Nar 44, 228: Start with a Free-For-All!

Start with a Free-For-All!
Summary: Free for all to start the tourney, held as the Aberdeen king arrived.
OOC Date: 16/08/2013 (OOC)
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Tournament / Faire Grounds, City of Stormvale
The fairegrounds are big enough to hold a great many people, during festivals. They are really just a huge field, with a platform at the center, which is used for performances and announcements as is required. Grass never really seems to grow though, as the tents, pavillions and feet of each festival stamp it out. And just as it is beginning to regrow, the next festival arrives.
During a festival, the fairegrounds bustle with activity, whichever festival it might be. Many vendors set up tables and booths, selling everything from hotcakes to swords. Bards play music and poets recite their latest poems. Artists of all shapes, sizes and typse can be spied around and about the grounds. The scene is quite festive.
Nar 44, 228

As the events are about to begin there are loud sounds of the blown trumpet to signal the start of the event. The crowd already on their feet and cheering as the contestants arrive. At the royal box the two kings sit and converse. Applauding as the contestants arrive. All of them arriving at their own pace. The commisioner waiting for them all to take their places.

One of the contestants, with a Ruxton favour clear on his wrist, is Conall Aberdeen. Coming along with his helmet opened to show his face. Giving a wave and smile to the audience as he takes his place.

Tyrel steps out from a tent bearing the colors of the royal family, and moves toward the tournament grounds, a claymore strapped behind him, to his armor. He purple cloak billows in the wind, and one of his squires tags along beside. Tyrel walks with confidence, his stride long, and with purpose. Once he arrives in the area of the tournament, he pulls the claymore from his back, wielding it with two hands, he spins it around his body to get a feel for the blade.

Caitlyn sits on the edge of her seat as she watches the combatants enter the grounds, her eyes searching for one face among the fighters, When she finds Logen in the crowd, her smile widens, her eyes alight with excitement.

Onto the field strode Prince Logen, his armor shining, his claymore strapped to his back. Helmet off for the opening ceremonies. He wears a halfskirt about his tassets of gray with a rampant purple and gold eagle. Tied to the buckle of his scabbard is a white and blue pennant of house Crawford, hand made for him by his betrothed as her favor for this tourney. Just before the fighting commences, Logen will smile into the crowd for his intended to see him then don his helmet and face his opponents. Drawing his weapon, Logen does similarly as his brother does displaying alacrity with his movements.

Robben has made his way out in the field as well, looking around at the other participants a bit quietly now. Shaking his head a little bit as he glances around, he shrugs a little bit now, expression thoughtful at the moment.

And since there is only one Ruxton female of an age to be giving out favours, one might assume where Conall got his. However, Solara has found herself a seat well away from the Royal box, quite deliberately. Guards, maid, and Solara can all see what is going on, but hopefully not be seen by the kings. She might even be near Caitlyn, at least near enough to chat, if wanted. She settles into a seat, and looks out, smiling as she catches sight of her brother and waving his way. Conall too catcher her attention, and she dips her head politely.

Allyn had been itching for a fight for a few days and heard about the tournament, though once he heard it probably wouldn't be a good idea to enter the tournament with just his fits since others would most likely be armed he decided to grab a rapier. He'd been trained with swords, but had never used one outside of training before, figuring his chances were slim anyway, the younger member of the citywatch enters the field, unarmored except for his helm. He glances around at the other praticipants.

With all the fighters gathered the commissioner rises to his feet and clears his throat. "We are gathered today for a free for all event to start off this tourney, which will be continued through events during these few days." He says out in a strong voice. "Now, the combatants! First out. Of the city watch. Allyn Rhenfield!" He calls and cheers commence. Followed by letting the man show where he is before going on to the next one. "And one of the younger sons of our royal family, Logen Kilgour!" Which, perhaps not that odd get louder cheers than Allyn. "Coming to show what the folks in Weston has to offer, young lord Robben Ruxton!" As always cheers come. "From our allied kingdom, and the son of our guest King Isaac, Conall Aberdeen!" Receiving similar cheers. "Finally our very own Crown Prince and Marshall, competing against his own brother, Tyrel Kilgour!" Which receives the largest cheer. With a gesture of his hand, "Get ready… Fight!" He offers and then let the free for all start.

Conall let his gaze find Solara as he smiles and dips his head before turning to listen to the commissioner. Getting ready. Raising a hand when his name is called out. Waving a bit. Though as soon as the fight starts he dashes for one of the contestants nearest him, Allyn.

Caitlyn smiles warmly at Solara as the Lady comes near, inviting her to sit with a sweep of her hand, leaning towards her to murmer a greeting, her eyes flitting back to the contest while she speaks.
Caitlyn mutters to Solara, "Good… My… Solara. Is… upon… Aberdeen's…"

Logen mutters to Tyrel, "… take out… and… real…"

Tyrel waits and waits. Finally, when he believes the fight is about to start, he notices Robben squaring off on him, so he does the same.

