12th Sess, 229: Siblings

Summary: Nylie and Eoin discuss Elisabeth and Caedmon, then Karissa and Amando pitch up to join in the fun.
OOC Date: 26/Feb/2014
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Public Gardens - City of Stormvale
A broad path of crushed white stone runs in a wide circle around a fountain, ringed in turn by flowerbeds. Beyond them, the lawn continues, smooth and softly green. A row of rosebushes, in full bloom, are planted along the stone wall to the north, flanking the gate. The path branches off to the south, where it joins a shady avenue lined with lush green trees, and to the east toward a quiet grove.
It is a spring night. The weather is warm and fair. The planet Cri is starting to disappear along the eastern horizon.
12th Sess, 229 2E

It's morning in Stormvale, not desparately so, but enough that the public areas, like the gardens, are still quiet. Also helping on the still quiet front is the various contingents of nobles that seem to be dispersing to their own lands for a final time before the campaining season truely starts, and it is infact this exodus that has brough Eoin out this way. He's walking along one of the paths, but to any but the most casual observer it's likely clear that his reason for being here is probably not to enjoy the botany.

It was not uncommon for the Lady Kilgour to be about the gardens, no matter the hour. Today seemed no different, except perhaps that somehow she's managed to 'escape' the castle walls with only a maid and a single guard, much to the displeasure of that guard by the look upon his face. There is a pause to Nylie's steps as she spies the familiar figure coming up the path towards them. "Out for a walk to clear your thoughts, m'lord?" The soft words inquiring once there is less distance between them. A dip of a curtsy is offered for those appearances of properness.

Eoin spots the small entourage as they approach, offering a respectful bow once they've closed the distance enough for conversation. "Lady Nylie," he starts, since they aren't in private right now, "good morning to you. I trust the day finds you well?" If he notes the depleated number of guards, or indeed the expression of the one that does remain he says nothing, his attention on the Kilgour alone it would seem. "Somewhat yes," he admits, "although I must confess to the alterior motive of having been hoping to find you here so that I might speak with you briefly before you left for the wedding."

"And to you, Lord Eoin." Nylie bowing her head a touch,"It finds me well enough. I hope it finds you well?" An eyebrow rises slightly at his words, though some surprise she does not seem displeased in the least. "It would seem I am found, shall we walk together, or would you have wish to speak else where? " The garden was fairly quiet at the hour, but the offer is yet made.

Eoin seems content enough to walk, given the lack of people milling, but is momentarilly uncertain over the etiqutte of offering her his elbow. Making his decision based on her words of yesterday though he does, before turning to take a leisurely pace back the way he had come. "It's about Beth," he starts, "I'm concerned and I saw that you are too. I don't know how much she has told you of things, but I know that she's missing Greenshire at the moment, and our mother."

When his arm is offered, Nylie's hand drifts easily to settle upon it a her steps glide to make the easy pace of their walk. "Aye, I am. She has seemed homesick, and I know she spoke of having unsettling dreams the other day. " There is a light pause before Nylie continues,"Captain Kieryn spoke of his sister also not accepting the news of…their match well. And I know Elisabeth spoke of having been over to look after him with a recent illness that befell him." A soft breathe escapes, "I admit, I had hoped she would be able to travel with me, if only to get some resprite from all that is going on."

"The dreams are a thing that comes and goes," Eoin explains, "I suspect that the upheaval of moving into the manor and no long being so close with the Duchess is what has triggered that, along with Aldren and his sisters leaving for the festival which means the place is neigh on empty as well." A nod is given at the mention of Kieryn and his sister before he continues, "I had heard so too, and that can not help I am sure. I am hoping to speak with him as well this morning though. As I sai, Beth is feeling homesick and the festival is perhaps the biggest of the year. If he consents to go, I was thinking of finding them the fastest horses and seeing if they can ride hard and see at least some of it. It also of course gives him and our father a chance to meet and since he is in charge of the naval defenses on that coast it gives him a chance to put things in order as he sees fit while there."

"No, I imagine it does not help," comments Nylie, knowing to well just how little that can 'help'. Nodding a touch,"I would imagine he would not mind that opportunity for many a reason, and even if they do not make much of the festival, Elisabeth would enjoy the chance to be home and to show Greenshire to the Captain. It is a trip that offers her the time away, and holds many practical measures to it as well. I cannot see that the Duchess would deny Elisabeth leave, my cousin knows well enough that she needs to seek a new Lady in waiting."

