Moniwid princess is pleased with it.

Having gotten to his ledge, Altair takes a few moments to get himself ready, before he pushes forward, to jump off the ledge, and he manages to slide into the water, perhaps not as gracefully as those born by the sea, but nothing dangerous. Resurfacing a few feet away, he smiles as he shakes his head a bit. "Not bad, not bad…" he says, mostly to himself.

Brendolyn smiles at Roslin and then steps into the water, her turquoise bathing dress deepening in color as the water climbs up the fabric the deeper she goes. She grins at the other ladies and then sinks to her chin and pushes upward only to arc and disappear beneath the water for a time, resurfacing a little further from shore. "Looks like the men are enjoying the dives, or at least surviving.." she says.

After gathering and handing down a few bird's eggs on his way up, Ronan stops at the top of the craig. There he takes up a position to sit in the sun and rest, watching the others diving. His abdomin aches from the climb and hurts more than he would care to admit, so no swimming for him quite yet. The Rioga has a good view of the beach they'd left, the birds reeling overhead, the other men climbing, swimming or diving, children playing or hunting for sea shells and clams. The pavilions striped in blue and white are brilliant in the sunlight. It is a good day.

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Roslin turns to watch the form of a dark man fall. Is he dark? She can't tell. But he appeared to have dark hair. It better not be Ronan. She is distracted, though, by the sound of Draventa swimming and laughing from a bit further out. "The sea is happy, how on earth can you tell?" She asks, thinking all that must be a joke. Her own form sinks back down into the water, just below her neck. Even in a swiming dress, being wet and viewed is enough to trigger a bit of modesty in the exceptionally proper girl. Despite the fact that she just screamed her way into the water. "I do hope His Grace is taking care," she says in response to Brendolyn. "While normally I daresay he has the constitution of your brother, My Lady, I think since the boar he must be a little careful for awhile longer. At least until we return to Darfield."

Cayden swims back around to the shore, climbing back up to a bit higher cliff this time. He's got the build of someone that does a lot of swimming, and a few scars to show for years of battles upon the high seas…mostly looks like nothing -too- serious, but he's taken some hits, that's for sure. He does pick up a couple of eggs along the way, handing them down to whoever's waiting to gather them, then moving to the edge of the cliff, examining the water below a moment, a launching out into another straightforward dive. He's under the water a few more moments this time, apparently having dove down rather deep. He takes in a deep breath as he surfaces, then paddles again towards the shore, taking up one of the wineskins and taking a healthy(?) gulp before replacing it.

Draventa laughs, "Can you not feel it?" She'll push off on her back, not caring if she's visible is she floats on her back a moment, further out to sea. this is exhilarating! "I could turn into a mermaid!" She'll giggle, switching back to doggy paddling to look over at the two ladies in the water with her.

Brendolyn smiles over at Roslin, "I'm sure he is being as careful as required to not alter any plans," she says to the Princess, well one of them, the other one gets a grin at talk of mermaids. She reaches to swipe a bead of water toward her temple and then gazes up at the sky, "It does feel good to be in the sun," she say to her companions.

Late she may be, but better late than missing out on all the fun that is to be had apparently. Emerit slips out of the changing pavilion, after her swim dress had torn when she had tried it on. It had taken some effort, and a handmaiden to fetch another from her quarters at the inn. Her hair is worn in a braid, that other swimming dress flapping about her slender form in the light breeze, as the Moniwid princess runs towards the water, a delighted scream escaping her as she plunges into the water, her arms beside her head that is lowered a touch. And for a moment the redhaired maiden seems to have vanished, as she glides along below the surface of the water, until her head appears again, many feet away from where she had entered the sea. "Oh this is wonderful!", she exclaims, hardly concealing her delight to be in her favoured element. A playful splash of water in Draventa's direction who may be somewhere close by.

Altair doesn't swim to the boat for something to drink. He swims back to get up so he can do another dive, this time from slightly higher up now.

The Count lingers as he leans in the boat, finishing the wine and tossing it at the rowers feet. "Procure something finer for when I return." He winks at the man and swims back to the craig. The wine lending to him he climbs all the way up. Nodding to Ronan as he peers over the edge. "Shit." He says quietly. But he allready came up here so now time to be craven. A deep breath is had and he jumps smoothly off, his body straightening and hopeful a smooth transition made into the water.

