Thedor 42, 229: Sutherland Boar Hunt

Sutherland Boar Hunt
Summary: Wedding guests in Sutherland gather to take part in, or to observe, a boar hunt! The beaters drive the animals and the slaughter commences.
OOC Date: 11/02/2014 (OOC)
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Sutherland Timberland
To the west of the coastal road dense forest spreads as far as the eye can see. Mixed deciduous trees of many kinds both of hard and soft woods are one of the prides of Sutherland. The coastline smooths and though there are cliffs to the north, here the land slopes down to the sea gently. Beaches with sparkling waters that become more turquoise and clear as one heads south. A few fishing boats may be seen to ply these waters.

A few tracks lead off from the main road to wend their way into the forest. Small villages consisting of mostly wood cutters, hunters and wood workers ply their trades, managing and shipping timber to the coastal road. To the south lays more forest land and Trueborn Keep.

Thedor 42, 229

A rain in the night slowed down those assigned to scout out and track the game for today's hunting as it left a thick morning mist. It lingers now as the riders begin to gather in the muted dawn light. The Duke of Sutherland leads a party of men and women north from Trueborn and into the thick woods by way of a well worn trail wide enough for a cart to pass. Hounds are brought along, a couple of small packs to help keep the wild pigs held at bay so that once found, they can not flee the hunters. Kierne carries a hunting horn to call the riders and hunters back if needed.

Ronan walks his horse out from the path and into a large clearing. There he turns his grey stallion to wait for the others as they file in and as they do, he raises up his baritone, "A group of wild pigs have been located not far from here. For those of you who wish to use bows, some of them can be driven to this clearing. The rest are welcome to go into the trees to try your luck as they are pushed this way. Any of you who desire to only watch, I suggest you take your horses to the far end of the clearing and do not dismount. Do any of you have questions ere we begin?"

Mounted there amonst the men is Aldren. Simple hunting leathers are his garb along with a green cloak, light in design and warding off any mist or cool breezes. He follows along slowly, his bow on his back and wineskin in hand. Lazily leaning forward in his saddle he has a grin and calls out, "Aye. I've one Duke Crawford. Are Sutherland boars as vicious as the ones in Darfield?" The tone is japish and a few of the Granarians with him let out a laugh. "I only jest your grace." He throws in for good measure before a pull is had and he starts to pay closer attention as the woods thicken and the light dwindles.

Harmon looks over the edge of the trees from which the boars are expected to emerge, "I'll take a higher viewpoint, if there is no objection, Duke Ronan.". He steps his horse close to a thick tree, pulls his legs up, and the stands and pulls himself up into the tree.

Cass rode along quietly, as always by Duke Ronan as they reach the location of the hunt. He had asked permission to come along even though the hunt is not meant for nobles alone, his sense of etiquette mandating that he did so. His leather armor creaks as he dismounts, sword at hip, helm in place. There's a sense of grimness from the normally chipper man, it as if he might be anticpating this hunt going poorly just like the last did.

As the others draw in, Ronan laughs at Aldren, "Those were /unusually/ large and vicious animals. I do not know if we'll find anything so impressive today, Count. If we do, I'll point them in your direction!" The Duke lays his fist lightly over his heart to salute his fellow knights as they arrive, including Sir Cass. For his uncle when Aidan arrives, the Sutherland Rioga also bows his head, "Your Grace, a pleasure that you have come to join us here in Sutherland. I hope you will find the hunting to your liking, Uncle."

Ronan glances up into the trees, "You may hunt any way you like, Count Harmon. This is for your enjoyment, and the others. Be you in the trees, on horse, or on foot."

As he is still healing from his own injuries caused by not one, but two great tuskers that had gored him, Ronan walks his horse to join the ladies whom he will be overseeing to protect. In the closing distance the beaters can be heard and now the hounds begin to perk up, whining softly and eager to be let loose.

The Kincaid's had arrived in Sutherland that morning. The group has spread out as it were, with some Kincaid's not in attendance here but others like the Duke of Lakeshire himself, making a good showing of his appearance. He rides with a group of knights, those who've be designated to join the hunt. Aidan's on a Sutherland Strider as his normal warmblood was left back in Stormvale, not taken aship for one reason or another. So he's not generally accustomed to the temperment of the beast below him, thus, he was near the back of the pack - though with another reason as well, since that's where the ladies were generally riding and he had reined in alongside Nylie, not overly concerned with the hunt at the moment. His attention lifts to the greeting from Ronan, which earns a warm smile, "It is good of you to invite us and I'm glad to be here your Grace."