"It is a year now, maybe more since she was last home," Eoin states simply, "I knew she missed it, although perhaps not how much until recently." There's a faint hint of guilt to that, but he keeps going. "That as something else I have been thinking on. I know the experience of court has been good for her, but with things progressing as they are I can not help but feel that perhaps the Duchess is perhaps no longer the most suitable example of how to be a lady. She's younger for a start, and I'mnot sure they share all that many interests." There's a lot unsaid there and he does pause in his words momentarilly as he tries to work out a way to say someof them before abandoning the idea and moving on. "I can not of course say if our father will agree to her match, or how much attention Aldren would pay were that the case, or even if it is agreed how long the betrothal would be, but I do think that perhaps it might be better, were she to spend the rest of her time before she is wed, with someone else." He looks to her as if he's finished and wisihing to hear her thoughts, then something else occurs and he adds quickly, "not that I've spoken of this with her yet. It's just a thought I've had."

"I know you two have spent much time apart as well, making it hard for you to know such how much she may have been missing home." There is a brief flash of…something in Nylie's eyes, sadness perhaps. She nods,"It is a good experience to have, even if not always the most pleasant." Is it ever really pleasant? "One should have some understanding of what occurs. Though I find no reason to disagree with your thoughts there, my cousin is a touch younger, and while she would like to think and act like she is worldly and knows much, she has much yet to learn herself. Especially now that she is Duchess. " It does come with more responsibility then being just a young Princess. There is a slightly knowing look about the matter of shared interests, or perhaps lack of them, but Nylie does not tread down that path either. "It would make sense, for her to have opportunity to learn as well from someone older than herself, someone who might have the time for her. It might be better for her in truth, if she is willing to consider it as well. " There is a faint smile,"I know my cousin often means well, but she does get quite caught up in herself at times. I would even wonder if she knows that Elisabeth is having these struggles with homesickness."

"I must confess that I have not seen the Duchess since her wedding, nor have I asked Beth about her so I can not say," Eoin replies after listening careful to what was said. "If both were willing though there would then be a need to find a suitable lady," he starts, turning once again to look directly at Nylie before he asks what is likely a blindingly obvious question, "in those circumstances, would you do her the honour of considering her at least? I know it is a lot to ask, but I have seen how the pair of you get on and your concern for her over this matter is touching."

"I have seen her a time or two. And she made an appearance at the tournament. But she now shares the burdens of the Duke of Sutherland, and they are not few. " It going unsaid that her cousin will have her hands full once Ronan is called to war. Nylie glances towards Eoin at his words, his own look towards her. It does not seem to surprise her on where it all leads to, that question,"I would, more than consider it, I would welcome her easily. I enjoy her company and friendship, and would not turn away the chance to aid and watch over her, even if it were to only be for a short time. " She adds with a smile,"Besides, I have promised to teach her some songs, and how to play the dulcimer."

Eoin hadn't truely expected a no, but it's a relief all the same when the answer comes back a yes. He even lifts his free hand to hers for a moment as he offers a quick "thank you." Dropping it again though he atates once more, "as I said, I haven't yet spoken toher about it, but I suppse that that is the next step and if she is willing, then the Duchess will need to be approached." He'll likely come looking for advice on that stage too, but for now he leaves it. "I have taken what steps I can for now to help with the nightmares, but I know that soon enough I will be gone again and unable to be there for her. For companionship though, especially through the dark hours, I have found her a young mastiff. I'm told they are sociable creatures, as well as being fiercly protective should the need arise. It seemed a good mix I think, and certainly seemed to cheer her somewhat."

A soft smile is offered when his hand briefly touches to her, a gently murmur,"You are welcome." Nylie's eyes briefly studying him before they drift forward again, nodding,"Aye, it does depend on what Elisabeth herself wishes. If this appeals to her, she may wish to speak with the Duchess herself. I could see her wishing to do so. " Though really, many ways to tackle that should it come about. Nylie smiles to hear of the gift,"I am sure that delighted her, and hopefully it shall not be quite as mischievous as Cricket when it grows," just a hint of tease there. Her hand gives his arm just a faint squeeze,"You are a good brother to her, and even if she does not take to this idea, I shall still yet spend time with her and look after her as I can. She is my friend, and I do have care and concern for her."