"I'm afriad I can't, but I am not born to it as you are." Roslin says to Draventa, turning - just in time to see Emerit go splash. Roslin shrieks laugher, holding her hands up to defend from any unintended splash. "And now we are surrounded by mermaids!" Roslin declares, looking over to Brendolyn. "I cannot disagree, Lady," Roslin says, breast-stroking over toward the Haravean. "It's difficult to think of going back to the cold winters of Darfield. I think it shall last forever, this year. For the best, if it keeps the war frozen."

Brendolyn blinks and grins at Emerit streaks through the water and ends with a splash to Draventa. She nods to Roslin, "Indeed, at least.. /the/ war.. though there are others to be waged," she says a bit wickedly. Her hand lifts quickly and she sprays water at Roslin then bloops and sinks beneath the surface again, making her escape! Well, at least she's moving, if not escaping, she has to resurface at some point, grining at the other ladies.

Jarvice makes sure the tenders are ready with towels for when all the swimmers exit, as he heads to where his mount is and pulls him from the group before he and his two guards, head for the castle. Jarvice has had his fun in the sun, but sadly must tend to castle business as weddings don't just happen without help.

Draventa's torn. Drown her half sister by "accident" or just enjoy the water and freedom? She'll force a smile at the splash, letting it hit her. Turning to Roslin, letting the water drip from her face, "The sea gets into your blood, and once there it never leaves. If it does, you dry up and die." Drav's quoting her father again. She's been doing that a lot lately. She'll laugh, So you must replenish it, but swimming and laughing and loving the sea!" She'll go plunge underwater, pushing to go further out, Taking a glance at the bottom. She's Moniwid, sea treasures are something you never over look!

Her red hair is definitely a touch darker now that it is drenched with the waters of the sea, but Emerit doesn't seem to mind at all. She shakes her head, as she tries to get rid of some rebellious wet curls that are obstructing her view, thereby unintentionally throwing some drops in Roslin's direction. "Mermaids! That's what we are at heart, your highness.", she says, beaming to the Kilgour princess. "And uh,…. cold winters? We should leave them to those left at Court. I certainly am not inclined to return, at the moment." Her arms move without effort, as she manages to keep her head over water. It really seems she is used to swimming - as is her halfsister. Moss green eyes shift towards Draventa, a certain pensiveness brushing them when she hears that quotation of the late Grand Duke Radino. Then she will continue to swim over to Roslin and Brendolyn. "Hey! Wait for me!"

Roslin takes water from both sides, the front and the back! Ack! It's Brendolyn she goes for first, turning and moving to pounce in the direction she assumes the woman went. "No! Your Highness, help me!" She calls to Draventa, laughing as she hits the water. She's being fought on both fronts, reinforcements are needed!" Of course, while the game feels fast-paced, in reality for Roslin it's likely not as she trips over the long swimming skirt and it twists around her body, floating up or catching between her legs at the most inopportune moments.

Brendolyn laughs some and sweeps her arm across the water to spray toward anyone close by, whoever gets hit is just out of luck! She blinks when Draventa swims down then looks down too, "I wish there were treasures to find.. or lobsters!" she says excitedly. "We could have fresh seafare.." Oh wait, no one else here probably does that. And, her dagger is in her other skirts.

Having reached a ledge, slightly above the one he was at first, Altair dives once more, simply trying to hit the water in the right way. Nothing fancy there, just the simple diving at the moment.

The girls may hear the audible yell of the Count as he hangs in the air for eternity. When he hits it is smooth and the distance takes him deep under. Long moments pass before he surfaces gasping for air. "Huuhhh…huuuhh." Seems he is weezing as all that smoking catches up with him. Slowly and a bit panicked he makes his way back to the craig. Sprawling out on the rocks now and trying to breathe. He watches as the Kundari dives in and will now sit up.

"Well done, Count!" Cayden calls out, applauding a few moments at Aldren's high dive. He climbs up to the same high cliff as before, and launches into one more dive. He's under the water several moments this time, actually searching around down near the bottom.

