Nar 18, 229 : Strange Happenings - Belcrest

Strange Happenings - Belcrest
Summary: Strange events occur across the land, the people in the Courtyard of Castle Meade pay witness and react to darkness decending in the middle of the day.
OOC Date: 21/Jul/2014 (OOC)
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Courtyard - Castle Meade
Above to the east, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle Meade, set on the side of a rocky shore overlooking the sea. A road leading to the west leads through the gatehouse and to the City of Belcrest. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
It is day 18 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

The courtyard of any Castle is always a bustle of activity, today is no different. People are going about their business, messengers hurrying through to deliver messages to the Royal Family and guests, as well as those scurrying back off. Deliveries are being made, there are the guards and knight that practice off in the traiing area. A falconer makes his way along to the mew off in the way, dogs bark in the kennels. It is a fairly normal day during this time of war.

Surely it's a nice enough day to go for a ride, which brings Princess Karissa and her Forza, Matteo, to the Courtyard at this time. The Skingaardians step from the castle, both heading towards the stables, though with the usual bustle of the courtyard, the going may be slower than normal they pause at times to let messengers or others hurry past. She speaks quietly with the armed woman at her side, questioning her.

Kierne is with his usual escort of four guards— not his own, of course, but those which have been set upon him and watched just about his every move since he's gotten here. It's a miracle he's even able to get a moment of privacy to take a piss. But as it stands he's under watch in the stables, allowed to visit Nylie's Grace and give him a good brushing, a guard posted at each corner of the stall, watching him do so.

Benedict steps out from the inner side of the catle he's dressed for guard duty today it would seem though neither of his charges are with him just at the moment perhaps he will be meeting up with them in a bit. The young man checks over things once more before moving further into the courtyard and pausing to take in the sights and decide where he was headed today.

Matteo keeps just that half step behind Karissa as is appropriate for a guard. The woman wearing the usual blue shoulderless dress common to the Forza, allowing the tattoo upon her left shoulder to be plainly seen. Her sword secured in position upon her back as she takes in those who come and go, the look of one calculating what danger they may or not potentially pose to her charge. She leans a touch to catch Karissa's words properly before giving a nod and answering quietly.

Kierne spots the pair coming toward the stables from between the forest of beams which hold aloft the stable rooves, watching them with a sideways twist of his eyes before setting his attention firmly back on his mount's grooming, brushing him in gentle circles and then turning to look through the packing which had ridden with him.

With midday soon approaching, Sheat was high in the sky raining down those bright rays of light to give warmth to the day. And Cri was rising in the western sky, the past weeks it had taken to looking dark and menaning. Now as Cri rises further upon the horrizans some may notice that the darkness is starting to give way to something more…blue.

Nodding in turn, there comes a smile to Karissa's face before she glances towards the stables, then off to the sky, as if to check the weather. Steps slow, and she gestures, glancing to Matteo then as if to ask her if she's noticed as well. Odd, right? She doesn't notice Benedict at first, but soon attention turns towards the man, a polite dip of her head offered, "Ambassador."

The young man does notice at least a couple people he knows or at least familiar with the Princess and company which is where his path will divert until he's close enough to speak "Good day Your Highness. I hope all is treating you well?" Benedict will say giving a bow though he does turn towards the sky to see what it is that they see and his eyebrow raises thinking it quite odd indeed.

Matteo does give a glance skywards and nods give a brief nod towards Karissa, taking another look before a mild frown. A look indicating she finds it odd as well. Better then the dark, menancing though. The woman seeking to give a turn of a curtsey towards the Knight as Karissa address him.

"All is…" Karissa begins to answer Benedict, but as she looks at the sky above and the odd blueness above, she shivers a little. Unable to help herself, she frowns then. "What do you make of it?" She speaks aloud then, leaving the question open to either Ambassador or Forza that stand near her.

