Umbra 2, 229: Shooting for Peace

Shooting for Peace
Summary: An Archery tournament held by the Queens and won by the Ladies!
OOC Date: 04/10/2014 (OOC)
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North-South Road — Crossroads
Vast, plain land with trees sporadically and the grass waist high in some places. A single rutted trail leads through, the only sign of life outside the wildlife around. A small stream runs nearby offering a watering hole for animals and travelers alike. Wagons travel this land going from the north areas of Laniveer, north west to Jadda, west to the Kundari Dessert or to Weston and south to the areas of the City of Stormvale in Darfield or Sutherland.
2nd Day of Umbra, 229

It is a lovely day in the neighborhood. A cool autumn day, slightly overcast but fairly still. At least no sun will blind the competitors. The Melee field has been turned into an archery field with the stands mostly behind the competitors now. The Royal seats are occupied with the two Queens sitting next to one another. This is their tourney it seems and the queen herself is wearing gauntlet on one arm for archery and her own champion of the bow standing beside her with her gear. As the bell rings the start of the event she rises from her seat with the Queen of Mobrin. "Welcome Archers from both our lands to this friendly competitions. May our bows always be drawn in common cause from this day forward." She says firstly as she looks around to the crowds and gathered competitors. "There will be two rounds. An open round for any who may enter. Each competitor will get three arrows and the person who achieves the best score will be considered the winner. The second round will be the Queen's round for the ladies and again You have three arrows and must score with one of them. Each end the size of the scoring area of the target is reduced by half a colour. This is continued until only one archer is left and she will be crowned victor of the day." She explains of the two shoots before taking her seat again.

Eoin is, unsurprisingly, around and about for the archery. He even has his bow with him, and a quiver. The rumours of plague seem to have lessened, or perhaps the ill have left, he isn't sure, but he's a Haravean and theres archery to be had. As the usurper queen makes her speach he idly wonders what the King will declare her new title to be once the ink is dry on the parchment of the peace plan.

Settled into the stands is the Duchess fo Lakeshire, Nylie one to watch for these particular events. Some skill perhaps had, but certailny not enough to take the field. Even if she was more refreshed and not as tired as she was. A curious eye did go to see who would all come to compete this day.

Kierne is following after Eoin, having found him at some point earlier and just sort of decided to accompany him, since they're both heading for the archery grounds. He's wearing the same armor he'd worn for both the melee and, unaccountably enough, during the Bardic, performing on his psaltery in full armor, for those who weren't there to witness the fact. He's also still wearing that favor on his shoulder he's been wearing tourney-long. He, likewise, bears a quiver with him, and holds his bow. "Hey, look, there's Auntie N," he remarks to Eoin, waving to her in the stands.

Robben is only watching today, looking mildly interested as he looks to the participants. He's looking like someone that hasn't gotten too much sleep, but then again, everyone has some of those nights, right?

It was unlikely that Nerissa would miss the archery competition. After cheering for her betrothed, and for her brother, she's now ready to compete herself. With her braids firmly corraling the burnished tresses, she tilts her head slightly as the second group is announced. Dressed in a habit of Horizon Blue, with trim of green, her bow rests lightly in her fingertips, and her quiver is strapped at her back. At the announcement of two groups, her eyes flicker to the side, looking for her brother, but then settling on a familiar Baron from Sutherland.

Eoin is, in contrast, wearing very little armour, or at least not openly. As Kierne spots Nylie in the stands he turns to see where the lad is looking then, upon spotting the duchess he gives a quick nod and a quiet, "good spot" to the lad. To the lady in question he turns, raises his bow slightly and dips it towards her in silent salute, his bow arm moving to tap the upper half of his draw arm (which is currently holding the bow) as he does so. Then turning back to the knight at his side, "who do you rate from Laniveer then? You met them."

Moray is here but in the stands, as well archery isnt his strongest suit. He'll sit down in a good place where he can watch the archers take to the field. The heir of Horizon seems to be keeping an eye our for two in particular though he's dressed in the colors of his house for any who might look he's still wearing a ribbon tied to his belt.

Rowena is there of coruse, where else would she be? She is sitting near her mother curiously watching the show. "My.. What a lovely game this is turned into mother dearest." This said with a soft tone while she lets a hand smooth out her rather fancy dress.