Getting his sword ready, as well as offering a nod and a smile to his sister, Robben looks around at the various other participants, before he moves for Tyrel now. Time to see how the Crown Prince handles this, right?

Solara takes the invited seat, settling in gracefully. Her cheeks go a bit pink at Caitlyn's words, and she inclines her head. Then she too looks over to the contest about to start, not entirely sure who to cheer for. Her hands fold gracefull atop her lap and she watches intently.
Solara mutters to Caitlyn, "… yes…. of…"

Logen passes close to his brother and mutters something to him but waits for no response before moving to face the Aberdeen prince. Saluting him with his blade before moving to begin his attack. Conall should be a good opponent, give a good fight. Why not honor his visiting father by displaying his son's skills, and honor his, Logen's, father by also displaying skill.

Allyn is a bit taken aback by the cheer from the crowd when his name is announced, but he does wave briefly and then he kneels briefly, but respectfully to the royals, and then rising an giving the other opponents of station their respectful bows as is to be expected of a common, before gripping the rapier he begins making his way to engage Logen.

<COMBAT> Logen attacks Conall with Claymore - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Tyrel with Long Sword - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Logen with Rapier - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Robben with Claymore - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

As the fight is started Conall is quick to rush off to strike Allyn, hitting the man's hand. Though before he can react he is struck over his chest as well, making him stumble a bit. Smirking and letting out a dry chuckle at Logen. Preparing to return his swing with a cut of his own to Logen. Alternating between the two with him it seems.

And into the fray his blade goes, Logen's claymore rings with song of a solid strike. He pulls away bringing his heavy blade in to ready for follow up, before his helmet clangs with the sound of a blade stopping hard against it. Logen shakes his head but maintains his focus on the other prince.

Taking a hit to the chest, while not being quite successful in his own defense, Robben shakes his head a little, before he moves in for another attack.

Caitlyn's smile widens, her eyes crinkling at the corners as Solara responds, a hint of teasing there in her sky-blue eyes. As Logen moves to meet Conall on the field, her brows raise in surprise, her body tensing just before the blows ring out, wincing at the sound. "Thank goodness the combat isnt malicious."
Caitlyn mutters to Solara, "… clear… smitten… you,… not find him handsome?"

Allyn was too focused on going after Logen when he feels the strike by Conall's sword to his left hand, the shock making his swing hit Logen in the helmet. He then turns to face the one who struck him.
Long distance to Allyn and Logen: Conall nods. :D

Tyrel takes the blow from Robben, glancing it off his right hand, intending to block the shot with his blade, but the back of hand takes to brunt instead. However, the steel plate armor that Tyrel is wearing easily blocks the shot away. Taking a step to the left, he spins the blade around his side, then swings fiercely toward Robben, crashing his blade into the man's chest.

Solara looks briefly at Caitlyn, replying to her murmured words first, and then her gaze darts back over to the field, where the melee is taking place. "Indeed. Though I should expect there will still be bruises and such to take care of. But hopefully, nothing worse." Her gaze lingers on Tyrel and Robben fighting first, and then over to the terrible trio.
Solara mutters to Caitlyn, ""Clear?… such… he at least behaves…"

Tyrel swings another shot toward Robben right after his first goes crashing home, but misses this time. When Robben comes back after him, he pulls his blade back once more to block, but again, he is hit in the hand. This time, he steps back, the shot causing a slight pain. He grumbles under his breath, and comes once more with his claymore ready for attack.

Taking another strike to the chest, luckily absorbing most of the damage this time, Conall shifts back just a bit, enough so that Allyn misses him and he swings his against Logen. To the chest but apparantly not hard enough.

Follow ups are usually lighter, and when you're fighting two opponents you're usualy split between them. Logen's sword glides across Conall's chest. He uses the pmomentum of the swing to arch the blade at Allyn's legs and shifts to bring the strike upwards. Conall's sword smacks into his chest, but not hard enough to be noticed by the already moving prince.

Managing to dodge out of the way of Tyrel's strike, Robben chuckles as his own manages to hit the hand now. "Interesting, you trying to catch my sword with your hands?" he remarks a bit lightly.

Allyn manages to miss as he switches his target and curses a little under his breath, he really needs more experience with a blade, that much is obvious, but is thankful he wasn't attacked that last time. For now he decided to focus on Conall, since he's not quite sure who the major threat here is.

<COMBAT> Robben attacks Tyrel with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Rapier - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Robben with Claymore but Robben DODGES!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Allyn with Claymore - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Logen with Long Sword but Logen DODGES!

Getting a bit teamed up on Conall is backing up. Getting a rapier to his chest which sends him back and then a claymore, which luckily isn't as effective thanks to Allyn's attack. But it all sends him towards the wall near the ladies. Taking a bit more defensive stance. Trying to see what is going on as he swings for Logen again.

Tyrel takes another shot from Robben, this time to the arm. Tyrel steps back, attempting to swing up with his blade as he does, but misses. He takes several more steps back, surprised by Robben's attack. He begins circling the Ruxton now, to his left, his Claymore in front of him as he prepares for another round.

