Alasair 2, 228: Sister Act

Sister Act
Summary: Princesses Caillin and Roslin manage to find each other, now that the latter has returned from her studies in Lakeshire. After a year of seperation and some scandal in the Kilgour family, they catch up.
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Public Gardens City of Stormvale
A broad path of crushed white stone runs in a wide circle around a fountain, ringed in turn by flowerbeds. Beyond them, the lawn continues, smooth and softly green. A row of rosebushes, in full bloom, are planted along the stone wall to the north, flanking the gate. The path branches off to the south, where it joins a shady avenue lined with lush green trees, and to the east toward a quiet grove.
Alasair 2, 228

Sun is shining very brightly. There are no these fluffy clouds above, just a few birds are swimming in the light blueness. If not that small breeze, it would be too hot to walk around in the city. However, such a weather is loved by all these children in their rags. They are running around the public gardens, while elders are speaking with each other about their own business.
As usually, a young girl is sitting on the edge of the fountain, letting her scarlet gown elegantly fall on the ground and sweep the dusts. Not so far away a few guardmen and handmaidan Gaela are staring at the this princess intently.
This princess is often seen in this garden and looks like all the commoners are used to it. They offers smiles and deep bows for her. One young child approaches the princess and takes her hand speaking: „My princess, can I go with you, when you leave… Who will take care of us?.. When you will leave?..“ Princess smiles for the boy and leans near him to hug him „My poor child. I will miss you so horribly…“ Then she thoughtfully leans back and sighs. The same does and the boy. He sighs and runs near his sister, whispering „Our princess is so sad these days. I can‘t recognize her…“
Flaxen hair frames a face of flawless, creamy skin and cascades over this young woman's shoulders like a refreshing waterfall in summer. Her pale cheeks bear the slight tint of rosy blush beneath her high cheekbones. Beneath barely discernable eyebrows and delicate lashes, soft, light gray eyes, keen, but full of some kind of sorrow, gaze at the world thoughtfully.
Girl slowly raises her pale hand just to touch her own cheek without any special reason. There is a bracelet on that hand wrist, made of polished silver, its links shaped in the form of the silver anchor of House Ruxton. There is one of a slightly larger shape, carrying a small ruby at the point of its center where the beams join in a cross, attached to it so that it hangs down from the lady's wrist.
Caillin sighs thoughtfully.

“And why are you sighing, sister?” The voice comes from behind Caillin, and she will have to turn in order to see where it comes from. Recently dismounted from her horse is the prodigal sister returned: Roslin, the youngest of the Royal Princesses. Flanked by guards and her own maid, the princess is quite a sight. She is dressed, as she always is, impeccably, in a violet riding dress of silk, embroidered with darker patterns of what appears to be dragonflies. Over it, she wears a cream riding cloak, the inner lining matching the color of her own dress. She’s hard to miss, Roslin is, with her bright red hair - today, it has been left in waves, with only a few tight braids accenting it.
When last seen by the family, Roslin had only just been near 15 years of age. By now, at 16, some chubbiness has left her features. The strength of her cheekbones is becoming clear. She is not a woman yet, no. But the woman she will become can now be seen in her features. Without hesitating, the young girl walks toward her sister by the fountain. Commoners bow respectfully and step back out of her way, parting like a sea around her until she is brought right up next to the blonde, her elder. “I had hoped you might be happy to see me. And it is good to see you now, though I confess you have been somewhat difficult to find, since my return.”

When Caillin hears the voice, quite familiar voice, she does not hurry to turn back. Girl just cants her head and that boy with his sister, who are standing not so far away from their princess, can see how emotion in grey eyes changes. Sorrow fades, but some kind of disappointment shows up. Obviously, someone, who did not want to be found, was.
Caillin stands up slowly, brushing with her fingers through the skirt, trying to make it look a little bit more tidy. When her eyes catch the sight of her little sister, princess examines her for a few moments.
Just when Roslin comes close enough, Caillin nips the fabric of her skirt, raising it a little bit and offering a deep curtsy „Your Highness… I am sorry, I was not able to find you sooner. I am slightly busy… Was…“ Girl leans back and adds „Your Highness looks just astonishing!“ Forced smile flashes in girl‘s bright face.

