Sess 20, 229: Stars and Snakes and Tarts

Stars and Snakes and Tarts
Summary: Draventa goes to the Shire Bakery to make preperations
OOC Date: 6/3/14 (OOC)
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Draventa Ray 
Shire Bakery
The interior of the bakery is well lit, and open, a dividing counter running the length with a removable piece to allow passage by staff. In the customer area, four tables, ringed with chairs. This seating area is obviously not the main focus of the Bakery, but is avilable for sitting. In one wall, is a large fireplace, normally kept lit. Next to the fireplace is a rack for tongs and pokers as well as a supply of wood. Before the fireplace is a pair of chairs and low stools to prop feet up on. Behind the counter are displayed the bakery's goods.

Sweet breads and cakes, pies in both meat and fruit, sweet pastries. The selections of bread range from higher quality to rough loaves of good size for the cheap price. There are casks for Ale and Cider to be drawn from. There is a board with a menu on it to view against the back wall, next to a door leading to the rest of the interior of the building.

Doug, a bland looking man who is minding the store when there are no other people who work here about will sell bakery goods to those who pay, will be polite, and has very little interest in anything else. Doug is prepared to sell on command and otherwise encourages browsing.

Day 20 of the month of Sess, 229

The Bakery is doing it's normal midmorning business. housewives buying for families, little children running here and there, some often ending up with a bread animal to eat and play with. Doug is doing most of the selling and Ray is bringing out stocks of fresh baked goods from the kitchen. It smells like fresh baked food and commerce.

Draventa tries to come into the bakery with as little fuss as posible, but with 2 handmaids and 3 guards, it's hard to go unnoticed. She's dressed in a pretty peach dress, with all the frills that her maids could get on her before she slapped their hands away. Her hair is up in her favorite delicate silver hair comb, which has a mermaid on it if one were to look. She has lock sod hair that have escaped the comb and are surrounding her face. Her steps are tiny, deliberate. Eyes wide she'll look around, a tiny smile tugging at her lips at the sight of the children.

The processional entering the Bakery does get the attention of the common folk. Everyone knows of the Poisoned Princess, even before the wedding. Though her arrival at the Bakery is a surprise, it's one that is quickly accepted. Wedding, of course. As the guards ensure safety, Ray, after taking one sweeping look at the group, points to a hand maiden, calling her over, and speaking quickly, then the same to Doug as the Handmaiden comes to offer the Princess a chair at the table near the window. A bright warm place of comfort in the Bakery as Doug moves to get sausage rolls and ale for the guards, and Raymond wipes his hand on a towel, bowing deeply, "Princess, I am Raymond Trevens, and please accept the humble Welcome to the Shire Bakery. We are honored that you grace us with your presence, what may I do to serve you?"

Draventa smiles, either not noticing, or not acknowledging the surprise at her arrival. She seems happy to take in the warmth of the room and will wiggle her fingers in greeting to one of the little customers. She'll sit, smoothing her skirt out, before dipping her head in greeting back, "Hello Baker Trevens. You have such warm and lovely shop! No wonder I have heard such things! My brother brought me treats from here a few months ago and I adored them." Her pale eyes look up at the man,and the noble tilts her head, " I was hoping, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, or too late, to order some treats for my wedding?"

Ray bows deeply as the praise comes from his honored guest. He says, "I am deeply honored by your words, Princess, I had hoped my offerings would be well recieved." He considers, eyes moving to the side for a fraction of a moment, then back. "Certainly not too late, Highness, If I might ask, is there a theme to the Wedding, or any specific kind of treats you were wishing?"

Draventa's smile deepens, "I know it is late, and I would not wish to put stress on you, or your workers. Or deprive your regular patrons." She'll lean forward some, shifting on the seat. "Perhaps you could just do a small something, to add to the wedding, if you do not have time for much else?" She doesn't want to be a bother, she knows this is late. "Stars…starlight. The theme is stars." There's a far away look in her eyes as she says this, "And the sea…."One of the children laughs loudly and Draventa look over, his laughter bringing a smile to her face. A thought crosses her mind, but she'll wait on saying that, until she hears what he thinks.

