Sess 18, 229:Sparring - Kincaid Style

Sparring - Kincaid Style
Summary: Aidan had sent out an invite to the Kincaid boys and knights of the Duchy. Post wedding, the spar goes Kincaid Style - All or Nothing.
OOC Date: 4/3/2014 (OOC)
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Lakeshire Hold - Castle Courtyard
The gatehouse through the thick fortified walls of Lakeshire Hold is accessible only by a narrow bridge over water, limiting entry to her inner courtyards to no more than four horses abreast. Defensibility over comfort being the apparent design of the castle proper.
The castle's courtyards are relatively small and functional, considering the bedrock upon which it lies. From wall to wall, in every spare space that denotes a courtyard, cobblestone has been laid down, removing any possibility of natural flora. Despite this, a warm atmosphere has been created with lush windowsill flower gardens, an abundance of potted plants, and a combination of moss and vines that climb the inner walls.
Lower buildings with shingled roof tops surround the courtyard on all sides. These cater to a variety of needs. From a stable to house the horses of those who lived within the castle walls, barracks for the soldiers manning the castle, a weapon smith and armory. To a tailor, an infirmary, guest quarters, servants housing, and other necessary accommodation and facilities for the castle to have its own means of commerce in the event of a siege.
The characteristic feature the castle's courtyard is the stone fountain that is the source of fresh water for the inhabitants. The predominant figure therein is that of the Guardian of the Lake, a serpent dragon with webbed feet, arching high and spewing forth a great rush of water from an opened maw into the pool below.
It is day 18 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

Into the castle courtyard comes the sound of horses' hooves walking. Ronan is out front, mounted on a sleek black mare that is suitable for fast riding, rather than for war. With him rides two Sutherland knights who split off to take their horses to the stables, and Rosley with Kierne. Along with their Sutherland group are miss Kaylee on foot and Cian mounted.
The Crawford halts his mare and dismounts smoothly, giving answer to something Cian had said coming up, "I see no reason why not. Rosley here can fetch my Gambeson, gauntlets and helm." For the Duke is dressed in fine clothes, not suitable for sparring.

Kaylee offers a nod and looks to Ronan while smiling. "Aye sir I would be thrilled to follow along and watch such things." Oh she could perhaps attempt to join if a certain Squire poked her enough and the Duke's didn't laugh her out of the room that is. She looks to Cian watching him a moment before sending a glance to Ronan. Her pale gaze is back to the other knight. "Aye I know Mistress Victoria." There is a pause for her answer thought. "Aye I am a Ranger as well." This said with an amused tone at the idea. For the moment she'll let it slip, this is the Duke's family they are with after all so that should be alright… Hopfully. As for the others she will follow along to watch this sparing match.

After a wedding… there needs to be heavily masculine sports involved, to shake off the presence of all that mushy stuff. Something like that. Or for Aidan, it's a good way to distract himself and spar with his family, now that they're all in one place - a hard thing to do at any given time. In the lower bailey of the courtyard, Aidan is waiting around casually, with a group of knights, some of which already look to have been in a sweat from a quick match. There's drinks floating around too. Ale. And tobacco. Sparring swords have been brought out and generally those who are taking part aren't wearing heavy armor. More bruises will surely be obtained but none can really resist the temptation to show off in front of their liege lord, or better yet, fight him. He's wearing light armor as well, hands leaning back on a railing, with feet crossed over one another, a cigar in the corner of his mouth. He's home. This is his turf. He's relaxed and there's even a grin for the conversation floating around about the last spar.

Kierne follows alongside Sir Ronan's horse, not mounted, himself, but armored, at least as much as he was yesterday, in the semi-ceremonial squire's kit he'd worn to the wedding and quite possibly while passed out in the library last night. "Yes, sir," he answers his Lord Knight, smiling ahead at his uncle with a genial nod and casually posed salute.

Rosley goes off to fetch the things his Duke has requested, and the horses are led away to be tended to by the two knights, since Kierne is to spar and stay with his Rioga. Ronan turns to look over the courtyard to see who is here already and is not surprised to see Aidan, though the cigar is rather strange. Nonetheless, the Crawford begins to walk over in his Uncle's direction, "Good evening, Your Grace. Congratulations on the Lady Lynette's marriage."

Sir Cian and his squire Morcan ride up tothe courtyard following the group. Cian wearing chain and a tabard of the Knight of the Lake, having been riding about keeping a mind on some things. He nods to Kaylee and then to her bow, "A woman with a bow is a fearful thing. Even I have not managed to outrun arrows." He says before looking towards the Dukes as they meet up.