There is quiet conversation between Ciarrah and Ophelie. Whatever may pass between Tyrel and Eldwin may be hidden away in tents, but at least the queen's seem to be getting along well. As the competitors gather and string their bows, the queen rises from her seat and beckons Kierne forward. "I see you wear favor for another this day, but would you consent to wearing mine as well?" She asks of him passing to him a lacey handkerchief, well not giving him much choice. He seems to have drawn her attention in all that he has competeted in. "Let the Archers come to the line and shoot at will. Three arrows each and may your arrows be blessed by those that favor you this day, Lords Ladies or the gods." She says before taking her seat and smiles to her daughter, "It is. I hope I do not embarress myself overly much in the Queen's round." She quips to her daughter.

Nylie offers a smile when she spies Kierne and Eoin looking her way. A hand giving a turn of a wave back to Kierne. A small incline of her head in return to Eoin. Though when she notes the salute and tap, there is a mild rise of her brows with a hint of surprise, a pleased smile soon coming afterwards.

"I stayed there a while, yeah, I never went out hunting with them or anything," Kierne grins playfully at Eoin, who seems to have expected him to come home with a full catalogue of their characteristics. "Still, Sir Hestien used to boast about his skill with a bow frequently enough, and nobody ever called him out for a liar," he speaks of one of the guards he'd managed to get fairly chummy with during his time under watch in the palace. Speaking of the palace, Kierne's brows both rise when he finds himself summoned by their Queen, and, glancing to Eoin briefly, he then jogs forward from the line, not to keep her waiting. "Ah— sure, Majesty. Thank you," he bows his head, unsure how to quite take the gesture, but eventually glancing up to her with a sly smile, at any rate. "I'll do my best to go well by it." Then, she's announcing the opening of the round, and he jogs back to get into place by Eoin, taking a moment to tie the handkerchief to the srap of his quiver.

Eoin watches, silently, as Kierne is address and offered a second favour. He'd deny it if asked, but he does wonder if the lad with accept it or not. Still, there are more important things to be getting on with and as they're called to the line he steps forward and straddles it sideways. He takes he time to ensure he has his stance just so, feet angled correctly, shoulders set, then draws and sights down his arm a couple of times until he's sure he's ready. Only then does he reach for an arrow. "Sir Hestian," he notes as he catches sight of Kierne returning to his side, "lets see how he compares to Greenshire then shall we?"

The Horizon competitor's eyebrows raise curiously at the bestowing of the Queen's favor, but otherwise Nerissa shows little expression. As they step up to the line, she takes a moment to study the target. Her fingers run along the string of her bow as she steadies her breathing and then reaches for an arrow from her quiver.

Rowena waves a hand as she hears her mother. "Please.. I am rather sure you will be more then fine Mother. You taught us all well after all." This said with a soft tone as her gaze turns to follow the arrows that are shot to the targets, a soft smile seen at the results.

Lothar is off near the Archery tournament area with his bow strung as he tests the pull making sure everythings ready to win the tournament… Or at least compete in it.

Nylie does raise a brow just a little with the rather forwardness that occurs in Kierne receiving that second favour. Perhaps favours are viewd different by the Laniveer, that or Kierne made a greater impression with the Laniveer's Queen then he lets on. Wonder if Eldwin knows. Scandelous.

Kierne looks up and aside from his knot-tying, looking aside to Eoin with a shrug of his eyebrows, as though he had no idea what this whole favour business was all about. And if you believe that… Kierne clears his throat and takes a stand by Eoin, drawing one shaft from his arrow-bearing quiver and bending the bow with the string drawn back to his ear, taking a deep breath in and then letting it fly

With his first arrow now nocked, Eoin draws slowly back until his knuckles rest against he cheek. A deep steadying breath, one last sight down the shaft, and he looses. A good hit, especially for a first attempt with no sighting round. Once he hears the thump of the arrow hitting the target he slowly lowers his bow and nocks the second. Its apparent that right now he isn't allowing himself to be distracted, there is a zone, and he is in it.

As the arrows begin to loose from their bows, Nerissa takes a breath and draws hers back, steadying her breath as she aims. Her draw is smooth, and she releases with her breath, the exhale urging the arrow towards the target.