Draventa ignores the talk of going back. She doesn't want to even think about it. The waters block most of those thoughts out though. Feeling the water around her is the calmest she's been since…well…since leaving Rustle Isle. If she closes her eyes, it's almost home. Almost. She'll float on her back, "You are fine, Princess Roslin. Tickle them like a octopus! With all your fingers!" Drav will glances over to the cliff at the yell, eyebrows raised before turning back to look at Brendolyn, "I have not had lobster in months!"

After several long moments, Cayden finally surfaces from under the water, only he's bearing a rather large Conch in one hand. He laughs a touch breathlessly, but triumphantly. "Ha! I didn't think I'd find one this far north!" He swims over to the boats once more, setting the big shell inside one, and noting to the boatman, "Take that back to my man Bartrem. He knows how to prepare one of these for eating. Be quick though, they're best when fresh." He claps the boatman on the shoulder, before taking a bit of rest on the shore, drinking just a little bit more wine before capping it off.

Roslin laughs again, laying on her back in the water and kicking furiously at Brendolyn, throwing water up in the air and into her face. Winning! She dunks her head underneath again and lets her body sink, spinning a few times beneath the water. Freedom. Life at court, though adored, is very controlled. Roslin sometimes forgets what freedom might be. It's not so good a thing that it should happen all the time, but it's nice to have for now. When she rises, she listens to the words. And then? She stands, shuffling through the surf until only from her knees down are submurged. "Mary," She calls to a maid. She stands a bit taller. "Ride with one of the other boats to the men and inform them that the ladies request seafood for dinner. Lobsters, and mussels, and scallops and whatever else might be found." Mary nods, and runs to do her duty. First, she informs someone of the Crawford household - the men won't catch enough for everyone. But then she gets on the boat, and begins to ride across as two men row her, to the men.

That yell will attract Emerit's attention, too. "Oh, it's the Count, isn't it?", she will mutter with amusement playing in her moss green eyes. "He certainly is up to taking risks, isn't he?" Then she'll drift on her back for a moment, only tiny movements of her arms and legs keeping her afloat. "Lobster? Who's mentioned lobster? Will we have some, later?" Apparently she missed something? But Roslin's confirmation elicits a delighted smile from her at once. "I see. Splendid idea!" Then, a spark of mischief showing in her eyes, she will turn and disappear again in the waters, her slender form moving beneath the surface towards Draventa, to pull her down with her - certainly a playful prank without any ill intentions.

Brendolyn is splashed, and thoroughly but she doesn't seem to mind, grinning over at Draventa, "Me neither.." she agrees. At Roslin's request she grins again, "See, you will do fine here.." and she holds up her hand all perfectly and says, "Bring me lobster!" with flare. She sees Emerit go after Draventa so Roslin will be her own target, swimming toward the Princess with mishief in her eyes, "Start swimming, Princess.." she warns.

Aldren continues to catch his breath on the rocks when he sees the small boat in the distance. A curious look takes form and in his heart of hearts he hopes some redheads are on there way all dripping wet. But, he knows better. Still, he peers out trying to make out the figures. He will nod to Cayden when the man surfaces too, "Find anything?!" He shouts to him.

Draventa smiles, lobster dinner sounds nice. Apparently the count isn't the only one flirting with risk. Drav's floating, peacefully. Her eyes close and she'll let out a content sigh. The sea, lobster dinner promised, nothing can ruin this moment! And then something does. Emerit can easily grab Drav, as she's not prepared for that, in any way shape or form. Hell, she hasn't wrestled(Water or not) in over a decade! A very short cry of surprise that's cut off by the water can be heard before she's dragged under. Emerit's stronger than Draventa, although she does strugle, panicking a moment.

Roslin sees the exchange between sisters and only laughs. Perhaps in such a game as this, they'll work out some of their animosity toward one another. Roslin has her own problems - namely, Brendolyn. The redheaded Princess takes a few sloshing steps deeper into the water and laughs a little yelp before diving under in an attempt to swim away from the Haravean girl.