"She may," Eoin conceeds easily enough, "in truth it might do her good to do so, should that be her desire." He'll do it if Beth would prefer of course, but he can see how letting her do so is not a terrible idea. At the mention of cricket though he gives her a wry smile, "another on my list of people to see today is the master of hounds. He more than anyone is likely to know who is trustworthy so far as training is concerned." And it seems that there is a definite will for this particular beast to be well trained. At the squeeze he glances back to her and he smiles faintly, "I try, although I know I have mush to larn myself in that regard. I think this winter has been the longest time we've been together since she was maybe four or five. It's hard sometimes to think of her as a grown woman and not the little girl I left behind."

Nylie nodss her head just a touch, leaving the matter there, for until he speaks with Elisabeth it is only speculation. The plan to visit the master of the hounds brings a soft laugh,"A good idea, he did seem to have those hounds that day well trained. He will surely know who can aid in seeing tit trained." Glancing towards him,"That you care enough to try as you are is part of what makes you a good brother to her. I imagine it can be hard at times, to see that she has grown. Butt even if she is grown, I imagine she shall always be your little sister." There is a faint smile tinged with some sadness,"Just as Caedmon will always be that little brother, I left behind so oft. "

"I suspect that she'll always be my baby sister," Eoin agrees with a faint nod, "even when there are actual babies about once more." He is taking in the morning air with a gentle stroll, elbow out to allow Nylie a place for her hand and her guard and maid a few paces behind them. "How old was Caedmon when you first left?" he asks, noting that faint tinge, "I think the age difference between you and he is less than me and Beth?"

Nylie's hand is upon that elbow as she walks with Eoin, her guard looking more than displeased, but more about the fact there is only one of him and there are usually more when being beyond the castle walls. "He was just over four the first time they sent me along to study under another. I did return to them, but I was sent away as much as I was with them." Nylie nods a touch," We are only a couple of years apart, but I think we are more strangers to one another. Rather then to yet be as close as you and Elisabeth seem."

As the weather has slowly gotten warmer, the Skingaardian party has ventured out into the city more and more. The morning find their ambassador and princess followed by, of course, her entourage of guards, an older lezza and one of her ladies who decided to brave the cool air with her. The group stands back away from the chocola haired woman as she wanders the gardens in relative silence.
Voices reach Karissa's ears and she quickly looks in their direction, a smile creeps up to her face as she notices it is actually someone she knows and her head inclines, "Lady Nylie, my lord good morning." Her voice carries the touch of an accent.

"There is nine between us," Eoin notes, "almost ten, and I think I've likely been away about as much as there as well." Nodding slowly as they talk he concludes, "I think there perhaps the age difference is in our favour perhaps." It's then that he spots the approaching Skingaardian and he offers the unknown lady a polite bow and a "good morning," before allowing Nylie to take the lead on this as the pair seem to know each other.

Nylie nods slightly to Eoin,"Perhaps the age difference is what makes the difference." Not perhaps entirely convince it is just the age difference. But then there is the new group upon them and Nylie offers a warm smile as well as curtsy to the young Princess. "Good morning, your highness. " Her eyes briefly flickering between the man she walks with and Karissa before launching into the introduction that seems to be needed. " May I introduce you to my friend, the Lord High Admiral Eoin Haravean. And my lord, the Princess Karissa Kiraric, Ambassador of Skingaard." A light smile is offered to the Princess,"See, I did tell you that our winter does come to an end."

One Kiraric is lame. Two is a party. Amando has been out about town for something and, spotting his sister, decides to go annoy her. Oh, she has company. "Good day!", he chirps, turning up among the group suddenly. His bodyguard Gavino hangs back, sighing slightly at the latest delay. But hopefully Karissa's lezza Matteo is among the pile of groupies.

Karissa's smile brighten as she inclines her head to Eoin once again and says, "Lord High Admiral, quite a pleasure to finally make your introduction." She wrinkles up her nose to Nylie and a small chuckle escapes the young woman before she jokes, "Honestly I thought you may have just been teasing me with hope. Now I know however my lady your words are to be trusted." The arrival of more Skingaardians has her eyes widening a touch, speaking of siblings, and she gives a pleasant smile to the young prince as she resists rolling her eyes, "Good morning brother."

Eoin adds another, deeper, bow once the words 'highness' and 'princess' are introduced to the conversation. "Your Highness," he replies once the introductions are done, "the pleasure is all mine I am cerain. I have visited your fair isles a few times over the years." They are after all, right off the Greenshire coast. Amando's greeting is heard and he glances round to see who the new arrival might be but on spotting the lad there's a brief flash of something across his features. It's not strong enough to be anoyance, but it's in the direction certainly. Whatever you might call it though it vanishes into a polite neutrality once it becomes apparent that he too is visiting royalty and another bow and "Your Highness," are offered in his direction too.