The Count of Greenshire nods amiably to Ronan at his words. "I should hope you would. I missed all the festivities last time!" He swallows some more wine and pitches it to one of his men. To Harmon he shouts, "I'd hope you will warn us as they approach!" Another laugh now is had and he hears the beaters. "Look alive." He says to his companions as the bow is drawn from about his back. He will pull up now. LEt the men with the spears get in close if they like. Cass gets a nod now before the fun begins and Aidan is ignored as Aldren peers out now. His senses kicking in and fighting the wine for concentration but aiding in the happy disposistion.

Riding amongst the group out, settled properly side saddle as expected of a Lady, Nylie drawing her attention to Ronan when his voice raises up to give the lay and plan for the hunt. A shake of her head occuring as she catches Aldren's words, one can only hope this hunt to go better than the last. A smile does go to Aidan,"Good luck, your grace," before she directs her horse over to that end of the field as directed, urely some manner of ecorts existing for her and the other Ladies to aid Rona in keeping them well protected from the tusky beasts. Offering a bow of her head to Ronan when she settles her horse in amongst those at the far end of the clearing. A hand absently touching to a bag that was fashened to her saddle.

Harmon nods his thanks to Ronan though the gesture is likely lost as he moves to the far side of the tree from the archers in case there are any truly terrible shots amongst those with bows. "Ah, Longtooth, come down from Lakshire to witness the fun? Splendid. … What's that? Yes it is unfortunate all the nuts are on the ground below the trees today." He chuckles to himself then quiets to watch the forest.

One of the Knights in attendance to the Duke of Lakeshire is Conway. The young knight is riding a horse near the duke's flank and dressed in full plate armour with a tabard denoting him as a Knight of the Lake. A longsword is girded at his hip and he is broodingly watching the area around the Duke.

Ronan is bowed to by Cass, he too holding his arm across his chest, fist over heart. "I do hope I can honor you with a kill, Your Grace." The knight's roguish smile returns and the younger nobleman is given a wink, his boyish manner returned, even if only partially so." He gets ready after that, making armor and sword are settled properly.

Riding with the others is a lord that can only be described as large, though not fat. Charles Leask rides a horse fitting of his stature, a large fur cloak covers his shoulders and sturdy studded leather armor. In his right hand he carries a large boar spear, a bit longer than the average one, but rather sturdy with a leaf-shaped blade with a crossbar to prevent a boar charging up it. He has kept quiet, watching for their quarry.

Aidan sends a look back over at Nylie, nodding to her directed smile, before he turns his mount forward toward the beaters with a flick of his wrist and a squeeze of his thigh, a little nudge of a heel encouraging the strider forward. If he's being ignored by Aldren, Aidan doesn't notice one way or another. He nods to Conwy, "This really should be left to young men who have something to prove." He motions Conwy forward incase the pigs come out toward them. Though, as the Duke of Lakeshire is not a sporting man with bows - often hawking instead, he dismounts and hands off his horse to the squire, taking to the ground proper. As he starts to adjust his light armor, a bit tight around the chest now - he notes with a frown as his hand goes to adjust it a bit more, he shakes his head and pulls out his own bastard sword. "Bloody Eight…" he grouses at himself, starting through the grass where the pigs will come from, "Keep at my side Conwy," he encourages.

Eoin arrives from the City of Trueborn.

Ronan brings his horse up beside where Nylie is and he bows his head to her, "Good morning, Lady Nylie. So pleased to see you join us. This should be exciting for you to watch and I and these fine guardsmen, as well as Kierne, will make certain that you and the other ladies remain safe. Are you enjoying your visit to Sutherland thus far?"

The noise of the wild pigs and the sound of the beaters draws nearer to the clearing. Those who wish are departing the clearing, on foot or on horse, to seek the game that is coming. Others remain in the clearing to watch only. Men with hounds await orders to release the dogs to help keep the wild pigs held at bay for the hunters so that the game can not scatter and flee. There is mist lingering, making it a little harder to see and a rain last night has made the footing slippery with mud.

Cian dismounts from his own horse, drawing out his longsword as he takes a position just in front of the Duke. "Yes your grace." He replies simply to the comment about young men and prooving themselves. There is a sense of disaproval from him though he doesn't speak it. He is not here to fight boars but to protect his Duke.