Somewhat breathless and with pinked cheeks, Brendolyn Haravean rushes toward the archery field. Her strides are long and determined and her gaggle of guards and maids only strive to keep her in sight, at least this time they know where she's going. Standing out against her deep green and white attire a square of royal blue fabric lays against her chest, carefully pinned there to display the deep green lettering embroidered across it. Those who get close enough could easily see that it reads ~Moray Alexander Horizon~. She finds her spot and prepares.

Sadly, Eoin's second is worse, still respectable, but noticable further from the gold than his first. Lowering his bow to take a moment to breath and refocus himself he catches sight of his cousin's arrival at of the corner of his eye. He'll greet her later though, for now it's time for his final arrow. Nock, draw, sight, loose. It's a well practiced motion and one that doesn't fail him now, for as he lowers his bow once more he can see the fletching quivering in the dead centre of the gold. That'll do.

Ophelie smiles at Rowena, "Help us all if you rely on my teaching you archery, I would much rather throw knives at the target." She says with a light tone to her daughter as she watches the archery. Her gaze flickers over the competitors, once falling on the Admiral with a curios look that does not quite broach animosity. She quickly turns her gaze on other competitors both Laniveery and Mobrin. All showing respectable scores. Would she crown the Admiral or the Ranger this day, so good is their shooting. She can't help but laugh as the Greenshire lass outshoots them both and rises to her feet at the end of the round. There is a glance towards Moray then back to Brendolyn, "It seems the Goddess shines upon you and your suitor. Your love for each other has inspired each the other to victory. I declare the Lady Brendolyn Haravean as Queen of the Hunt." She beckons the lass forward to place a small circlet of silver upon her brow, of an inch wide that bears engravings of animals.

Moray sits in the stands though he's spotted his sister and clapped for her he is missing the other he looks for until on she runs. The man smiles as she makes it to the tournament but he spots the favor he offered her with his name on it and he cant help but grin he wont want to distract her until after she's shot though but if he catches her gaze he will wave and be smiling rather big. He looks back as the queen speaks and bows her direction the words she speaks gets his glance to return to Brendolyn however.

Rowena grins only grin, a soft laugh escapes her at the thought. "Indeed mother.. I'll just stick to other means." This said with an amused tone at the idea of it all. She smiles at the name of the winner and is clapping once Lady Brendolyn is nammed winner of the match.

Bre steps up to the line and faces the targets then one corner of her mouth curls upward and she glances to the light flutter of blue fabric at her chest. Her eyes scan the crowd and she sees Moray and inclines her head to him all formal like then she turns and levels her bow toward the targets letting arrows fly. Indeed. Today is a good day. Unaware of how anyone else did, so focused on her target and her arrows she blinks somewhat hearing her name called. She brightens and claps her hands together then remembers her manners and walks to the Queen to accept her prize, sweeping a deep curtsy, "Thank you, I am honored," she says quietly then rises and steps back, beaming a smile at Moray and touching the favor gently with a gloved hand.

Well, if Eoin had to loose to anyone in that field, he's glad it's his cousin. The two Haraveans taking first and second, by his count, should do absolutely no harm to their reputation as the finest archers in Morbin. And it'll give him something to tease the Sky Forresters and rangers about, which is always a bonus. Unslinging his bow and stepping back from the line he waits for Bren to finish being crowned, then heads on over to offer his congratulations.

Kierne's shooting is consistently, to say the least. Nothing outstanding, but he's content enough with himself, taking a bit more time with the last shot and managing to edge it a little bit closer to the target, so as to not completely disgrace the favor the Queen gave him to hold. Given that he's no archer by trade, and only shoots when out on the hunt, he certainly didn't think to outstrip either Haravean, and he beams brightly for the both of them once the announcement's been made.

Kierne's shooting is consistent, to say the least. Nothing outstanding, but he's content enough with himself, taking a bit more time with the last shot and managing to edge it a little bit closer to the target, so as to not completely disgrace the favor the Queen gave him to hold. Given that he's no archer by trade, and only shoots when out on the hunt, he certainly didn't think to outstrip either Haravean, and he beams brightly for the both of them once the announcement's been made.

There's a grimace as she's distracted on the second arrow, and Nerissa shakes her head once before lowering her bow and standing stoically to await the winner. However, as Brendolyn brings in the prize, her eyebrows raise, and then she smiles broadly. IF she couldn't win, at least another good woman did. She rests her bow over her arm so she can applaud as the lady goes to accept her prize.

