Thedor 45, 229: Stormvale will NOT Prevail!

Stormvale will Not prevail!
Summary: Eldwin and Rowena have one of their famous talks
OOC Date: 15/02/2014
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Rowena Eldwin 
Castle Garden - Castle Mede - Laniveer
The garden is hidden by trees of birch, yew and lilac bushes. Hanging from the trees are several wind-chimes. Annuals and perennials of every color and type spill out from their beds looking wild and untamed. An ambling flagstone path appears and leads past cultured herb and vegetable gardens.

Trees of peach, pear, cherry and apple grow wild and from the looks of them, they are quiet old. Then the path comes to a natural spring fed stream that cheerfully spills into a small pond that is littered with water lilies, cattails and other water flowers. Fish can be seen swimming about in the cool gray water.

Another flagstone path hidden by blueberry bushes and blackberry brambles can be seen this one leads into another area. This area contains large oaks and maples that stand proudly, like ancient guardians. There is also a small eating area here complete with a stone gazebo; the entire place is covered with ferns and velvet like grass.

45 Thedor; 229

Fair and sunny are the air and skies today in Laniveer, respectively. Cri is hanging high above, and Sheat is nestled behind her, his illumination shining down into the garden. The spring time flowers are beginning to bloom, proof the micro climates of the Continent of Daeren lend warmth to the Northern parts while Stormvale wallows in the misery of the ending winter. The garden itself is pristine in its nature and groomed to perfection under the watchful and attentive royal gardeners who are there now trimming and pruning.

The King himself is roaming the gardens. A fine coat of Lions fur, yellow with the vicious beasts head hanging at his back. His breeches are blue like the sea and contrast in a fine manner to the rich golden tunic beneath his heavy outer garment. His crown glistens in the rays of the Sheat whilst he slowly strolls through the garden, each jewel reflecting fractures of light with his every movement. Behind him his retinue trails, save one man, almost as equally dressed. One of his council no doubt and he seems comfortable in the Kings presence while they share soft words. Despite his comfortable gait the Lord does have a frightened sound in his voice. Eldwin for his part carrys his usual eery smile, nods and considerations for each word.

"Yes. Within the bay the common folk are distressed. It is no mystery that they can feel the tides of war washing upon their home. The time draws near. Callem will no doubt be readying. Though, he has been away from his capital. A marriage between his daughter and their Duke of Sutherland. Had we been ready and more well informed this would have been a grand opportunity." His majesty's smile does not falter but his tone certainly displays one of dissapointment. Regret and frusteration all too obvious.

"The common folk have evey right to be distressed," comes the voice of Rowena, Princess of Laniveer and the sometimes adviser to her father, from somewhere behind the grouping, her voice lifting to announce her presence before she can be seen. As she always is, Rowena is dressed in nothing but the most perfect of finery, today having her chose a bright lilac gown that might remind one of spring even as winter seems to still desire to grasp their homelands in ice and snow. "There is very little they can do to assure their own safety, after all, and unless we bring them into the palace grounds where they'd be safer behind our walls and with our warriors to protect them, there is little we can do for them at the same time.

The princess stops and curtseys to Eldwin and his men when she can pause in walking to do so, the way she bows her head causing the many little diamonds to bathe her golden braids in little spots of various hues. "I would hope that you would not press a fight this time of year, Father," she adds once she's sure the council is properly greeted along with their liege. "And truly, would you deny the Princess and her family one moment of happiness? I know they are our enemy but truly you would understand, as a man who has daughters, how much a special day like this would mean to a young woman." To soften her words she touches his arm, Eldwin given one of her stunning smiles.

Hearing his daughters words the king pauses. Looking to her he replies. "They surely do." He listens to her now, his head tilting a bit high in consideration and he says, "This is true. But many of them /are/ soldiers. They must remain to throw back any invasion attempted on our ports. Though, I would not be adverse to the woman and children being removed. I am not sure that Belcrest would be safest for them though. And overpopulation will not help our cause. I would prefer not to lock the gates and harbor them here. IT shows the possibility of defeat. We mustn't lend to that idea. No need to retreat at his time as far as I can see."