Harmon calls out in a low voice that carries as the pigs approach, "Fast left center, wide right, center left, center wavering." He goes quiet the to prevent from spooking the pigs from thier routes. The fletchings of one of his arrows can be seen gesturing to either side of the trunk he sits behind pointing towards the disturbances he sees and indicating the paths towards the clearing the boars are running along.

Cass's stance widens once the squeals sound closer, his grip tightening on his sword. His posture is slightly held sideways, making him look like he is about to swing a great axe or a large blugeoning weapon instead of a sword. "Are we ready," he calls out to those paricipating in the hunt.

"Good morning, Duke Ronan. I did think it would be, though hopefully not quite as exciting as the last. While I am far from skilled as Wenna, I did bring a few things…to be safe," Nylie's hand lightly touching to that bag again. "I have full faith that you and the guardsmen shall keep us quiet safe while we take in the hunt. " Nylie gives a bit of a nod, her eyes taking in the field and the men participating,"I am quite enjoying my time here. It has been enjoyable just having a break from the snow and getting to see spring again. "

Eoin is not perhaps the greatest hunter in Morbin, his time ashore is generally spent in other passtimes, but Aldren had asked and he had nothing else particualr to do. Now, the presense of others might be described as a bonus, but he hadn't known when he agreed, so really it's an added extra. Picking one of the paths indicated by Harmon, mostly at random he nocks an arrow, draws and sights into the undergrowth until the supposed target presents itself.

They are coming. It may be difficult to /see/ them but the pigs are noisy, large and small animals with beaters making noise behind them to drive them towards the hunters. There are several, but in the leading edge are three good sized pigs, sows or boars it's hard to tell, and one larger tusker that is clearly a male. The largest is coming straight on towards Cian when it suddenly breaks through the trees! Long, pale tusks curl up from either side of the mouth, the eyes tiny and beady in the flat, broad face. It's a dark, hairy beast and half a man's height or more! The other animals are more scattered with the rest of the pod coming up behind. A wild pig heads for Aldren, another for Cass, and one off of the big Tusker's flank might make it past Cian towards Aidan…

Aldren does not notice the smaller one as he greedily eyes the larger one. Not too traditional is this hunt so he just knocks an arrow from horseback and lets it fly. Aiming for the animals heart and lungs while it charges forth towards the knight.

Aidan looks down at his bastard sword, pondering the choice of it over a longer sword when he starts to see the grass give way to those dusty shapes of terrified and beserked animals. He doesn't tense up however as he sees the large male heading their way, whatever he could say to Cian lost in the moment as the animals charge at them. Swiftly finding the foot holds of his long educated past of a swordsman, he means only to evade the initial charge so he can measure up the enemy as you will. The knight beside him may have a better chance at hammering a blow against the beasts, or… little choice to do so.

Aye, a more traditional hunt might be to chase down the animals on horse, or use hounds and come at them only once the pigs are bogged down. OR, you can have beaters drive them to you, or stalk them with bows or set up blinds.. there are many ways this might be done. Ronan is interested in his guests not having to wait for hours or even days mucking through mud to find game and thusly has it found and pushed towards them. It won't lack for excitement.

<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Aidan with Knife but Aidan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Eoin takes careful aim at Boar2.
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Boar1 with Long Sword - Serious wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Aldren attacks Tusker Boar with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar attacks Cass with Knife - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Tusker Boar with Long Sword but Tusker Boar DODGES!
<COMBAT> Aidan takes careful aim at Tusker Boar.
<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Cass with Knife but Cass DODGES!
<COMBAT> Boar3 attacks Charles with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Boar3 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Ronan has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Boar1 has been KO'd!

Charles roars in a loud, angry voice as he urges his horse on towards a boar. Stabbing down with his spear, he is able to land a solid blow on the beast, the spear sliding into the hide, but is not able to stick around. The boar attempts a wild slash at the large lordship, but fails to make a solid hit, only tearing a gash into his boot.

Ah, boars, there they are. Eoin, saddly, ends up underestimating their speed and doesn't immediately loose an arrow. Taking a moment to adjust to the unexpected turn of speed they seem to have he tracks his bow along the path of the one he'd been trying to aim at before, only loosing once he's happy that it isn't going to go wild and skewer one of the other hunters. His cousin for example.