Nylie watches the shooting with interest, perhaps some draw more interest then others. Though Kierne and Eoin seem to get a fair bit of clapping from the Duchess of Lakeshire. And in the end so does Brendylon when she's announced as the winner. The young woman had done a fair enough showing at the one tournament ages and ages ago.

Lothar takes his three shots and they're pretty darn good but not quite the winning rolls. He shakes his head as he looks at his bow like it's the bow's fault…

A row of targets is set up out in the field a bit different from the first. They are hanging circlets of rose vines. Each one smaller than the next. The first one large enough to surround a normal archery target. The smallest only large enough for a bullseye of a target. Ophelie is handed her bow and she turns to the competitors. "All will shoot at the first target. Should any of your arrows pass through you may move to the next target. You can shoot all three arrows or just one success as you wish." Ophelie says before taking her position on the line and firing off her arrows. "Dair guide my arrow." She murmurs.

Ophelie's first arrow flies through the large ring and so she steps back for the next competitor to take their turn.

Kierne backs off from the line while the Queen approaches, listening to her as she explains the competition, tipping his chin down in understanding and then stepping up to fire after her, selecting an arrow and taking his time, even at this first one, drawing back the string and steadying his shot.

Lothar nods as he listens to the competition's rules and steps up to fire when it's his turn drawing the arrow back and releasing the string with a *twang* and watches as his arrow sails through the target and he walks off letting the next competitor go.

The Horizon Heir joines in the clapping when Lady Brendolyn gets her prize he will find his sister and make sure she's ackknowleged as even competing in itself is feat takes guts to stand up there infront of a crowd and all of that. Moray watches as they line up for the second but remains silent simply watching all shots.

It's a different kind of archery, but the wreaths of roses intrigue Nerissa. She walks up to take her place in line, nudging Brendolyn before they take their shots. "Lovely patch," she murmurs with a grin to her friend.

Bre looks over at Nerissa and blushes some, "Good luck.." she says then takes her shot and wrinkles her nose, feeling the circlet move on her brow. Weird feeling. She reaches up to touch it then touches her favor again and grins, looking to the crowd to try to find Moray for a smile.

As all competitors make it through the first round, Ophelie takes a step over to the next target, slightly smaller this time. She takes a moment to take a breath before letting loose her arrow. Her first one makes it through the ring. Just and she steps back to not push her luck.

Lothar steps up to the second target when it's his turn with his three arrows and knocks draws and fires… And misses so wash rinse repeat… and another miss. For his third arrow he pauses and takes a deep breath as he focuses on this last shot and watches it sail through the target after he releases the string nodding as he steps away from the line letting the next competitor fire.

Nerissa starts to turn her head aside as Brendolyn searches for her brother, but then takes a breath and steadies herself forward. She doesn't look for anyone, focusing her attention on the task at hand, rather than another person. She sets up for the next target, slightly smaller, and draws her arrow back to fire.

Kierne shoots after Ophelie, once more, the first shot flinging itself high over the target. He grimaces as it sails almost to the other side of the yard, and a couple of attendants have to scutter out of the way. "Uh, sorry!" he calls out, clearing his throat and selecting another shaft to fit to his bowstring, taking his time and making the shot.

After two rounds some people have been eliminated and their names are called out while the rest move on to the next target. Again an even smaller ring presents itself. Lovely targets at least to shoot through.

All make it through but the queen herself. She gives a gracious curtsey to her fellow competitors and moves to stand at the line for the next target. The shots are getting harder and its taking more arrows for the competitors to get through. This may well be the deciding round!

Kierne clips a rose with his first shot, then clips the other side of that same rose with his second, face screwed up in concentration. Honestly, he can barely believe he's hanging with the big dogs at this point.

As the targets become smaller, Nerissa's eyes narrow. She grins briefly as Brendolyn makes it through as well… but her first arrow had skimmed outside the ring, and her second took a leave from one of the flowers. When her third flies through the middle, without touching anything, she relaxes slightly and continues on.

Bre fires one, then another and it flies through, drawing a smile to her face. She looks to Nerissa, "I think this favor really is bringing me a whisper of luck," she says to her friend.

