19th Sess, 229 2E: Sky Biscuits

Summary: Ray is given a new comission.
OOC Date: 05/Mar/2014
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Ray Eoin 
Shire Bakery - City of Stormvale
The interior of the bakery is well lit, and open, a dividing counter running the length with a removable piece to allow passage by staff. In the customer area, four tables, ringed with chairs. This seating area is obviously not the main focus of the Bakery, but is avilable for sitting. In one wall, is a large fireplace, normally kept lit. Next to the fireplace is a rack for tongs and pokers as well as a supply of wood. Before the fireplace is a pair of chairs and low stools to prop feet up on. Behind the counter are displayed the bakery's goods.
Sweet breads and cakes, pies in both meat and fruit, sweet pastries. The selections of bread range from higher quality to rough loaves of good size for the cheap price. There are casks for Ale and Cider to be drawn from. There is a board with a menu on it to view against the back wall, next to a door leading to the rest of the interior of the building.
Doug, a bland looking man who is minding the store when there are no other people who work here about will sell bakery goods to those who pay, will be polite, and has very little interest in anything else. Doug is prepared to sell on command and otherwise encourages browsing.
19 Sess, 229

It's morning and the Bakery is is full swing. Doug is selling his heart out and customers are plentiful while Ray brings out the food as it's baked, keeping the front stocks high.

Eoin appears to be one of the few Morbinite nobles who aren't holidaying on the lake. Striding into the bakery he loks momentarilly disapointed by the crowd, but he has the time to wait. Then, spotting the baker himself he gives the man a brief upnod to indicate that his buisness is with him, rahter than the salesman.

Ray notices the differance in blood of the clientele almost at once, as the common folk do give Eoin the right of way. Ray, upon seeing Eoins nod, hea makes a gesture to draw the man to the side of the counter (closer to the cute animals made of bread). As they approach into polite speaking range a bow comes from him as he steps to the other side of the counter. "Welcome to the Shire Bakery. Raymond Trevens, Milord, at your service. What can I do for you today?"

Eoin moves to the end of the counter as indicated and offers a polite smile at teh greeting. "Thank you, I have a couple of matters of business to discus with you, although neither I imagine will keep you long." Glacing in the vague direction of the docks he starts with work. "The fleet will be readying to sail soon and we could do with layin gin a supply of ships biscuits as part of the preperations. I know it's not your normal fare, but the crown will pay a reasonable rate if you can help supply the quantities needed."

Ray doesn't even hesitate, "Absolutely milord. Though not normal fare of the bakery, I can produce ships bread. All I need are the amounts required." He's absolutely confident in this.

Eoin nods to acknowledge that then states simply, "excellent, I'll send the purser along to sort the details and numbers when I get back to the docks." Then, moving on to matter number two he starts by drawing a small pouch from his belt. "Not to be confused with the previous matter," he starts, with a faintly amused smile, "but I was wondering if you might take on an experimental comission. My cousin ha taken his baker with him on his trip back to the shire."

Ray nods to the arrangement for the ships bread and pauses at the second matter. He nods to the news of the cousin taken on the trip. He smiles slightly, "Alright, Milord. What comission did you have in mind?"

Eoin offers the small ouch across and explains simply, "sky herb, or sky weed, or sky leaf, what ever you happen to call it. I'm not a great smoker, nor do I find it pleasant to chew, but it has been suggested that it might be baked into something and still maintain it's effects."

Ray pauses for a moment, then blinks, and nods, "Oh, aye Milord. It certainly can be." He looks at the pouch and nods. "Aye, the Sky Herb I'll need to get seperately, but I know exactly what to bake, Sky Biscuts." He moves along the counter, getting a thivk round biscut, and returning with it. It's a dark brown color. "Chocola takes and melds the flavor well while preserving the effrects." He offers the biscut. "This has no Herb, Milord, but is the manner of biscut that will be produced." He offers it, "If you will honor me. I can get the Herb and have the biscuts to you by mid afternoon."

Eoin eyes the biscuit offered for a moment then takes it, breaking it in two before tasting the smaller of the two sections. A brief nod as he seems to approve, then he point to the pouch with the other half. "There's herb in there, and mid afternoon is fine. Have them sent round to the Haravean manor and the steward will reemburse you as required."

Ray nods, taking the pouch andf opening it, sniffing. He nods, "Alright Milord. The biscuts will be there, and should they be to your liking, I'll be quite able to produce more upon request."

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