Nar 26, 228: Shocking news

Shocking news
Summary: Princess Caillin was invited to her brother's office. There were many people: the Chancellor, the Queen, her brother and even his wife. Shocking news were delivered for the princess.
OOC Date: 29/July/2013 (OOC)
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Crown Prince's Office
A man's room. This spacious room is graced with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Three tall windows, topped with gorgeous stained glass look out over the harbour to east, and the ocean below. Dominating it is a truly massive, oaken desk, topped with assorted bits of small statuary and objects of art. The desk is ornately carved with an elegant vine pattern. Behind it is a rather grandiose throne of a chair, carved in a somewhat gothic style. What isn't wood is covered in black leather secured by silver studs. In front of the desk is a cluster of smaller black-leather chairs. The hardwood floor is covered in a thick purple rug with silver trim. A few silver candelabras spaced about the room in addition to a few wrought-iron wall sconces provide plenty of light. The walls are paneled two thirds of the way up the wall with a dark cherry wood. From there on up they are painted purple, and about a foot from the ceiling is silver stenciling. On one side of the room, a bookshelf lines the wall, from floor to ceiling. The shelf is filled with books from all across Daeren. A door leads to a private room for the Prince.
Nar 26, 228

Seated in the Prince's office, behind the desk, is Tyrel Kilgour. He is drinking a goblet of wine, and leaning on the desk, her back to the door, speaking quietly with Tyrel is Ciarrah Kilgour. Papers and parchment are scattered across the desk, a candle burning is also on the surface. Tyrel has a sparkle in his eyes, betraying the fact that he has had several goblets of wine. Also in the room is the Lord Chancellor Caedmon Kilgour, and none other than the Queen of Mobrin, Laetitia.

"The chancellor is handling the preparations for our trip to the isles. I am looking forward to it, Ciarrah." Tyrel smiles to his new bride, before glancing across to Caedmon with a grin, then back. "I've only been there once, as a child. I am very excited about going back. I heard you have some amazing beaches, and the sunrises and sunsets…"

Caillin walks into the room. Yes, she walks in without any knock or something. Her flaxen hair is tress as usually, brushed just perfectly, and falls on her shoulders playfully. Light and quite simple dress sweeps the ground, forming the impression, that this young girl is gliding.
She is followed by two guards and her handmaiden Gaela. Gaela is staring at this beauty, who is walking in front of her with eyes full of admiration and motherly love.
However, there are no any warm feelings in Caillin's eyes. Girl looks tired and grey eyes are even more grey if it is possible. One very brief but loud sneeze ripples though the room. When finally girl's gaze slips through each of the person in the room. Princess crosses her hands on abdomen, just slightly nodding her head "And why I was dragged out of my sick-bed?" she just asks coolly.

"Child, ill you may be but you will show proper respect for those within this room." Laetitia replies just as cooly, the Queen drinking tea, and her brows raised up upon their regal perch, looking none too pleased with her daughter who's perfectly coifed hair should bely a perfectly coifed attitude. The Queen is in a 'mood'. One she's been in for a few days now, likely due to negotiations, work - all of that Queenly stuff she's required to do. And no doubt Caillins 'excursion' out and her improprieties that have been rumored have set the Queen off. When she's angry she stays angry for days, and days, and days …and days, "Gaela, you of all should know the proper way to address members of the royal family. Curtsey now before I bend you myself over my knee and smack your manners and sense back into you." Hiss. The fact that Caillin is sick only cements within the Queens mind that the Gods have struck her for her misdeeds. And they will get fixed. Very soon.

Among those she admires most since she had arrived here, Ciarrah has an easy smile on her face with excitement in her eyes. "You will love it, I just know. It will be like.. a vacation away, since we had very little of the romantic wedding I had always imagined." Heat steals into her cheeks though at that suggestion. "It was lovely though, truly, and I am proud to be married to you." Her musings are cut short as Caillin comes in and the dazzling smile she gives to the Princess rivals the brightness of the candle on the desk of the Prince. "Your Highness," Ciarrah smiles to her, despite the sick appearance of the younger Princess, she things Caillin looks absolutely lovely.

