James Spader
James Spader as Stuurok Velrus Ruxton
Full Name: Stuurok Velrus Ruxton
Age: 25
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Ruxton
Position: Lord,
Place of Birth: Weston
Father: Bael Ruxton
Mother: Andoreen Ruxton
Siblings: Dorian Ruxton (Deceased), Sigurd Ruxton, Roland Ruxton (Deceased), Thaddeus Ruxton
Spouse: None
Children: None


Stuurok Ruxton is the fifth son of a branch of the Ruxton family several times removed from the main branch. Known to have been the captive of Kundari bandits for seven years, his free years have seen him amass a substantial fortune through moneylending and trade, particularly in coal, timber, iron, and fish.

Character Features

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