Thedor 3, 229: Sir Fuzzy Pants

Sir Fuzzy Pants
Summary: The interesting beginnings of Sir Fuzzy Pants, newest addition to House Forrester.
OOC Date: 04/01/2014 (OOC)
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Forrester Suite - Darfield Castle
This spacious sitting room is simply but stylishly decorated. Finely woven patterned rugs cover most of the marble floors and compliment two white leather sofas arranged to face each other near the center of the room. The wall to your left as you enter contains an oak door on the near portion and a spacious hearth on the far portion, where two additional sitting chairs and a small table rest. To your right as you enter is a mahogany door next to an extensive bookshelf which hosts a collection rich with both art and science titles. Tapestries of places throughout the continent adorn the walls on both sides. Directly in front of you, the far wall is covered with lush foliage, hanging and potted plants collected from exotic locales. The room is kept lit by small brass and crystal chandeliers.
It is day 3 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

It isn't late but it is hovering close to being so, that point in the evening where one ususally starts to unwind for the night, perhaps while partaking in a little bit of drink and a soothing activity to keep one's hands busy while letting the mind key down. Such is the case for Nimue who has settled into a high back chair, her embroidery hoop close by. Instead of alcoholy she has had someone fetch her a cup of warmed milk sweetened with a touch of honey and spiced with just a pinch of nutmeg.

Trevian sits not far from his sister, smoking quietly of his favorite herb as he does some quiet wood carving in the late evening. He sits near a mug of mulled wine, scented with spices. HE seems interested more in his carving than anything else.

While the Forrester's have recently visited the household of Kincaid, it may not be a surprise to any that the Duke is returning the honour, coming to knock upon their door - granted there was some arrangement via correspondence to ensure that both sides knew he was coming. It wouldn't do to have anyone entirely unprepared for a second meeting, this one no doubt, subdued as no other visitors come with him (save for perhaps his squire). So when he arrives at the hour that was mentioned in such messages back and forth between the two Houses, he's dressed in presentable attire. A rich ivory white tunic belted at the waist with gold and black ornaments adorns the man, with a black cloak which wraps in front like a sash between the two shoulders, pinned there, and settled back behind him. His breeches are also black however have pinstripes of fine silver woven in. The many styles of Kincaid, ever worn like a banner to his house. And why not. In his hand is a basket, covered and concealed for the most part. He carries it in with him as he's given entrance to the Forrester residence, waiting for the servants to do what they need too, so that he is announced and gives his hosts plenty of time to prepare before he moves in to greet them.

Nimue rises easily and answers the door herself instead of letting one of their staff do so for them, her own attire simple, a light dress of ivory linen instead of the fancier gowns she usually enjoys wearing. When noticing it is indeed Aidan who has knocked she can not help but to beam, obviously pleased to see the Duke, and her face immediately pinkens. "It is a pleasure seeing you again. Please come in." She steps to the side, allowing for their guest to step past her before closing the door. "Trevian. Duke Aidan's here. Please put your carving away."

Trevian blinks at the knock- even if others might have been expecting the Duke, the Forrester Ranger had not expected there to be visitors quite this late. Still, the carving is placed to the side as he stands to peer off towards the door when his sister goes to answer. "What's this now?" he asks, often the last to hear about social anythings- but that's the price he pays for personal freedom in the woods. "Your grace, how nice to see you again. I'm afraid our suites are

"No no," Aidan immediately tries to keep Trevian from putting away the carving, "No need to still your work, Lord Scout-" he remembers, "-I would not keep an artist from his paints as much as a man's knife from the edge of a block of wood." He does at least try to placate that before he looks toward Nimue, "Though it is such a pleasure to see you both this evening. Thank you for welcoming me." A bit of humour in his eyes toward the Scout, nodding as he steps inside. At that point there's a bit of movement and a sound from the basket that he can't help but mask now. It almost sounded like something was alive and a squeak of a 'mew' may not be able to pass by Nimue, as she is standing so close.

He sighs reluctantly toward the basket, "I was delayed. I found an unfortunate victim of this weather along my way here." Or so the story is going to go. A noble, taking pity on something dirty and small. Indeed. "I had thought perhaps the Lady Nimue would know what I should do with it, since, my own kin, other than my squire, was no where to ask. And my daughters would be particularly unimpressed with me, had I walked on by and hadn't lifted a finger." He moves the basket toward her, offering. The fabric covering is moving a bit now and if she deems it safe enough to look under it, she might discover little birdie told him what she liked.