Mary, a blonde, has in the meantime managed to get close enough to the men to see and shout to them. Lucky Mary. "M'Lords!" She calls, cupping her hands around her mouth to make her voice louder. She belts pretty good. "The ladies have requested that you provide for them a great banquet of seafood this evening! Scallops, clams, oysters, but lobsters above all else!" The woman grins, rather enjoying the game the nobles are playing with each other … and the view.

Altair leans back in the water now, simply floating around a little bit at the moment. Letting out a bit of a breath as he does that, he pauses as he hears the shouting woman. Blinking a few times, and he doesn't say anything yet.

"Aye. Nice big Conch." Cayden moves over and holds it up, just in time for Mary to arrive and let them know that the girls want the men to fetch their supper. He laughs, shaking his head in amusement. "Well, their wish…" Cayden climbs to his feet, moving over to climb the cliffs once more, certainly not seeming to mind the eyeful Mary gets. "Let's see if we can have any more luck." He doesn't go as high this time, deciding to play it safe(r) since he'll be searching under the water. And once more, he dives.

The Count hearing the woman frowns. "What?!" He shouts. Then in a voice the other men can hear he says, "I'll be damned if I am hunting around for lobsters." He chuckles and shouts again, "One moment, Lady!" He swims out to her now, the action only taking a little bit of time before he reaches her. He laps his arms up into the boat. "What were you sain' now?" He asks innocently.

Brendolyn is focused on her quarry and swims after Roslin, pausing to rise upright, "I'll give you a head start.." she says then stalks toward her brows waggling a little. Maybe the Haravaen is forgetting her company, or maybe she's just at ease like this, in the water, waging war, it must be familiar to some degree because she is unflinching when she lurches toward Roslin to try to loop an arm around while a leg sweeps beneath, to dunk her under. Where /did/ she learn that? Brothers. Though it is much easier in pants.

She certainly does not intend to drown her sister! Not after all the work she put into seemingly endless negotiations. Emerit will drag Draventa only a tad downwards, enough to get her head iunder water. Then the point is made, and she will let go of her, paddling with her feet to bring her towards the water's surface again. A mischievous giggle can be heard, once the redheared princess peeks out of the water again. "There! Got you!" Her moss green eyes lingering on the spot where she expects Draventa to appear, in the next moments.

Cayden surfaces, but this time with nothing to show for it. He doesn't paddle back though, instead taking a deep breath, and then diving down beneath the water once more, still searching for an elusive lobster or other undersea delicacy. Of course, he doesn't see what ever it is Aldren's up to at the moment.

Mary lets out a throaty chuckle. "Oh, m'Lord," she says, perhaps a little /too/ amused by his antics. "I only said that the ladies, the Princess and your sister, I mean, they've asked if you gentlemen would catch them some seafood for supper." She laughs again, leaning in to mutter a secret. "But I already told the house staff to see to it, so if you don't catch nothing they'll get fed all teh same. So you can stay right here, if you want." Because maids.

Roslin, in the meantime, is having her own bit of inappropriate trouble. She feels Brendolyn wrap an arm around her legs, but pulls one leg free just in time. That leaves the Haravean girl getting armfuls of skirt and dress with only a single leg. Roslin kicks off from Breondolyn's arm, trying to get free. And she does - the dress is wet and stretched now, already had been hanging off one shoulder. So when the Princess kicks free, she gets free - of Brendolyn and the dress too. She doesn't come up for a few seconds, debating what's to be done. But finally she breaks the surface - only her head and neck - with her arms crossed over her front as she lets out a surprised cry. She's flushed, embaressed, but she laughs. "Move all the men back out of sight of the water, please!" She calls loudly, an order to the maids. They all look around, confused. But one or two finally catch on, and begin shooing all the menfolk. Most can't wait to get out of sight anyway. Seeing a princess nude? That's how you get hanged.

As for the men diving, Ronan made sure they were far enough away that they could be nude and it could hardly be noticed. The same, happily, goes for the women.

Draventa does pop up. And there's pretty much murder in her pale eyes once she realizes who just did that to her. After she's done coughing, she'll still, her arms moving slowly to keep her afloat. The anger is still in her eyes, but she smoothes her face as much as she can with water dripping down it. "Yes. You did. You win." So many things. A glance to the other two woman, "I'm no good at this type of game. You should go play with the others." She'll then turn to swim further out to sea, away from the Moniwid Ambassador. But then Roslin's…naked? Naked. She'll sigh and start looking for the dress.

