41st Sess, 229: Surprises

Summary: Surprises abound at the Greenshire Manor. Rorey gets the worst of it.
OOC Date: 27/Ma/2014
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Garden - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
A garden, surrounded by stone walls, with paths in white paving stone that meander aimlessly about, benches placed here and there should one wish to sit and take in the air and the fragrance of flowers. Rose bushes and other flowers line the walks, herbs line the cracks between the paving stones, that when stepped on lend an additional pleasing fragrance to the air. A gazebo of stone and wood, with delicate arches and holders for small torches rests in one corner, containing a couple of chairs and a small table for refreshments. Small birds and other creatures are seen from time to time, fluttering about: a squirrel scampers for nuts, a bird flits down from a tree to dabble in the small pedestal basin (working also as a sundial) resting in the center of the garden. Small trees are nestled into the corner.
41st Sess, 229

It is spring, the weather is warming and, as is her wont, Moira is tending the garden. Those roses, seeming to be only bare sticks in the ground, save for one or two that almost appear as if they're trying to show leaves already, in answer to her gentle voice and soft touch. Birds alread begin to flit, spreading their song; a squirrel hides in a tree chittering and, nearby in the gazedbo, snoozing as only a cat can snooze with such a distended belly, lies Muffin on a cushion. Still, Moira tends her flowers, a leaf plucked here, a twig tossed away there.

Eoin is home, has been since shortly before the wedding yesterday, but that doesn't mean that he's free from Wenna's clutches entirely. There's still a light bandage aroun dhis head and he's still under orders to take things slow and steady, so, being fed up of sitting around inside for days he makes his way into the garden at the manor. Book in one hand he aims for the bench cloest to the door, no point in pushding it after all.

From inside the dining hall Aldren spies Moira. Still dressed a bit lavishly as he has just returned from dreadful work at the castle he slowly steps out into the garden. With Muffin like steps he sneaks up behind his wife with an adorning look as she works with her roses. With a finger to his lips he motions at Eoin to keep quiet as he stalks near the Countess. One light step here another there and then…"BOO!" HE shouts at her from behind with mirth in his eyes.

No guards gave a warning, and no servant came to announce the arrival of an important guest. So there is no fanfare or presumption before Caedmon appears suddenly in the door that opens onto the garden. Quiet and smiling, he watches while Aldren stalks Moira, guessing the count's intention quite well. He glances around the area, nodding at the sight of Eoin settling into a comfortable place with his book. He waits until Aldren has accomplished his mission before he greets the admiral. "Don't worry, Eoin, I didn't come to spy on you, although Wenna did want me to ask about you if I happened to see you here." He looks to the count and countess, and adds, "Lily received a lovely invitation by courier. She did not feel confident enough with her writing to send a reply, but asked me to thank you on her behalf and to assure you that she will be here."

Moira kneeling on an apron over her dress, a trowel nestled in the ground about to loosen one plant so that it might be moved, Moira shrieks. She should have expected it; it was the same thing Shepard and Drogan used to do to her when they were growing up. Meanwhile on cat eye peeks open, a tail flicks disinterestedly, and the eye closes, Muffin going back to sleep. She saw too many years of that. But, that trowel that was in the dir, lifts up as Moira shrieks, showering dirt all around her - and well, that might include Caedmon and Aldren both in the dusting of dirt that's been warming slightly in the spring air.

Eoin eyes Aldren as the Count sneaks up on the Countess. He says nothing though, merely shaking his head slightly and starting to try and find his page in the book only to once again be distracted by Caedmon. Turning towards the Voice as the man talks he gives him a shallow nod and replies, "do tell my cousin that I am following her orders and taking things steady." Something else Caedmon says gets his attention though and he frowns slightly before asking, "Lilly?"

When Moira is startled and the towel goes flying a good amount lands on ALdren, dusting his shoulders and hair. Closing his eyes he grins and after opening them again he brushes himself up. Hands lent out to his wife now and if she accepts he will pull her up and nearly off her feet into his arms for a kiss. "Moira. I am sorry. I could not resist." TO EOin he nods afterr, "What have you there?" He asks pointing to the book. And Caedmon is acknowledged as well, "Are you running errands for the Lady Lilly now?" He smiles at t he man after the little joke and adds, "Interesting work. In the castle I mean. Some of it quite redundant as well."