The shift from a leg strike to a chest strike pulls some of the force from Logen's swing, but no matter as he is maintaining the motion upwards to really be fancy here. In a huge arching full spin, Logen not only dodges the attck from Conall he lines up his down strike at the apex of the twist to slam hard into the Aberdeen's shoulder and neck.

Allyn grunts as he takes the light hit to the chest and winces some, panting. Maybe he needs to get into better shape, hopefully the captain isn't here watching, ebcause he'll get an earful of a lecture of staying in shape, he back off some, but takes a stab at Logen now with his rapier.

Caitlyn nods to Solara, her gaze sympathetic as she murmers "I would have to agree with you on that point, my Lady." Her gaze continues to follow Logen as he fights, her jaw tensing, her breath caught in a gasp as she watches him duck the incoming blow.

Once more managing to dance out of the way of Tyrel's strike, and managing to hit the arm of his opponenet, Robben takes a few quick steps back, offering a bit of a shrug. "Now I know why mother insisted on those dancing lessons," he remarks, waiting for the other man to make the first strike, now.

<COMBAT> Robben attacks Tyrel with Long Sword - Serious wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Robben with Claymore - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Conall with Claymore - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Logen with Rapier but Logen DODGES!
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Logen with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

While the one on one combat seem quite interesting in the hits it is less so over at the trio as none of them seem to be able to land a good strike. Conall trying to avoid and luckily the hit to his neck is not that hard, so it is stopped. Though noticing he does only have one on him currently he pushes and goes on the offensive as he jumps for Logen hard. Hoping to take him off balance.

Well, with the whole having to also dodge Allyn's strike at him, Logen's doesn't get the sort of follow through his old mentors taught him… plus, he also realizes that this sort of strike would probably break several small important bones. So, he pulls some of the force and wouldn't you know it? The Aberdeen's armor absorbs the blow. With Allyn becoming a pest to the prince, Logen turns on him and narrows his eyes.

Caitlyn mutters to Solara, "… rude… his… as he… not had… deserved your…"

Solara now gets a good view of Conall as he fights, her attention distracted somewhat from her brother. She winces though as Robben and Tyrel appear to be smacking each other around quite well. As for the terrible trio, well, they are closer so do get some more of her attention. She spares a slight smile for Caitlyn's comment. "Thank you," she says, before her voice lowers again.

Solara mutters to Caitlyn, "… if he… very… he… bitten."

Allyn chuckles some under hius breath as he misses Logen, but then when he notices Conall didn't go for him, he takes advantage of it, lunging for him.

Arriving somewhat late, Aemy seems to be doing much better than before, even slipping away while leaving the babies with the nanny. She has come to watch her husband participate. After locating Robben on the field, she winces at the fighting, but moves into the stands, looking around until she notices her sister in law. With a smile, she walks in her direction.

Tyrel takes the shot to his right arm, only to bring his blade up and hitting Robben in the neck. He then steps back, visibly stunned by the nasty shot he just took to the Arm. His stance becomes visibly cautious, as he continues circling his opponent, Robben. He struggles with the heavy claymore, as he prepares for another attack on the man, probably in a defensive posture.

Unfortunately, his hit to the arm of his opponent comes at the same time as the other man's strike to his neck, and Robben stumbles a bit. "Good one…" he mutters, before he moves in for another attack now.

<COMBAT> Robben attacks Tyrel with Long Sword but Tyrel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Rapier - ARMOR on Right Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Robben with Claymore - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Allyn with Claymore - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Logen with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Something Solara says has Caitlyn arching a brow, her attention torn from the field momentarily, a laugh bubbling forth unrestrained. She continues to giggle softly as her attention returns to the field.

Solara blinks at Caitlyn's unexpected reaction, though it brings a quirk to her own lips. She shrugs, brow furrowing slightly, and manages to refrain from asking. Instead she turns her attention even further to the field, a slight blush colouring her cheeks.

Conall feel the hit to his leg. While it does no injury it does throw off his balance and his swing isn't enough to punch through the armor on Logen's chest. Laughing a bit before wanting to get revenge on Allyn. But seeing as Logen is already on him Conall just goes for another swing towards Logen, who is doing quite well so far.

Corbon was totally always here! He was by any stands set up for everyone to watch the fun and games. But instead of sit, he stood. He wore his usual attire but for a small difference. He had chain mail armor over his tunic with solid plated pauldrons. He has a shield over his back holding his cloak down. He wears his cloak's hood for now over his helm which he wears on his head. His sword is kept in its usual spot on his hip attached to the swordbelt he always has on. He watches the combatants with a silent vigil as they fight.

Laine wasn't able to come to the tournament earlier and join in as someone had to make sure the city was safe. He gave permission to several of the Watch to participate. He finds a seat to watch the tournament, taking note that Allyn is participating. Hopefully the lad puts on a good show.

"I hope you're paying attention, you might learn something." Logen quips as he again barely notices Conall's strike deflecting off his armored chest while his sword smacks lightly into Allyn. Logen swings around, aiming a blow at Conall this time. He's capable of handling more than one opponent in a fight, he's a prince with years of training for this very thing.