Brendolyn struggles and pulls, her competitive streak overpowering any sort of realization that winning at any cost isn't really 'proper'. She snaps back from Roslin with.. Roslin? No.. that's an empty dress? She stands up in the water and holds up the dress slowly then throws it back over one shoulder, gaze falling to the naked Princess mermaid. "Well well well.. I think I win.." she says teasingly, stepping back from Roslin a step. "This is a lovely dress but you didn't have to give it to me, really, so thoughtful of you though, thank you so much," she says in her most lady like voice and lilt, smiling, eyes wide and feigning sincerity. She turns to look toward the men out on the cliffs, "I wonder how well they can see from there.." she murmurs, turning to grin at Roslin, knowing full well they can't actually see her.

The Count nods along as he listens to the girl and her offer. He may even think of something most inappropriate for all of two seconds. But not long and the wine in his stomach will remind him he is a bit drunk spo he smiles. "Well, you tell the princess' and my sister I said this!" Now he leans on the boat with the attempt to flip it, sending the maid and rower into the water as he laughs. A beautiful day indeed.

Emerit will notice Draventa's anger of course. But then, that anger has been not unkown to her these past weeks, there has hardly been a time when Draventa has not flashed it at her sooner or later. "A bad loser, huh?", she will mutter, seemingly amused, even though there is a slightly annoyed flicker in her moss green eyes. Roslin's outcry will have her turn her head at once though. "Oh dear! What happened, Roslin? Oh my!" Her eyes widen when she understands the Kilgour's delicate situation. That dress Roslin is lacking suddenly waved by the Haravean as some sort of prize? Emerit will attack without hesitation, she lunges forward, and will try to pull Bren down with her, aiming to wrestle that dress free from her grasp.

Cayden surfaces once more, frowning a bit as it seems his early luck with the Conch was a fluke. So he decides to take a rest for a few minutes before he'll try again. Though that may well depend on whether or not their's a drowning maid that needs rescuing momentarily.

Swimming back so he can climb up to another of the ledges, Altair looks in the direction of where the women are, although he knows he'll only see the shapes in the distance. A good place to rest, up on the ledge, so he sits down, legs off the ledge.

Mary cries out loudly as the boat goes over. The rowers just seem unamused - they, after all, arent flirting with some Lord. They swim easily enough to the surface and begin to work to right the boat. Mary comes up, shaking her blonde hair free. "M'Lord! That weren't right at all! What if I couldn't swim? I can't, so well, as it happens, but I don't think I'll drown! But what if I did?" She doesn't really seem angry. More amused. Laughing. Swimming in his general direction.

Roslin in the meantime laughs at the sudden show that becomes Emerit and Brendolyn wrestling for her dress. She stays down far enough in the water where she could even be wearing the thing and no one would be the wiser. But all the same, everything with manparts is shooed away. She watches the ladies then, just grinning, holding a hand to her mouth. "Whichever one wins I'll be sorry to put it on again. There's something very … refreshing about being free of the thing. I just wish the men weren't so close," she confides to Draventa. Surel, they cant' see. But they're there.

Draventa swims close to Roslin, ready to shield her if anything with boy bits gets close enough to look. She'll nod, "When swimming, we are not so…constricted at Rustle's Isle. It's rather nice." She almost says it just puts you closer to the sea, but she thinks she's wax enough poetry at Ros about that today. She'll nod. "My sister used to take me swimming." Shirley she doesn't mean Emerit. "We have private alcoves." She'll raise a hand to brush a lock of hair that's come loose from her braid. She's breathing a touch harder than normal.

Aldren laughs at the woman and says, "Surely one of those fine gentleman would have come to your rescue!" He looks back to the Aberdeen now and shouts across the small distance. "How is dinner coming?!" He just treads water now and flashes the briefest of looks to Mary. "Your shoes will sink you!" He says to her while laughing a bit more.