Cian eyes the tree line with his long sword raised up and at the ready. "Stay behind me your grace." He calls to Aidan though whether he is heard in the sudden cries and calls as the pigs arrive. He shifts his body to ensure it is between the Duke and the Boar, the adjustments causing him to narrowly miss the Boar as it attacks. His jaw tenses and his eyes brighten at the near miss and takes an agressive stance to swing at the Boar again.

Aldren's arrow lands in its intended spot. The shaft sticking in above and back a bit of its shoulder. While a kill shot after enough time is allowed it only seems to fuel the beast now. So, he knocks another with impressive speed. His eye following he looses when he is satisfied he is leading it well.

Aidan has spent his long years not only in the seat of a Duke but in practice for the wars that called him out, a veteran of the Westgate and other such battles. So it's no surprise that even with the muck underneath his feet, that he's quick to avoid the smaller boar and the Tusker all in one leap, spinning around and meaning to take a good lofty strike a the Tusker as it passes and tries to strike out at Cian.

Boars, being wild animals, are unpredictable as Cass is reminded when not one but two of the creatures come upon him. The first, smaller pig hits him in the stomach but thankfully he does not manage to penetrait the knight's leather armor and is swiftly felled for his attack, left to bleed out after a swing of his blade lops off one of his legs. Not the most humane thing to do but Cass has to dodge a second attempted gorging, this time managing to move out of the way of the much nastier tusked porcine. Gritting his teeth, he moves, trying to flank that one next at the same times others might try for him. Best not to try and face him one-on-one.

Harmon keeps his attention on the forest despite the excitement going on behind him. Less concerned with the fighting and more with ensuring that any boars late to the party do not arrive unannounced.

As the boars come into the field, Nylie rises just a touch in her saddle to try and get a better look over the misty field as the boars are flushed into the awaiting hunters. A small breathe drawn and briefly held in that brief moment when the clash between men and beasts begin. Eyes dart between the bouts of action and the breathe is let out in watching the displays of skill. The old maid perhaps taking a few moments to actually enjoy such displays with slightly bright eyes. Hey, it's not often she gets the oppurtunity!

The chaos breaks loose and at once, several strike most excellent hits! Wild pigs go everywhich way and more are coming through the trees behind them. The Hounds are let loose to make certain the pigs won't scatter too far, to keep them checked.

Ronan stays mounted, Alanza's head up, alert and tense. "Sir Cass has struck a fine blow and downed his with a single hit. Count Aldren and others have made fine shots." He tells the lady Nylie as they observe. The Duke clearly itches to participate but with the wedding only days away, the Rioga Duke must be patient. He looks to see what his Uncle is doing.

<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Tusker Boar with Bastard Sword - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Eoin attacks Boar2 with Bow - Moderate wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Charles with Knife - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Tusker Boar with Long Sword - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Boar3 attacks Aidan with Knife but Aidan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Aldren attacks Tusker Boar with Bow - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Tusker Boar with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar attacks Cian with Knife but Cian DODGES!
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Boar3 with Polearm and MISSES!

Charles is carried by the heat of the hunt past his original boar, though an effort and overreach cause him to miss it, only for the other boar to try and bore him through his helm, though fortunately it is prevented from doing any damage due to his helm, which takes a scratch.

Never so easy to get a good shot from atop a horse but the Count is a bit tipsy and his second shot found its mark as well. "Damn thing has to go down soon!" With that he lets the men finish off the beast and eyes up a new target in the form of the second boar. Swiftly again he knocks and looses.

Eoin momentarilly considers switching to one of the throwing axes on his belt, but as the boars scatter again there seem to be none heading directly for him so instead he merely nocks another arrow, draws, sights for a second then looses at the boar once more, looking only mildly peeved as he sees others siming for the same one.

Aidan has watched the Tusker Boar spinning around and trying to charge at people, assessing the weakness, adjusting the timing to the point that when Aidan steps in, the sword arches down at the large male's head, doing some moderate damage to the back of skull and neck but not the fatal killing blow he was hoping for, as the Tusker wheels in time toward the others. All of a sudden he has a few of the other boars flushed his way and has to take quick action in hopes to avoid them… but he won't let that Tusker go without one last attempt to end it.

The Crawford knight somehow manages to get his sword under and up the burly boar and with a bit of fancy maneuvering Cass cuts across its belly, causing quite a bit of red to suddenly soak into the already wet-and-slippery ground. Cass' footing's not as sure as it was before the blood shed started and he repositions himself for a second swing on the same target.
Cian's movements bring him side to side with the Duke and between them they land a pair of strikes upon the Tusker Boar. For Cian's part he manages a strike on the big boar's leg giving a bit of a yell as he does so. It seems his blood lust is up and he swings his sword for another strike upon the beast.