Trying to move in for another attack, Robben grimaces as he misses, since he knows he won't be able to get out of the way of Tyrel's next strike now. Grunting a bit as he takes a few steps back again now.

Allyn winces as he takes another light strike to the chest from Logen's claymore and shakes his head as he strikes Conall in the leg, but it doesn't seem to do anything. He nods to Logen, "I may learn something your highness. I've already learned fighting with a blade against two others isn't as easy as fighting two in a brawl." he chuckles and looks a bit worn out as he's already cut and bleeding slightly from his chest and left hand, "I'll probably learn later that the Captain will be mad I'm not wearing armor and my uniform is being torn." seeing that Logen is going for Conall, he decides it's time to try and attack Logen again.

When Robben takes a hit, Aemy pauses, eyes round, to watch instead of closing the distance between her and her sister in law. She stands at the rail, clutching it tightly until her knuckles turn white. "Dodge Robben!" Of course she is cheering her husband on!

Tyrel dodges the shot from Robben, and grins as he sees an opening. He lets out a fierce shout, "AAah!" as he swings his sword toward the Ruxton heir once more. When his blade finds pay-dirt, he spins, attempting for a second blow on his opponent.

Laine will definitely have something to say about Allyn's lack of armour and damage to his uniform. Perhaps a new uniform will have to be deducted from his next pay. Perhaps then Allyn will make better choices. Laine's gaze sweeps over all of the combatants, but it consistently returns to his adopted brother. After all his mother will kill him if Allyn gets hurt.

<COMBAT> Robben attacks Tyrel with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Conall with Claymore - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Logen with Rapier - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Logen with Long Sword but Logen DODGES!
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Robben with Claymore - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Conall has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Robben has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Robben spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Conall does try to get at Logen but is hit down this time. Falling to the ground and having lost. Though as he regains himself he clenches his fist a bit. Again unable to bring pride to a certain person. Once the others continue he is brought to the side and disappears to get changed.

Caitlyn's grin continues to play about her lips as she hears Logen amiably taunt Allyn, her eyes sparkling with admiration for his skill. She leans on the edge of her seat, balancing precariously there, unable to tear her eyes away from the melee.

Deciding it's about time to just cut him down, without actually killing him, Logen's heavy blade slams into Conall's clavicle. Once the Aberdeen decides to conceed or continue, Logen's attention whirls around on Allyn, focusing on his next target with the intent of finishing this quickly. He's wasting time and energy, and that's just not Logen. He spares one moment, to look up to Caitlyn, raise his hand to his lips and blows her a kiss. Then, he attacks.

Allyn blinks a moment as he sees Conall go down then drops back some, becoming a bit more cautious as he doesn't get the rapier through Logen's armor, he raises the rapier, ready to strike again, seeing as it's just one on one at the moment, though knowing he's outclassed, "For the watch!"

While Solara might not have noticed Aemy coming towrads her, she does hear her good-sister's voice, and she grins, looking over her way. As Aemy stops to cheer Robben on, Solara just laughs outright. "Oh, come now, Aemy. At least make it to the seats!" she calls good naturedly. Then her gaze back to the battle, as poor Conall takes a solid hit, and goes down. Solara's hands clench at her sides, but she manages to stay where she is, though tension beomes somewhat visible in her body.

Taking a hit to his helm, Robben stumbles backwards, and falls to the ground. Turning his head in the direction of Aemy's voice, he nods a bit quietly, before he gets to his feet again, moving in for another attack now. At least it wasn't too hard, that hit?

Corbon nods slowly as a man goes down. An invisible grin is on his face as he watches the men fight. "An interesting fight this one." He says this quietly not talking to anyone in particular. he continues hus silent vigil

Tyrel takes the attack from Robben, watching silently as the blade bounces off his chest, as he spins toward his opponent. His claymore turns to the side and he flips his wrist, hitting Robben in the head ferociously. He is exhausted, and out of breath, yet he fights on.

Aemy manages to release the innocent rail from her death grip when Robben falls, preparing to run out to the field.. but she refrains and he stands.. she breathes a sigh of relief and turns to Solara to give her a flashing grin. "I can walk again, he better prepare to run from me if he gets hurt too badly." She finally does close the distance and bows her head to both Solara and Caitlyn before having a seat beside the former. "It is an interesting fight for certain."

Caitlyn'eyes soften as Logen sends her a kiss, returning it in kind. Her giantess of a handmaiden just rolls her eyes and grunts audibly. Caitly flashes a frown at her handmaiden before turning to give Aemy a welcoming smile. "Good afternoon, my Lady." she offers with a nod before following her gaze to the field of battle.

Corbon takes a few steps towards the field but stays off it to watch the combatants. He is now making his presence clear. He may not have been here for the tourny, but maybe he wishes to challenge someone fighting.

<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Logen with Rapier - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Robben with Claymore but Robben DODGES!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Tyrel with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Allyn with Claymore - Serious wound to Abdomen.