Brendolyn glances to Emerit and grins, "Oh.. defending the dress?" she asks and steps back another step. She nods toward Roslin, "See she likes swimming nude," she says with a grin. "It's much easier than being so encumbered," she agrees, though she doesn't explain how she knows that. She kicks up some water toward Emerit in an effort to keep the girl at bay, succeeding at least for the moment.

"Whether she likes it or not!", Emerit remarks, while she tries to get around Brendolyn, to get a better grip of her. "You snatched it fom her! Which makes you a thief. On Rustle Isle we drown thieves!" Maybe she jests, maybe she doesn't. There is a hint of a smile on the Moniwid's features as she suddenly gets behind the Haravean and draws her with one hand towards the deeper waters. Her other hand sliding to that dress Bren is still holding, as she tries to snatch it, while distracting the other woman by pulling her under the water with her.

Mary laughs again, reaching forward as if to catch Aldren on the shoulders to hold herself up. "Well maybe you can help me, m'lord." Married lord, that one.

Brendolyn flails around and with the weight of her own dress and the extra she can feel herself being tugged, "Well we usually draw and quarter ours but I don't have four horses with me!" she quips back at Emerit, though that's the last she says before she sinks beneath the water and the peach colored dress floats atop. Glub.

Having been seated for a little while up on the ledge, Altair gets to his feet again, and takes a quick step back, before he dives off, unable to hold back a grin as he does now.

"Not so terribly well just yet!" Cayden calls out to Aldren, chuckling and shaking his head at the Count's antics. He rises to his feet and climbs to the cliff again, taking another dive to see if his luck might have improved. Another graceful dive into the water follows, and another several moments under the water.

"Too much mess," the redhead will reply to the idea of quartering, the smirk on her freckled features already giving away she is jesting. Just when Brendolyn is pulled beneath the surface of the water, Emerit will snatch the dress from the Haravean with a swift grab. Then let go of the other, to dive upwards with her prize. "There, your highness. It's here!" Emerit will swim back towards Roslin, to hand her the bathing dress with a proud smile. "The light case of treason has been dealt with!" A melodious chuckle ripples over the sea.

Elisabeth has totally been here the whole time, but she is has been sticking to the shallower waters while the ladies play out in the deeper water. She is in a bathing shift and looks over to to the fighting ladies, "It looks like Moniwid will defend your honour Roslin." She calls out in amusement , though she keeps an eye on the water where her cousin went under the surface to ensure all is right.

The Count is pounced upon by the woman and he laughs. "Well, I would reckon so." He drags her back over to the boat helpfully, his arms wrapped around hers and hidden in the water…Who knows. No one. Because there is nothing to know! He helps push her back into the boat obviously using her back side to help her in because that is easiest way. Physics. "Now, do not forget to relay my message." He grins at her now, "I will no if you do." He will shove off now back towards the craig where the boats are. "Well, I hope…*huff huff* your luck increases." Yea, he's having a good time.

Kieryn had heard where the others were so he heads over towards where the other men are diving and decides to watch for a little while. He doesn't have much else to do at the moment, so thought he would come and see what was going on.

Roslin swims a little toward Emerit with the dress, though she doesn't rise out of the water at all. "My champion," she teases her friend, warmly. "I should have you wear my favor in the Kincaid tourney when we return to Darfield." She reaches out for the dress, moving to pull it over her head as modestly as she can. "Thank you for your service to the crown, Princess Emerit. You shall always be welcome here as a friend of Mobrin and Sutherland." She grins then, looking over at Elisabeth. "Really dear you must come in before it all ends! For myself I think I want to lie out and dry, now."

Mary giggles feindishly as Aldren rescuses her and shoves her on the boat. She flops onto the bottom like a fish, laughing. "M'Lord!" She scolds, sitting up. "Well I'll tell her just like you done told me, M'Lord. I'm a good listenener." She grins at the man as the boat pulls ovff, still thrilled.

Brendolyn feels the dress slip from her hands and she pushes with her feet to surface back in more shallow water, coming up with a shriek of dismay. "Well damn!" she says in burble as she spits out some water. Surely she didn't say damn, or did she? Maybe. She looks back toward Elisabeth and waves, "Yes do come in, just don't undress like the Princess," she says then cuts a grin to Roslin.