Caedmon bows his head to Tyrel when the man mentions the chancellor, and then he confirms, "I have. The captain assures me that he and the crew will be ready to depart when you give the word, your highness." When Caillin arrives, he stands, bows to her, and offers his chair. "Here, your highness," he invites, showing that he has a shawl draped over the back of the chair already so that Caillin will have less chance to chill while in the room.

Tyrel grins as his sister comes into the room, standing to greet her, he moves around the desk. He fights a smirk at his mothers words, knowing her wrath could turn on him any second as well. He takes Caillin by the hand, kissing her on the cheek. He isn't afraid of catching her illness. He had been so busy lately, he had not been able to visit her like he should. Now, he was happy to see her, even if she is ill. He motions to the chair offered by Caedmon, "Have a seat." He smiles, leading her to it. He then moves to the sidebar, looking over the selections as he pours a goblet of wine. "How are you feeling sister? I hope you are doing better than my last report from the Chancellor." He turns back, moving toward Caillin and offering up the fresh goblet of wine he poured.

"Thank you, my beloved cousin, I will stand better," answers Caillin to his offer, glancing at her brother and his woman, slight nod is given for her as an answer to the greeting. Though, briefly and quickly grey orbs finds mother, who is unhappy with her and her handmaiden. However, it does not make the girl worried or ashamed. She is too angry and irritated. Likely, because of the fever and sleepless nights. Likely, because of these unfounded rumors too.
The only one warm gesture of the princess is the hand raising. Yes, princess raises her hand and gently touches the shoulder of her handmaiden, as she would say "Don't worry, my dear!" Of course, Gaela offers the curtsy for everyone in the room and moves somewhere into the shadows, beside Caillin's guards.
Princess crosses her hands again, sticking her gaze at the brother, who starts walking closer to her. When he takes her hand and places a peck to her cheek, Caillin can't do anything but raise the eyebrow in surprise. Her brother was so busy not just working on the Kingdom's matters, but planning something with his woman, as young girl just heared some fragments of it now, that he totally forgot having her. The worst - has become truth and girl was resigned to it. But now… Now this kiss and these questions? He still cares about her? Or it's just the trick before something really bad comes out of his lips?
These and even more questions are running in the head of the young girl, while her brother is leading her to the chair, offered by Caedmon. Caillin just follows him as she would be sleeping, but when finally she gets back from the ocean of her own minds girl stops, shaking her head "As I said, I will stand, my brother," and girl just crosses her hands the third time.
"I still have fever, but more I rest, sooner I will become healthy again. I have no time to sick. I need to visit our hospital together with the priestess. We do it usually at the end of the month and I am afraid to miss it. Also, I already missed the meeting with foundlings. I had to teach them some basics of healing. They should be worried, I believe. Oh, and…" Caillin frowns slightly "But I believe we are here not to speak about my health. Why I was invite here?" Curious glance slips through the each of the person inside the room, as the young girl would try to read the answer in one's of them eyes.
Laetitia remains seated, her tea cup lightly tapped against with the rings on her fingers as she watches her daughter, keenly aware that Tyrel is on the cusp of earning her sharp tongue next. One sentence is all it'll take to have the woman snapping out. For now though the Queen watches silently, lips pressed tightly together, her large tea mug lifted to lips every so often.

As Tyrel rises to greet Caillin, Ciarrah cannot keep the approving smile from her features, sure that the two would have much to catch up on. Even Ciarrah had seen little of the Princess. Or for that matter, the Prince! It had been a busy month for certain. Still with her own goblet of wine, she quietly and perhaps wisely nurses it while awaiting the news of the reason gathered, not wanting to earn the ire of the Queen as well.

Caedmon inclines his head to Caillin when she declines his offer. He looks at the wooden box that contains his writing materials, and then to the others in the room. "In fact, majesty and your highnesses, I probably should go and attend to a few documents that need my attention, If you will excuse me." He bows to each in turn, even the lowly Gaela, before he steps backward toward the door, taking his case with him.

