Nar 18, 229 : Strange Happenings - Stormvale

Strange Happenings - Stormvale
Summary: Strange events occur across the land, the people in the City Center of Stormvale pay witness and react to darkness decending in the middle of the day.
OOC Date: 21/Jul/2014 (OOC)
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City Center - City of Stormvale
This lovely city stands in the shadow of Darfield Castle. Most of the local peasants reside in the city, carrying out their daily lives under the protection of the royal family. The cobblestone path veers off into darkness southwards towards the marketplace and to the north, it leads towards the castle along Ruxton Street. Crossroads also pass by, making this an intersection where all roads meet in Stormvale. Torch sconces illuminate the buildings and the narrow path at night time, shadows cast all about. The City Watch can be seen every so often, day and night, on their routine patrols.
It is a summer morning. The weather is cool and fair. The planet Cri has risen in the western sky. The planet looks dark and menacing.
It is day 18 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

It is late morning and the sun is slowly creeping through the sky the crystal clear sky. It is cool today and slight breeze from the direction of the ocean scours the city of some of its stench. The temple has just finished with their late morning prayers and offerings. Stalls have been set up by various vendors and their shouts begin to fill the air. "Late summer peaches! Fresh from the Farms of Valley! 5 for just 2 Patin!"

Another vendor counters "Late summer a handful cherries ripe and no mold or spots four Patin!" The vendors' voices continue to hawk their wares and their voices fill the city streets. They create a symphony that is off key at times and other times downright annoying. Children and footpads dart through the crowds. A few cats can be seen along with stray and owned dogs. Horses snort and those lucky to be riding them moves through the city streets with ease as the crowds parts for them. From the inns and private kitchens the scents of stew, baking bread and pies fills the air and mixes with the scents of unwashed bodies and open chamber pots and not to mention the sewer system. A few rats that are desperate or brave scurry over roof tops.

Exiting the temple along with her personal guard, Cordelia pauses to listen for a moment to the various calls going up from the surrounding stalls. Turning her head, she sniffs the air, catching the faint salt from the docks. She glances about curiously for a moment before finally stepping off to begin to walk, taking her time to pursue what the stalls might have.

This is the first time that Lord Robert has been out into the world. He's only a few weeks old, little thing, but he is well taken care of - and well guarded. As the doors open and the temple clears from services, the Duchess Roslin Crawford is among those present. The baby recieved a blessing today, and seems to be in a sleepy mood for it. His mother, traveling as she does among nobles and maids, with six Crawford guards waiting for her at the foot of the steps, chose today to wear her house colors - a blue overdress of brushed cotton and an underdress of cream with a starburst pattern made of blue stones - sapphires, perhaps? Her hair is done up in a crown of red braids and she wears a silver eight-pointed star around her throat. The baby, Lord Robert Crawford, is wrapped in a matching cream swaddling robe, trimmed in blue and ending in beaded tassles. "Thank you, we're doing very well," Roslin says to one of the well-wishers nearby, pausing on the steps to chatter.

Having started this day early, because there's been some errand he's needed to take care of, Robben is making his way back towards the castle now, followed by a few guards in Ruxton colors. He is looking a bit thoughtful, as he looks up in time to see the people heading out from the temple now. He doesn't move to greet any of them right now, though.

Lothar is wandering the market purchasing a few essentials for when he goes back out onto the trail.

After seeing to some morning prayers, Nylie had taken to the markets and seems to be edging towards those shouts concerning cherries. The Duchess accompanied by some may recognize as her usual maid Alyxia, a pair of Lakeshire Knights and and handful of House Guards.

Upon one of the horses strolling languidly through is Kyra. She's wearing a loose fitting tunic and leggings, though it's more obvious now the unmarried woman's condition with her protruding stomach that no amount of bulky clothing would hide. She holds the reins loosely, boots resting in the stirrups of the saddle while she watches the merchants selling their wares. Her red hair is pulled back in a softer look than usual, the length tumbling down her back. A bow and quiver over her back, it looks like she had already been hunting, the carcass of an already cleaned rabbit and soft pelt are visible.

"Fine velvet and lace for one crown!" A cloth vendor dressed in shades of blue and green shout adding her voice high pitched voice to the already full symphony. The wind picks up and flies buzz.

A few of the vendors grow quiet and move to get their shawls other cast a look over at the temple. Others shake their head. Yet the majority continue to call out and shout.