Moira smiles, after a mock glare at Aldren, getting pulled up and into his arms. Batting at his shoulders after dropping the trowel, she brushes dirt off of herself as well. With an apologetic glance to Caedmon, "I am sorry, dear Caedmon. My husband seems to have picked up some bad habits from my brothers. " Hopefully he did not get too overly dusted with dirt. Kayla, coming from around the corner, catches her eye and she makes some sort of gesture to her after which Kayla nods, and heads into the house, angling towards the kitchen.

Merriment seeming to be over for now, Muffin opens first one eye then the other, streteches as langourously as her ponderous body can stretch and then rolls up and over and onto her feet. Tail curved into a question mark she moves slowly, ever so slowly towards the house, perhaps in the direction of the kitchen. There could be food there and she's feeding many at the moment. Oh, what is this, as she passes by where Eoin sits, trying to read his book in peace, and she begins to twiner herself around his feet, then to rest her paws on the edge of his chair and new plaintively.

Eoin arrives quickly at the realisation that he isn't actually going to be getting any reading done any time soon and sets the book down on the bench beside him. As Aldren asks his question he just calls back lightly, "it's called a book cousin, you should try one someday." Looking faintly amused at his dirt covered relatives he leans forward gently to scratch the cat behind it's ears as it does it's best to trip him, apparently unaware that he's sat down. As she looks like she might be looking to jump up though he just leans back on the bench to clear his lap, should it be desired.

Aldren smiles to his wife and cousin in turn. "How are things coming here?" He asks Moira as he looks down at the sticks in the ground. "Oh. Starting already I see." To Eoin he says, "I have read more books than you will ever see. We all know sailors read childrens tails anyways. I do hope there are plenty of pictures in their for your enjoyment." Grinning he leans over to see the title. An approving nod given if it is indeed adult literature. "How are you though?" He asks, "I know that Moira is happy to have you here. Though Wenna is certainly chaffed by it I am sure." He laughs now and flashes a look to Caedmon before going back over to his wife to draw her near one of those benches to sit.

Lap or food? Food or lap? Granted, Muffin did just wake up from a nap but, it /is/ a lap, and laps are always more preferable. With an ungainly lift, paws puling her up, she thumps onto the chair, climbs onto the lap, circles a time or two, the tail wafting under Eoin's nose and then, a bit of lap kneading and….curls up and closes her eyes, front paws curled beneath her, getting /just/ the right spot of sun upon her back.

With a glance around at the garden, before turning her face back to Aldren, as he guides her towards a bench, dusting her hands off. "Of course, my love - my hands can never quite wait for spring before I begin to start planting and digging." Caedmon may have drifted over, dusting off his clothes, it's hard to say since she cannot see him, moving along with Aldren as she is.

The book is what would generally be classed a an easy read. A brainless tale of adventure and daring that doens't require too much attention or focus to get through. Holding it up so Aldren doesn't have to crane his neck Eoin rolls his eyes at Aldren beofre answering this cousin's more serious point, "your sister let me go, so I can only assuming she isn't chaffing too much. I suspect that we may see more of her than usual over the next week or so though." The cat is largely ignored while it settles itself although he does keep half an eye to make sure it stays on his lap and doesn't head upwards towards his abdomen.

Caedmon grins and brushes some of the dark brown earth out of his snow-white hair. "It's fine, Moira," he assures. "I'm a poor man if I can't bear some good, honest earth." He chuckles. Looking to Aldren, he shrugs. "Lilly was delighted at the prospect of cming here for tea, but she's hardly ready to write a reply suitable for our dear countess," he explains. "In fact, she was very sad about that, and very proud to receive her first official correspondence. So I assured her that I would tell Moira how much it means." When Aldren looks up from his book and asks about the stranger, Caedmon clarifies, "Lillly is our ward. After her own house fell under … unfavorable circumstances, we offered to care for her as our own child so that she might have prospects of a good life."

Sitting now with his wife the Count takes her hand in his. "No harm in getting a good jump." He syas with a smile. "And it seems your efforts are already paying off." A little squeeze given her to a hand. To Eoin he says, "Yes. I suspect we will as well. She certainly keeps herself busy that is plain. But you seem in much better shape." A nod is given and he adds, "I am sure you will be fully recovered soon." Turning now to Caedmon he says, "Well. Keep on her, I have no doubts she will be writing with grace soon enough. And master her numbers as well if she has a new tutor." He chuckles now remembering the little discussion of the man thinking it not important.