Ray has done weddings before. He's delt with brides of all types. Looking to Doug, who is finishing distributing the food to the guards, then back. "We are ready to serve at your pleasure, Highness. Stars, and a starlight theme. Perhaps some small hand cakes, allowing the guests to take a star in their hand and enjoy it.." He pauses as the Princessess attention shifts and he sees the idea, "Unless you had an idea?" He smiles, "Please, if I can make this wedding better, I am eager to do so."

Draventa's head snaps up, and she'll blink. Her cheeks actually flush a light pink, which would be barely noticeably if her completion wasn't so pale. "Stars in their hands…I…that would be wonderful." She sounds somewhere between really liking that idea and slightly ill. Her eyes shift to the child again, who's mother is trying to shush him with little success. "The castle will have plenty of treats, and while I adore your desserts…how many could you make? Of sweet things that not everyone would normally have?" She'll talking about feeding the whole city cake. Or cookies! "Or is that an impossible idea?" She's not sure how many are in the city, but she does know that opinions of the Kilgours have been low, and she'd rather her wedding be a happy thing, instead of more angst for anyone. She'll bite her lower lip a moment, eyes wide to look at the baker. It makes her look younger than she is, and smaller.

Ray thinks about the proposition. He gives it serious thought as he turns to look, to STARE really at the back door leading to the kitchen, eyes intent, as it's obvious numbers and values and multiples are dancing in his brain as he works it out. He looks down to his right palm as if picturing something there. Then with a look to Draventa, he nods, "I suggest an open citywide announcement for the weeks end, that the wedding celebration will be expanded, and all who would join may come and recieve star pies." He smiles, lifting a finger, "If you would indulge me a moment, Princess, I believe I have the right item in mind, to give you as real idea of a pastry star held in the palm." He smiles, "A treat for the whole city can be done in the time alotted, much more would need more time. Still it could be done.

Draventa blinks, and will herself look at the kitchen door, as if maybe there's answer on it. She looks slightly surprised but please, "Really? It won't be too …difficult? I don't want to tire you and your bakery out." She'll nod to his lifted finger, not wishing to interrupt any idea that's forming. She's an artist, she knows. She'll still, letting the baker speak, "I thank you, so much. You can't know what this will mean to me. Thank you." Her only disappointment is she'll not get one! "I know you'll be busy, but if I could also have a small basket of the animal breads made, just for the arriving Moiwid family….I would see it as a personal favor." Her voice drops and gets a slightly amused tone, "My brother can be a bit bigorous. I thought a basket of snake bread might amuse him."

Ray nods, "Snakes?" He grins widely, "I would be honored, Princess." He says, chuckling. "A basket full of bread snakes, as if slithering around inside?" Really posed rolls of bread with designs, "Of course, now…" Moving behind the counter, Ray gets a small handbread and knife deftly slicing into it, and moving to take apart a tartlette, "It will basicly be a tartlet, with filling in the center, curved up so the pastry itself makes the arms of the stars. If you would imagine the bread is Pastry dough cooked, and with some sugar. The actual pastries will look better." He frowns at his little improvised crafting with a frown, "And taste better, but the effect when looking at it.. " He lifts the thing, a star shaped bread, with the arms of the star reaching up almost flower like around the center filling. With the description given, it would look like this.

Draventa chuckles, "Yes. Snakes. We hold them dear on Rustles Isle." She'll stand up an follow him, to watch what he does over the counter. Nodding as he explains and the princess tilts her head. "oh! That would be wonderful!" Her hands go up and clasp together. She'll glance to the little boy, who's quieted down some but is still trying to get away from his mother to get near the forien princess. She'll motion for him to come over, "What do you think? Will that be nice for a treat for everyone?" She smiles down at him, fingers going out to smooth a lock of hair that's stick straight up on his head. The Moniwid guards watch the exchange, but don't see the boy as a threat.