With the apperance of Amando, Nylie is offering a curtsey towards him ass well as a,"Your Highness," and…then come the obligatory,"And her brother Prince Amando. " Looking to the young lad,"This is my friend Lord High Admiral Eoin." Before continuing with other pleasantries." It is good again to see you, your Highness, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the tournament." There is perhaps a questioning rise of an eyebrow towards Eoin, brief and fleeting. A smile soon going towards Karissa again,"It does seem to last forever, but winter does come to an end. Though I am glad to know you find my words are to be trusted now."

Alas for Gavino, Matteo is not amongst the groupies that accompany Karissa on this outing. Marion is however, surely a prime opportunity to make casual inquiries.

Amando bows deeply to Eoin, oblivious to whatever may be crossing the man's face. "A pleasure to meet you, Mylord.", he says formally. The young prince may have taken his sister's words to heart or he just hasn't had a lot of food yet, but his white shirt is crispy and clean, covered mostly by a fine cloak in Skingaardian colors, embroidered with silver threads. "How does this fine morning find you all?", he asks, speaking slowly, as if reciting the correct grammar by heart.

"Oh it is lovely to meet someone who actually know what I am speaking off when I say Skingaard, well someone who has visited. Though I am sure as High Admiral you must get to travel quite a bit my lord." Karissa smiles to Eoin, the expression on her face clearly pleasant in nature before she looks back to Nylie, "Oh I knew your words were to be trusted my lady, I only meant in terms of the weather, however I should have known all things eventually must come to an end, even winter." Amando's manners cause the young woman to raise her eyebrow slightly, but she quickly schools back her expression to a more neutral appearance as she folds her hands in front of herself, "I do hope we are not interrupting anything, it just seemed like such a lovely morning and who could resist venturing outside."

Eoin catches the eyebrow from Nylie and explains briefly, "we have met before, although I do not think introductins were properly exchanged. His Highness however was kind enough to take the time out of his day to explain to Lady Brendolyn about how archery is an unlady like activity." His tone is pleasant and polite, but he figures Nylie will understand all she needs to from that explaination. At the lad's question he replies easily enough, "well, but busy, as I am sure is the case for many." Busy yes, but taking the time out for a stroll anyway. As mile then to Karissa and he notes, "I confes I have not seen much beyond your ports. The appointment from the King came only last autumn, but before that I was in charge of my cousin's fleet, the Count of Greenshire, hence my familiarity with your coast and waters."

Nylie inclines her head to Eoin at the explanation, the flash in her eyes telling enough that she does understand well. Not that her soft tones change from anything but pleasant,"I see, I am sure Lady Brendolyn was appreciative of the insight offered." Indeed. The Prince is offered a simple smile,"It finds me well, your highness. I hope your morning goes well also?"
Nylie nods a touch to Karissa,"Aye, most things do eventually find an end. With the weather warming and our trade matter settled, will your own visit to our shores be ending soon?" Namely with war soon to come as well. Nylie shakes her head,"No, you are not interrupting anything…we were just enjoying the morning as well."

A virtual lightbulb goes on above Amando's head when Eoin speaks and he remembers where he had met the admiral before. "Well it is true.", he points out, "Our ladies do not archery. Do you, sister?", he turns to Karissa for support, but when Nylie asks Karissa a question about her visit to the shore, he is suddenly very interested and looks at his sister again.

Karissa inclines her head to Eoin then again, "We shall have to remedy that one day my lord, you miss so much but merely visiting our ports. Lady Nylie still I hope will be able to visit one day, though I am sure her duties will be so much more with her new betrothal." Turning her smile to the lady in question the princess adds, "Congratulation are in order I heard my lady." The mention of her brother has the dark haired princess looking over to him with an amused expression before saying to Eoin, "Prince Amando seems to forget we are not in skingaard where a woman who is not a lezza is considered unseemly if she knows the use of a weapon my lord."
Nylie's question catches the princess a touch off guard and a frown pulls the corners of her lips down ever so slightly, "I do hope not too soon my lady, I am thoroughly enjoying our visit. however as mentioned before all things do comes to an end. I am planning on visiting Lakeshire at his grace's invitation then we shall make plans from there."