The kitten, a little orange-on-orange tabby boy who is young enough to still have his 'kitten fluff' and blue eyes, gets Nimue's attention once he makes his presence known. Scooping him up, she holds him up to face level, looking at him eye-to-eye, that prompting their feline guest to bat at her nose. Giggling, she takes to craddling him to her, her eyes closing as she announces, "He is going to stay with us. And I am going to name him Sir Fluffy Pants." Peeking at the Duke, she curtseys, too giddy to speak so having to do that to convey her thanks and then she wheels aorund to show her brother Fluffy Pants. Kitten Knight extraordinaire!

Trevian's eyebrow raises slowly at the gift to his darling sister. He looks to the kitten, and gives it a little scritch to the head. "Well, hello there, Sir Pants. I trust you find the place to your liking." he says simply, even as he looks over to the Duke with a raised eyebrow. He returns to his seat, repacking his pipe. "Would you care for something to drink? Something to eat?" he wonders over as he waves towards a seat. "Please, take a seat."

The kitten is in no way 'dirty' and he might even have a little bow on him. He's been groomed well enough that he simply couldn't be off the streets and there had been some forethought put into this visit. Aidan watches as the Lady Nimue scoops up the kitten without hesitation. Her reactions cause an interesting smile to come across Aidan's face, perhaps happy to see the Lady in a new light, not condemned to her nervousness of the other night and previous but brief interaction before that. The giggling is satisfying to hear, his eyes darting to Trevian to see what he thinks of his sister, over the moon as she is, with her newest guest. "Then I believe he is the most fortunate kitten, to cross my path," as Nimue declares that the kitten is staying with them. He nods toward one of the servants to take the basket from his hands, turning back toward the Forresters, "What a fine name he gets too." A good natured laugh, stepping more into the sitting room, so he can get off his feet. "Mmm, a second pipe if you have one, would be grand. And whatever it is that you would have to offer for a drink-" taking any sort of liquor as it were.

One of the maids gets whispered to and then sent out for a bit of cream and maybe even a nibble or three of meat if the cook in charge of the kitchen will allow it, a supper befitting such a noble little feline. Nimue sets him down after a bit more snuggling, letting him explore his realm while she returns to their human guest. "That was so lovely of you, Your Grace," she says with a content sigh, very pleased. "We have a lovely wine from… where did you say it was from, Trevian? It wasn't Sutherland, was it? Perhaps it is from our home?" Details like that often get forgotten by her, making it necessary for Trevian to remind her when times like this come up.

"All sorts to be had, your Grace." Trevian says, as he nods to a servant who goes into the office to return with another pipe. "Sky herb, or tobacco?" he wonders as the servant arrives with the choices for the Duke. "We have access to the kitchen's of the castle, of course. There should be some meat from a recent hunt of mine, and most anything you'd like to drink. I'm enjoying some mulled wine, myself. Always nice in the winter. Oh? The wine- yes, its more of a berry liquor from Sky Forest, but most don't seem to enjoy it as much as a native of the forests do. A touch bitter for most, I think. " he offers, with a smile. "Still, quite a strong spirit for those interested in a bit of warmth."

Aidan watches as the kitten starts to bounce off, probably grateful to be out of that basket and free. Amusement flickers in Aidan's hazel eyes as the kitten is nervous but otherwise eager to go explore, batting at things that are unfamiliar and giving others a sniff. Aidan's attention returns to Nimue as she settles with them and thanks him, the man nodding casually, "You might wish to thank my squire. He's the one that suggested I not present a dirty ragamuffin to you." As if trying to deflect the entire intent of the gift, so not to raise any suspicious or suggest anything untoward. "I hope he pleases you," he tilts his head and turns an eye toward Trevian, only to consider the choices of pipe and the matter of which that stuffs it. "Perhaps just the tobacco tonight. It had been a while since I had Sky Herb and… I can't quite recall when I stayed up so late and ate so much before," he amuses, "I felt rather heavy he next day." As for the drink, "That sounds fine." Apparently he's not picky. He goes to preparing the pipe while the servants tend to fetching him a glass of wine.

Being from Sky Forest, it's probably safe to assume that at least one, if not both, of the twins would have been able to bathe the kitten if it was needed. Thankfully it isn't and they will not have to risk life and limb. Sitting again, Nimue puts her needlepoint away while another of their servants go about getting drinks for the men, her own needs still satisfied as her warm milk sits close by, not yet needing refilled. "I haven't had the chance to properly thank you for the invitation to your home the other night," she says suddenly as if it suddenly dawns on her that Aidan's owed the voiced gratitude. "My brother and I both had such a lovely time."

"A lovely time, yes." Trevian agrees with his sister, as he leans back and servants do the whole getting the Duke what he wishes to be comfortable. That servant with the pipe packs it with some fine tobacco from the Forrester offices and returns with a taper for the Duke- lit and ready for him to take and puff away at as he wished. "I do prefer the sky herb myself, but its something of a past time among the scouts of Sky Forest." Those guys always stink of Sky Herb. Why should their Lord Scout be any different? "Would you care for something to eat? Anything we can do to ensure your comfort, Your Grace?" he wonders, still watching the man with a touch of curiosity. A gift for his sister, with a bow even! It was a curious gift.