Ronan's horse tosses his head impatiently, eyes bright. The stallion smells blood, hears the shouts of men, the flash of steel. The Rioga Duke keeps his horse quieted, close to Nylie's. "Such is good practice for men ere we go to fight at war, as well be the tournament. It gets the blood up, the challenge, the chaos, the slippery footing… " Aye, his uncle Aidan is not the only one to remember the battle of Westgate. Ronan idly strokes Alanza's shoulder, "Today, men are not very likely to be seriously injured."

Harmon shifts leaning forward as something rustles below, he creeps forward along the branch watching the undergrowth trying to sort out the motions, when he does he laughs the moves back to the trunk watching put for more serious threats.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Boar3 with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Boar2 with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Eoin attacks Boar2 with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Tusker Boar with Bastard Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aldren attacks Boar2 with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Tusker Boar with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Aidan with Knife but Aidan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar attacks Charles with Knife but Charles DODGES!
<COMBAT> Boar3 attacks Aidan with Knife but Aidan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ronan has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Boar3 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Tusker Boar2 has joined the combat as a soldier on team 2. (Ronan)
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar3 has joined the combat as a soldier on team 2. (Ronan)
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar4 has joined the combat as a soldier on team 2. (Ronan)

There are several excited 'oooos' from some of the younger Ladies, a stray giggle or three as talk begins about the hunters and the hits that have been made, Sir Cass certainly being talked about to have downed a boar with a single blow. One nearly tumbling out off her horse in trying to get a better look before just barely catching herself.

Nylie smiles to see Ronan so obviously wishing to be joining those out out in the fray. "It sounds and looks like the banquet tables will be well filled tonight." Her eyes sweeping over several of the men, lingering briefly on Eoin as he wields that bow from his horse before catching the Duke of Lakeshire knocking the large boar square on the head. Now that had to give the beast a headache! "Aye, I have heard it to be good practice, the unpradictablity of the beasts pushing one to think more upon their feet…and less chance of injury for a misstep." Her fingers gripping the reins a little as her eyes continue to sweep over the action, a bit of a smile coming to see two more of the beasts falling to the hunters.

Eoin smiles with satisfaction as his arrow thumps home into the chest of his target boar, and even more satisfaction when Aldren misses. Simple things. He even managed to avoid the diplomatic incident that would have ensued if he'd shot Aidan by accident. Still, the pig isn't dead yet and he mutters a few words under his breath as he draws another arrow from his quiver and sents it arching in the direction of the now severely injured pig.

Charles scowls as the great boar attacks him and his own spear fails to find any use. Throwing it down to the ground in anger, he draws the sword on his hip and roars loudly in anger as he tries to attack another swine.

Cian starts his swing towards the Tusker Boar when he notices the other piggies going for his Duke. With a yell of frustration he changes the direction of his sword strike and swings hard at the Boar3, cleaving deeply into one of his legs. The beast stumbling in the direction of the Duke before collapsing to the ground to die. He looks up as more beasts are flushed out and prepares to deflect the attack of more Tusker Boars.

He'd feel flattered if he knew he was being admired by the ladies but at the moment it's probably safe to assume that he has forgotten they're there for now. The boar are not the only single-minded creatures on the field. Grunting, he watches as the second pig goes down, causing him to cheer. "Way to go, My Lords!" And… well! More boar join the fight, giving Cass another group to focus upon. One is picked and swung for.

Ronan gives Nylie a nod, "Aye, and sometimes you run into a few monterously huge animals as we recently did up in Darfield. One knocked me from my horse and two of them were on me at once. Even wearing steel plate, one of them managed to break the straps and get at me. The hunters had gotten scattered and there were only three of us with several of the beasts. Lord Trevian was hurt more seriously than I, but he also was only wearing leather. He was fortunate not to have been killed outright."

As the first wave of pigs are mostly cut, hacked, or fletched until they fall, the rest of the wild pigs come rushing out through the trees.

Aldren squints when his arrow flies high. "Bastard" he says to no one in particular. He watches for a moment now until another flush presents itself. Quickly, again, he manages to rip an arrow from his quuiver and line up a shot on another larger boar.