"I am sure she was," Eoin replies briefly, and perhaps just a touch dryly to Nylie before his attention goes back to the foreigners. "Perhaps one day your Highness," he answers with a faint smile, "although I fear with the war and such that I will likely be kept busy on this coast for a while yet. Captain Mowbray has command of the king's ships on our home coast." His expression is kept carefully neutral and polite as talk turns to the betrothal though, and he lets the ladies talk.

Nylie bows her head to Karissa,"Aye, thank you, your highness. While there are certain to be new tasks for me to take up, I have no plans to allow them to interfere with my desire to yet see your shore, nor many other things and plans already had." Her hand giving a faint squeeze to Eoin's arm some where in there on the note of keeping plans. "Though as Lord Eoin points out, I do not imagine I will be quite permitted to travel to far from our shores for now. " A slight nod occurs at the Princesses plans, "I am sure you shall enjoy Lakeshire, as the name indicates, much of it is situated upon the lake. Though I may recommend paying visit to Greenshire as well, after your stay there. " Something about it not being further away from the borders with the enemy.

"Count Aldren invited us to Greenshire.", Amando reminds Karissa, "Maybe you go, then I follow and we go home from Greenshire.", he suggests, turning back to Eoin and Nylie. "Father sent me here to bring her home. So, work is done, soon.", he smiles, but it's a smile with very little joy in it.

"I am sure we will be fine and yes I do want to visit Greenshire afterwards. We shall see about going home then." Karissa looks to Amando, trying ot wordlessly get him to quiet about there plans to the foreigners. The hint of a frown dissipates though into a pleasant smile as she looks back to Eoin and Nylie, "Oh yes all this talk of war, how could anyone forget since it has been so eventful since I arrived." Looking through the garden it seems another guard has arrived and the princess says, "If you will excuse me a moment." Her back straightens as she takes on her more official demeanor and goes to obvious duties.

Eoin is glad of the unspoken confirmation fro Nylie, suspecting it's about a subject he's wondered about since their conversation in Southerland but not yet found the time or place to query since. Keeping his attention on Karissa and Amando he lifts his free hand once more to touch her's for a moment in silent acknowledgement. "I believe you would have to tavel through Greenshire to make it home from the Lake," he states, "even if only to pass through our waters. Unless of course you want to go all the way around the coast from north of here." THat being the very long way round. As the guard moves up he nods to the Princess and offers a quick, "of course Your Hightness," before turning his attention to Amando. "You would travel separately to your sister?" he enquires conversationally, "there is something here in Darfield that you would stay a while longer for?"

"If you are meant to see her home, it may be good to do so after your trip to Greenshire. Lord Eoin and I had been talking of what it is like to be away from home and family for extended periods." Nylie giving a slight nod to Karissa as she continues,"I imagine your father would wish to hear further of the success you have here and see you returned to continue to oversee the trade agreements you have managed to secure." Giving a bow of her head to the princess,"Of course."
A soft smile does go to Eoin when his free hand moves to give that silent acknowledgement. His suspions likely quite correct. Noting lightly afterwards, "Prince Amando has not had as much time to see the city as his sister. As I recall you have only recently joined us, and had some interest in our music?"

Amando's cheeks colour somewhat at Eoin's direct question and he shrugs. "Well, yes, few things. Not interested in another wedding. Big one was enough.", he adds. He casts a brief glance towards his sister, who's just wandering off, then back to the other two. "We will see. Maybe she go, I stay. And yes, very interested in your music.", he smiles at Nylie, "I write music and poetry. Would like hear more music from this area."

"If it is music you crave then I can only suggest once again that you take time to visit in Greenshire," Eoin replies with a faint nod. "While there are certainly many fine musicians in Stromvale," a quick glance to Nylie, "the County itself is renowned for it's bards and it's musical heritage." And it's women archers. "Did you have chance to attend the recent bardic contest perhaps?"

While Nylie's expressions remains calm, there is a hint of amusement in her eyes to see Amando's cheeks color. Young lad in a foriegn land, one can just guess at what might have caught his interest. "I would agree with the Lord Admiral, Greenshire does offer some of the best," she gives Eoin a smile and some explanation perhaps,"I did spend time studying there." One of her many trips away. "It is a shame you will miss their spring festivals there, it would have been a fine chance to see some of their best musicians. I hear even Master Guine agreed to turn up and play this year." One of the finer musicians of Greenshire, though largly 'retired' now. Nylie looking to Amando though when Eoin poses his question.