"It was my pleasure," he tells Nimue honestly, "It has been sometime since I last set foot in Stormvale, longer still since I've properly treated good friends to my table. I have only to regret that I did not come sooner. My morose moods kept me from it, I fear." There are stories saying he moured his late wife who passed two years ago for longer than formalities demanded, and that he may in some sense mourn her still. "Time is short, however, for all of us to become reacquainted and more open to one another, for the times ahead will test your knowledge of who is your friend and who is not." The ominous speak of war once again and having lived through conflicts himself, it's no wonder he's here. It is a matter of experience that calls him forward to act. "I must apologize, I broke bread at another House before I came here," he looks guilty for making so many quick visits, but this is the life of a Duke, one whose scrambling to shore up relations before the powder keg ignited. "The comforts you've seen too are already quite enough," he assures, taking the packed pipe and puffing on it. There's a nod at the past time between scouts, little wonder there, "Do you know my son, Hadrian?" asked to Trevian, "I thought you two by chance would've had the opportunity to meet. In any case, I might like to purchase some Sky Herb for him, if you'd have any to spare, of course." Being that Hadrian is a ranger himself, a master, some call him. But that wasn't hard to do in an order of only a handful of men.

Nimue shakes her head and smiles slightly. "It is more than alright, Your Grace. There will be plenty of time for us to entertain you proper. I'll have Trevian hunt and we can serve you a good, hardy Sky Forest dinner." When it seems like Trevian's being engaged by Aidan directly she falls quiet and watches as the speak, her gaze allowed to linger upon their guest here and there but only it it seems like he isn't going to notice.

"I could probably part with some for your son, I'm sure. No need to purchase it. A gift, really. And quite alright on the whole eating thing. Seems a silly thing to be potentially offended over, the whole eating thing." Trevian offers with a laugh even as he puffs on his own pipe. "As long as you're comfortable , Your Grace, we're happy." he notes. "As my sister says- perhaps we could go hunting together. Meat is always better tasting when its some you've caught on your own." he says with a smile, "I'm afraid, however, I've not had the pleasure of meeting your son."

Nimue's words have Aidan's gaze crossing the room toward her, nodding at the promise of a true Sky Forest dinner, "That sounds truly hospitable, I would like that." Alas, there are only so many dinners he will be able to attend before the worst is announced and the leaders of Mobrin are pressed into whatever this coming conflict is. His smile is for her, until his gaze is moved by the answer from Trevian. As for the imparting of a gift, Aidan nods, "If you have Herb to spare of course. I would not wish to deplete your personal stock." And as to the dinner, he adds, "I hadn't anticipated you would not have already supped before this late hour. Though we can surely arrange something to that extent, come there be time for it." The sport of hunting has Aidan dancing around it though not entirely brushing off the idea, "It sounds like a fair opportunity. I'm sure those of my House would enjoy the hunt as well, especially my sons, if either of them can be reached." Seems the Kincaid Duke is having particular trouble in hunting down his son's, one a squire for the Crown Prince, the other, well, doing as rangers do best. "Not to worry, you will one day…" as the boy is unfortunately the current Heir, less Aidan can change that, not that Bowen was a better fit.

"Not a problem, really. I have plenty." Trevian says with a laugh. "You'll leave with some of my personal favorite." he says even as he stands- one of the Forrester family servants moving forward. "I think I'll be getting off to bed here, shortly. Its a pleasure to see you again, of course, but I'm afraid its getting later." he bows his head to the Duke, smiling to his sister. "I'd be glad to meet your son, should he become available. I'm sure a hunt would be an excellent way to get things done. In fact, I look forward to it." A hunt is all that Trev needs to be a happy man. As he moves off, one of the family's servants takes Trev's place in watching over his sister.

Sky Forest fare might not be as refined as what is served nobles here but it is still good, if one doesn't mind stews and the like. Nimue smiles, almost ear to ear this time, a mischevous smile to go with the glint in her eyes. "Please, take as much of the Sky Herb as you'd like, Your Grace." The more Aidan takes to gift his son the less her brother will have to smoke, after all. Her milk is taken in hand as she speaks further, "My sleep has not regulated itself as of yet so I sometimes keep late hours." Probably still suffering from night terrors about her kidnapping. Looking at her brother, she pauses to think before adding, "Rest well, brother mine."