Kierne comes up with some small coin from his pack, standing up straight and stepping to the foremost region of the stall, leaning out on the rail toward the Lannie guards watching over him from there. A few brief words and a transaction later he's requested that the guard find some apples to buy for Nylie. He doesn't know whether the coin will be legal tender, here, or if the guard will just pocket it, but it's worth a shot. Then, leaning there on the rail, he looks out over the courtyard more broadly.

Out of the blue (no, not that blue), the youngest Skingaardian appears - Amando has been about town most of the time since their arrival, offering only some vague explanations about building public relations when questioned by his sister. But now he literally scoots into the courtyard and bumps into Matteo. "Oi, Matty. Sister. Hey.", he greets them both breathlessly, "What's going on?"

The blue light continues to slowly overtake the dark appereance that Cri has been showing for days. That seems not to be the only thing occuring, for Cri is moving higher in the sky angling on a path towards Sheat. Shadows are becoming longer. There is a chill coming upon the air.

Matteo has given another look to the sky just as Amando bumps along into her, he's lucky she is quick in many ways and doesn't try to do another more than turn him along to the side to join the group. "I am not sure what to make of it, Your Highness. It has been looking quite…dark these past days. Maybe what ever has caused Cri such sadness is passing and her spirits are lifting?"

Benedict he will glance back down to the Princess though he returns the others greeting with a nod of his own as well. "I dont know, its odd to be sure. Cant remember ever seeing that before." he tilts his head to look back up at it a moent "I'm not sure if it is good or bad." he isnt on edge just yet but turns away as another appears and he will greet Amando with a nod before turning to listen to the bodyguard as well.

Karissa actually reaches for her brother, to offer him a quick hug. PErhaps the oddness is making her glad to have him near for once? "Odd.. I can hope so, Forza." That Cri is becoming happier than she's been here lately. To Amando, she quirks a brow, "And where have you been?" Half curious if there will be trouble she will have to deal with at some point.

"Doesn't matter.", Amando tells Karissa quickly and doesn't seem to mind the hug. In fact he stays surprisingly close to his sister and to Matteo. "It's a bit spooky though, isn't it? Doesn't that look blue to you?", he asks them both, "Or are my eyes goig?"

Oh… Amando, at least, Kierne recognizes. His first instinct is to be glad to see him, possibly to toss him a wave— then that instinct is dampered, somewhat, as he considers the implications of his being here, of all places. Finally, all thought of his presence whatsoever is knocked away by the strange new route Cri is taking across the sky. He scrunches one eyebrow downward in a half-squint as he tries to recall his Natural Philosophy diagrams of the celestial bodies and their motions, mapping this new motion in his mind's eye.

The young man now is glancing back to the sky watching the path along with the others. Benedict doesnt know what to make of it still and so saftey in numbers seems to be what he'll go with for the moment staying alongside the small gathered group until something or nothing happens further.

"It does seem to be a bit looking," agrees Matteo. The woman giving the sky another look and frowning. It was odd. There was no denying that. Stepping ni a touch closer to her charge with the strangeness that seems to be afoot in the sky. She could never known when danger might come.

"It's blue, yes. Not your eyes." Karissa agrees with her brother, a hand to linger on his shoulder as Matteo steps closer to her back. "I am thinking that perhaps our trip to the market may be best taken another day." This one is officially a little too strange for her. Turning, she looks to Benedict as he lingers as well, then turns back to the oddness in the sky. "I wonder what it means exactly." Surely there's a meaning for it.

The shadows continue to lengthen even though no clouds exist in the sky. The air continues to grow colder. It is as if twilight is coming. The sense of time ceasing falls as it often does at that point of the evening, just before darkness would descend over the land. Yet it is midday and there is an added sense of dread and yet exhilaration that mixes in the air. The world around begins to grow quiet, horses cease to paws, the dogs to bark. It is like the very earth has taken to holding it's beath and is waiting for somthing. Soon there is no sound and for a moment the silence may seem deafening. It is in that moment that the sound of a low sounding bell or gong rings out through the air. Deep in sound, yet powerful in its resonation as it shakes the very foundation of the buildings. The Cri that had been rising in the Western sky now begins to seem to disappear as Her paths crosses with Sheats. Slowly a ring of blue fire appear where the plant had been, outlining it.