Solara grins at Aemy, reaching an arm to give her a hug. "It is quite interesting," she seays. "Robben is fighting fairly well, I think." She doesn't mention any of the other fighters, but then, she is talking to Robben's wife. "And hopefully nobody gets hurt too badly in this competition."

Conall gone, Logen's attention is fully on Allyn. He swings hard with his blade into the man's gut. That'll hurt in the morning, and the next few days at least. The glacing rapier off his chest get a shake of his head, "Don't try to hit me, HIT ME!" Logen challenges, even as he twists his grip and archs his claymore into another powerful swing.

Tyrel takes the shot from Robben, and somehow is still standing. His chest heaves with each breath. He had not expected Robben to be this difficult, and his thoughts of making quick work of the Ruxton have vanished. Now, he merely hopes to survive. He swings another shot at the man, but his tired use of the blade causes him to miss wide.

And this time, Robben manages to dodge, while sending his own sword for Tyrel's chest. "Getting tired there?" he asks, a bit lightly, as he steps back again, readying himself for the next strike now.

Soon enough Conall is moving along among the crowd. Heading for Solara. Giving the other ladies, as well as their entourages, respectful bows. Then focusing on Solara. "My ladies. And lady Solara. Apologies. Seem I fail yet again." A dry chuckle. "I'm sorry." Handing the favour over and clenches his jaws briefly.

Allyn grunts as his unarmored body takes the full brunt of Logen's claymore and he staggers back a few feet, maybe surprising some that he can even still stand after that. He's in pain, yes, but he keeps on fighting. He manages a weak glare at the prince and then smiles, "You sure you can go on your highness? heavy weapon and armor and all? I've still got a little left in me, at least for one more strike." he grins and then tries an all out strike against his opponent.

<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Robben with Claymore - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Tyrel with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Allyn with Claymore - Moderate wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Logen with Rapier and MISSES!

"Good afternoon to you as well, my Lady." Aemy returns the greeting to Caitlyn. Once settled in the seat, she glances back at the field to assure herself Robben was alive and well, returning the hug from Solara, but giving her a warm smile as well. "He does seem to be holding his own. He worried me there for a moment." Nodding in silent agreement, hoping no one gets hurt too badly.

Laine resists the urge to rise when Allyn gets hit. He closes his eye a moment and tries to rid himself of the headache he is sure is forming. He can hear the lecture now from his mother and there will definitely be a trickle down effect. If he gets a lecture, Allyn will get a bigger one. At least the lad is still on his feet, but one lecture will definitely be about combat and armour. Maybe he will make Allyn run laps in armour… hrm… that's an idea.

Tyrel is indeed tired. After a day of training, preparing military orders, issuing commands to his company, he is in fact tired. However, he doesn't quit. He also doesn't respond to Robben, merely circling him after that last round of exchanges. He doesn't go down easy, thats for sure.

"Oh, I'm used to this watchman. Compliments to you and the watch for your being able to still stand after all this. You've been a good opponent. I'd be honored to practice sparring with you another time. For now though, I have a lady watching me in the stands, and I'd like to make her proud of her future husband." Logen smiles through the slit in his helmet. His sword ach slamming into Allyn's leg, pulling back he reverses his grip. Pointing the tip at the ground, Logen fights with the claymore like any great sword should be, and lashes upwards at Allyn's underarm and ribs.

Corbon eyes each man in turn now. He watches how they move and learns their style. As the fight goes on he learns that much more. Every time a blow makes contact he chuckles, while every time one misses he shakes his head. As he watches he slowly walks in front of the stands around the field as he watches and waits.

Chuckling a bit as he circles as well, Robben offers a nod to Tyrel, before he moves in for the next attack. Trying for a speedy one now.

Allyn stumbles back again, nearly falling as his leg is gashed open, bleeding badly from a couple areas now and on top of that his leading leg now injured. "Thank you, I would be honored to spar with you someitmes your highness." he then tries his best to shake off the pain and fatigue, showing signs of wear and that he may not be standing much longer, he slashes at Logen in return.

<COMBAT> Robben attacks Tyrel with Long Sword but Tyrel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Robben with Claymore - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Allyn with Claymore but Allyn DODGES!
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Logen with Rapier but Logen DODGES!
<COMBAT> Robben has been KO'd!

Taking the hit to his stomach, Robben winces as he falls forward now, some of the air leaving his body. There's a few solid gasps, before he offers a slow nod to Tyrel, and then starts crawling a bit further to the sides. That hurt!

Caitlyn's eyes follow Logen as he displays his skills, arcing the greatsword with grace, her smile quirking the edges of her lips upward. There is a gasp from her though as she sees the blood coming from Allyn's leg, her brow furrowing in concern as she stands, her healer side comi8ng to the forefront.

Well, it would seem the watchman is learning. As Logen's blade flashes through the air before him, Logen is too far for the other's blade to meet him. They are down to length here, and Logen's sword is longer. It'll take some fancy dancing from Allyn at this point. Logen spares a quick look to his brother, "Good fight brother, stick around so I can smack you around a little?" he smirks even though his attention is already on his opponent again.