Moira settles down onto the bench, her hand held in Aldren's. "Yes, well, I'm glad I did not have a hoe or some such in my hands and turned suddenly; it could have been harmful." But, stll a smile on her face. Then, a glance towards the gazebo, a questioning look then glance around, then the faintest of rolled eyes as she notices that the opportunist took advantage of a lap. "Have a care cousin, she always looks for the closest, unoccupied lap and is quite pitiful if you attempt to take it away from her."

Eoin raises an eyebrow at the word of Caedmon and Wenna picking up another stray, sorry, ward, The explaination is met with a single nod to indicate that he understands before he asks curiously, "from the Shire?" He's not heard of any of teh houses being in trouble, but they they've been back recently and he hasn't. A nod goes to Aldren as he remarks on his recovery and then to Moira as the cat is mentioned. At somepoint, and he's really not sure when, he's started scratching Muffin between the ears, but all he says to Moira is, "it's alright. I wasn't planning on moving for a while anyway."

Aldren laughs at his wife now, "I am sure I would have managed if you were to attack me." Wink, wink. When Eoin asks of the childs lineage he shakes his head. HE will let Caedmon handle that one.

Caedmon smiles when he sees Muffin settling into place on Eoin's lap. "You needn't worry. She isn't from the shire," he answers. "She is an unfortunate girl whose mother died in childbirth and whose father asked us to adopt her because he cannot continue to care for her." He looks to Aldren and Moira, sitting cozily together, and smiles. "She is eager to see your roses, too, Moira. She has not seen such flowers."

Moira looks towards Caedmon and smiles. "I am quite looking forward to showing her. " As Kayla comes out with a tray bearing cool drinks, offering them to Eoin since is is closest, then onward. "As well, I've invited several other young ladies, Lady Elly and any others of the castle and city so that thye might get together and know one another. It will be wonderful to see the garden full of life and childish laughter."

Eoin nods with apparent satisfaction as Lilly's family is pronounced to be from outside of Greenshire, poor kid and all that but at least it doesn't mean that one of their own is in such difficulty. Waving off the offer of a drink he tilts his head towards Moira as she mentions the place will be full of small girls and asks, looking faintly amused, "when is that? I shall need to be elsewhere."

The Count smiles to his wife now though his sentiments on the topic are relative to his cousins. Caedmons response gains a wry grin though he does not continue on the topic. Instead he says, "Caedmon. Was there not to be another council meeting this week? Or is everyone too scared to attend another?" Kayla, ahh yes. If she has learned anything it will be that their should be wine in that mix and he will help himself to some if it is provided.

When Kayla comes to him, Caedmon bows to her and takes a chilled glass. "Thank you, mistress," he acknowledges. He shrugs at Aldren's question and answers, "Some, like your cousin there, are still healing. I have heard that Lord Hadrian is pursuing his duties, but one of the men told me today that the lord probably should have stayed abed for another day, at least. He did not seem well." He takes a sip of the drink and then grants, "I do believe that we should convene soon. His majesty commanded that I should attend him in his study on the morrow. I will recommend a meeting soon after that. We will have many fresh faces to greet in that room, and heavier security after our last meeting."

With an amused gaze at first her husband, then Eoin, "I had feared that your not wanting to be here would be the case; and, it is for ladies only, of course. But," tapping her lips a moment a curious look on her face, "…Should any gentleman brave enough care to make an appearance towards the end of the afternoon and, perhaps, perform some gentlemanly duty of courage and valor, I am sure that he would be eternally in the hearts of small young ladies forever. But," shaking her head with a smile, "….to have to arrange something like that would have to be something that would not ring false." Then, taking a glass frm Kayla, she sips glancing around the garden so she doesn't intrude up on the men's conversation.