While Caillin /thinks/ those things of Tyrel, they simply aren't true. He had never forgotten about her. She may believe 'the worst has come true.' But, it has not. Tyrel still very much cares for his sister, and it shows by the way he handles her when he has time to slow down and visit with her. However, he has many responsibilities as the Kings Voice. He deals with the military, the magistration, a war effort. He is in fact a very busy man. A shrug is given and he offers the goblet of wine to Ciarrah. "Caillin, I want that you should sit. Please." he motions to the chair one more time, his tone demanding and not pleading. He leans on the desk, near the chair she has been offered. "We have some things we need to discuss with you." A nod is offered to Caedmon, and a smile, before Tyrel's attention falls back on the Princess.

"See you later, my dear cousin," in a whisper mumbles Caillin "I do believe you will visit me again tomorrow, as you always do! Have a good work!"
However, the words form her brother makes girl frown and all sparkles in her grey eyes, offered to her cousin, now fades. Caillin glances at the chair, then back to her brother "Are these news or whatever you want to say for me is so bad, that I may faint? Then better I will sit, if you are ready to toss something so horrible…" and Caillin slips to the chair without any wish to do so.

Laetitia actually offers a brief smile to Caedmon - very brief, not pleased with that man either. She's not pleased all around but she can be polite, "It's important news to share with you, my daughter." Laetitia murmurs, gesturing for more tea to be brought, her massive wolf beneath the table at her feet, slipper toes pressed into the 'pups' side, that beast likely the only thing keeping her temper at a simmer.

As the battle of wills rage on around her, Ciarrah remains blissfully silent, though there is envy in her eyes as she watches that Caedmon gets to slip out of the room so easily. Depositing her former, empty goblet on the desk, she reaches for the new one thrust at her by Tyrel, quietly nursing it as well as she looks between the Kilgour family she was now such a part of. Trying to remain as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, she inputs nothing into the meeting.

Tyrel smiles softly to Caillin, crossing his arms over his chest as he looks at her with an odd expression. "Sister, you know how trying these times are in the Kingdom. We are at war with Laniveer, pirates raid the southern coast… things are very troublesome. It is in times like these that our family must strengthen our ties with our allies. It is in times like these that we must cement relationships." He raises a brow softly, "You agree, don't you sister?" He asks, his tone betraying the fact that he is leading her with his question.

Caillin pouts and frowns even more. Now her grey eyes are barely seen. She examins her brother for a moment. Later her gaze slips to Ciarrah and girl nods slightly "And you did it, aren't you? Moreover, you were lucky to cement the relationship with our allies with the woman you are madly in love with…"
Girl tosses her frown gaze from Ciarrah back to her brother "We already spoke about this. I said I am sorry about my actions against your wedding…"

Laetitia glances at Tyrel, a brow raising as she croons out, "Dear son of mine, do not let the wine stall your tongue in such a way." Oh ruining the fun of revealing the surprise. Hot tea arrives and the Queen will turn her head to her lady who quickly takes a drink of the tea before wiping the cup with a dainty hankie, handing it off to the Queen who nods then as the pot is set down.

Madly love. If only! Ciarrah looks between Tyrel and Caillin, though after a moment, she gives the Princess a quietly reassuring smile. "We cemented only with the Aberdeen. There are many more beneficial matches to be made, many more worthwhile Houses." That is all she speaks this time, just attempting to be as positive as possible.

Tyrel nearly bursts into laughter at the mention of 'mad love' with Ciarrah before the wedding. A raised brow with a smirk is given toward Ciarrah, then back to Caillin. At his mothers words, a nod is given, then his gaze falls back on Caillin, "Less than one hour ago, I met with Duke Jon Ruxton, and his heir, Lord Robben. An agreement was pledged, and seals were pressed to wax. In one month, you shall be wed to Lord Sir Ruthgar Ruxton, of Weston." He lets that settle in for a moment, before adding, "This is very important to our house, and theirs, Sister."

Caillin jumps on her feet.

"No!" she shouts taking a step back. Closer near the doors.

"No!" - and another step is taken.

"No no no!" - three steps are taken closer near the door.

"Am I so not worth anything for you?! Are you mad!? Am I nothing for you? Marry me for the commoner of Laniveer, then!"

Tears start running through girl's cheeks and she is shaking more than an aspen in the storm. "You… You take away everything from me… Just because you want… Why I have to suffer? And why she can get everything?" girl points at Ciarrah. "He… I will… I will loose my title, I will never become the queen… That man has just his sword and nothing more! I will get the room in the castle of his brother. I will have no lands, no people, and my word will mean nothing… I will be dragged from the things I do best. I will not be able to take care of people, because I will have no people! This is your love for the sister? You make me the lady from the princess with one room in the castle of my husband's brother??!!" Caillin starts gasping as she would be choking.