His smile broadens now as she curtseys. Rowena in all her regal manner surely makes Roslin look like Brendolyn. The Laniveers the upmost authority in courtly behavior and action. "Surely I would press a fight. It is far better to be on the offensive. Callem will have the same thoughts, I assure you." Her touch is received warmly and he adds,"Though that possibility is fleeting at best now."

He did put a finger on the important point, of course. Just where would they send the women and their children that would be truly safe. "It is a shame that we do not have the means to send them swiftly to those countries we are aligned with… or who are, at least, neutral and might be willing to keep our citizens safe." There'd be a lot and that would be a very large favor to ask for on top of it being a strain on the other lands' resources. This is something that should have been planned for months before now, not left to come up as a suggestion now. "Oh well. I am sure we can find a suitable haven for our people when the time comes." Or so she prays.

Eldwin's admition has her heart falling. "I am sure he would have done so if the opportunity presented itself," she concedes. And now she has to wonder. How would Roslin feel if their positions were switched and her father mentioned having wished he thought of attacking while Eldwin saw his daughter wed? Would it sadden her like it does Rowena?

"Yes. Though the alliances we have are shakey at best. And they would not want to foster our own. Nor do I count them truely safe. I fear every corner of the continent will be sucked into this conflict. CAllem no doubt wishes to be Emperor. Those that do not obey he will attempt to grind under his heel into submission." His smile fades just a touch at that. Turning to the advisor who is near he dismisses him and starts a little stroll with his daughter now, arm in arm.

"The best course will be to relocate them to the center of the country. Along the river I think. WE have a few large cities that can disperse the refugees equally." He holds words for a moment when she concedes that the Kilgour would have no issue in doing the same, just a little pat to her arm. After awhile he says, "I think he will do so in fact yet. He is a bold man. And, they have left their ships on the other side of the islands that lay between us. No doubt mustering their strength for when the seas calm."

I wish I had more of a chance to speak with King Kilgour personally but unfortunately he took ill not long after we arrived and remained infirmed until just before we were exchanged. Maybe I could give more insight to the man if I was able to." Add that to her already lenghthy list of how she feels like she failed Eldwin and Laniveer. She looks around before shaking her head. "I will start to work with your Captains, Father. See if we can not figure out the logistics of moving so many people and how many extra each city can hold."

There is no desire from Rowena to speak further on war and potential losses, so she does what she does best, that being changing subjects. "Since we touched briefly upon the subject, I have to wonder if you might have a potential match for me in mind?"

"Yes. The second time he has taken ill in the past year from what I have been told." He contemplates that for a bit before continuing. "I would not be surprised if he seeks a glorious death in battle. It would fit his reputation, surely." He smiles a bit broader to her at her mention of helping. "That is a fine idea. With a mans family about his devotions and attentions are divided. And it would help put the masses at ease I should think. And the sooner the better. IT may be valuable to simply start the relocating before the numbers are worked. It will, after all, take them time to do so. Specific destinations need not be set immediately."

Strolling still amongst the blooming trees still arm in arm Eldwin seems in deep thought before he begins again. "I have a few. Though Prince Altair and his sister have left. And they seemed in quite the hurry to return to Stormvale. Which does not bode well for their /neutrality/. There is the Prince Naazil. A union with them would be beneficial to strengthen the shakey alliance I have mentioned. Have you met him? I was told he was in Darfield for a time as well."

Details will be worked out and further commented upon at a later time when Rowena has a chance to present her father with hard numbers and suggestions that will do them good instead of theories and such that won't do more than result in endless talking in circles.

The names are mulled over before, with a shake of her head, Rowena answers. "I have not met Prince Naazil, I am afraid. But… perhaps we should not seek a royal family for me to marry into, Father." The cold whips through her and Rowena shivers. "I think its is time for me to return inside. Please enjoy the rest of your meeting." King and council members alike are curtseyed to before she hurries inside, the cold driving her to hurry.

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