Eoin's eyes flick to Aldren as another council meeting is mentioned. He's still having all his official letters forwarded to Kieryn but that might have to change soon. That thought produces a faint sigh, not having to deal with politics has been a definite advantage to being laid up. Listening to what Caedmon says he figures he'll have a day or two more of grace and merely nods slowly to indicate he's heard. He'd rather not get sucked into a conversation about such things though and so turns his attention to the cat before he replies to Moira, "I see, but you have still not said when it is it be. I am afraid that if it i imminant than I might not be steady enough on my feet for such acts." That and he doesn't mind having an excuse to not be around a bunch of screaming kids.

Just coming home from a walk-about, and heading toward her bedroom, Rorey stops dead in her tracks as she pushes the door further open, puzzled as to why it's ajar in the first place… And then, a loud screech can surely be heard in the gardens from inside the house, and nobody will probably hear the thunk as Rorey passes out on her floor… Although her maid is not far from where Rorey passed out, and goes a'running to see what the matter is!

Aldren sips his wine now, "Thank you Kayla. Why don't you have a seat and join us?" He pats the otherr side of the bench before answering Caedmon. "Very good. I have a question for you though. When I leave do you think it prudent to appoint someone to carry on my duties here? OR should someone be recommended by the council and approved by the king?" He really does not want to preside over bland cases of shaved coins and such. He turns now to face his wife and confusion takes there on his features. "I…am lost…but I am sure Eoin will volunteer for whatever it is you are referring to." When his cousin begins to speak he now gains Aldrens attention and when he has finished he says, "It will be in two days." Laughing on the inside now as he is quite sure the man will wish no part of it. Uh oh. Aldren may have to come up with some excuses himself. No, ladies only. That is all he will say he heard.
Hearing the scream Aldren darts up and runs into the manor and up the stairs to find his sister on the ground. Shaking her now he shouts, "ROREY?!?!" OH no, someone posioned his sister.

"When I speak with his majesty, Aldren, I will ask—-" Caedmon begins. Howeever, the shriek and dull thud from inside stop him before he can finish. He glances around the garden for a place to set his drink. Finding no place, he simply sets the glass on the ground by a wall while his other hand reaches for a dagger sheathed on his belt. He glances to Aldren, giving him a look of solidarity. "Moira, Kayla, you should stay here in case someone is inside."

<FS3> Eoin rolls Body: Good Success.
Eoin might still be unsteady on his feet but it's amazing what a familial scream can do. With one big fat dollop of adrenalin dumped into his system he pushes himself to his feet, Muffin forgotten about entirely although thankfully he's slow enough up for her to sort herself rather than just go flying a his lap ceases to exist. Following Aldren he can't match speed with his cousin and indeed, has to draw himself up short at the bottom of the stairs, but that doesn't stop him from marshaling the guards who are starting to appear and send them up while keeping hte maids and other servents well back.

Inside the house, Rosie, Rorey's maid, is bent over the woman, on the floor with her trying to rouse her from the faint, while throwing a, "Jack! Marie! Get in here, get rid of these sheets!" over her shoulder — Jack and Marie being other servants, of course.

Moira starts, two scares in one day now, eyes widening in concern as Kayla returns to her side. Poor Muffin, temporarily forgotten as she looks towards the scream from upstairs. "An attack, here in the Manor?" then, she reaches a hand toward Kayla, while a disgruntled cat looks for another place to rest.

When Rosey says something about the sheets the Count looks up, his sister still cradled there in his arms. Relief washes over his featres when he sees the blood and feathers, Rorey pulled a little closer as he rests his chin on her head. "Gods be damned." He says tiredly. Now pulling back a little he gives herr a little shake. "Rorey. Rorey, come back to us." To the maid he says, "That basin of water, bring it to me." He points to one laying atop a table. The girl obeys and Cricket comes padding up, tail wagging as he sniffs at the counts fainted sister. After a moment he goes and crawls up onto her bed where the sheets were just removed.
"It smells of piss in here." Aldren adds when the water is brought to him. A scornful look given to the dog as he starts to roll around in her bed. Guess he misses Aldrens but Moira was having none of that.

Caedmon draws his dagger and follows Aldren into the manor. He has not gone far when he hears the count's voice complaining about the odor. "If that's the only threat, then things are better than they could be," he comments. He looks over his shoulder, suspecting that Eoin, even though still recovering from his wounds, would not be far behind.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Body: Good Success.
One arm wrapped tight around the bannister at the bottom of the stairs to keep himself upright, Eoin takes a deep breath, then another, before finally starting to haul himself upwards. "Aldren?," he calls, trying to get an idea of what he's staggering towards as he contines onwards. He hasn't yet though about what he can do when he gets there mind, but for now he merely urges Caedmon onwards as he spots the man's look, then continues to make efforts in the same direction himself.

