Thedor 40, 229: Ships and Daughters

Ships and Daughters
Summary: En Route to the wedding in Sutherland, Lady Senga comes across Sir Cian above decks looking not pleased to be on anything other than solid land.
OOC Date: 09/02/2014
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Cian Senga 
The deck of Arlen Kincaid's ship
Thedor 40, 229

The seas out of Darfield are known to be rough and this time is no different, leaving the uninitiated to lean on railings and over buckets for the first part of the journey. Finally the seas have calmed though many still recover belong decks. Cian was so afflicted as well and even know looking rather green about the gills as he stands near a railing, his gaze trained upon the horizon as suggested.

For the initial departure, Senga had stood along the decks watching the shoreline become smaller and smaller before going below on the signs of rough waters. Now however, she ascends onto the deck with a cloak held tightly against her with one hand while passing the other ship hands with a brief nod in acknowledgement until reaching the railing. Extending one hand along the cleaner parts, she looks to one side and her gaze lands onto Cian with a touch of interest. "Are you feeling better? Or shall I ask for one of the healers to come from below decks?"

The horizon is your friend. Oh yeah and remember to breathe. There will no doubt be much teasing from the other knights about this. At least the ones who weren't hanging over the sides as well. As the Lady approaches he looks up and gives a bow, keeping one hand on the railing. The mention of a healer actually makes him a touch paler. "No, no you do not need to send for her." No doubt referring to one particular albino healer. "I am getting better." He hurriedly adds before inclining his head towards the lady, "I hope the seas were not too hard on you Milady."

"Her?" Cue a moment's surprise flickering through the woman's eyes before her lips press tighter together into a thin line. Dubious, thy name is Senga Kincaid. "There was an older man that I have asked to come along with us for the sake of my husband's leg. While my daughter would certainly be capable.. I would rather spare her such things. Surely you can understand that," she says conversationally with a nod of her head in simple acknowledgement of the greeting. "And for all that I rarely sail unless necessary, the travels so far have been well for me. Besides that, I should think that I would not be standing here otherwise."

Cian looks a bit strained in this conversation, though relief at the mention of another healer if needed. "Only…I am oft assigned to the Lady Healer and I rather think she would not trust me to guard her if she saw me like this." He says quite directly and given the Healer's temperament, he would at least suffer some words from the albino lady. "If you would forgive me for answering so directly." He says with a bow of his head to the Lady. "I fear this is my first time at Sea. The waters of the Lake do not oft get this rough."

"I will ask for our healer to come above decks to see to you then," Senga says, voice brooking no possibility of anything else as her fingers curl about the railing to regard the sea and the horizon beyond with that same mask across her features. "Which Lady Healer is giving you quite difficulties, sir knight? If, I am guessing your occupation correctly. I have been told that there can be some.. difficulties with sailing. It is the reason why he has been mending for these past few weeks."

Cian shakes his head at the first, "I think I will be well if it stays like this. Thank you for the kind offer Milady." He offers with a dip of his head before glancing out to the horizon again to get his bearings once more. He takes a breath before looking back to Senga. "Lady Faerinia." he offers as the name of the challenging healer. He nods to the confirmation of his occupation, "Newly sworn to the Knights of the Lake." He says trying to stand a bit taller than his five and 1/2 feet give him. "I mean no disrespect to the Lady or any member of your house."

Senga ohs. Neither impressed or disappointed, she continues to maintain dark eyes on the horizon while lowering the the revelation of who she is carefully and by degrees. "Does she believe that an injury makes one weak even after it heals, I wonder? I can say that I have had.. interactions with her on a number of occasions," she says, still not betraying her own identity if he does not acknowledge in return. "Still, congratulations on your recent elevation. No disrespect is taken. I merely find it odd that there are not more young men who seek her ministrations, being a healer as she is."

"I would not be surprised if she did." A note of consternation in his voice as he looks out to sea again. He talks as a man who has been unmanned by the woman a time a two and yet it is clear that she intrigued by her as well. He nods to the congratulations. "Thank you milady. I have renewed my pledge to his grace to protect him and his house. If you have need of a guard do not hesitate to call upon. Cian Conwy." The Conwy, though not a noble house, have been known to serve the house of Kincaid for several generations. All sons sent for training in the Knighthood. The last bit causes him to cough, "I am not sure she would have them if they did."

"Conwy." Committing the name to memory, Senga moves to step away from the railing as the winds begin to pluck hair and cloak alike in a gentle stir. "I should be glad to call upon your services should they be required, Sir Knight. In fact, I share your observations quite clearly with regards to my daughter." Poised to step away from the railing, she does continue cordially, "My name is Senga Kincaid. My husband, Arlen Kincaid is the captain of this vessel."

Any response that he might have is interrupted by a surge in the boat causing the knight to go quite green again. "If you would excuse me milady." He hastily says before making his way further up the railing out of sight from the lady to give another offering to the sea.

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