Ray grins as the Princess calls over the little boy, who looks up as his mother frets because she's geneticly disposed to fret at times like this. The boy is all wide eyes and nods, while his hair and that lock is the most tempermental thing on this moon or possibly Cri itself as the cowlick springs back up defiantly. Ray moves to the animal case, and gets a teddy bear shaped bread, setting it in reach of the Princess to offer the boy if she chooses. "The snakes I can have prepared in an hour, and the stars will be ready on the day of the wedding. all who come here will be able to have them. This will give them the chance to come here rather than go all the way to the castle, and will allow me to continue baking more throughout the day, if that serves, Highness?"

Draventa can't help the giggle that escapes her when the lock bounces back. She'll look up, ready to ask Ray for a treat for the lad when she sees the bear bread and gives the baker a thankful smile, "Do you have siblings?" If the boy nods, Drav will continue, "I do too. Getting a special treat, all to myself was always the best. But how about you be the hero today and pick out something for all of them?" On the princess. She'll then look up, realizing she just usurped the mother, "If that's alright?" When that's settle, either way, Drav nods, "My brother won't be here for a few days, at the earliest." See? She's prepared for that, at least! "I will have an announcement made, and notices posted about the stars." Keeping her face smooth, but there's a twinkle in her eyes, "I have to admit I'm jealous. The pastry stars sounds much more fun." That what she'll eat? or the wedding itself?

Ray grins, nodding as the mother nods, giving permission and Ray looks to Doug, gesturing to the boy as he goes to get his family treats with Doug. Ray looks back and nods, "I understand. Of course I can have a collection of the stars ready to serve at the wedding itself." He offers, and smiles, "It will honestly mean more to the people if they see the same foods here as at the wedding proper, so no need to deprive yourself." He looks to the display in the counter maked 'Queens Tart' and the small orange chocola tarts therein that were names after the late queen and still occupy a place of honor in the case.

"I would like that, very much. Thank you." The Island Princess looks to the case and her smile softens, a sadness at the edge of it. "I will talk to the Kitchens at the castle, to let them know to expect the stars….can…can we have a tray of the tarts as well? It would make Prince Logen happy as well." It's no secret Draventa was fond of the late Queen. Rumor has it her dress is one of Laetitia's, modified to fit the tiny princess.

Ray nods, "Of course, Highness," And for a moment, yes. This man does also feel the loss of the Queen deeply still. He moves to prepare a box of the Queens Tarts with a shade of solemn work as he does so, and really, he is a Baker, these tarts are his memorial to the Queen. A memorial of orange infused chocola tarts with a gooey center.

"No, I mean at the wedding….Although I would be honored to try one now." Who says Drav isn't aware enough to add that jab towards the King. It's too soon, everyone things so. Pale eyes stay on the pastries, her own thoughts lonely. She misses her so. "Perhaps one to take back for Prince Logen too."

Ray ahs, and brings up the box with pastries, taking one from the box and offering it to the Princess, then glancing about to make sure the others in her party have been properly fed. Seems like Ray is one of those people who wants to ensure no one leaves his store hungry. "Please, Highness, enjoy." He says, not even getting within bowshot of his feelings about the Kings marriage. He keeps his opinions out of the way of his betters. As a commoner will do. Still he is pleasent and friendly, mixing it with the respect to those of higher station.

Taking the pastry, the princess gives him a thankful smile. She's sure the jab will not be noticed by anyone, but it makes her feel better."Thank you, Bakery Trevens." She also glances to make sure her handmaids and guards are fine. They have treats and drinks and are not watching her as strictly as normal. Even that bit of freedom makes Drav's shoulder relax. She doesn't know if it's going to get better or worse after the wedding. "The day before the wedding I and some of my cousins are planning an outing. I may send for a box that day as well."

Ray nods, "Absolutely. All I will need is the exact number to feed and what you would like." He gestures, expansively to include the bakery as a whole, "At your command. A picnic can be packed for any number to feast on."