Cass comes in to finish off the boar Aidan had been fighting alongside Cian with, seeing the killing blow with some disappointment but eventual relieve. Of course that means there's more pigs headed his way for one reason or another … those beaters having flushed more in his direction and he's out in the open. A frown as he notices that some archers are coming rather close to attacking not just the pigs but the men as well. "Friggen fools," he mutters and will have two more boars headed his way. Two fierce looking boars are running together in his direction. He does what he's been doing all along, side step and a swing.

Harmon on hearing no terrified shrieks from the ladies has decided that things are likely well in hand and goes 'fishing'. He ties a loop in the line that he carries and lowers it down to an open spot on the ground. The he waits, with most of his attention on the forest towards the beaters to watch for party crashers but with a little reserved for his impromptu snare being stepped into by the piglets milling around in the brush. The little things unwilling to rush into the chaos of their parents struggles and to scared to turn back to he beaters.

It is indeed the case that there will be good feasting on pork for the wedding. The carcuses will be dressed and slow cooked for an entire day in great pits, and likely some will be cooked and served tomorrow as well at both castle and Boar's Head Inn. All week beach goers to the south have been crabbing, fishing for lobsters, digging clams, gathering bird's eggs, so that there will be all manner of delicacies to be served.

But first there is the challenge of the slaughter.

<COMBAT> Cass attacks Tusker Boar4 with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Aldren attacks Tusker Boar2 with Bow - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar3 attacks Aidan with Knife but Aidan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar2 attacks Eoin with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Eoin attacks Boar2 with Bow - Serious wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Boar2 with Long Sword but Boar2 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Charles with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar4 attacks Aidan with Knife but Aidan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Tusker Boar3 with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Tusker Boar2 with Bastard Sword - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Ronan has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar3 has been KO'd!

Sure is dangerous to fire at the beasts while being engaged by men on foot. Most likely why Aldren stopped short on the first tusker as they finished the deed. Also most likely why he chose the one Aidan was tussling with when he got his itchy trigger finger. Though perhaps why he sailed high to. Sub-concious and all that. Still, all in all his aim has been good today as proved when another arrow finds the lungs of his new target. Seems to have upset the beast who has gotten all too close though as he charges at the count now.

Cleary Charles was lettting his anger to get the best of him, as his sword swings wide of the hog, though at least the hog failed to inflict any damage on him. Turning his horse towards one of the larger boars, the charges towards it, trying to bring the sword down on it.

Eoin mutters something quietly under his breath as he lands yet another arrow deep into the boars flesh but the beast refuses to go down. That or perhaps it's the close shave from the incoming tusker that caused the mutters, who knows. Either way, with a brief glance to the tusker to ensure it's homing in on someone else this time he turns back to his original target. It will go down gods damn it, however many arrows it takes.

Cass's luck wasn't as good that attack as he was trying for something specific. He managed to hit it but not where he had hoped, leaving the pig alive with a wound to his chest instead of the removal of the damn thing's head. He aims for that one again even as it seems to move towards someone else in the party.

Nylie nods,"I had heard some of what passed," certainly seen the outcome after a peek into the infmary, the carnage! "It did sound like it was quite the hunt. And Lord Trevian rather lucky to have not been killed." Her eyes shifting to the sounds of the next group of boars coming towards the hunters. Nylie's attention does dart as the action continues on with the newest guests to the field.

Indeed, there were not shrieks coming form the Ladies, but instead gasps of anticipation as more boars came charging into the misty meadows, more giggles as knights and men were gossiped about, hopes of who they might get to dance with later. Danger 'far' from them, and the entertainment and excitement of it taken in.

As another Boar goes to attack his Duke, Cian swings his sword high then strikes down into the boar's chest ending the piggie's attack in one swift stroke. He draws his blade from the beast's side with a grimmace and looks toward his duke as he draws an attack on another boar and moves to join him.

Blood goes everywhere, as hacks and slashes send sprays of it into the air when blade and arrow hit their mark. Aidan has a moment to regain his focus, having to evade left right and center it seems, not only from the boars but from the arrows flying around, to pin point his target. He at least gets his blade on the neck of the one beast, following to end it swiftly as its blood stains his blade.

The Duke of Sutherland is watching the action closely. "They are all doing well. Sir Cass has struck several fine blows. My uncle shows his experience." Roslin would be pleased to see Ronan's self control, keeping himself from the hunt. The Rioga's dark eyes rapt for the action and wishing to miss nothing. The wild pigs squeal with the blows, tusks thrashing as they bleed and get all the more vicious in their death throws - and when they turn heel to try and flee the blades and arrows? Hounds and beaters drive them back again.