Allyn somehow manages to get out of the way of the next claymore strike, luck maybe? or perhaps he just stumbled in the right direction, but of course it causes him to miss his target as well. He continues to try to focus on Logen and not anything else, least of all the pain he's in at the moment, he tries to move in for his next strike.

As another falls, it leaves the final three in the competition.. and the crowd waits, watching.

Tyrel watches Robben move off to the side, then turns his attention toward the other two combatants. His strategic mind begins working as he sizes the pair up. He purses his lips, gives a quick nod, and tiredly moves toward them. Once he gets there, he raises his blade, and swings hard - straight for Logen!

Solara pauses, as Conall comes over to where she is, offering her favour back. She takes a breath, her cheeks going nicely pink again. She glances at Aemy and then at Caitlyn, before she reaches a hand to touch the embroidered favour. "Your Highness, I'm afraid it is my favour that has brought you bad luck perhaps. If you are intending to fight in further events at this competition, then you may keep it, if you choose. If not, I will bear the shame of having not sufficiently inspired you." She demurely looks down at her hands. Her own maid is there, watching, with a neutral expression on her face.

<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Logen with Claymore but Logen DODGES!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Allyn with Claymore - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Logen with Rapier and MISSES!

That would be the sound of something breaking as the full weight of Logen's sword slams into the watchman. Tyrel's attack is dodged, then Allyn's. Logen eyes his brother for a moment, but this sturdy watchman is starting to waste time for him. Alright, helmet hit it is if he can get the heavy blade up there… and he usually can.

Conall shakes his head. Smiling to the lady. "Not at all. If you wish for me to carry it I will do so proudly. I just feel that I keep failing in your honor." Holding it still but not handing it over right away. Listening to her and will keep it if she wishes. "You are too kind, my lady." He says and smiles. Looking to the fighters. "Though if you wish for your favour to be carried by someone more worthy I won't take offense at it. But if you will allow me I will glady hold it still." He tells her and has a small smile as he looks back to her.

Tyrel somehow misses the attack on Logen, and is confused. How did he miss? He looks at his blade for a moment, as if it were his fault. Finally, he lifts his blade and swings hard for Logen once more, attempting to wear on his brother before he can fight back.

Allyn cries out in pain finally as he takes another hard slash to the chest, worse than the previous too and shakes his head, wondering if he should yield before he gets too hurt. No, he wont yield, he entered the tournament and he'll see it through to the end. He may hurt for a while, may be in trouble with his brother, but the watchman still ahs his pride, now isn't quite the time to give up. He notices the other combatant, but keeps his focus on Logen.

<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Logen with Rapier but Logen DODGES!
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Logen with Claymore - ARMOR on Right Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Allyn with Claymore - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Allyn has been KO'd!

Caitlyn watches Solara as she speaks to Conall, her gaze curious as she stands to the side of them, distracted from the field of battle by their exchange. She hesitates before speaking, but chimes in with "I'm sure his highness was but distracted by your winsome beauty, my lady." To Bonall, she smiles. "The Lady's concern for you during the battle was touching, your highness."

Corbon watches and comes to a standstill. He notices the skill that which Logen fights and this drives his mind to near mad with the thoughts of challenging this man. He eyes Logen more still but stays silent and off the field.

Allyn finally goes down for the count with that final strike to his chest, well, seems he may have been tough, but even Allyn's body has its limits. he gets drug off or helped off the field of battle and just lays there a while.

Damn straight, follow through for the win. Logen punchs his blade hard into Allyn's chest, good thing they weren't fighting to the death. He wheels around as Ty's sword catches his leg and in the same movement brings his own to bear.

Tyrel watches the man go down, and move away from the combat. He then turns his eyes on Logen as he turns to face his brother. He holds his blade in front of himself, waiting for Logen to attack. He moves into a cautious stance, intent on fighting until he has no more energy.

Laine simply shakes his head as Allyn gets dragged off. The lad put up a good fight. Laine only hopes he is okay. He still will likely make the lad run laps wearing armour, he just might give him longer to recover before he makes him do it.

Robben remains where he crawled off to at the moment, but at least it seems that he's breathing again now. Watching the two Princes now…

<COMBAT> Logen attacks Tyrel with Claymore - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Logen with Claymore and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Tyrel has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Tyrel spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Solara inclines her head, removing her hands from that favour, leaving it in Conall's hands, and his decision. Her gaze goes over to Caitlyn, and she laughs softly. "M'Lady Caitlyn are you trying to both convince me and help his Highness at the same time? You are quite skilled with words." She looks back to the field briefly, and then hisses a sharp breath. "I think we should go see if aid is needed. I suspect that there might be one or two of the combatants who might require some salves and bandages."

Corbon had watched Robben crawl and decides now to help him out of the way of everything. He walks to the man and kneels by him. "You wish off this field? Let me help you to the healers." He waits for the man to respond before actually doing anything.