Content her cousin has not drowned, Elisabeth succombs to the peer pressure of going deeper in the water. At Brendolyn's expressive language she arches a brow at her cousin and glances to the Princess and back. Time and a place cousin, time and a place, says that look. "I will endeavor to keep my cloths on." She replies though with good humour as she slips into the water up to her waist. There is a glance over to where the men are cliff diving, perhaps hoping to get a glimpse of a certain someone.

Draventa's breathing is a bit more labored than when entering the water. She'll silently curse herself, she should have known she'd tire in the water quicker. She'll stand swim around Roslin, making sure she's got the hang of getting the dress on. that can be hard if not practiced. She'll smile though, she's in water! If she's not needed she'll push away some to float on her back again, she'll try to look like she's just enjoying herself, but it's a good way to try to rest a moment.

"Ha! Victory!" Cayden bellows when he surfaces, holding a moderate-sized Lobster in one hand. He kicks over to the boat where the Conch shell now rests, but yelps when the thing gets a claw on him before he releases it. Still, it's captured, and Cayden manages to shake it free, laughing merrily. "Well, there's one!" He glances up to where Altair sits, calling out to the Kundari, "Enjoying yourself, Prince Altair?"

"I'd certainly wear your favour, your highness, as it would be my honour to be your champion in the upcoming tourney!", says Emerit in a mock immitation of some boastful knight, offering a bow to Roslin after rising from the water, revealing her own bathing dress that clings to her slender form - but not seeming too worried by it. Soon she will slip into the water again, to exercise her swimming in a less tumultuous way.

Aldren now reaching the boat and a bit exhilirated he says to the man, "Hope ya' found something better than that horse piss from earlier." Wherever did Bre get thatt foul mouth from? He grins and is handed something else and drinks deep. "Well done he calls over to the Dyfan man. Shrugging when he brings the kundar in the mix and wheezing again from his smoking and swimming habits combined.

Roslin, it seems, has had enough. She wades out of the water, dress still clinging and hanging in different places, includng off her shoulder, hence why she slipped out of it so easily earlier. A few maids come with blankets and wrap them around the girl, and stretch a few more on the sand for her to sit. She does so, happily, and accepts a cup of cool mead that's brought. "Thank you." she says, looking out over the women as they swim. She laughs at Emerit and her antics. "My dear I don't think I could imagine anyone more joyful than you are today." And that is coming from the bride! Brendolyn gets but a wry look and a smirk - yes, on today it seems such little slips as nudity and swearing may be forgiven.

Brendolyn grins at Roslin and Emerit then kicks up a splash toward Elisabeth as she walks toward the shore. Her dress clings a little but she shakes it out then wrings on the skirt before walking toward her own maid and a blanket or two. She exhales and wraps up a little then drops the blanket and sits down on another, reaching back to free her long hair of its braid. Gwyn, her maid, kneels down behind her to begin brushing and Bren looks up at her briefly, "If I'd been wearing my pants I'd have had her," she says and Gwyn tsks at her, "Quiet now, m'lady," she whispers to her.

"Quite so, Prince Cayden. I am sorry I am not able to help you finding the food down there, but my skills of swimming are not that advanced yet." Altair says this with a smile, as he lays back on the water, floating there for a few moments.

Draventa content, or maybe too tired, to swim to shore just now. So she'll stay floating on her back for now.

Elisabeth looks to shore as Roslin leaves the water to ensure her maids are waiting for her. As she has not been called to help she settles into the waist deep water and walks around. She glances around at the foriegn princesses to see them enjoying themselves in the water and goes out deeper until she is neck deep and starts to swim. Swimming is not something that seems to come so naturally to her as her other talents, but she manages not to drown.

Roslin laughs at the sight of everyone once more. She moves to rise after she's dried a bit. "Go on without me, ladies. I promised to speak with the steward before supper, so I really must go and change. But thank you all for the lovely afternoon. Elisabeth, dear, you can stay if you like. I'll be alright in these hands, here." She nods to the maids around her.

"Take me back!" Aldren shouts in a lordy but japish way as he climbs into the boat.

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