Aidan looks over toward the approaching party, lifting a hand to pull the cigar from between his lips, pushing off the railing with the other hand, eyeing the lot for a moment, assessing them before his hand lifts in a wave. Then he nods to something else said, smirking toward one knight who seems to have won the last round, clapping him on the shoulder. "Here comes the real challenge," he says with an uplifted tone toward the approaching group, eyes on Kierne mostly, until they flicker toward Ronan, nodding once to the other man, responding to Ronan, "It went well. I hope you had a good time." There's some stiffness in his voice that is unusual for his greeting with Ronan, expected perhaps because of the unresolved issues between them. The affection is more for Kierne now, and a pointed remark, "You owe me a fight, nephew." He looks over his shoulder back to the space being used as a sparring ring. A last drag is taken from the cigar, before he drops it and steps on it with the heel of his boot, twisting there before he looks between them with a smirk.

Kierne glances with a hint of shyness ahead toward where Ronan and Aidan are having words, as if he wants to keep tabs on them but not be caught doing so. It always sucks when mommy and daddy are fighting, after all. Hopefully they're up there making friends again, though, and he diverts his attention toward Cian and Lee, opening his mouth to add something to that strain of conversatonality before he's called out by Aidan and, "As you say, dear Uncle," he answers back with a sweet, boyish smile, rather playful.

Kaylee chuckles softly as she hears Cian, a soft smile seen and she nods to him. "Thank ye sir. I'm glad to hear that ye approve of such a thing." In a sense at least. Her gaze lifts up to look between the Dukes as the talk is started on the matter of such sparing and she hangs back to watch

Yes, that hint of stiffness isn't lost on Ronan. He had stopped and comes no closer now to close the distance between them. "It was a fine ceremony." It is left at that, for now. "Spar well, Kierne. I have several things to see to. I'll expect you bright and early first thing in the morning for our regular sparring practice." Aidan doesn't seem interested in speaking with himself, so Ronan looks to depart and tend to other matters. He won't however forget that Sir Cian had expressed an interest to spar as well.

"The best I could do for her presently," Aidan replies in similar tones, though he's not really interested in talking right now. Not with the adrenaline of the sparring ring pushing the old man to it. As it seems Ronan is to depart, "Enjoy the rest of your state your Grace," in return. Then Aidan is turning toward the group already there and signals for a sparring sword, having one thrown at him, catching it mid stride. A few test swings are made in the air to consider the balance of the blunted blade, nodding as it seems to be sufficient. He's then reaching it up above his head, hand on either end of it, to stretch out some, walking backwards a few steps as he pivots, "Whose up?" A challenge, given to Cian, Ronan, and Kierne… spotting Kaylee but not necessarily assuming she was a part of the boys club enough to spar with them.

Kierne wrestles down a moderate degree of disappointment when the meeting doesn't result in the hugs and reconciliation which he was hoping for. He salites Ronan with a brisk, "Yes, Sir," delivered to him as he's on his way. And then Aidan is looking for a partner, and he squares off his shoulders, rolling his neck to one side to loosen up as he steps into the sparring ring with his uncle. "I stand, uncle, only in wait of a blade." Glancing over to those who supplied Aidan his blunted blade, he opens up a hand for another, catching it in similar fashion.

Kaylee would be one to join in the sparing club, if the Duke's would allow it perhaps that is. She curiously watches, not offering to join in the least for the moment.

Aidan lowers the blunted blade back down after a good arm stretch has been taken, rolling his shoulders as if to loosen himself up to test Donnal's kid. Though he was looking forward to it, seeing that Kierne had won the sword on foot and proven himself considerably as a worthy opponent. "Come on then kid, show me what you got." He looks around to ensure they've enough space, hoping that the stories of Kierne aren't necessarily true. That this won't be a battle that takes seconds to end. And if so, then the Duke has a lot to consider should it ever come to war.

Kierne takes a deep breath, lifting his chin and then lowering it again in a slow nod as he centers himself, remembering his training, moving through a short series of three postures to get the feel of the training blade, then drawing it into a fairly standard defensive posture; one of the peculiarities that was marked of his style in the tourney was a certain tendency to defaut to defensive postures, focusing more on deflecting blows than scoring his own. Perhaps this is something he picked up from his uncle.

<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Kierne with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Aidan with Sparring but Aidan DODGES!