"It is done, Caillin. Calm yourself before you faint." The Queen states cooly, thoroughly unshaken by her daughters overly dramatic reaction; not unexpected of course, but what would usually lead to soothing words and gentle pats only gets a calm reception, "You are a Princess, your future has always been thusly ours to manoeuvre. You have been prepared for this day, and knew it would come."

For her own part, Ciarrah flinches at the hateful and undeserved words from the Princess, but once more, just looks away, keeping her silence. Her wine is set aside and she does decide to breath the silence. "Might I be excused?"

Tyrel raises both brows at Caillins words, his eyes showing shock. He isn't shocked at her reaction, but the mention of her being Queen someday. He looks to Laetitia incredulously, "Queen? She speaks of being Queen???" He looks between his mother and his sister several times, before his face reclaims the soft expression, "Sister, in order for you to be Queen of Mobrin, Logen, Mikhal, and I would all three have to die without heirs." He shakes his head slowly, "That simply is not going to happen. You would never be able to sit on the throne of Mobrin unless a tragedy of epic proportions struck our family. No. It will never happen." He sighs, setting his goblet down on the desk, before approaching his sister to make sure she doesn't fall. At Ciarrah's words, he points at her, "No. You will stay, /my/ Princess." He offers a reassuring smile. Ciarrah will, however, be Queen of Mobrin one day. She should get used to such situations, as Laetitia has. Back to Caillin, Tyrel offers another soft smile, "Lord Ruthgar will become a Knight of the Rioga. He will also become the Baron of Dellhaven, once the wedding takes place." Dellhaven is a beautiful Barony a mere two hours riding distance from Darfield Castle. "This is done, Caillin. The wax has already dried. Father requested this, in fact. It was his idea."

"No, I did not! I thought you love me. I thought you care about your daughter enough to find her a proper prince! Shouldn't princess marry the prince? Why you are dragging your family to the totally disadvantages marriage??!! Shouldn't you marry me to someone who has lands? Who has people? Who has something?! If you wanted to get rid of me, you could throw me to the streets as cruel parents did for my poor children. I am the princess and I shall remain the princess not less! if you want advantages marriage make Logen marry their lady Solara or how she is called! I won't marry. I better join the temple! I won't become just a lady from the princess. No no no!!!" and hands raises near the heart of the princess. It becomes even more harder to brief "Just toss me away. To the street. Just do that!" she sticks her eyes full of anger to the mother. "Why I have to be the princess who has to loose everything? How you dare to wish for your daughter this? These Ruxtons are already your allies without any marriage?! Can't you just find me the husband in anothe islands? Why I have to become nothing?!"
She pushes her brother, when he comes closer "Don't you hear me? I don't want to be the Queen of Mobrin. I could become the queen of another island, of Laniveer of Jadda, whatever! But you could work harder on your sister‘s marriage, if you loved me!"
Though, mentioning the barony slightly comes down the young girl. But just for one brief second. Likely, she was thinking, that the barony has people too whom she may take care of. There will be a temple too, and there will be a small castle. Maybe even a garden. And she will be baroness, with some power in her hands… But still, it's not the same as being the Queen of the island… And she won't be able to blush near that prince anymore… Girl just turns to the door opens it widely and runs away with eyes full of tears "I hate you all and I won't marry!"

After the Princess runs out, Ciarrah remains sitting there for a long moment, clasping her hands together in silence, her teeth clenched, her jaw set. Rising finally, she turns towards the window to look out. "May I be excused now?"

Tyrel moves toward Ciarrah, reaching for her hand. "I am sorry you have to deal with that, constantly. It is not fair to you, my Princess. I wish she could know how wonderful you are, and how you will make an amazing Queen." A glance toward his mother, then back, "Many years from now…" he adds. He then tugs at her hand, "Lets go to bed." He moves to his mother and gives her another kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, mother. I hope you sleep well. We should have dinner tomorrow." He smiles, then turns toward the door, Ciarrah in tow.

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