Amando wraps his arms around Karissa's waist and hugs against her closely. He doesn't really speak, though the hug will tell her that her big-mouthed little brother is actually rather scared.

A cold wind blows through the loose locks of Kierne's hair, and a moment after, he rakes his own fingers through them, leaving them a little ruffled as he climbs over the railing and into the path just outside the stables, between two of his four allotted guards. His face alight in the bue flame, grinning like a madman. "Wow," he whispers to himself, stepping further out into the courtyard, guards trailing him, eyes in the sky. "I've seen this configuration of heavenly bodies charted. Cri's eclipse of Sheat. It's never actually been recorded before, though. This is so awesome," he geeks out merrily among the ambient terror.

Benedict is unable to form the thoughts to words as the world seems to go quiet in a courtyard usually full of people and often noisy it is even more earie than it probably should be. The Lord and Knight can only take stock of those close by taking a half step closer to the group and watching the sky as everything seems to change day to night and all

Does Karissa care that her brother is actually hugging her then? Nope. She's busy hugging him right back. That moment of silence has her catching her breath and holding it, and when the gong rings out, she jumps a little, startled by the sound that can be felt vibrating through her body. "Oh!" The gasp comes, and while part of her likely would like nothing better to do than run back in the castle to hide, another seems quite captivated by the happenings high above in the sky. Hearing Kierne's words, she turns, "Whhat?" Perhaps she didn't quite understand what all he said?

With the sky turning dark, the appearance of the blue ring of fire and the general unease that seems to now sit upon the air, Matteo is bristling a touch. She doesn't know what is going on, but she certainly does not like it. There is likely a touch of gauking herself at one point, to the sky. But the sounding of the bell or gong, or whatever it is breaks her out of it. A hand going to Karissa's shoulder,"Your Highness, I think you are right, and it may perhaps be best to head back." Though with the buildings seeming to shake, she isn't sure where is safe. Inside or out!

"Maybe we should go home.", Amando suggests, "We don't have this kind of scary shit at home." He does look a little bit home-sick.

Those around the courtyard begin to murmur, there is a feeling of a rising panic in the air. Screams can be heard from the mew, the dogs take to barking again, a few of the horses within the stables being to panic. Others murmur comforand try to still those panicing, panic becomes a sense of unease. The currents of emotions around the courtyard are also filling the streets of Meade and shift like the tide of the ocean. The shifts continue, the unease grows. The air feels colder. Another gong or Bell rings out. The fire in the sky around the planet grows brighter until the world is bathed in the grey blue light of this false twilight.

"I doubt that there's anyplace which isn't seeing this right now," Kierne reasons, ostensibly to Amando as he comes to a halt nearby where he's hugging his sister. "Cri is far larger than us, and can easily hold all of us together in her umbra," he offers his considered opinion. "Unless it's not a total eclipse, and we're only seeing it from a partial angle," he argues back to himself, sounding as though he's hosting some sort of colloquium on the matter inside his head. "Man, it's… pretty. I doubt we'll ever see anything like it again." He folds his arms in front of himself, looking equal parts enthralled and wistful, all of a sudden.

"Maybe.." Karissa murmurs, either to her brother or her Forza. The unease grows, and as both animals and people begin to react to the tension that fills the air, she shifts, nodding, glancing to Matteo to see what the Forza wishes her to do, not arguing at all by what the woman might decide. Still, as Kierne continues to speak, she frowns further at his calmness, the fact he doesn't seem to be bothered as everyone else is.

Amando stares at Kierne for a moment. "Hey, I know you.", he realizes, "You're one of the Kincaids, aren't you? Fancy seeing you here in Laniveer. Have you changed sides? Does your family know?" Somehow his curiosity and the fact that Kierne doesn't seem scared of the strange things happening, cause a shift in Amando. He quickly lets go of Karissa and straightens, trying his damnest best to look cool and unaffected again.