<COMBAT> Aldren attacks Tusker Boar2 with Bow - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar2 attacks Eoin with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Tusker Boar2 with Bastard Sword - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar4 attacks Cian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Tusker Boar2 with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Tusker Boar4 with Long Sword but Tusker Boar4 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Tusker Boar4 with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Cian with Knife - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Eoin attacks Boar2 with Bow - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Ronan has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Tusker Boar4 has been KO'd!

The commoner knight's a mess from mid-thigh down. Thankfully blackened leather serves well to hide the majority of the gore but he's still less than presentable. Thankfully the ladies do not seem to be weak of stomach, otherwise that'd be a mess of an entirely different kind. Cass comes down hard, felling that boar before he swings, aiming for the last pig's back. Yes, he is seeking to cleave it in two halves if possible. House Crawford's butcher might thank him for that, if he's successful.

That's arrow number four into the damned pig, four. The last hit isn't great, but then Eoin had had to dogde out of the way of an oncoming tusker which had thrown his shot somewhat. Still, the blasted pig remains on it's feet and with the others all going down he starts to feel a sense of creeping disapointment that someone else is now undoubtable going to claim the killing blow. He still nocks though, and looses, but any sense of achievement is draining rapidly.

Charles is not terribly pleased when his blade again fails to do anything. Directing his anger at the last hog, he spurs his horse towards it, hoping to land a hit on the beast.

Another arrow of the Count from Greenshire finds its mark. The shaft sticking out near it's neck. The Boar seems to be going down or damn near it by now so he sits back in his saddle, the bow leaned horizontally across his chargers neck. To his cousin he nods. "Fine shooting!" A few nods to the others about are given as well now as he watches them chase the last kill for the bragging rights. His eyes rest on his cousin now as he mutters, "Fell that stubborn fuck." He says aloud.

"Sir Cass does seem to be doing rather well, several fine hits by many of them in there. The archers seem to be on their game as well, Count Aldren and Lord Admiral Eoin have made som excellent shots." Nylie looking towards that uncle in question,"Aye, his experience has shown well, he moves seem almost effortless at times. " Eyes taking score of the remaining…boar.

Cian grip's his sword tight as he thrusts into the Tusker Boar. Another grunted yell as his sword sinks deep into the chest of the boar, glancing across to the Duke as he strikes a serious wound to the boar as well. That focus on this target though has drawn his attention away from the other pigs set on attacking him, One boar strikes upon his gauntlet but is deflected but then another dives a tusk into his leg. The response of the knight is try to bring down the pommel of his sword onto the beast, but the creature dies to wounds inflicted at his feet. He grits his teeth and steps back holding his sword up to seek out any other beasts that would attack his Master.

<FS3> Aidan rolls Perception: Great Success.

Aidan's movements were fluid and precise, not landing those killing blows that many of the others had, but… he sufficiently helped make an easier job at it. The last boar he at least gets a blade into and ends the life of the animal… in time with a well placed arrow. As he pulls his blade out, thick with blood, he looks up and nods approvingly to Aldren, "Good aim Your Excellency. At least I do hope you were trying to aim for the boar and not my head." A hint of mock seriousness in his tone, though the adrenaline for the meantime has put other matters aside as he stoops down to consider the prizes of the beast, giving a good hand measure of the length of tusks with an uplifted brow. As he stands again, blood splattered all over him - this is what happens when one is on the front and not shooting from a distance, he tries to wipe blood off his face but it prooves to only smear further on. And yet, there's a concern that seems to settle upon his Knight, coming alongside him, "Good show Sir Conwy," eyes looking to see if the young man was still in one piece, drawing a glance back up, "Looks like you took a hit. Stand down. The rest of the field can finish the final boar."

Harmon counts three after the last bow twang then carefully peeks around the trunk to see how matters are going. Noting that things seem to be finishing out he pulls his head back and focuses on his snare.

<FS3> Cian rolls Compulsive: Failure.

As the hunt seems to be winding down with it down to the one boar, the Ladies only twitter amongst themselve more, least the younger ones. The older ones seem to have manner of control over their thoughts sending the odd look at some of those who giggle just a little to loud. Or fawn a bit to much over the prowess of this or that knight or Lord.

Nylie settles more to her saddle again, a slight glance towards her maid with a small nod as she leans to murmur something to her, Nylie's eyes giving some attention to the hunters as things wrap up before settling back in with some of the other women. The kills no doubt soon to be set upon for butchering and preparation. And the men to see to cleaning up a bit as well, surely.

