Lady Solara Ruxton
Molly C. Quinn
Molly C. Quinn as Lady Solara Dawn Ruxton
Full Name: Lady Solara Dawn Ruxton
Age: 19
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Ruxton
Position: Acting Vice Chancellor of Mobrin
Place of Birth: Ruxton Hall
Father: Duke Jon Marshall Ruxton
Mother: Duchess Vanessa Ruxton
Siblings: Robben
Spouse: None
Children: None

Immediate Family

Duke Jon Marshall Ruxton(Father)
Duchess Vanessa Ruxton(Mother)
Lord Robben Jon Ruxton(Brother)
Lady Aemy Irys Ruxton(nee Kincaid)(Married to Robben)
Lord TBD Ruxton(Brother)


Youngest Daughter of the Duke, Acting Vice Chancellor of Mobrin.

Solara Dawn Ruxton was born May 11, 209 2E, the youngest daughter of the duke of Weston. Growing up at Ruxton Hall, she was brought up to be a Lady, but that meant she had as much to learn as any brothers might. From a young age, she had tutors in everything from dance and needlework to economics and self defence. She was often in the city with appropriate accompaniment, seeing the big ships and the sailors who manned them. She was a bright and vivacious child, curious about everything and willing to climb anything, whether it was proper - or safe - or not. That often enough included the riggings on ships, once she was big enough to reach them. It was only her quick reflexes that saved her from several terrible tumbles during her childhood.

Solara has always lived up to her name, bright, cheerful and her family's ray of sunshine. She's got a temper, but it's generally as fleeting as it is hot. She showed talent from a young age when it came to the healing arts, and so she's had additional training in that regard, over and above what was already expected for her as a noble Lady. Her tutors saw to it that she has learned all she needs to be able to run a great house, with her mother's supervision and insistence that she needs to learn even the bits she doesn't like. Other than a certain stubbornness that her mother swears she gets from her father, and her father is certain she gained from her mother, she's a gentle, sweet hearted girl, with a joy of life that might be congagious. She is not gullible, but she is willing to believe the best in everyone, until it's proven otherwise. Quick reactions and a knack at seeing the truth around her are among her strengths.

Solara's childhood was a happy one, for the most part, with no more ills than could be expected. She had the usual childhood sicknesses, but was not weakly. As she grew, her protected and wealthy lifestyle gave her the added benefits of good food and care, so that she has ended up in most eyes a true beauty. Thus, her parents have decided to bring her to Court, for her coming out as a 'debutante.' Whether or not she wants to be there.


Solara has long red-gold hair, put up appropriately, though wisps manage to fall free, framing her oval face. Her eyes are blue, lashes long and lush, and her skin is a creamy pale tone without blemish. Her lips are cupid pink and she has managed to escape the bane of most natural redheads - she has no freckles. She's just an inch shy of five and a half feet, with a fit but curvy build.

She's wearing a fashionable dress in a deep red velvet, with black trim. The dress is formal, covering her from neck to ankle, though it does show a small amount of cleavage, the bodice tightly laced to her trim waist, only to flow into a full skirt. Her feet are covered in matching black boots and she carries a small black purse with a red rose embroidered on it looped over her left wrist.



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