Matteo offers an incline of her head towards the Morbin, she had seen him about a time or two when they were there. Her gaze lingers on him a moment at his words and calmness. "That may be the case, my Lord, but.." turning her attention back to Karissa,"it may still be best for us to seek the shelter of the castle. Not everyone seems to be taking this occurance…well. And we do not know what else the Gods might have in store for us." There is a sideways glance towards Amando at his sudden change about with Kierne near and being clam. She smirks, just a little.

Kierne would pay more attention to Amando if he weren't witnessing a once in a lifetime astronomical phenomenon. He doesn't want to miss it, should it end. Of course, Cri is tremendous in diameter, so he wonders briefly how long the eclipse will last. It could last hours, or days, as far as he knows. Or it could all be over in another blink of an eye. "Uh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, they know I'm here." Or at least some of them do. "Hey, I was gonna say the same of you. Been a while. Weird we should meet up here of all places." He finally looks aside to Amando, then past, to his sister and her guard, of whom he's never had the honor, really. The former is frowning at him, and he offers her back a smile for the frown, "Maybe that's the best idea. You never know what people might resort to, presented with something they've never seen before. The unknown terrifies so many."

The chill in the air deepens to the point that frost appears upon the windows of buildings. The passage of time is ever uncertain as that blue light covers the lands. But very slowly does the blue ring of light that rings Cri begin to fade and Shear again begins to appear in the sky. The twilight of midday takes to passing and day is soon returned properly. A sense of unease continues to exist amongst those in the courtyard.

There are shouts and cries out in the streets of Meade as the same unease runs rampant. People flock towards the Temples to seek answers from the Viri priests. It does not take long for a messenger to be sent from the Castle to summon one ot the King for answers as well. It also does not take long for whispers to spring up about how God has awoken, that Viri will be seen again. There are conflicting words as people bring up the Morbin priests speech not long ago about turning to the Light. Debates start up in various corners of the land, is this Viri's way of showing the falness of that priest. Or is it the Gods of those of the Light showing that there will be Darkness over the land if the people do not turn to them?

"I see. Cool. Yea.", Amando tells Kierne, "Yea, we should go for drinks later, yea? When you're done staring at the sky. I… uh…. I'm going inside. Wanted to bathe anyway. It's why I came back to the castle. Not fazed about that -" He jerks a thumb upwards to the eclipse. And then amidst all the fuss he quickly slips off without waiting for his sister or Matty.

Karissa isn't as quick to let her brother go, frowning as things continue to be so strange. He'll get away from her with a slight tug, a gesture that leaves her frowning as she takes in Matteo's suggestion. "As you say, Forza." She doesn't hurry, watching as Cri returns to the sky, though she might be surprised by the quickness in which Amando is soon hurrying to the castle for his… bath? Cue surprise there.

Benedict glances about at the palpable unease which goes about the city. "I think that she is correct inside the castle might be a better option your Highness at least until the city quiets back down in response to the planets movement." He does glance though once to the man who had spoke and recognizing him as well, but why indeed is he here.

Amando's retreat to take a bath does cause Matteo to give a slight blink as well. It just…not quite like the Prince. "Until the crowds settle, I do think it is best," turning to escort Karissa back inside. A slight nod going to the Morbin Knight, not met, but seen a time or two about practice fields in that far off land, and then the Moniwid Knight. Noting to Karissa,"I believe I heard there was a Priest of Light present in the city, he may be the one to speak to."

Kierne knows well the call of a good bath, but there's the glory of creation happening out here, and he's basking in it— up until Matteo mentions going to see a priest. His brows lower for a moment and he bites at the inside of his cheek before he turns, "Uh— y'know, if these guys don't mind my going along," he jerks his head to one side to indicate the passel of Lannie guards he's got watching him, "I can explain exactly what's going on. There's really no need to run to the clergy— it's entirely natural, just incredibly rare."

