Nar 04, 228: Sun for the Queen

Sun for the Queen
Summary: The Sun dances with the queen in a small back-scene from the Masquerade Ball.
OOC Date: 07/07/2013 (OOC)
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Cedric Laetitia 
Ballroom, Darfield Castle
Huge pillars of golden marble ring this room, silent guardians of the ballroom. Golden light spills over the pillars and onto the floor, shed by the huge chandelier which is suspended from the high ceiling. The floor is cool, pale golden marble, save for the large rose set in the center. Formed of a mosaic of rose marble and crystal, it shimmers gently. On the balconies above, huge arcs of rose silks have been draped expertly, bows tied at their crests. The same sort of drapery hangs above the wall of glass that forms the northern edge of the ballroom. Looking out, you notice that the ballroom is set flush with the ocean, the glass wall giving you an unparalleled view of the landscape across the sea.
Nar 4th, 228

The suns just asked the queen to dance and is leading her onto the floor. Where everyone is watching the stunning Queen light up as the suns glow enhances her. As before the sun never speaks but he really have too. as he may not be as gifted at Glliding across the dance foor as she but he has some pull of his own.

Laetitia is all elegance and loveliness, her smile bright though she does not wear a mask, having abandoned it back on her seat since holding it while dancing would have been silly. Moving along with the Sun her feet glide effortlessly and she carries with her the scent of flowers and honey, her cheeks flushed prettily as she makes small talk with the Sun, "Thank you for shining your rays upon me, dear Sun."

The sun cocks his head slightly and smiles as he leads you across the floor. His eyes ablaze with michief and delight to seeing the Queen in a pleased mood and enjoying herself. His mask of course is straped to his head Allowing him the freedom to use both hands. Especialy when he's able to dance with the light of the ball herself.

Laetitia can't help but enjoy herself! Wonderful company! Her skirts swirl about her winsomely, her steps following his easily and by virtue of him dancing with her his own form looks superb. This is the first time in a while that the Queen has allowed herself to have fun. Gazing with her beautiful green eyes at the sons own eyes her smile widens and she will laugh.

As the song progress's so does the dance steps So The sun keeps pace but keeps his footing simple compared to the more complex moves that would trip him up. When the song is over he gently dips the Queen as required maybe not as far as reccomended but just enough to be proper. He then leads her back to where the drinks are being served and should she allow he gets her a glass of wine and something to eat.

Laetitia laughs with utter delight as she's dipped, green eyes dancing merrily. When the song finally ends she is indeed in need of a drink, a goblet of wine taken from one of her ladies who oh so helpfully steps in to provide it before dancing off and away with others. The Queen will take a dainty sip, shoulders rising up as she lets out a soft sigh, smile wide, "Like any good day that's blessed with the Sun, it would seem that even the Sun needs to set."

The sun give you a deep and wide bow, his hands all a flurrish as he does the grand gesture and winks. Should you allow him he will take your hand to kiss it properly before moving over to sit down next to the moon and relax seems he's a bit out of breath.

Laetitia does indeed allow the kiss upon her hand and she will even smile graciously at the man before she moves off through the dance floor as it parts before her to return to her chair.

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