Cordelia shivers a little, pulling her shawl about her shoulders. She eventually pauses, her guard stopping just behind as she looks about, drawing a question from the man in her house colors, "I don't know.." Unconsciously, the young lady lifts a hand to brush lightly at the back of her neck. Her odd answer has the guard looking about as well, soon to murmur something to his charge hat earns a shake of her head, "No, it's okay. I want to see what sort of fruit they have.."

Lothar glances up from the provisions he'd been looking at his eyes squinting slightly as most of his movements stop and he starts to slowly gaze around the markets… That feeling of hairs rising in the back of his neck is something the Ranger doesn't ever take lightly.

Caedmon is standing at the leather-smith's stall. Unlike other nobles with their entourages, he is alone and dressed so simply that some might mistake him for a commoner except for the sword that hangs from his belt. Even that is not always visible due to the long cloak that he has draped over his left arm. He is inspecting a bridle that appears to be for a small horse or pony. "It looks good enough," he says to the leather-smith. "But look. This brad is loose. If you will fix that, and add oil for the saddle and some riding gloves to fit a small child of six or seven years, you have a deal." The takes down the bridle and nods. Then he steps into the back of the stall. Caedmon's left hand drifts toward his coin-purse, but then he frowns. He checks for the small bag, and then he unfolds the cloak. He takes a step away from the stall to shake out the cloak and then drape it over his shoulders before he clasps it. He shakes his head again. "Odd," he comments. He looks around him and notices several others who appear to have noticed a chill in the air. He glances sky-ward to see if clouds are coming.

Robben comes to a stop now, as he looks around, frowning a bit as he does. "Something is not right here…" he mutters to one of his entourage, looking around as one hand moves towards his neck, briefly. Looking up, his frown deepens now. "This is quite strange…"

The chill causes Roslin not to do anything with her own attire, but she does tuck the blankets around Lord Robert a little more tightly. There you go, baby. Be warm. She nods to a few other people. "I really ought to be getting him home," She explains. "The healer nearly had a fit just because I was taking him out." Some of the older women, mothers several times over, chuckle at that, likely remembering something of their own young children. But Roslin turns and moves down the steps to where the guards are waiting. "We'll have the carriage brought up, Your Grace." As she pauses to wait, Roslin turns her eyes toward the crowd, seeing Caedmon, but she doesn't distrub him. Rather, there are ladies to talk to, coming down from the steps as well. So she continues to chatter.

Nylie slows in her steps a moment, giving a little shivers causing her to give a glance ot her maid,"I am certain if I am not over warm, I am getting chilled." Thogh what else she may have commented to the woman is forstalled as she gives a faint glance up, before shaking her head a touch. "Perhaps we should…" Her words forstalled again for a few moments. Commonly dressed, but who could miss that hair? Moving towards the booth he is frequenting, distracted now from those cherries.

For some inexplicable reason, Kyra goes from warm to chilled, the shivers racing through her bring a shudder to the uncloaked young woman. At the almost imperceptible changing in lighting, she tips her head back, looking out at the area and those exiting the temple, then further up to see the clouds, if any, or why the lighting suddenly altered.

The sky above begins to darken but there are no clouds in the sky. It is as if time has ceased and a twilight that happens right before dark has descends over the land. The air grows colder. The world around them begins to grow quiet. It is like the very earth itself is holding its breath and waiting for something. Soon there is no sound and for a moment that silence is deafening. Then sound of a low gong or bell rings out and shakes the very foundations of the buildings. Cri that has risen in the Western sky begins to disappear. Time ticks on with every heartbeat. Slowly a ring of blue fire appears where the planet had been, out lining it.

Cordelia shivers once again, the light shawl certainly not helping with the chill she's feeling. As lighting flickers, the sky to grow darker, she unconsciously holds her breath as the silence falls over the market. A step is taken back towards the guard who's hand has fallen to his sword, the man alert, though his gaze is drawn to the sky as is everyone else's, it would seem.

As the sky turns, everyone in Roslin's party turns to watch it. "Your Grace," one of the guards says, stepping up to put a hand on Roslin's back, as if to steer her. "To the carriage, at once. We must see you back to the castle." Roslin turns to the man, a little pale, looking serious but breathless. "To what end? No, bring everyone toward the temple." She says. "If this is the Gods' will, let us bend the knee for them in respect." She nods to a few of the guards, who don't look pleased. And then she begins to climb the steps, slowly, with her eyes drawn upoward. The babe in her arms just waves his little fists and turns his head to the side to sleep some more.