While Nylie's expressions remains calm, there is a hint of amusement in her eyes to see Amando's cheeks color. Young lad in a foriegn land, one can just guess at what might have caught his interest. "I would agree with the Lord Admiral, Greenshire does offer some of the best," she gives Eoin a smile and some explanation perhaps,"I did spend time studying there." One of her many trips away. "It is a shame you will miss their spring festivals there, it would have been a fine chance to see some of their best musicians. I hear even Master Guine agreed to turn up and play this year." One of the finer musicians of Greenshire, though largly 'retired' now. Nylie looking to Amando though when Eoin poses his question.

"Yes, Lord Aldren was very… vocal about Greenshire. Telling me I must come.", Amando smiles, apparently a little proud that the count seemed so eager to receive him. He nods to Eoin's questin. "Yes, I saw. I thought to maybe take part, but… submissions were in Common. My Common is… not perfect, unfortunately. Not good enough for poetry. Maybe next time. I have written song for…" Oh, he can just about stop himself there and finishes lamely with "…someone."

"It is indeed a shame that you will miss the spring festival," Eoin replies, "but the waters between your lands and my cousin's are not overly wide, and there is the autumn festival later in the year that might also tempt you." With the reassurance from Nylie earlier he resists the urge to flash a glance her way at the mention of that, and instead looks faintly amused at what basically amounts to a confession from Amando. "In common?" he asks, one eyebrow slightly raised, "why, that.. someone.. must be special to you for you to have gone to such effort. I know I could not write such in your tongue."

Nylie smiles some as the young Prince stops himself from naming someone. "You need not have sung, but simply played the music of it. As I only played my dulcimer, for I do not have care to sing so openly." Not that she can't, just that she won't. Explaining to Eoin,"He means our Daereni, that is spoken commonly by many others as well." There is mild amusement though, she is not surprised Aldren would be so vocal about Greenshire. "Ah, aye, you should make the autumn festival, it is not quite as lively as the spring, but it yet something and the talents that come out are worth seeing. I shall be going myself, and perhaps even tempted enough to play." A small squeeze given to Eoin's arm, no she's not forgotten of those plans.

"Maybe I will play too.", Amando ponders, "If I go to autumn festival." The prince doesn't plan further than two weeks in advance. But he looks at Eoin with fresh interest. "You speak Sarcic?", he asks hopefully, "I meet very few people here who can. My bodyguard knows better Common than I. But he is old.", he adds helpfully.

A small sigh passes the princess' lips as she turns away from the guard she spoke to in hushed tones. A smile returns to her face but it's obvious that she is putting on her ambassador face. "I do apologize my lord, my lady. Work never ceases even when I wish it to." She inclines her head as she approaches again and catches the end of the conversation, "Oh perhaps we will be able to go to greenshire for such a festival, though I admit I am rather tone deaf." She says this with the hint of a self conscious blush and looks between the lady and lord, a questioning look barely suppressed at their continued small touches.

"Only the odd word here or there I am afraid your Highness," Eoin replies to Amando with a faint smile, "I can not claim any mastery beyond that maybe half a dozen." Those words being most what a sailor needs in a foreign port, like 'beer' for example. The squeeze on his arm gets a faint smile as his thoughts are confirmed and then he's turning back to Karissa as she returns. "I am sure my cousin would be most delighted to welcome you there Your Highness," he replies with a slight nod of his head to acknowledge her rejoining the conversation.

Nylie must be ancient to Amando! Not that she looks all of her years, but still. A light smile is offered to Karissa as she rejoins them,"No need, I know that to well…some days are simply better than others. " With Nylie hand resting in that proper position on Eoin's arm, surely the small squeezes haven't been /that/ noticeable. "I am certain, there are many other aspects of the festival you might enjoy, even if the music is not as much as a draw for you, Your Highness."

They all look ancient to Amando! He nods in agreement with Nylie and looks at Karissa. "Yes, you should come, sister. We have fun at festival." Otherwise the lad has little to say, his short attention span already wandering away from the group to a pair of young ladies strolling past nearby, chaperoned of course.

Karissa smiles as she nods her Eoin, "I am sure his Excellency will be happy to have us." She looks to Nylie, "Oh I enjoy music, I just mean to say do not ask me to sing or play unless you are prepared to plug your ears." She speaks easily of her faults now, relaxing again after the guard leaves then turns to Lord Eoin, "If you ever wish to learn most my lord High Admiral I would be more then pleased to provide rudimentary lessons." Her common unlike her brothers is close to perfect, only a misstep of a word here and there.