"Don't fall too quickly brother, I've still got to pay you back for the beating in the courtyard. Also, there's that whole giving the crowd a show." Logen smirks even as he slams his blade into Tyrel's chest and works his grip to continue with a butterfly style set of blows into his older brother.

Tyrel takes the shot to the chest, and falls backward. His breath is gone and he gags as he tries hard to catch his breath. He steadies himself with his blade, pulling himself back to his feet. He shakes his head, trying to get his vision clear, before lifting his blade to soldier on.

<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Logen with Claymore but Logen DODGES!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Tyrel with Claymore and MISSES!

Conall chuckles a bit at the words from both Caitlyn and Solara. Nodding ab it. "Well. I did try to focus on the fight, but you are right to some degree, my lady." He offers to Caitlyn. Taking the favour and he looks to Solara with a smile. "As for the lady here. Are you sure it was not for her brother?" He asks and then smirks at Caitlyn with a shake of his head. Finally nodding to Solara. "I shall let you go ahead and treat the others." Starting to back away to head off. Though there will be an Aberdeen guard to follow Solara to help with the injured.

Logen had to dodge from Tyrel's strike, and thus misses his own attack. No matter, he's recovered from the motion and shifts his weight into his attack. Making a full show of it while keep level with technique and form.

Tyrel swings his blade hard at Logen's head, almost in a lunge. Logen dodges, but in return misses with his own shot. Tyrel grins, as he sucks in wind. He remains silent, watching Logen, waiting for his next attack.

Caitlyn smiles and arches a brow at Solara and Connall, a laugh emitting from her as she feigns innocence "I merely am a good observer." she suggests with humor before her gaze is captured by the melee, by the two remaining Princely combatants. Logen recieves all her attention as she takes a step closer to the guardrail seperating the onlookers from the field.

<COMBAT> Tyrel attacks Logen with Claymore - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Logen attacks Tyrel with Claymore - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Tyrel has been KO'd!

Corbon has his eyes glued to the combatants and as the fight goes on he wispers something under his breath that sounds like an oath.

Tyrel takes the last blow from his younger brother, and falls to his knees, exhausted. He abdicates. At that moment, his squires approach and help the Prince to his feet, and off the field toward his tent. He is defeated.

As his brother yields, Logen removes his helm and salutes the kings with his blade. He salutes his brother, and then turns to salute the crowd his eyes going to Caitlyn. "This victory for Caitlyn Crawford's honor, I hope I've made my betrothed proud this day." he calls to the crowd. Standing there on the field, in a flawless victory with only small scrapes and nicks in his armor to show he'd been fighting. He bows deeply to those watching, then blows a kiss to Caitlyn once more before turning back to his father and the Aberdeen King.

Corbon stands tall now. He eyes Logen and makes to call something to him, but decides this can be settled elsewhere. He then looks down to robben and decides to just drag the man to the crowde at the least.

Solara smiles at Conall as he leaves. Once he's turned, and the Aberdeen guard assigned to help her with the wounded, she calls to her maid, "Come now, let's go see." And with that, she heads down to the field. A brief moment to cheer for the winner. "Kilgour!" And then she's busy reaching where her brother is. "Robben, are you alright?" And looking for Allyn as well.

Caitlyn lifts the hem of her skirt in her hands as she makes her way across the churned up battlefield, fairly running through the muck. She stops a few feet from Logen and drops into a curtsey, her eyes brimming with pride and adoration.

Allyn is laid out off to the side somewhere, recovering from the tournament and the woudns. He takes slow deep breaths and sighs a bit. Ah well, he did his best at least and stood nearly to the end, not bad for an unarmored man, right?

"I can walk," Robben mutters to Corbon, getting to his feet, before he grins to Solara. "I'm fine. Just got the wind knocked out of me."

Corbon makes his way towards Logen and draws his sword. He salutes the prince and makes a slight bow as well. "Good fight that was milord." He stands straight then and returns his sword to its hilt as he watches the prince.

Now that things are concluded, Laine makes his way down to where they have taken Allyn. He walks up to where the lad is laid out and stares down at him, "You might consider armour as a good idea. It is designed for the purpose of protecting you from injury. It's a thought."

Solara nods to Robben. "Then I'm sure Aemy will be glad to see you, and take care of you, brother." She moves along to where Allyn is, the guards and maid following. "Good fight, Master guardsman," she says. Then she realizes Laine has arrived there before her, and she pauses, smile quirking her lips. Her gaze goes back to Allyn. "And do you require any assistance? I am a Healer."

Allyn tries to sit up some and winces and then snorts to Laine, "Armor is too restrictive for my style of fighting, brother… perhaps if it's something leather or something, I'd think about it. You know I don't like wearing metal I don't like being restrained. I did alright though for being unarmored I think." he gives Laine a bit of a grin and then when Solara moves over towards them he nods, "Yes, please my lady, it would be appreciated. I don't think I am hurt too badly, but I'm a little gashed up."