"Have a pleasant evening Lord Scout," Aidan makes sure to tack on, "Thank you for the Herbs. It'll be appreciated." And whether it truly gets to Hadrian is another thing entirely. Some most certainly will not. Then he's left in the company of the pleasant Lady Nimue, and servants. It wouldn't do to not have them around, scandalous as that could be in these times. Someone is always watching, someone is always listening. It is the way it has always been. Unless a commoner, that was the way of it. Servants just became to him like decorations to hang up on the wall. He ignores them as he puffs a little on the tobac pipe. "If it doesn't displease you, I would stay a little longer in my visit to keep you company, my lady," poised a question to her. She can say no and he would leave, simply as that.

Nimue's further words to her brother are interrupted when Fuzzy Pants darts across the living area, batting some random piece of dust across the floor, causing her to laugh. While she has vastly improved since her time recovered there has always been a lingering sadness but it seems like Aidan's gift is already working miracles where helping her to further heal is concerned. Her smile softens just a little when Aidan offers to stay and she bows her head. "I too will have to retire soon, I am afraid, but I would love it if you'd allow me the pleasure of your presence until the time I should try to sleep."

While the kitten makes the sudden dart across the living area, Aidan eyes have not left from the lady. The laughter that catches from the kitten's spontaneous playfulness draws a kindhearted smile across the man's lift, hidden by the quiet lip smack puff of the tobac pipe. "I truly hope he is welcomed here," meaning the kitten, "I would hate to see where Sir Pants ends up without such a gracious Lady to serve." His eyes dart toward the direction that Trevian left, hoping no offense was taken for bringing along a gift. As for her retiring to bed shortly, he seems a bit regretful though accepting all the same, "Of course my lady. You retire when you need to, do not let my presence keep you from it." A moment goes by before he asks, "Now that we're here however, I wish to say how pleased I am to hear you laugh. I hoped that your visit to my House the other night wasn't too overwhelming for you." A look toward the fireplace and back, "I would like to get to know you a little more, if that would be acceptable to you, of course."

Does Nimue know she's being watched? She must as she's blushing by the time he speaks, the damnable flush warming her cheeks. "Of course he is, Your Grace. He will be well loved and cared for, I promise. No matter what, he will not be allowed to be turned out or harmed in any way." The kitten seems to know he's being spoken about as he pauses in his fun and sits, giving the two humans a squeaky mew before he starts to chase his tail. Amused, Nimue shakes her head. "To be so young and innocent." Blinking once, she lets the young cat do his thing while she continues to converse. "I am still adjusting, your grace. Crowds unnerve me, horribly at times. But each time I go out it gets a little better." The truth of the matter is that she might never return fully to the way she was before but as long as she can reach a point where she can function she'll be fine. The last from Aidan has her angling her head to the side. Does that mean what she thinks it might mean? Is the Duke interested in her? Or is she reading too much into everything and he's merely saying that in the manner one says such when hoping to further a friendship. "I would like that, Duke Aidan," she finally says with a nod.

"Good," Aidan says in a lowered voice that expresses a contentedness within him that many do not get to witness. He pulls out the pipe and hands it off to the servant that comes to collect it, now taking it upon him to drink the wine instead. As the kitten starts to mess around and play on the floor, his gaze does doesn't waver so much, watching her from the flushing cheeks to the soft declaration of being young and innocent. Every word and every mannerism stored. He doesn't necessarily know the whole story, if he knew at all, just simply the fact that she was shy around crowds meant something had happened and a bard's song was enough to get Aidan to become more empathic for her and her family. "You just need to have someone to give you security and peace of mind," he quietly addresses, "and while your brother has done well by you, he too will be called if the conflicts of our nations go beyond our borders." It is not something he would like to speak of, but reality is what it was. Men went to war and plenty did not come back. Those on the front line, especially. Scouts, were, frontline. The last earns a quiet smile, nodding at her pleasure, "I should hope to walk with you then, around the city, or perhaps the castle gardens, the beach or where ever you wish." He doesn't know what interests her afterall, "I would learn which of those most interests you first."

Weighty topic, suddenly, and it discomforts Nimue to hear what Aidan has to say although he is right. Slipping onto her feet, she nods slowly, thoughtfully. "We can figure out a place to go see when the time comes," she answers while skipping over the darker topic of her brother having to go off to fight someday. "But for now, I do believe I should turn in. Do please call on us again soon and I shall do the same with you." Fuzzy Pants is swept up from where he has been busily licking at a hind foot. "Thank you again. For everything."

Aidan rises and senses that he said something out of bounds. Though, he doesn't apologize for it. Preparing for such things is beneficial to everyone in the long run. His own brother's death was hard to take after all, during the battle of Westgate. There's so much left to learn, even now. He's been long out of this game after all. "Of course Lady Nimue," he tips his head respectfully as she requests to retire for the evening, still not learning much about her, other than the cost to learn the information about kittens was worth it. "You're most welcome," he will stand there and wait for her to depart before he leaves his wine unfinished and heads for the door himself.

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