Roslin was not particularly expecting Caillin to stand on ceremony, but she does - and in turn, Roslin does the same. Her sister is greeted with a curtsey, a lowering of head and eyes respectful not only of her position as a Princess, but as an elder. “As do you. Now sit again, I did not mean to make you stand.” She looks over to those that have gathered around and she waves a dismissive hand, letting the guards and the maids stand back just a bit with the common folk, allowing the two women to talk a bit more.
“I imagine you are much more than slightly busy, with all that is happening. You are to be married this week, from what I am told. I am so happy I was able to make it back for the occasion.” Her own smile is one of sincerity, though it is not the spreading, glowing sort. “I wished to offer my congratulations on the event - imagine my surprise to find you so forlorn. Why are you sighing, Caillin? Does the man not suite you?” Of course, Roslin only speaks this way once commoner and servant alike have been moved away from the pair, letting them talk rather freely without too much fear of being overheard.

When a bow of the head and curtsy is offerend for Caillin, her eyebrow jumps up and girl chuckles „My young…“ Yes, it is the word „sister“, which sticks in girl‘s throat „Your Highness… You don‘t have to do this. You are the princess and I… I should get used to being just baroness. From now on, I will bow and curtsy for you…“ Caillin bites her lip nervously and turns to take the seat again.
When her burgundy dress falls on the ground once more, when girl slips back on the edge of the fountain and her sister joins with all these congratulations and questions, Caillin shakes her head whispering „Oh, no… He is… Kind man. Even if I am just the duty for him. Though… He has something in his heart. Dark shadows in his past…“ Caillin shakes her head again „But I can‘t speak about it. No. I am sorry. I must do what the King and the Queen want. I will be baroness…“ and sorrow finds a shelter in grey eyes again „Baroness and the duty…“
Girl turns to her sister, trying to smile „But do you know, that our brothers were so lucky to find love? And Tyrel already wed the woman he loves, and Logen will do it the same. In time,“ of course, there is that thing, called envy in girl‘s voice „However, we should speak about you. How are you? How was you?“ Caillin chews on her lip.

Roslin waves another hand, rather dismissive in it’s gesture. She seems to do that so well - as a Princess raised, the ability to comand with just a motion comes without any thought or pretense. “Oh don’t be ridiculous. You are my elder sister and that will never change. Blood ties us, not simply names and titles. At any rate, there is little to tell of me. Lakeshire has been delightful, the Kincaids have been the most perfect hosts anyone could desire, and I spent most of my time with ship captains and lawyers, studying how effective policies might increase trade yield. My adventures were few and far between, and most of those were written in ink.”
The redhead smooths out her own skirts, sitting straight-backed with her hands delicately folded across her lap. While her posture doesn’t change, her expression does. “In an attempt to find love Logen has put the entire realm at risk in this war, deflowered a Duke’s sister and shamed everyone around him. Do not be envious of him, dear sister. You are doing your duty to the family - Logen’s behavior is a black mark on us all.” It takes a moment for the anger, almost visible in Roslin’s face, to fade somewhat. “But nevermind about him,” she says. “Tell me of Tyrel’s bride if you might. I’ve not met the woman yet, nor spoken much with him on the subject. Is she clever at all? We can only hope she is as smart as mother, if she is to be Queen. Does she make Tyrel happy?”

Caillin chuckles and leaves the titles theme away, concentrating more on the policies, trades and business. „Oh, sounds that you had much fun!“ Girl‘s look slips to that boy, who came near the princess. „You will be a perfect helper for our father and brother! You always were good on these things. However, I do not like policy all these trades and other business… Usually simple people are forgotten in these matters. You know, I spoke with the priestess… Before the betrothal. I really was wondering to join the temple. I will miss these childs and patients…“ Caillin stares at the boy, who is playing with the stone and stick for now.
This princess was always seen around foundlings and beggars, huging them, sharing secrets with them, playing and helping for them. She was always seen visiting the hospital with priestesses and helping there. Likely for this reason grey eyes perfectly show the bleeding of princess‘ heart now. Will I be able to leave them?.. - whispers Caillin in her minds, but turns her attention back on Roslin.
„My dear… sister,“ yes, this time she managed to call the princess “sister”, but Caillin‘s voice trembles. Likely she still believes, that titles are more important in public than blood. A few minutes of silence comes, while Caillin wanders somewhere in her reminiscences, when she was able to place a peck on her father’s cheek, cuddle near her mom. But hey both now are somehow far away. They come to speak with Caillin, but everything keeps being so formal. Rosebud lips of the girl starts mumbling something unclearly under her nose: „She … sitting … cold … not … embrace … calm…“