Lifting a hand to rub her eyes as the sky begins to darken, Kyra is convinced she is seeing things, or about to pass out. Or something equally mortifying. Her hands tighten on the reins, knees press further into the horse she rides and after a moment she lowers her hand to look back up at the sky. As the world stands still in a breathless moment that seems to last more than the mere seconds of deafening silence, there is a roaring in her ears, the sound that only silence makes, and she can feel her heartbeat thundering in her chest when the low sound of the bell breaks the silence almost painfully, the ground trembling beneath the hooves of the horse. A choking sound is heard next and it startles her further as the blue fire surrounds Cri, the view she had so become accustomed altering so surely and she realizes the choking sound was from herself. Shaken, she forces herself to draw a breath, one after the other, trying to bring things into perspective.

Lothar glances up at Cri or well Cri would have been and is now left with a ring of blue fire… The ranger blinks a bit as the silence settles on the world and tries to shake the silence out of his ears only to have them end up ringing from the gong sound. He starts to make his way towards the temple hoping to find either some answers or well peace before the end of days…

Like others, Caedmon sees no clouds. He lowers his eyes and looks around again, only this time frowning and seeming to squint as if the light has dimmed noticeably. He glances toward the back of that stall where the leather-worker disappeared, and he calls, "Smith? Stay in your booth. Somehting strange is afoot." He draws his cloak more closely around himself and cautiously leaves the stall. He does, he glances around the crowd again. Then his eyes become glassy and he stares into some distance known only to him while others around him are noting the strange happenings. The sound of the deep, ominous gong seems to rouse him from the stupor. His eyes lose their drugged appearance. His lips tighten into a deeper, worried frown. "Be calm, all of you, but be alert! Something is stirring. Cri is hiding the sun, but that is not the danger. I know not what, but some … unwelcome thing is waking - a darkness that is more than this twilight. Be on guard!" While he speaks, he again scans the crowd. His eyes linger for a moment on Nylie. Then he hears the sounds of fidgeting from a horse nearby and he looks toward the animal and its rider. "Mistress, if your horse startles easily, I would suggest dismounting, lest the beast throw you."

Looking around a bit more carefully now, Robben grimaces a bit. "What trouble is this…" he begins, to himself, before he starts bringing his entourage a few steps over in the direction of the castle now, expression a bit stony at the moment.

Nylie draws her cloak a touch tigher, another glance going towards the sky as it continues to darken on even with the lack of clouds. A sort of confused look coming, though she glances again to her maid. Her guards take to moving closer to her, one suggesting,"I think we best head back and continue the shopping another day, Your Grace." She seems about to counter when the darkness falls further, looking up to see that ring of light, starining a moment before the tone that rings out causes her to shakes and pull her cloak tighter with another shiver. A few more steps go towards her brother, pausing as she catches sight of that look. But soon hurrying closer, catching what he speaks. Recent conversations bouncing around in her head. Murmuring faintly, some hint of questioning to her tone,"Brother…"

Hearing Caedmon, Cordelia's gaze finds the man, then to those who are filing back into the nearby temple. "To the temple." She murmurs to her guard who nods agreement, and follows the young lady back, retracing her steps. She stops, allowing the woman on the horse to pass before she might continue towards the temple. Lips move quietly, likely already offering a prayer.

The crowds begin to murmur there is a feeling of a rising panic in the air. Screams can be heard. Other murmur comfort, panic becomes a sense of unease. The currents of emotions from crowds that fill the streets of Stormvale shift move like tide of the ocean. The shifts continue, the unease grows. The air feels colder. Another gong or Bell rings out. The fire in the sky around the planet grows brighter until the world is bathed in the grey blue light of this false twilight.

"Come now," Roslin says, pausing to turn halfway up the steps. She looks away from the sky, over the crowds. "Be calm, be at ease. The Gods still watch over us. Let us pray, and all will be well." She says to those around, taking the babe and moving upward toward the temple gates. She pauses, there, looking for the priest. The babe is rocked against her chest, and once more she glances upward. "Priest, I beg you. Come out to the flock," she says, quietly.

Robben keeps quiet, just watching the sky for now. The gong makes him wince for a few moments, and he just stands there now, the four fingers on his left hand clenching and unclenching without him managing to do much more at the moment.