That seems to brighten Drav's mood. "I will send word then, I'm us sure how many will be able to come, but it won't be more than half a dozen, I'm sure. If I'm lucky, we'll get to go on my cousin's ship." The princess has missed sailing!

Ray grins, and nods, "Sounds like a fine day. I'll be prepared for word from you and be able to send the food when you call for it." He nods, confident. Picnics are fun to cook up.

Draventa will need to let Cayden know she's taken care of the food. or maybe she won't and they can stuff themselves with double the food! "it will be. I'm hoping the weather will allow for swimming, even!" Her mermaid comb catches the light a moment as she turns. "Your bakery is so wonderful. i wish I had been able to come here sooner!"

Ray grins widely as he listens to her hopes for the swimming. When she speaks of the Bakery, he smiles with some pride. "Well, Highness, if you should ever need the services of the Bakery or myself, please feel free to call upon me. I would not presume to trouble your Royal self with coming here if not convienant, so Imay be summoned to you at any time word is sent."

Draventa glances around again, taking in the feel of the place. chuckling, "But Baker Trevens, half of the fun is to come here! It is quite different than the castle. i think I will be here often." He may have to get used to her guards!

Ray grins and nods, bowing once more. "We are always here at your pleasure, Highness. If I am not here.." He looks to Doug, who is halfway melted into an obsequious puddle behind the counter, and helping people, At the attention, Doug smiles, and bows. "Doug here will be. and the Bakery will be at your service regardless." He looks back to the Princess. "I do look forward to the honor of seeing your personage enjoying my wares."

Draventa looks to the assistant and dips her head, "Baker Doug." She doesn't know if that's his official title, but it never hurts to be nice to people. Drav may have to add visiting the bakery along with picking up flowers to her weekly schedule. "thank you. I'm so glad the weather is allowing for me to leave the castle now. I will be here so much, you will shoo me out!" Drav will finally stop and break small piece of the tart off and pop it into her mouth. She'll smile, clearly happy with the taste.

Ray grins as the Princess enjoys the tart and inclines his head, "Oh you are welcome here at any time of course. But I am sure you will have much to do with the wedding and new marriage." He thinks, then. "But if a quiet corner, a comfortable chair, and a good meal appeals, please consider my humble bakery."

Draventa stops herself from wrinkling her nose. She really isn't looking forward to the marriage. Well, she mostly stops herself, it's clear the actual wedding makes her uncomfortable. Might be why she waited so long to make preparations. "I shall. Thank you. Perhaps I can come in and draw, if it wouldn't disturb your regular business too much." She'll break off another piece, because once it's tastes, you can't just stop eating!

Ray nods, "Of course, Highness. At any time." He looks about, then back, smiling, "If you can find suitable subjects for your art, it would be a true honor to host your artistic creation." Still humble, should she wish to draw in a Bakery, she is more than welcome to. That much is clear.

Draventa makes a soft agreeing sound as she chews. When she finishes, "A single one of your pastries could inspire me for weeks, Baker Trevens!" Finishing up the treat, the princess wipes her lips with her fingers, not that there were many crumbs. "I thank you again. Please send the papers for cost immediately, so this doesn't deplete your store supplies. I would rather you get paid immediately." She'll smile, dipping her head again in thanks. "I will send word on how many will be on the outing, and when my brother will be arriving for the snake basket." She grins at the idea, cause, fun. Her maids and guards are standing as well, picking up that the princess is getting ready to depart.

Ray nods as he listens to the Princess. At least he's familiar with the payment process. "I will be ready for when you send word Highness." He bows deeply as the company prepares to leave. "Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Princess. We remain ready to serve however we may."

"No, please. Thank you." Anotehr head bow to the bakers, and if the young boy and his mother are still then Draventa will nod to him as well, giving the mother a small smile. And then Draventa and her group leaves, trying to make as lisle disturbance as they can.

Ray watches them leave, and looks to Doug. "Alright, I'm in the kitchen." He says, moving to the back to get to work. Lots of prep to do.

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