House Sherer
Heraldry for House Sherer
House: Sherer
Kingdom: Gangani
Seat: Gangani
Fortification: The Royal Tower
Motto: A Life in Free Towers
Colors: Black, Moss and Silver
Liege: {$liege}
Vassals: {$vassals}
Rank: Potentate/King
Head of House: Potentate Bevyn Sherer
Predecessor: -
Heir: Crown Prince Ewan Sherer




House Sherer has ruled The Kingdom of Life and Freedom since it was founded. Most call the kingdom simply ‘Gangani’ but those with a longer history of positive relations know it by its official name. Those who know the official name of the kingdom also know that it is so called because they celebrate life and view themselves as having the freedom to live as they wish.
In addition the kingdom of Life and Freedom is known to export the following items.
Hardwoods fit for construction and the making of weapons, finely made hardwood furniture, the local version of chocola, what is known as ‘blended chocola’ which is only available in one other location and is said to be a masterfully blend of different types of chocola into a version with a richer, amplified flavor with nutty notes as well. The process used to make blended chocola seems known only to the Gangani people currently. They also sell spices, foodstuffs, and related agricultural goods as well.


The Royal Tower, the oldest and largest of the six towers is the fortification of House Sherer. Built as part of the original city to house the royal family, as time passed additional towers were added. The second is known as the Heir’s Tower as it obviously houses the heir. Following this four more were built, all six evenly spaced apart, the four lesser towers are called The Black Tower (Southeast), The Tan Tower (Northwest), The Green Tower (Northeast), and The Gray Tower (Southwest). In the middle of the six towers is a cross between a public forum, royal gardens, and courtyard known as ‘The People’s Forum’ or simply ‘The Forum’ which has been around as long as The Royal Tower.

Potentate Bevyn Innis Sherer (NPC Ruler)
Crown Prince Ewan Ameen Sherer (NPC)
Ambassador/Princess Morella Labeela Sherer

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