With a start that makes her jump, Rorey starts to come around; first, hearing, ah yes, that's Aldren that is… and then not long behind, sight, and smell… the coppery smell still hangs in the air of her bedroom, unfortunately, which makes her groan, and a wobbly hand knuckles one eye, "Al… dren. 'm a kill me a dog…"

There is another coming to visit the manor, one that has no idea on what has happened within as she was making her way up to the door by the time everyone was going to check on what had happened. Lynette pauses at the door looking curiously to a servant that is there to man the door but which is trying to find out what has happened within the manor. She clears her throat softly which makes the servant scramble a bit before allowing her inside and asking for her to wait. With a warm smile and slight nod she agrees, explain that she's come to see Moira if the other is free. Within her arms rests a medium sized potted plant, which looks like a small rose bush if any is in the know for such things, a bush she has brought back specifically for Moira as a present. She has on a pale blue dress, light green trim across the bodice, and down across the skirts that are ever so neat looking, her hair is pulled back in lose spirals. A maid is with her along with a pair of guards given everything that has been going on she would not go far on her own that is for certain, the guards though do wait outside at least.

Kayla comforts Moira for a moment, cautioning her to stay seated. There seem to be no guards rushing about so the 'danger' is probably naught, so Moira remains seated, still looking worried while Kayla steps to the door to inquire of one of the servants inside if they know what is going on. Catching sight of Lady Lynette, Kayla will greet her with a curtsy and let her know that Moira remains in the garden for now while the men seem to be upstairs discovering why Lady Rorey has screamed.

When she comes around Aldren smiles. Another tight little squeexe given before scooping her up. Descending down the stairs with her now he says to Caed and Eoin. "All is well. No worries." He takes her to a couch because surely there are some scattered about the lower level and sets her down. To a servant he says fetch her some water. "You scared me." He says to her with relief. Lynette is seen now and he nods to her. "Lady." Seeing her pot he adds, "Moira is out back." To Kayla he says, "Fetch the Countess if you will. It is growing a bit chilly anyways."

Brendolyn runs out her bedroom door and into the hall, eyes wide, a candlestick in her hand, "What the.." she starts then sees Aldren being all calm and she narrows a look at him. "…hell is going on?" she finishes. She follows them down and then smiles at Lynette and lowers her candlestick, "Good eve.. apparently.. I have no idea.."

"*I* scared *you*?" Rorey grouses, not used to being carried — but not complaining either! She probably would take a fall going down these stairs right now anyway, "Not as much as that.. that.. overgrown hellhound — Oh, hello, Bren, the dog decided to wreck my room," the unspoken bit being, And left a bunch of blood everywhere from a bird, "And I passed right out." She says this with a straight face, as they descend the stairs to the lower level, and she settles back into a few cushions, pulling at the throw blanket and shivering for dramatic effect. A maid brings some water, and she takes a few sips; then a few more.

Caedmon is halfway up the stairs when he sees Aldren emerging with Rorey in his arms. "Do we need a healer?" he asks. Then the count answers, not so much with his words themselves as with the tone of those words. He nods and backs down the stairs, glancing again to Eoin, who isn't far behind him. Then he spots Lynnette and inclines his head, Lady Kerrigan," he greets. When Roery explains the cause of the commotion, Cricket, Caedmon frowns. "If Cricket should stay elsewhere for the night, I can take him with me when I return to the castle, which I probably should do now that the sun is setting."

Lynette curiously watches as a few move about before she sends a glance towards the stairs guessing something has happened upstairs. She looks to Kayla, a warm smile seen and she nods. "If she has a few moments I would love to see her." The gift is lifted a bit while she winks. "Have something for her." The voice of Aldren gets her attention and she offers him a nod. "Count." Though she doesn't go questioning what is all going on seeing how the answers are coming quickly enough. Seeing Brendolyn she is given a warm smile now as well. "Hello, seems a bit of a busy evening, I certainly hope everyone is alright." She does look curiously to Rorey as she catches some of the answer.