Turning, Karissa allows Matteo to escort her back into the castle, forgoing the planned trip to the town's market. "I will have to seek him out later." Quick is her brother, already disappeared inside the castle, leaving the group to follow behind. To Benedict, she does ask of the man, "And you? Do you see out your wards, or will you sit and takl for a bit?" To Keirne, she wonders, "Why would they mind you going into the castle?"

Matteo's eyebrow raise at what Kierne seems to imply,"It not everything that is natural of the Gods, my lord? Or do you not give heed to the Gods?" " The guard however does leave it to Karissa if the Morbin is to accompany them or not, it is the Princesses decision to make not her own. But in time will lead along to a arrea of the castle…for conversation to continue as desired.

He will think on the question a moment before looking to the castle. Benedict will give a smile to the Princess "I should return to them soon, but they are guarded for now and so yes I will join you and speak if you wish." he is being formal only really the others company isnt bad at all.

"I would be glad of the company, your Excellency." Karissa answers Benedict before starting towards the castle, to seek a sitting room where they might sit and talk, and perhaps take comfort with a cup of tea. Or something harder, should nerves warrant it.

"Oh, they're just overprotective," Kierne replies rather jestfully, an impish smile tweaking at his lips as he answers Karissa. He doesn't go into the details of his visit here, but it'll become clear as he moves that the guards stay on him, watching him. Decidedly not the guest of honor, but something just north of prisoner, allowing him at least the freedom to wander. "Yes, of course," he answers Matteo. "I'm just saying that it's no different than a rainfall. Part of the great design. But if a group of people have never seen a rainfall, it might seem strange for water to be falling from the sky. They might take it as a portent, or something more sinister than that. But it isn't, is it?"

Matteo keeps that step behind as Karissa is escorted, it is her job to protect, not serve the refreshments. That she does leave up to the servants. Skittish as some of them may yet remain for a time considering the changes in the sky. While the way of the Laniveer guards are Kierne is taken notice of, Matteo does not comment about it. "It is different, rainfall does occur far more often. But do not both fall into the realm for the priests and priestess to speak about? And to judge if even the acts of nature brings signs of something sinister?"

Karissa doesn't comment as they head inside, eventually to find one of the salons that guests to the castle might use while there. A servant approaches, and a tray of drinks and food is ordered from the kitchen for the group before she finally seeks a seat. Her hand brushes at her skirt, lightly smoothing it as she listens to Matteo and Kierne discuss such things. "Even those in the deserts have seen and heard of rain at some point in their life. This… is different." That's her opinion of such.

The guards with Kierne don't seem to mind him accompanying the other foreigners to the salon. His first day here he was pretty careful to keep his hands in sight at all times, lest they get jumpy, but by now, well, they either trust him, to some degree, or have just gotten bored eyeing him so very closely. So he folds his hands at the small of his back, following along. "I've heard of eclipses. Never seen one, but— I read in one book that they could happen as rarely as ten thousand years apart."

Benedict will look between those as they walk. "I'd have to agree with the Princess here, I mean many things i've not seen before but the heavens moving and the feelings and darkness that was something which affects many things all at once. I'd guess.. I mean it would have to right?"

Many of the Laniveer guards are still keen on watching Matteo closely, either they think it's rather dodgy to allow a woman to be a guard, or they have seen her practice out in the practice fields and trust her even less. Or they just like the off the shoulder form fitting dress. She takes a place near enough yet, but she remains standing for the time as the others settle to seats. "I will be interesting to see what the clergy has to say none the less." More so perhaps on what the Laniveer clergy have to say verses what those of the Light say upon the matter. As well as the other faiths.

Kierne doesn't sit, prowling around by the wall to see what he can see out the windows. He'll take a drink, though, and drain it thoroughly, in less than a swallow. "Well, that's fair," he finally admits. "Never hurts to hear all sides of a thing. I should be more open-minded, I guess," he tosses her an apologetic half-smile.


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