Seeing his beloved curtsey, brings only a moment's pause. Then he remembers they are in public and the rules of court require it. He returns his blade to his sheath, then nods to Corbon. "Thank you, perhaps when I have time again you can come and spar with me and Allyn." but his attention is back to Caitlyn before he blinks. He doesn't care about Lavona, he'd just taken on four armed men and won without a scratch. He could take the handmaid if she tried anything. He walks straight to Caitlyn, a serious look in his eyes. Then, in a flash of movement she's scooped into his arms and he spins her around with a huge smile on his lips. "My love, I am so happy to see you! Did you enjoy the bout as much as I enjoyed fighting it?" he pulls her to him for a kiss, not caring the crowd watches. The moment's kiss is broken so that he can continue to smile at her.

Robben nods a little as he hears that, looking around for a few moments, before he smiles. "I'll go make sure she knows I'm doing fine, then," he offers, with a quiet nod. And then he makes his way off the field.

Laine offers a bow to Solara, "My lady." He then turns back to Allyn, "Well, while you might not move as well in armour it stops a sword better then an average shirt." He simply shakes his head. "I think perhaps you need to just get used to wearing it… maybe some laps."

Caitlyn lets loose a cry of surprise when Logen scoops her up and ywirls round with her in his arms. Though the giantess handmaiden isnt far behind, she throws caution and propriety to the wind. Smiling brightly down into Logen's face, she cups his cheeks with her hand and kisses him right there and then, her ardor apparent in the way her cheeks flush and her lips cling to his, lingering. "I am so proud of you, my beloved." she whispers, perhaps shocking some with her familiarity…or perhaps not. "you were magnificent!" she exclaims in a louder voice.

Corbon offers a deep bow to all the nobility presnt and then says, "I must be off now. Till the jousting tomorrow. Plus I have been neglecting to practice since showing up here. Good evening." He then turns and starts walking off slowly.

Solara crouches down, careful to remain demure, and she gestures to her maid to come along as well. "Lady Solara Ruxton," she says, to both Allyn and Laine, not assuming the guard or the guard captain know who she is. After all, she's not royalty or anything. "Now then, let's see how you're doing, lad." She might not be any older than Allyn, but still, she's the Healer. A quick glance to see if anyone else needs any assistance.

Allyn smiles to Solara, "Thank you my lady. I am Allyn," he lets Solara check over his injuries and sighs a bit to Laine, "Alright, I'll run laps around the field when I am better in armor, but not metal, we'll find me the lightest armor we can?" he chuckles, "I guess there's one good thing, I don't think Arianwyn was here to see me fall" he chuckles, "She's really see how much trouble I am if she were."

"I need to go and change, my Caitlyn. Will you come in a few minutes to make sure I didn't actually take wounds." Logen smiles to her, then leans and whispers into her ear too close for others to hear. Once the prince bows to his father and the visiting King again, he makes his way off the field towards his tournament tent. Once inside he dismisses the squire, and Tennat moves out to close the flap and post guards at the entrance.

Caitlyn's cheeks pinken as she curseyes to Logen, watching him move off towards his tent before turning to the royal dais, crtseying low to the distracted monarchs before moving across the field herself. She hesitates as Lavona catches up with her, murmering to the giantess "Lavona, if you will retrieve my medical satchel from my rooms please…" its an order more than a request and she turns away even before a response, heading towards the Prince's teny

Solara checks over injuries, cleans wounds, puts salve where required to prevent infection, and bandages poor Allyn up with no little skill. Her touch is gentle, and she concentrates on the task at hand. Once done, she smiles as she gets back to her feet. "There," she says. "Though I do advise you don't start running those laps for several days, if that's alright, captain?"

Allyn chuckles and nods, "i think that he will at least let me rest a day or two before having me do that. My brother may sound harsh sometimes, but he knows our mother wouldn't be happy if he pushed me too much after being hurt. It's not a good idea to make one's mother cross is it?" he snickers and then winces, "ok, I can't laugh much right now either."

Solara nods her head. "It'll take more than a day or two," she says, softly. "But you should heal. Maybe get one of the guard healers or someone at the temple to take a look at you, if you have a chance in a day or two." She pauses, briefly, thinking, and then says, "And who is Arianwyn?"

Allyn nods, "I will have someone look at me in a day or two, I promise." he then smiles some, "Arianwyn? Oh, she is a friend of mine and young merchant woman I met in town at the chocola cafe a few days back. She is here in the city for a little while at least, to sell goods and such. She seems to be rather nice."

"Good lad," Solara says with a smile. "And now, if you will excuse me, I know that my brother and several other combatants also require someone to take a look at them. So, I shall take myself off to continue taking care of those who need help. It has been nice to meet you both. Well fought Allyn. Well fought." She steps back, her maid closing up the basket of healing materials, waits for any last replies, and then takes her leave.

Allyn smiles and nods to her, "Thank you my lady, for the kindness and the healing. I'll make it up to you somehow, one day." he grins, "Take care and thank you for the complement as well, next time I will do better."

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