<FS3> Eoin rolls Body: Good Success.
Eoin sees Aldren emerge with Rorey in his arms and fears the worst fo a moment before it becomes apparent that she's concious and he relaxes noticably. Crisis over he pauses in his progress, keeping tight hold of the bannister for a few moments before slowly lowering himself to sit on the stairs and catch his breath again. That spot of exercise, however short, seems to have worn him out.

Brendolyn blinks a little at Rorey, "You.. fainted.." she says, "Because the dog messed up your room??" she asks. "Good grief Ror.. I thought you were tougher than that.." she says with a little bit of a sigh. She looks to Lynette and nods, "Well, everything is alright.. if you don't count that she fainted..for a messy room.." she murmurs, casting a glance at Aldren and her sister. She looks over to Eoin, "Are you supposed to be moving around so much?" she asks with concern.

Moira makes her way back into the manor when Kayla comes to retrieve her from the 'chill' air. Chill air - bah, thinks the woman who was there for the snowball fight during which the late Queen (Gods rest her soul) went into labor. Still, she returns inside the manor, sees Lynette and makes her way towards her to greet her warmly, even as Kayla whispers what she knows of what may have happened. And, feeling neglected, Muffin comes in behind the two coming from the garden, and goes to lay upon a pillow near the fireplace, to sit pretty, tail curled around her while cleaning one paw. SHE was not the one who caused the disturbance so SHE is not worried in the slightest.

The Count will look over at his cousin. To the servant he motions so that he may get a drink as well. Turning to Brendolyn he says, "Reading by candlelight?" He grins at her and adds, "Leave her be. She was frightened was all." To the recently fained sister he says, "He was only bringin you a gift to show the love he bears for you." Chuckling he then asks Lynette. "What can we get you? Tea? Wine? Please do come in and make yourself comfortable.

Lynette grins slightly as she hears Brendolyn, well she can't help herself when it is put like that after all. "I see. I'm sure there was a good reason for it honestly." This said with an amused tone at the idea. She catches sight of Moira and is all warm smiles to her once more. "Moira my dear, how are you?" There is a slight pause before she holds up the small rose bush that rests within the pot she has hold of. "I wanted to give this too you the other day when we returned, but did not get the chance. I certainly hope you might enjoy a small gift from me to you. Something of home." It is a young rose bush that she managed to find and took the best care of on the trip here in order to give it to Moira. She looks over to Aldren, and nods to him. "Thank you very much, I would love some tea if you don't mind."

Eoin watches Rorey as she settles on the settee. He looks a tad none-plussed as the cause of the commotion is explained, but mostly he's relieved that it's nothing more serious. Bren's comment attracts his attention though and he offers her a faint smile. "Likely not, I may have to swear you all to secrecy to ensure that you sister doesn't find out." His eyes shift briefly to Caedmon at that, if anyone is going to rat him out to Wenna he figures her husband is the man.

Moira's eyes light up, nothing could please her more. Lifting on her toes to kiss Lynette's cheek, she then take the potted rose, taking a moment to look at it. A finger to her lips, as she cradles it against herself, "I think this one ill go right at the entrance to the gazebo so that I can see it when entering the garden; and as well, can see it from my window when I look down into the garden." Imagine that, her room overlooks the garden.
"Please, try to find a seat somewhere." The fire is warm, and Kayla will get them to bring something into to drink, tea or what have you. "I do not think we were planning on much of a dinner save what we perhaps had brought to our rooms. But, that could change if everyone wishes."

Brendolyn grins at Lynette and nods, "I'd hope so," she says of Rorey's 'reason' being good. She smiles at Eoin, "It might cost you, I am her apprentice you know, I'm supposed to be like her..so.." and she ahems then puts a hand on her hip and cocks her head just so, "You, sir, should be resting," she says with all the confident firmness a little Wenna can muster. "Like that, see?"

With a *very* slight roll of her eyes, Rorey finally seems to be, well, back to normal, as she quips at Aldren, "Oh yes, his undying love and admiration, truly. Ruining my sheets. Thought he killed one of MY birds for a second, there." She smiles at Lynette, offering her a good-evening; then looks with a grin to Eoin, "Cross my heart! Just as long as you don't do something silly and go hurting yourself even more. Promise." A smirk crosses her features, and now her maid brings her a cup of tea… Tea all around! It's a lovely sort of gathering, almost big enough to be a party.