Eoin has a similar lack of musical ability, so he knows of what Karissa speaks, but he is not able to reply to her, or indeed either of the others before he spots an approaching sailor. Given the company around the man stops a respectable distance and merely indicates the requirement for his presence with an apologetic looking gesture. The admiral's first response is a slight sigh before he looks to the two foreigners, "Your Highnesses, I fear I must beg your forgiveness for I am afraid duty calls." Then, turning to Nylie he rests his hand upon her's one more time and says quietly, returning to their previous conversation briefly. "I will speak with my sister forthwith and will try and get you an answer before you leave for the wedding." That done he disengages the hold and steps back a pace to give all three a bow in departure before he turns and heads over towards his crewman.

"As Elisabeth and I are both fond to say, we would need those who listen, an audience for our playing. " Offering a reassuring smile,"There are many who prefer not to perform, so you need not worry about doing so if you didn't wish to." There is a glance though to see one of Eoin's crewmen come along, to hear that sigh. Indeed, duty always calls. Nylie gives Eoin a smile, her hand gently squeezing his arm under the touch of his other hand. Answering him softly,"I shall look to hear from you. Be well and safe, my Lord." Her hand slipping from his arm as he steps away to bow and eventually depart, offering a turn of a curtsy to him properly as well. Before looking back towards the siblings, a flicker of amusement touching her eyes to see Amando's interest has strayed so.

Amando has been watching the girls so he catches Eoin's departure only at the last second and bows deeply. "Mylord, a pleasure." He watches the man leave, then turns to Nylie with a confused expression, "Forthwith? What does that even mean?"

Karissa notices the crewman and when Eoin sighs a light smile comes back to her face when she says in response, "As we all understand my lord. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I do hope we meet again before I must depart." She watches him leave for a moment, that same questioning expression on her face before Nylie's focus turns her attention to her brother and the princess lets a small sigh pass her lips. She lets the older lady answer his question though, surely she is better suited.

Whatever meaning existed within their exchange, Nylie is certainly not offering up explanation of what the pair were referencing. An slight glance to Amando at the question, something that actually drew his attention from pretty girls. "It means to do so immediately," adding in addition in case the common word is yet to wieldy for him, " or without delay." Or in this case, as Eoin's duties might allow.

"Ah." Amando is already losing interest again once he gathered the meaning of that strange word. "So, Lady Nylie, you and me make music?", he asks hopefully, "You offered, no? My sister can listen. Learn to appreciate pretty music.", he adds with a smirk for his older sister.

Karissa seems distracted herself for a moment before Eoin in out of sight as her eyes wander again in the high Admirals direction for a moment. Lack of explanation of not she does not seem to mind and merely smile back to the woman and her brother, "I appreciate music just fine, in fact Lady Nylie is rather impressive. I am sorry to have missed the bardic competition now."

"Aye, I did offer, Your Highness. And we certainly can see to making some music. " Nylie inquiring lightly,"You have spoken of singing, do you play an instrument as well?" Giving a simple calm smile at the barbs between the siblings, though Nylie does incline her head towards Karissa,"Thank you…..It was a fine display of skill, many wonderful musicians came out for it."

"I play lyre. But I not take it here.", Amando explains to the lady, "Was worried that ship sink and lyre goes lost." Obviously he didn't consider that the lyre had been the least of his concerns if his ship sank. "Why you not come to our suite later today and we make music?", he suggests eagerly, "I will introduce Sarcic songs to you…" He begins to sing one of his favorite songs from home, which Karissa would recognize as a drippy troubadour's song all about unrequited love and broken hearts.

Karissa smiles at the talk of the music and says to her brother, "I am sure Lady Nylie is a very busy person Amando." She looks to another guard who waits on the edge of the group. She sighs herself now and says, "My apologizes, I hope the day finds you well my lady." With an incline of her head the princess quickly shuffles along away from the group, her lady, lezza and guards following as she steps inline with her walking guard and starts to talk to the fretful man quietly.

"It would perhaps be possible to see that one is lent to you, or given to keep in your suites here," offers Nylie to Amando,"that way when you come to Morbin you would always have one and not need to worry about losing such in the crossing." Though indeed, there would be more to worry about if the ship was sinking, she does not point this out though. Nylie nods with a soft smile,"I would like that, though I may have to see when I am to depart for Lakeshire myself. But I shall come by if I can. And show of some of our songs, and if interested, those from Tannia." Or however its spelled. Aberdeen land. Bowing her head with a curtsy to Karissa,"Of course, your highness. I shallsee you later."