And while Aidan normally fights in a style that Kierne has picked up, he doesn't now, seeing that Kierne is taking a markedly defensive posture. There's a slight hitch of a grin on his face before he nods at Kierne, respecting his nephew before he puts him to the test, coming in at him from a reasonable pace and approach, but preparing to be light on his feet from the way he's holding himself. A series of swings means to test Kierne for weakness, managing to find in his advances on Kierne a weakness there and he will descend his blade to catch Kierne on the chest, bouncing back away before Kierne can come up with a measure to counter him. "Not bad, but you've still got a few gaps in your defense…" walking now as he studies the younger man, the experienced edge of a veteran taking on a rookie.

Well he is a Knight after all, so there may be some prejudice there, but he is a commoner and he has faced many a strong women in his day. Cian dismounts from his horse smoothly, which leads to Morcan scrambling to dismount from his own. The squire that was calm astride, suddenly becomes all limbs and awkwardness on the ground. Cian moves over to stand near the ranger to watch the Squire and Duke spar, watching with the keen interest of a fighter. "See what he is doing there, they may not be solid shots, but the Duke tests the squires defensces with them." He murmurs to his squire. He glances to the Ranger at his side, "You want to be in there don't you?"

Kaylee looks to Cian curiously as he moves towards her and is at her side, there is an amused look seen for a moment before she looks back to Duke and Squire. "Me?" This is questioned softly, her mind rolling over the idea of it now. "I would not turn down a chance to spar with someone." She offers softly after a moment before a glance is sent back to Cian. "Though it is not my place at the moment I feel." She walks a fine line as it is already.

Kierne makes all the standard counters, but catches his uncle's blade too far to the tip and he takes a blow to the ribs, pushed back a short ways before holding in at the edge of the circle, standing his ground and returning to stance, nodding to his uncle, indicating that he's fine and ready to keep on.

Aidan isn't grinning currently, his face has fallen now to that of a serious nature. There's no fooling around on the battlefield and even if this is a sparring ring, there are those who look on an expect certain things from the Duke, a Knight of the Lake himself. As Kierne gestures that he is good to continue, Aidan changes his tactics, turning abruptly aggressive as he charges across the distance, his long sword coming down with a heavy lean of weight into each swing and turn…

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Aidan with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!

When Aidan comes charging him, well— that's exactly the sort of attack Kierne's style of fighting is meant to take advantage of. He jams his blade hard overhead, catching the oncoming assault right up close to the hilt of his blade, knocking it aside and then using the opening to swing up hard against Aidan's ribs in turn.

There is a glance to Kaylee for a moment, then to the men fighting and back again. "Not your place? If you are worried about striking a noble, there is no fear where I am concerned. I would be glad to spar you in your chosen weapon." Oh this could get interesting. "Though I blessedly ask it not be bow as I think the targets might find themselves far too safe." Cian responds before glancing up to watch the spar in progress, wincing at the hits against Aidan.

Indeed. And that's why Aidan never fights this way, never direct. The sword clangs off his ribs and he does step back quickly as he inhales sharply against the rattling sting. That's different - at least it wasn't his head this time, like that block head of his squire managed on him last time. He does seem to give Kierne a grunt for the blow, the most encouraging thing he'll suffer right now. Lesson learned? Perhaps. He'll nod at Kierne after the blow and begin circling the squire, looking for his opportunity.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Aidan with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Kierne with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Kaylee glances to Cian watching him a few moments as he says that. A soft smile is soon seen and she nods to him. "Very well… Seeing how it seems yer be interested in a spar with me I shall take ye up on such things." She chuckles softly. "No I wouldn't not pick a bow, a sword works." Though she knows the knight will be more use to such a weapon then herself, still she is skilled in such things. Still she has other things to pull into use of such a fight that could help her.

Kierne presents opportunities few and far between. The uncharitable might call it a cowardly manner of fighting, as if his only true concern were his own well-being. And so it goes, Aidan rains blows against him, and he fends them off as best he can, though they're coming hard and fast against him, and he allows a glancing blow off of his armoured shoulder, and he never does get around to trying to attack, himself.

Cowardly or not, Aidan recognizes it as a familiar tactic. There's approval in his eyes as he measures and weighs the movements that each drop and turn of his sword encourages. He does manage to get underneath those defenses, though his hit is not exactly hard nor damaging. Just a poke. A prod. Meanwhile he could feel the burn underneath his own chest plate, where his skin is heating from the heavy hit that Kierne was able to get through. Had this been a real battlefield, Aidan's would be gravely wounded. He continues though, to harry the younger man, hoping to draw Kierne into a position that he cannot evade.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Aidan with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Kierne with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

There's nothing much of approval, disapproval, gratitude, gladness, or terror in Kierne's eyes, nothing but a persistant focus, a disciplined stoicism even as the fight wears on and tests the limits of his endurance, sword blunt meeting sword blunt time after time, getting one short clink off of his uncle's armor, but not given much opportunity to press an attack.