Caedmon shakes his head at Eoin's comment. "You need not worry, Eoin," he assures, "She will hear from me only that you seem to be improving. If she wants to worry, she should worry about those still too week to leave the infirmary." He looks to Bre and smiles. When he sees Muffin, securely enthroned on another cushion and acting as if nothing ever happened, he chuckles. "Now, there is a lady who knows how to maintain composure under all circumstances," he comments. "As I mentioned, I probably should return to the castle bedford Wenna decide to send the new Master at Arms to find me."

Lynette is rather pleased at the reaction from Moira and she gives the other a quick hug once she has taken hold of the plant. "Oh I'm so happy that you like it. I thought this way you could plant it anywhere you wish, or perhaps just get a bigger pot for it that way it could be moved elsewhere and the like." This said softly while she looks a bit pleased at herself for doing well with the gift! A glance is sent to Brendolyn and she chuckles softly before she smiles and waves to Rorey. "I am very glad to see what you are alright." She offers a polite nod to Caedmon and Eoin once she has caught sight of them as well.

Eoin smiles at Rorey as she seems to be returning to her usual self and gives her a nod of thanks before he turns to her younger sister. Holding his hands up in mock surrender at her impression he replies amusedly, "alright, alright, I'm going," before slowly hauling himself to his feet once more. Lynette is greeted with a polite nod and Caedmon gets a "good evening" and then he turns and starts to make his way back towards his own rooms.

Brendolyn grins at Eoin then blushes a little at Caedmon, "Uh.. don't tell her.. oh hell, she'd probably be proud that I pay enough attention to immitate her," she says with a laugh. "Wait..what? Why'd you think the dog ate a bird?" she asks, confused. "What did he do in your room exactly?" she asks, peering at Rorey.

Since Aldren ordered her inside, even though she eyes the outside with the rose in her hands, Kayla is smarter than the average bear and gets one of the manservants to take it from her and take it somewhere safe until Moira can transplant it. Then, while waiting for one and all to decide if something other than tea and drinks should be decided up on, Moira sits near the fire, to regard things as they grow quieter.

Giving a little hmph, Rorey mutters a moment, then sips her tea and looks at her sister, "He left blood and feathers, everywhere. And I'm sure he managed to chew up something but I didn't get to see exactly what else he got into." Mangy dog! Really! "He's *got* to learn some manners. Caedmon, IF you can find him, will you please take him with you back to the castle?" And take the temptation for strangling him or something of the sort, out of the equation?

Holding up a hand Aldren says, "No. The dog will remain here."

Muffin just continues to clean her paw, looking all innocent because well, she's a cat and all cats are innocent.

Lynette follows along with Moira over to a seat near the fire, rubbing her hands slightly once there as she settles upon a seat. A curious look is sent to Rorey. "He got a bird and took it to your room?" She could see why that would be a bit of an issue that. She glances towards Aldren at the bit where the dog is to remain and she hums softly but that is all, no she is not joining in this conversation on if the dog should stay or go.

Brendolyn wrinkles her nose then laughs some, "Oh that's..funny, but a pain in the arse. I'd be mad if he ruined my bedding and stuff," she nods, agreeing. "But fainting? Gods, Ror," she mutters. She looks to the plant and then Moira and Lynette and she presses her lips together, "That's a lovely rosebush," she says, without a single swear word and even a sort of sohpisticated air to her expression. Being a lady is such a strain on the girl sometimes. She walks over to sit with the women, "How are you feeling, Moira?" she asks her.

Now that things appear to be quieting, Caedmon sighs with relief and looks slowly around the room. He glances again to Muffin and ventures toward the heavily laden, matronly cat. Kneeling slowly, he speaks in a gentle, quiet voice, "You are a perfect lady, always able to keep your composure even under difficult situations. I pray that you will have an easy delivery, and that all of your little ones will live to ripe old ages." Cautoiusly, he reaches to brush his fingertips over her head, from front to back several times. Then he looks to Moira and he smiles. "Moira, I suspect that Lady Muffin will be nesting soon. If any of the kittens needs a … special home, please tell me. I would be glad to adopt one, and I am sure that Wenna would agree with me."

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