"Oh, what a great idea!", Amando beams at Nylie, not paying anymore attention to his sister as she walks off, especially since she directed her goodbyes at Nylie anyway. "You go to Lakeshire, Mylady? Is it… pretty there?", he asks curiously, "My sister SO wants go. Not sure why."

Nylie nods her head a touch,"Aye, I am. It is quite pretty there. The main city itself is built upon the lake, out upon it in ways, thus the streets are waterways with boats to navigate them. It is a popular place for many, even Morbins, to travel to for the sites it offers as well as the many hot springs. " A glance is sent after the Princess before Nylie looks back to Amando,"IShe has seemed to have a wish to see Morbin, and it sounds like the Duke invited her to attend, he is likely wishing to speak over his own trade agreements while she is here." Nevermind he has two unmarried sons.

Those two include Lord Dickhead though. Amando brightens though, at the description of Lakeshire. "Streets are waterways? Sound like home! Skingaard is same. Everyone go by boat everywhere. Best way to impress girl. Take her on boat, play music for her. mhmmm…." The prince starts looking thoughtful. "Make I go. See for myself?"

Ah, if Nylie only knew. But that man did break a perfectly good bow over his knee. Nylie smiles,"Aye, least of the main city. " Her smile deepens a little as he continues to talk. " Even if you care not for weddings, there is a tradition for the bride to be carried in such a boat to the ceremony, it shall make for a fine display. But even if you do not go now, I do think you would like it. It is very different from Stormvale here."

"Will think about it.", Amando decides thoughtfully, "I told father I want travel. See the world. Is good for my education. Is why he let me come.", he explains with twists his mouth into a pouty smirk. "I should still be squire at home, you know? Become a knight." His shoulders droop a little. For some reason the lady seems really easy to talk to.

That causes Nylie to cant her head a little and give the young Prince a mild study,"Have you thought to perhaps squire with someone here? We have had such exchanges with House Aberdeen, a fostering of sorts. It has allowed training yet as squire, but learning as well of culture and to travel and see of the other's home. "

Amando hmmms thoughtfully to that. "Good idea.", he acknowledges, "But how I find good and worthy knight here?" He wrinkles his nose. "Not going to squire for Lord Dickhead or Lord Highnmighty…." Yup, the prince is picky.

Nylie's eyebrows rise a little at the…names used,"Ah, I am not sure I know Lords of such names, perhaps they have others they go by I might be familiar with?" How diplomatically she asks that too! "But I imagine we could find a Lord who was suitable, once His Majesty approved of this for you. "

Amando smirks a little. But hey, he isn't here as an official diplomat and ambassador. So he leans in to communicate the names of said lords in a quiet whisper just meant for Nylie's ears. Looking a little worried in case he just insulted someone very dear to her.

Nylie leans in a touch to catch the names of the two Lords in question, a mild blink of her eyes the only sign that belays any reaction of response. Even if he may, or may not, have insulted anyone dear to her, she does not show it. "Ah, both are more rangers, so there would not be worry to squire to them. Though, if you had more a wish to learn of being a Sea Ranger, I believe we could see something arranged," however, sea…sailing…certain lack of girls. "Why do you not see what your father thinks of this idea. And I can work upon a list of potential options for you to consider as well as he."

"Would you do that for me?" Amandon seems so surprised and glad he might actually be about to hug her. But he catches himself and just nods, smiling softly. "Thank you, Mylady. That would be… great help. Yes, I will write father. But letters take weeks. If I can meet someone in-between? But knight, yes, here in Darfield. Not the sea. I don't like the sea." He wrinkles his nose again.

"Aye, I would, Prince Amando." A faint smile flickering to see his surprise and excitement. Nylie nods,"They do take time, and hopefully by the time he has an answer for you, we will have choices you are good with to offer him for review." For why would he say no? Besides…the pending war that is. "I do have to travel to Lakeshire, but messages can move more quickly here. So I can send word to you of those to consider."

"Very well, thank you very much, Mylady.", Amando agrees and can't resist adding. "If they ask, 'why Skingaard', you say, there is ice wine for them." That should do the trick. The young prince catches a look from his bodyguard Gavino and starts getting twitchy. "I must not steal your time more, Mylady.", he says apologetically, "But I hope to see you for music before you leave."

Nylie smiles,"I will be sure to tell them that and you are quite welcome, Your Highness." Giving a fleeting glance towards the guard, not seeming to drool or otherwise be taken by the man. Before she curtsys to the Prince,"I hope so as well, Prince Amando. Be well this day."

Amando bows and departs.

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