A dog barks and Caillin flinches. „I am sorry, sister,“ voice trembles again. Princess looks like she just woke up from her sleep „I am sorry, where we were? Yes! Logen…“ Caillin always loved her brother. She can‘t leave this question „Love makes us do strange things. But I always thought that love is more important than duty. They both love each other. They are happy. The only thing, which makes me angry… They should be more careful. They do not care about their servants. I saw how they were floged… In lady Caitlyn‘s and Logen‘s place, I would do anything to save my handmaid,“ Caillin glances at Gaela „and my guards,“ her gaze is turned back on sister „I would offer to flog me. They can‘t be fault for Logen‘s actions… But… Yes, Tyrel! I spoke just a few times with his wife. She is incredibly beautiful and looks so kind. Sometimes, I think, she is too kind. Strangely. But from all what I saw… She is just perfect.“

Roslin listens, her eyes focused on her sister as the words tumble from her lips. She is listening quite intently, but her face is calm as the two speak. “The temple is not a place for us, sister. As Royal Princesses, we are given many opportunities, many securities that others are not. Others like these people,” she gestures to the commoners that move to and fro. For a moment, Roslin watches the boy, too, making sure he is not close enough to overhear. Comfortable that he may not be a spy, she turns back to her sister. “But with that comes a price. We must do for our family and our country - that is how we earn the lifestyle we have been granted. Logen may love this woman, though how one can love a woman and violate her at the same time is something perhaps beyond my comprehension, but in loving her, he has forgotten the love of his family and his country. Does he not love us? There are so many different kinds of love, and Logen has thrown them all aside for love of himself. I would not have you believe the same, sister. Love may be the most important thing in the world, but we should not limit ourselves to romantic love. Love of our father and mother, love of our realm. What we do, we do because we love these people, all the people of Mobrin. We appreciate what they have made possible for us, and in turn we do our duty to secure our kingdom and make the lives of the people safer and more prosperous.” Roslin sighs, then, taking a deep breath after her passionate plea is given. “Anyway, do not be so sad about it all. As a wife, there is no reason you may not continue your philanthropic work. I would highly encourage you to do so.”
“I am so happy for Tyrel. He should serve as an example to us all - do your duty, serve your kingdom, and be rewarded.” At that thought, Roslin smiles rather more broadly. “I hope that I may live up to his example.”

Caillin listens for her sister and when she finishes, young princess can‘t do anything but start laughing. Loudly and wildly, even with some kind of mischief in her voice. It lasts for a few seconds, before older sister clasps her one hand around the shoulders of her younger sister. Flaxen curls rests on the shoulder of Roslin now.
„Oh, my dear… You and Tyrel. Our father and mother must be so happy for having you two. You two are example and relieve for the King and the Queen. Tyrel is similar to our father and you - to our mother, while me and Logen. We see the world differently. We are, somehow, different and, likely, a slight disappointment for our family, while you two… You two are the light of the Kingdom. The light and the future. That is why, you two will be rewarded and will have everything you want. Even love. Sometimes I wonder, if you and Tyrel are my real brother and sister…“
Princess starts laughing once more. Once more freely and loudly. She leans back an immerses her fingers to the refreshing water of the fountain. „I am not sure. About the wife and my… duty, not work. And I would say it is not duty. It‘s just what I do. I was born to do this. There is nothing philantropic in it. And it‘s not work. Not duty. I just help, because I can, but… Do you know, that young baron Ruthgar Ruxton does not like commoenrs? He does not trust people. He looks at them from a far. I invited him to visit the hospital with me, but he said „No!“ very firmly. As I mentioned… I spoke with his brother and he approved, that young baron has a strange dark past about which I am not allowed to know. I tried to help him find the light. All these simple people usually helps me to find the light. I gave him a piece of amber too, which has to show the light for him…“ Caillin shrugs „But he keeps being cold. With others. From the day, when I begged him never call me „his duty“ again, he tries to be more friendly with me. More kind. But I guess it‘s just because I asked for this, but there is nothing honest, you know. I am still just someone, who “interrupted his life against his will” in his heart…“ All this story is whispered to the ear of her sister. Silently. „But I will be a good wife for him. Just to make the King and Queen happy. However, I will be his property. I am not sure he will allow me be with foundlings or in the hospital. Does Barony of Dellhaven has one at all?..“
A few thoughtful minutes follows the thoughts of the young princess before she blushes and starts whirling the bracelet: gift from Ruthgar, on her wrist. „Though, there is something, what attracts me to him… There is something..“
Curious and playful gaze jumps on Roslin „But sister, you were in the Lakeshire for quite a long time. Did someone fall in your eye? Maybe some knight or Kincaid‘s son? Do they have sons?“

