Ship Designs

Not all of the below designs are available in all areas. The Koch and the Longship are largely available in and around the Hills. The Carrack and Caravel are available in Aberdeen, Moniwid, Laniveer, and the Finger Isles. All areas have access to the magnetic compass, but only Aberdeen, Moniwid, Laniveer, and the Finger Isles have access to the dry compass.

Carrack - A 3 or 4 masted ship. It is usually squared-rigged on the foremast and mainmast and
lateen-rigged on the mizzenmast. These large ships are stable on the high seas and very forward in design.


Caravel - This is a smaller, lighter ship, but no less forward in its design. It has 2 to 3 masts with lateen sails. These ships are faster than the larger Carrack.


Koch - A small, one to two masted wooden sailing ship. It's unique hull design allows it to move
through water covered in ice.


Longship - Long, narrow wooden boat with a shallow hull design. These ships are fitted with oars
the entire length of the ship and usually sporting a single mast.


Cog - A small ship, usually outfitted with a single mast and square-rigged sail. These ships can
have both closed or open hull designs and can be rowed for short distances for greater speed.


Galley - Large ships, with 2 to three masts. These ships can have multiple decks often filled
with rowers for greater speed. While their design is less sophisticated then the Carrack, they
are more manueverable on open water. These ships are very versitile and can be used as war
ships, transport vessels, or cargo vessels.


Dhow - A long, thin wooden sailing vessel with usually one or two masts and lateen sails. These
are usually used as merchant vessels and can carry large, heavy loads due to their hull design.



Ballista - Can be mounted on deck, fires a large projectile over a long distance.


Polybolos - A repeating ballista. (Rare, expensive)

Arbalest - A large version of a cross bow, that can still be hand held. These are powerful weapons that can be moved aboard the ship. A skilled crossbowmen can fire 2 bolts a minute with this weapon.


Battering ram - Reinforced prow of the ship, used to ram another ship

Liquid Fire - An incendiary weapon. A mixture of various minerals in resin that can be used to create highly volatile incendiary pots that can be lobbed at another ship. Prized for its ability to keep burning even on water. (This can be found in Laniveer and the Finger Isles. In the lands following the Light it has been viewed as akin to magic and hence forbidden.)
A cruder version of simply lighting pitch, while not as violently volatile, is more commonly known in Mobrin for arrows, and used for attacking or defending castles and is not considered witch craft.

Grappling Hook - A three or four pronged hook attached to a rope.

Caltrops - Metal weapon shaped with 4 metal points. When thrown one point sticks up, designed to hobble sailors going barefoot, or even penetrate soles of boots.

  • Note - The spyglass does not exist, and neither does gunpowder. So sayeth the staff.
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