Even if it is a light clink, it aggrivates the initial and brutal hit that Kierne managed earlier. Thus, Aidan is feeling it. The weariness of being an older man, not as spry as he once was, not as tolerant to the pains that he was certainly accustomed to when younger. His focus might not even be as sure as it once was. Yet. He's not about to go down without a true fight. To truly test the ability of his nephew. He presses onwards, taking the offensive.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Aidan with Long Sword but Aidan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!

Kierne finds some inner reserve of energy, pressing back into his uncle's ferfored attack, the steel shimmying against the steel with the force of the blows given and met, the squire's breath coming faster, even as he strains to measure and even it out in between loud clatters of metal on metal.

Aidan was taking up what moves he could manage, trying to swing in with his hilt on the backward sweeps, trying to find and get to that one weakness he had found earlier. The people around them, they mean nothing. There's only the sound of the swords clattering off one another and the grunts of effort it takes to swing them, to parry the blows. He's coming in to attack Kierne with a vengence, opening himself up, though knowing that with each heavy strike, should the one not be countered would sufficently deal with Kierne. That was the risk. Guard one's self entirely and just settle for light smacks or dare and risk everything to get one's opponent before they have the chance to do it in return.

Cian moves towards one of the sparing fields, removing his maille to put on some light sparing armour to fight against the Ranger. There is a glance to the woman for a moment, suddenly hesitant now that there is blade in hand. He gives himself a shake of his head. She declared herself a ranger he should respect her as such. He gives a salute to her before stepping in to start the fight.

Kaylee wasn't actually expecting to spar with someone at the moment, though onwards she goes tucking her coat, bow and quiver out of the way. Armor wise she doesn't have much save for the hunting leather's she tends to wear. A spar blade is picked up and turned a few times in her hand before she moves forward following Cian to the free spot. She offers a nod back to him showing that she is reading to start. This should prove interesting.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Kaylee with Long Sword but Kaylee DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Cian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Aidan with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Aidan attacks Kierne with Long Sword - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Aidan has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Kierne has been KO'd!

Kierne thinks he sees an opening, and, going for it, swings hard for Aidan's head. He thinks he feels the blow land home; though he could be mistaken, as suddenly there's the familiar feeling of a sword blunt smacking him in the side of the neck… just where he'd been seriously welted in the tourney. He crumbles breathlessly, totally out of it with an eyeroll of pain and a raspy gasping for air.

His hesitation to strike too hard upon the lady shows as Cian's shot misses and hers strikes him upon the neck. There is a look of surprise at the hit, clearly having underestimated the woman. Well it cannot be said that he struck the lady first. His steps in swinging his sword at her again.

Kaylee is not a push over, and she is not one to take things lightly. When there is a fight at hand she will do her best even it if is just a spare. She shifts to the side and comes back around, the blunted blade swings out towards the knight's neck though not with full force behind it. It is enough to show that she did land a hit though. She turns about quickly so she can face Cian once more, setting up for the next attack quickly.

Aidan… never really considered his -head- to be a weakness that he failed to protect. Oxley proved it first… now it's the other squire that takes advantage of that opening. Yet, he goes strong arm to aggressively find his own opening and feels most certainly the sword connect with Kierne's neck… A moment before the blinding light flashes through his eyes and he's staggering back, unable to see from the crack to the head. It's not much longer before he loses his balance and falls to his knee, the sword in his hand numbly stabbed at the ground, his hand holding onto it, the only thing that's keeping him up… not realizing that there's blood dripping down from his brow and pouring down his face. It's the sharp ringing in his ears and the blindness that is causing him the shock of his own shallow breaths. No doubt there'll be attendents rushing over to him and Kierne both, but damn, that was a hell of a fight!

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Kaylee with Long Sword - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Cian with Long Sword and MISSES!

Cian swings his sword and strikes upon Kaylee's neck perhaps a little harder than intended and he winces at a blow that will no doubt leave a bruise. "Sorry about that.." He starts even as he is stepping back to evade her own strike against him. "Not bad with a sword Ranger." He compliments as he raises his own for another strike.