From the direction of the Temple and older woman steps out through the doors. Her hair is white as snow and she is round as an apple but wrinkled as well. She is dressed in a white robe and eight priests are with her, they too are older and dressed in white. Four temple guards armed and armoured step out. There weapons are sheathed. They are standing near the Temple. The woman's ancient voice seems to carry. "The Gods have awoken, peace." The woman calls out. "Be welcomed for prayer and offerings in the temple."

One of the eight priests and priestess offer a raised eyebrow to Roslin. "Give us time; we had to check the scrolls." Another says to her. Then the temple doors are pulled wide open.

Frost begins to appear on the windows. Then very slowly the blue outlining the moon begins to fade and the sun appears in the sky. There is still a sense of unease from the crowd.

The preists turn to enter into the temple and the sound of prayers can be heard.

Roslin gives the priest a little bit of a wry look, but she says nothing else to them. Instead, she looks up at the frost, frowning even deeper. So she moves into the temple after everyone, nodding to the guards behind her. They step up to guard her, stand around her, protect her from the crowds or the powers that be, if they can. The babe lets out a little yelp, unhappy with the change in temperature. But perhaps, inside, it will be warmer for him. Before going inside the doors, Roslin looks back once, eyes sweeping over Nylie and Caedmon and other familiar faces, hoping that they too will follow.

Cordelia waits for the horse to pass, and as long as it doesn't go wild with all that is going on, she continues towards the steps of the temple, her guard following afterwards. As she reaches the stairs, the next gong rings out, startling her into gasping softly aloud, her head turning to look back over a shoulder to the sky, and the odd flame that burns within. Quicker are her steps, though she is held up by others that seek the temple out, all whom pause when the priests and priestesses show up at the doors.

Indeed the horse does sense the sudden rise of panic and unease and begins dancing around, wide eyed. Hearing the words from the man, Kyra suddenly realizes he is right and without her usual lithe movements, hindered by the weight of the unborn child, she dismounts, only stumbling one step before catching herself. The call from the temple draws her attention but a murmured thank you to the man who had warned her about her horse is given first along with a grateful glance. Taking the reins, she looks once more to the temple, torn, and she hastily wraps the reins around a hitching post before approaching the others.

Even though Nylie lingers near Caedmon, when there is an apperance of priests and priestess from the Temple, her attention turns in that direction and to what is spoken. Her brows rise just a little at this…news. It does imply, the Gods were….sleeping. But…she shakes her head a little and gives another small tug on that cloak with such a chill in the air. "Perhaps it would be good to see to a few prayers, brother." Though waht exactly to pray for seems to be escaping her. To many things and nothing all at once. An incline of her head goes towards Roslin to catch sight of her and see her looking their way.

Pausing as he hears the call from the temple, Robben looks in that direction for a few moments, then back to the sky, and over towards the castle now. Looking decidely unsure about what to do now, it would seem.

Roslin arrives in the temple with many others. She moves easily and with conviction to the alter of Alasair. It is there that she bows her head down, sliding to her knees and fluffing out her skirt so as not to tear it. The gown puffs around her, giving her the view of floating. She keeps the babe close against her, and closes her eyes in silent prayer. Perhaps in silent prayer, at any rate.

Then the sun appears again and the sound of life rushes in like a roaring river. The false twilight is gone and the slowly the temperature begins to rise.

With the crush at the temple steps, Cordelia is held up, but seems quite willing to go within for prayers. With the frost that comes so suddenly upon the windows and breath to hang in the air, she shivers a little more, arms wrapped about herself, holding the shawl about her. A shiver that slowly disappears as the events pass, and the temp warms.

Caedmon inclines his head to Kyra, and when she dismounts, he recognizes her delicate condition. "Had I known your state, mistress, I would have offferd my hand. A mother should do all that she can to protect the growing child." Again, he inclines his head before he laves her. With a quick sweep of his eyes, he finds the older woman with her guard of holy ones. He approaches the her slowly and bows. "When my service is required, mother, I am ready." He looks to Nylie, and urges, "Pray, and do what you can to calm them. I will not be far. I wish to speak with you later, dear sister."

In a troubled time, most would seek the temple and for once, Kyra is no different. At the door, she hesitates and looks back to the man, offering him a grateful smile. "I agree." A hand drifts protectively to the growing child he speaks of. Immediately though, she is immediately drawn to the dramatics in the sky and she shudders before stepping just inside the doors, looking to the white haired woman for answers.