“Perhaps Tyrel and I are more like mother and father, in some respects. But I know when mother is feeling tender, she and I are not like each other at all - you and her have far more in common in those moments. Our parents are complex people - they are lovers and they are Royals. We must all try to emulate them and the balance they have achieved. Because if we are like them or not, we have responsibilities to them and to all these people. I may not walk amongst the poor, but I offer myself in body and spirit to my King and Queen that they may use my talents in whatever way they deem necessary to protect the realm and these people. That is our role in things.” Roslin watches her sister play in the water, though she herself chooses not to reach out and touch it, just now. Instead, she remains with her straight posture, smiling a little as the conversation goes on - even as they disagree. “The amber … that was a wise thing,” Roslin mummers. “As you have served our father and mother, so must you serve your husband, now. It is the price we pay for safety and security. And perhaps I am not in the best position to offer any advice, but … do not force the man. If he is at all like Tyrel or Logen or Father, he cannot be forced. Slowly, gently, you must open his eyes and his mind to the world you see, gently and with grace - like the amber. That was very wise, indeed.” She seems rather impressed about that.
At the quick turn of questions, however, Roslin’s eyebrows rise in curiousity. “Yes,” she says. “The duke has a son and a daughter, the daughter is married to your future brother-in-law I believe, Robben Ruxton. The son, Lord Hadrian, was a fine enough companion. He is a quiet man, but we did share some interests in business around the lake. He was particularly helpful to me in that respect. But there was surely no flutter of love, between myself and him or any other. I do not particularly crave romance, anyway. Certainly not after everything Logen has done. This family has seen enough of such things - sacrificing family, duty, and honor for the sake of love. Ugh!” Roslin twists her face unhappilly. “I cannot keep myself from becoming angry when I think of it. He could not even love her in an honorable manner. No, if I never love beyond my family, my home, the Gods and my husband I shall die truley contented.”

Caillin shakes her head again, but in the quite satisfied and proud manner. „You are so clever. So disciplined… You are so… even wise. I should be younger sister, not you,“ princess chuckles and winks for her sister „Why I can‘t be like you? I could be way more happier!“
Caillin slips closer near her sister again, clasping her hand around her waist now, and leaning on her shoulder again. Grey eyes are sticked in the horizon. This young princess always loved huging, feeling that warmth of another body, hearing the beating of the heart, being as close as possible near someone, who she loves. „However, I can‘t be angry on Logen as you. We share some similarities… Always shared. Though… I had a crush on another man. Really. But I never showed it openly and I will never do it. Just because I know, that it may bring my handmaid and guards in trouble. I care about them. I thought Logen does it too…“
„You know…“ whispers Caillin „It is hard for me to understand people who thinks differently. I always want everything happen quickly. Here and now. But yes, I do believe baron Ruthgar is in need of some time… But I will heal him!“ quite firmly states Caillin and more curiously adds „Oh, but you are so beautiful. Boys should go crazy around you. However, maybe it is better. It is better not to fall in love with the person, which is not approved by the King and the Queen. This way you will be away from trouble and your heart will never bleed. You chose wisely. As I said, you are so young and so wise!“
Caillin takes the hand of her sister and now sticks her grey look straight to Roslin‘s „Will you be as close as possible to me in the ceremony of marriage? I am really afraid of it… Ceremony… first kiss… and the night…“ each word is pronounced more and more silently and the heat jumps to girl‘s cheeks. „I am afraid to faint there. I will feel better, seeing your wise, always calm and encouraging look! Promise you will be there, in the temple and in the feast!“