Things are happening quickly, there is movement and Kaylee's gaze turns towards it as she sees that both Aidan and Kierne are on the ground, and both seems to be bleeding? Well then this is an interesting turn of events. She is looking back to Cian thinking she has not taking her eyes off him for long but she is wrong. There is a hit across the side of her neck and her blade comes up to try and lessen the blow to some degree. A pained grunt escapes her while she swifts swinging out towards Cian in order to push the knight back and off her to some degree. "It is fine" She hisses out faintly, there is dull pain at her neck at the moment but her gaze lingers on the other for the next hit.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Kaylee with Long Sword but Kaylee DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Cian with Long Sword but Cian DODGES!

Cian backs off a little after the hard blow he gave, taking a backward stance that he is not well known for. She is an unknown, few rangers has he fought and fewer females still. The next blow he dodges even as his own blow misses hers. He starts to move about the field, circling her and getting a feel for her own movements before stepping in for another strike.

Kaylee may be in pain but still she presses on, the sword in her hand turns slowly and her pale gaze narrows as she watches Cian. She dodges his blow, but while doing so her own swing is missed as she lashes out towards the knight. A faint smirk seen while she turns slowly to the side while they continue this dance.

Whether it is his own hesitations or her own skill, it is not clear, but the Knight seems to be getting more strikes upon his person than the other way around. As she dodges yet another of his blows, he takes a blow to the chest that staggers him a step though he quickly recovers and comes back with sword raised to strike upon her again. He will never live this down if he is beaten!

There's a bunch of people trying to crowd around Aidan and all he can do is shove and push them back, seeing nothing still. Yet, being a Kincaid and the Duke… knowing there's people who want to -kill- him when he's most vulnerable, he starts growling and cursing for them all to stay back, swinging his arms about, trying to swat away a fly or two? He actually manages to clock one someone in the jaw for all the tugging and prodding and all those blurry words being spoken. Shortly after, he's got a few knights on him to restrain him - or catch him… Catch him by the looks of it. The swirling visions of a concussion rush to meet him and it's all he can do to keep his feet underneath him. They'll feed him water and try to sit him down, where he can recover, while a healer on attendance presses a cool rag to his head. So much for sparring. That seems the end of it for now, with the way the healer is giving the rest of the crowd scowls.

Kaylee honestly would dream of winning this, but hey anything is possible at the moment! She manages to dodge another attack and then her swing lands squarely upon the knight's chest. A slight grunt escapes her at the impact that deals with her shoulder and neck which she took the hit from before. The mess going on about dealing with the Duke is missed at the moment.

<COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Cian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Kaylee with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cian has been KO'd!

Cian swings his sword to strike lightly upon the woman's chest before another hard blow falls upon his neck, which staggers him a bit once more. He drops to his knee and holds his sword into the air. "I yield to the might of the rangers." He declares and bows his head, using his free hand to rub his neck. It was certainly not his most aggressive fight, but she did win fairly and he will not diminish that.

Kaylee takes the hit across her chest and it makes her grunt slightly, though she does not back off. With the hit on her she pushes forward, her swing going out towards Cian and manages to catch him across the neck as a result. She grips hold of her sword pausing only as she sees that Cian is down and yielding. A slight pant of a breath escapes her and she lowers her blade, a slight smile seen while she offers him a bow of her head back. "Only because I've had good teachers in the past Sir Knight." She will not mock him for losing to her, she will not rub it in for that is not what she does.

"Very good teachers. Many a Sutherland have I fought and seen fight of late and many a time I have been impressed." Cian stabs the sword into the dirt and rises to his feet still rubbing at his neck. "You have a good swing on you, I was very glad they were not live blades or else my head would be somewhere across the way." He extends a hand toward the woman. So he likes strong women, the more troublesome the better. He can't help it!

Kaylee chuckle osftly as she hears him while making sure her blade is lowered as she curiously watches Cian. "Aye, thank the SkyForest Rangers for there teachings, along with Master Renden." This said with a soft tone. When it comes to strong women, well she is one, trouble? Yes she is known to find such things as well. She reaches out to take hold of his hand. "Thank ye for wishing ta spar with me good Knight." Some men would not do so after all.

"I have fought with few Rangers, but what I know of them is that if a Person has been called a Ranger it is not for lack of skill. Be they man or woman. I will admit to …hesitancy, but you have earned your rank as well as I have earned mine." He offers and passes his sword to his waiting squire. "I should go check on his grace…" He says before dipping a deep bow to the woman and heading on to the castle.

Kaylee watches Cian curiously a moment, she looks a bit amused at the hesitancy part as she was for sure it was coming. "Aye…" This is said softly. "I do hope that yer Duke is well." She has no idea how badly he or the squire could perhaps be hurt. There is a moment as she watches the knight move off before she turns to put up her sword and moves off to get a good drink as her shoulder is throbbing at the moment.

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