After a few moments of silent prayer, Roslin rises once again. She turns and looks around, and some idea seems to come to her. She steps away, to the corner, where a clergyman stands. Soft words are spoken between him, and the man is gone. He returns, after a period, with a few others in tow. Carrying boxes. In the boxes? Candles, it seems. Roslin nods once more and the men begin to distrubute them.

Roslin, one hand still cradling the baby, takes a fist full of candles and begins to move throughout the room, offering them to those around. "Light them, that the Gods might see our gladness for their awakening." She says, moving through the crowd. Once she's out, she collects more, and begins the process again.

Nylie gives a nod of her head to Caedmon,"And I you, brother. I will pray and do what I can, keep safe." Stepping to give his arm a quick squeeze, even if she'd preffer to hug the stuffings out of him, but it seems not quite the time for it. Or perhaps it is the best time. But she does move off to join those within the Temple, with her 'group', all but one scattering to various alters to pray. The one keeping with Nylie as she moves to offer several prayers up herself.

It is to Theodor's alter that Cordelia heads to first, a short brief prayer given there before she makes her way to others. When Roslin passes by with the candles, she takes one from the duchess, "Thank you, milady." She may not recognize who it is, but certainly understands she's noble. Seeking a light, she turns, almost bumping into Nylie, "Excuse me, milady."

Standing where he is at the moment, Robben relaxes as the sky seems to be getting back to normal. He remains standing where he is, taking a few deep breaths now. And not stepping closer to the temple, just remaining where he is for now.

A hand instinctively goes to Nylie's belly as she gets bumped along into, it being a rather bit rounded. Having babies was all the rage these days afterall, the Duchess of Lakeshire couldn't not get with the fashionable trend. She however offers a smile to Cordelia,"Do not worry of it, there are so many," with many now crowding into the Temple to pray, hoping to hear further form the priests on what exactly it means for them all now that the Gods have awoken.

"You're welcome," Roslin says to Cordelia. She smiles, reassuringly to the girl. "Let us light their way," She says, speaking softly. She moves, then, on to the next person. And the next. To Nylie, too, offering a candle.

Cordelia's gaze drops to the woman's extended belly, and ohs softly, "I am truly sorry. You are well, yes?" Wanting to be sure she didn't jostle the expecting one too much. With her candle clutched in her hand, she blushes, glancing about as the crowd grows further within the temple. "I have never seen anything like that before back home." A little lost is the young redhead, her guard keeping close to her back.

Nylie dips her head to Roslin as she accepts the offered candle, her guard taking one up as well. A murmured,"Thank you," given to her cousin. A reassuring smile goes to Cordelia,"I am fine and well yes. I do not think most have ever seen anything like that. And I imagine those back at home have seen what you have this day." A hand gently motions to some of the lite candles near the alters,"Shall we light our candles, and home is," a flicker of eyes to the girls guards,"is Sky Forest is it not?" A slight pause before she offers,"I am Nylie," the guards that accompany her likely giving way her current ties to Lakeshire and House Kinciad.

Roslin nod, turning her attention back toward another commoner, offering over a candle. The baby squeals again, shaking his fists. Once she is out of candles, the former Princess returns to the clergymen handing them out and collects another handful. She moves back toward the crowd, urging people to light them, to pray, to show the Gods they are to be welcomed with light and faith.

Again, there comes the faint shiver, the touch of one hand at the nape of her neck as she recalls the way that feeling came. "It will make the letter home a little more interesting, for certain." When Nylie picks out her home province, she smiles, "Aye, it is. Horizon Hold, to be exact." With slow steps, she'll walk with Nylie towards the lit candles, "I am Cordelia. It's a pleasure to meet you, Nylie." Hearing Roslin's voice, she glances over her shoulder towards her, "She seems familiar, though I do not know her name.."

"Aye, I imagine it shall make for a rather interesting letter." Nylie gives a slight nod,"It is a pleasure as well to meet you, Cordelia. I spent much time Forest Hall myself, I fear it has been months since I have been to Sky Forest." Some tinge of wistfulness briely touching her tone. But it moves along as she rising her candle to one of those set out and lit. Her own guards aiding in passing along candles once they have finished with their prayers, even if they return to a general area about the woman in some fashion or another. "She is my cousin, the Duchess Roslin Crawford of Sutherland. "


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