It may come as a surprise, but the closeness does not seem unfamiliar to Roslin, indeed she embraces it, setting her own arm around her sister in a protective stance. “I shall be as close to you as possible during the ceremony,” Roslin promises. And then - yes - a giggle! “But I believe that when the night comes there is no place for me with you then.” She keeps her arm around her sister, looking around again - always looking. Spies? Assasains? Friends? Who can say what she looks for, but every so often her eyes do scan those around. “You should not wish so much to be like me - I am clever, I know. But I have many of my own flaws, and they can be the cause of my own unhappiness. I wish I could believe that I would find a husband who would love and cherish me, who would not restrict my freedoms and interests. I wish I could be as open and honest as you and even mother can sometimes be. But I cannot - my mind is in too many places. Perhaps I shall not hurt as much as you, but I think I shall never be quite as happy as you, either. So I suppose we are both flawed creatures.”
Roslin pauses agian, allowing a moment to pass with the two girls simply sitting there. “I do not know how Logen feels in regards to his servants, or how this woman of his feels in regards to hers. From what I am told, they both showed very little emotion during the spectacle. It is hard to believe they would not care, and yet it is their own behavior that made it happen. If they had cared, I think they would have acted differently. Perhaps it is that they love each other, but if to love another person is to forsake all love and kindness to others, I should think it quite an evil thing indeed.” She turns, then, looking to her sister.
“Come now, you cannot tease me. Who is it that you have had feelings for? I shalln’t tell, and I think it would be better to tell someone than to keep it to yourself.”

When her sister looks around, Caillin does the same. Though, she is just looking for someone, for whom her sister may look for. Princess shrugs slightly not understanding the reason, why her sister is so intently staring at the crowd, there is no harm for them, especially when there are so many guards around.
Caillin nods „Indeed. I was almost crying, when handmaid and guard were flogged. But these two… They were so cold. I am really afraid to admit, but maybe there is a touch of Inouv in their love. Maybe. But I would like to believe, that our brother is safe from Mighty Inouv. I would like to believe…“
When her sister is speaking about wishes, Caillin takes a curl of her sister, tickling Roslin‘s nose with it playfully „My dear, as I already mentioned, you are like Tyrel. Two perfect children of prefect King and Queen. You will be rewarded and I am sure, that you as Tyrel will find just awesome husband, who will love you as Tyrel‘s wife loves him. I see it in her eyes. And… You do not have any flaws in my eyes. You are my sister, who I love,“ girl cuddles again to Roslin, but then the question about the man comes…
Caillin nervously withdraws and chews on her lip, turning the gaze somehwere far far away. „I was just fool. I was fooled. Because I am young. I believed that man was speaking with me… Well, I thought it was some kind of flirt, you know…“ girl blushes even more „But I do believe it was just a game for him. Small game to see a child with sparkling eyes staring at him… I am not sure I should mention his name. And now I have that young baron, who I will try to love. I already like something in him. Maybe I like him, because I know, that I need to heal his heart from the disease called „the past“. I know that he is in need of me as I need him to learn some disciplin. You know how I always fall in love with these patients and foundlings…“ girl chuckles.
Princess sways for a few moments, but obviously, all this childish eagerness to share the secret with her sister eats poor girl and she moves closer again. „Promise, that you will never tell anyone…“ and girl leans to whisper a name in her sister‘s ear, blushing.