Nerissa holds her breath until hers sails through, and when it does, she blinks once before she smiles. One fist clenches at her side in a silent cheer to herself, while she restrains from turning around. At Bre's words, she smiles. "Well, Moray always said it brought him luck… I'm not surprised."

A judge at the line is called forth after the last round, but it seems one of Nerissa's arrows did indeed prune the roses and Brendolyn and Nerissa are called forth to the line for the 5th Round again at the small target. "May the goddess guide your arrows." Ophelie calls out and moves to stand by her favoured knight.

Kierne gets pretty close to the last ring the first time, but from that point forward he just gets all tangled up in his own head, compensating and overcompensating and… geez, he just wheels further and further from his mark, finally laughing and letting those with better aim take the line. He strolls over to where Ophelie is watching the rest, turning to watch from a spot next to her. "Sorry I didn't win by it, or anything, Majesty," he lifts his hand to tug at one end of her handkerchief, where it's tied to his quiver strap across his chest. "Still, I think it took me further than I'd have gotten otherwise. Thank you."

Moray watches as it is down now to his sister and his betrothed. The heir can only watch as they make their shots this target his hard barely to be seen propely from where he sits, but still they shoot onwards and its a matter of who can make the shot.

The competition continues to hold Nylie's interest with the various targets and the rounds that come. Though at some point an attendent comes along with a message that has the Duchess taking her leave of the stands and heading back to the Lakeshire pavillion. Likely one of the triplets fussing, the help can only do so much, sometimes it does take a mother's touch.

As it comes down to the last two ladies, Nerissa grins to her friend… supporting her with equal chagrin as neither of them seem to be able to put the arrow through the hoop this time… many close ones, but none soaring through truly.

"Good grief," Bre mutters as the arrow fly, everywhere but where they belong. She huffs to herself and tries again, and again. "It's harder when there's no outer rim..but I can see how I'll start training now.." she says. "Thank you Laniveer."

As the ladies struggle with the smallest of targets, the Queen finally has mercy on then and motions then back to the next size up once more. "I dare say our archers could benefit from Greenshire training as well Milady." She says and steps aside once more.

Another round passes without coming any clearer to a clear winner. Finally the queen steps forward and stands before the ladies. "I think I shall call it as we are running out of arrows and day light. The ladies both have shown skill in archery. As I have already declared Lady Brendolyn Queen of the Hunt, I will now declare Lady Nerissa Horizon Queen of the Rose. May they reign over the archery fields and defeat all men that come before them."
You paged Kierne with 'Oh dear, what did I miss?'

Fatigue is starting to show on the Haravean lass, with all these arrows, she might as well be in a wa..errr… shooting a lot of arrows. She glances over at Nerissa, "This is how it's going to be isn't it," she says with a grin. After the last round when the Queen declares a sort of draw she turns to Nerissa and curtsies, "Congratulations, Queen of the Rose," she says with a genuine smile.

As her arms were starting to tire, Nerissa's arrows were drooping a bit, but with the switch back to the slightly larger target, she found herself coming back to form, able to match Brendolyn round for round. She considered letting her bow down a bit, and even glanced the Haravean's way… but she knew her friend well enough to know she'd figure it out and flay her like one of the rabbits she hunts. And so, she gritted her teeth and kept at it until the Queen of Laniveer called it a halt, and proclaimed her Queen alongside Brendolyn. She chuckles at the title and smiles back to the Queen of the Hunt, leaning closer her to murmur something in response to the congratulations. "Thank you, your Majesty, it is an honor. We shall endeavor to do so, I am sure."

Nerissa mutters to Brendolyn, "… something… 'rose'… probably…"

Bre grins at Nerissa then curtsies toward the actual Queen before leaning over to reply to her friend's quiet words. Her eyes flit to the crowd and she spies out Moray for a grin too then she straightens and starts to collect her gear.

Brendolyn mutters to Nerissa, "… about flowers indeed"

After making their proper curtsies to Queen Ophelie, Nerissa adjusts her own circlet at her brow as she turns and finally seeks out a certain man the crowd. Reaching over, she squeezes Brendolyn's hand. "I will see you and my brother, soon? I will go and let the Baron Giantslayer have his fun before we come over." She smiles, and with her bow cradled carefully, she moves off towards the man in the Sutherland crowd.

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