<COMBAT> Aldren passes.
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Boar2 with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Boar2 with Long Sword - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Aidan passes.
<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Charles with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Eoin attacks Boar2 with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Cian passes.
<COMBAT> Ronan has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Boar2 has been KO'd!

Eoin doesn't take his eyes off the boor as he watches his fifth arrow hit home, by the looks of things though it's the sword blow to the guts that does for the creature. A quick glance into the trees confirms he can sense no more approaching sohe walks over to Charles and offers his hand in congratulation. "A fine blow Lord Leask, well struck."

Now that the last pig is done for Cass turns slightly, his grin hidden in part by the semi-enclosed face of his helm. Once Ronan is seen he dips his chin to his Duke, his sword kept in hand, blade pointed down so the blood can run off of it. He then turns towards the others. "Well, that was exciting, wasn't it?" Not as exciting as Ronan's own hunt some days previous to this morning but that truly is for the best. "Did anyone get hurt?" Not that he can do anything about it if he can, but he still is curious as to if any of the hunting party's members were injured or if they all escaped unscathed.

Charles angrilly charges forward on his horse and is able to swing his blade down on the beast, dealing a good deal of damage, blood now dripping from the blade as he pulls it from the creature. Looking to Eoin after hearing the man comment, "THank you, sir. He grins and gives a hearty laugh, the noise resonating through the trees.

When the duke comes to his side, Cian glances over the man to ensure not of the blood is from the Duke himself. At the words of the Duke of his own wounding, Cian looks down at his leg as if he had not noticed it before hand and grimaces but he does not drop his sword until he sees the last boar is killed. He then plants his good leg as he leans down to unstrap his leg armour to inspect the wound. A bit of cloth is ripped from his tabard to tight over the bleeding wound. "I may need a hand up to my horse." He comments to the duke, not taking a step on this leg should he disgrace himself but faceplanting.

In spite of the impromptu nature of the snare, and the distracted attention he gives it, Count Harmon has some success with his efforts. By the time the big beasts are put down he has managed to hoist a small, squirming, squealing piglet into the air. The little devil is reeled in, trussed in the line that caught it and stuffed into a sack where it wriggles in a displeased way every so often. The count then works his way round to the combat facing side of the trunk and gestures for his horse to be brought over. He hands down the sack then swings down onto the horse.

The astute might have noticed that Count Harmon did not take a sack up into the tree with him, but he did have a tabard on. Now he's got a sack but is not wearing anything over his leathers. A mystery indeed.

Aidan regards the knight as the young man leans down to inspect the wound and how the knight immediately treats it with a cut piece of cloth. There's a nod from Aidan, while he turns to the other few Kincaid men who had come with them, flagging them over with a gesture that would hail the attention of most. "You need to see a proper healer, so the wound will not fester," considering the threat of infection was all too real. The horses are brought over by his squire and another soldier at arms, nodding to each and making gestures to help Cian mount up. "Your Grace, good nephew of mine," this to get Ronan's attention, "You've been a gracious host in this hunt. I think I shall retire and see that my good knight finds a proper healer."

Congratulations done, Eoin walks back to where his horse is standing and remounts. It takes a moment as he needs to sort his bow first, but he's well enough practiced that it's all fluid movement. Reining the beast round he checks briefly to ensure that Cian is not badly hurt then nods to Aldren, "Cousin. I think perhaps a drink is required. Would you join me?"

The mist has thinned. Men, hounds and horses are scattered or knotted in groups all through the clearing and the surrounding forest. Ronan sits upon his horse and continues to observe as the last of the great pigs is put down. A few others did manage to escape, or were allowed to slip free to insure the piglets will be cared for and the pod not utterly destroyed, once enough of the largest were taken.

The beater's work is finished, the trackers and houndsmen gathering up their own to depart. The skinner's and packer's work will now begin, offering first to cut the tusks free for those who want them for trophies and have earned them. The ground is torn up and bloody making the mud all the more trecherous on foot.

"Very good!" Ronan says, lifting up his baritone, "Many a fine blow was struck, many an excellent arrow. I hope to see men fight so well when we go to war." He bows his head to Aidan, "And you have proven a fine hunter, my Uncle. I look forward to meeting with you later. Indeed, see to your man." And Ronan will see to his, uring his horse forward to check on others.

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