“We would like to believe many things,” Roslin counsels, using her hand to pat her sister’s own free one, in a gesture of compassion. “But I would never have believed him to be so cruel to his own family as he has done, and yet here we are. I have not spoken to him since I have arrived home. He called out to me, once, when I first arrived, when King Isaac was being welcomed by Father. But I could hardly stand to look at him. I think it is best if we do not meet, and when we do I hope for both our sakes it is in public. I shalln’t be able to hold my tongue for him if I see him alone.” The young girl sighs, shaking her head - the red locks whisping in the breeze with her movements. “At any rate, he is of little consequence now. He will marry his fallen woman and that will be that. To my ears, you sound much more disciplined than he has been in preparing for your match. You look for the good in your husband - that is also very wise. He will dissapoint and anger you I am sure - as we all dissapoint and anger others. But if you always remember the good in him, I think you will be happier.” At that, the girl laughs - a free laugh, far from the more serious nature she usually has. “But I am unmarried and unsmitten in love, so perhaps I know nothing.”
When the secret lover is revealed, it causes Roslin to hold her smile strong. “A very appropriate man to have caught your eye,” she explains. “Even if he was merely a flirt, it speaks well to him that he gained your attentions. But I think, in the end, it sounds as though you may find some happiness with the Baron. And it is Motehr and Father’s wish, so hopefully it will please them. But tell me, sister … why the Baron? What has brought this match about, if it was not affection?”

Caillin listens for her sister‘s philosophy about love and marriage. „Yeah, you speak, somehow, similar as the baroness Wenna is speaking. I came to her, when announcement about marriage was spread. Somehow, I find my happiness with her. She calms me down. She is always with our cousin lord Caedmon. They both are so kind and sweet. I always feel safe with them. You speak like they did… Indeed. And you are so young…“ again proudly about her sister explains princess.
When the speak turns again about the lord Ruthgar, Caillin just shrugs. „I have no idea, sister. It was my father‘s and my mother‘s wish, without any explanations. I was sick, when I was invited to their chambers. I get into the accident the day before. My handmaid does not like horses, but I wanted to go on my morning riding. So, I took my two guards. But suddenly the storm came. You know, how frightful Snowflake sometimes is. She started to run and my guards lost me. I was lost in the woods. The storm was horrible. But a young huntress saved me. There was the Crowford Duke, Caedmon and baron Ruthgar there too,“ girl stops just to take a breath and continues „So, the next day I felt sick. And… If I remember correctly, the second day I was invited to the chambers, where the Queen and Tyrel with his wife were. They told me this. I started to cry. I was really afraid and sad, but our mother was sitting there… so cold and speechless. I glanced at her, but she did not came near me. Did not said a word… Did not hugged me to calm me down, so I ran away from the room. I ran straight to baroness Wenna. That is all what I know. I have to marry him and as dowry barony of Dellhaven was given. He was lord Ruthgar, second son of Ruxton, but by marriage with me he was granted with the barony…“ girl sighs „But I never hugged our mother after this. I still see her eyes and how far away she was that day from me… I am afraid, I won‘t be able to overstep the formality with her and our father anymore…“ girl flinches and even crouches as she would be afraid of something.

Roslin sits back to listen, pursing her lips in thought. And indeed, there is a lot of thought to be had as she listen to the story. Her face remains static - still pleasant, still content, but pensive. After a few quiet moments like this, she finally speaks. “Well, I suppose there is little cause to dwell on it now. You will be married soon and I think you will find more happiness than sadness. Just keep your maid and your guards with you at all times, no matter what, even if your girl does not so much care for riding, and the rest will come.” Looking around again, the Princess moves to rise, the expensive fabric rustling at the motion. “I have promised to speak with Father today, so I must return to dress myself. Shall I leave you here awhile? I imagine you still have much to think over. But if you are ready to return home, we will ride together, if that would please you.”

Caillin stands up too, letting her gown sway freely as her flaxen curls. „Thank you, but I want to visit a few people. I promised to visit and speak with everyone, before I left. The time is cruel. So, I shouldn‘t waste my time on sitting and thinking, actually, and you must be in a hurry. See you later and give my best wishes for our father. I do believe I will see him just on my wedding day, if he will be free,“ girl chuckles, but somehow unnaturally. „It was a pleasure finally to meet you. Thank you for wise advices and your support…“ and Caillin hugs her sister, before turning to leave. Of course, she will be followed by two guards and handmaiden Gaela.

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