18th of Alasair, 229 2E : Shells upon the Sea Shore

Shells upon the Sea Shore
Summary: Cordelia finds a little more then she was expecting when out walking about the beaches of Stormvale
OOC Date: 9/4/2014 (OOC)
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Cordelia Frog 
Shores of Stormvale
Lots of sand and water.
It is day 18 of the month of Alasair, 229 2E

The previous evening had seen a storm blow through, waves crashing about the shore lines, sheets of rain falling sideways through the streets of Stormvale. But come morning, the skies had stilled, white billowy clouds lazily dotted the sky as the warm rays of the sun caused standing water and drifting waves to sparkle and twinkle. The touches of sunset yet clung on with the hints of added color, but soon the sun would seek to raise higher in the sky. The sands of the beaches were freshly smoothed over from the stormy waves the night before, the ocassional new shell or other 'treasure' having been washed up in the process.

And it's for the treasures that Cordelia finds herself here upon the beach so early in the morning. Another morning waking with a hint of homesickness that has sent her down here, where shoes are soon discarded, and bare feet find the wet sand near the lap of waves upon the beach. Followed by her guard and a handmaiden, she ignores both in favor of walking along the smooth sands, bending over to pick up such treasures and placing them in a small basket she's brought with her for such things. She doesn't even seem to care when the waves come in hard, splashing the hem of her skirts, leaving them wet and soon dappled with sand.

There were many a shell to be found, broken pieces here and there but fine and whole shells of different varietys. Some spiralled and pointed, others more of a clam shell sort, a few starfish to be found…even a handful of well worn sharksteeth. Different colors could be found, the usual whites and browns, but ocassional one with a turn of purple or peach shows up. Though there is a touch of shine that comes a way down the beach, a glint of a bright blue. There is a curve to it as the morning light bounces off of it.

There are those that might think Cordelia odd for collecting such things, but such treasures are simple things when so far from home. Looking up from the latest find, one of those purple turned shark's teeth, her gaze finds the glint of sunlight upon something ahead. And so, after placing the tooth within the basket, she heads further along the beach, followed slowly by the guard and handmaiden who talk with one another. Crossing the sand, she even picks up a bit of seedweed, placing it into her basket as well as she draws ever closer to the glint of blue.

Eveyone did have their oddities, especially when it came to seeking reminders of home, or to forget about home. But none were about this morning to give question to this collecting. The glint of blue, would grow in size the closer she came to it. A curved piece, looking to be some kind of shell perhaps. Only a piece showed above the sand, even that was about the size of a small child's fist.

When Cordelia finally comes upon the curved bit of blue, she hmms, looking it over, soon to crouch down before it. Setting her basket to the side, she reaches out to see if she pull it out of the sand, and if unable, her curisoity leads her to start digging it out, trying to make sense of what it could be. With guard and handmaiden standing off to the side, they both might peer at her for a moment, but go back to talking, flirting. Humming one of those sea chanties that her mother would likely die if she knew Cordie was singing it, the young Horizon continues to work at digging the item from the sand.

A closer look would find several shades of blue dancing under the sun light, a few areas were more dull where the itme had been worn by water and sand. There was a spot or two were coral might have once tried to grow upon it. It takes a little bit of digging to dislodge the piece from the sand. When it breaks free, it appears a broken piece, the same might remind one of an chicken's egg but it is easily ten times bigger than such an egg. The inner color might at first appear to be black, but a touch of light will show it to be a deep, deep blue. And then there is splash and cry within a tidal pool a short ways up the beach. Another splash and things are quiet again but the sounds of the waves, and the murmur of the servants.

When the piece is finally dislodged from the sand, Cordelia remains crouched, turning just enough to rinse the odd piece off in the lapping water. Fingers trace over it, taking in the colors, the texture. For a moment, she sits there, turning it over before the nearby splash of water gains her attention. Lifting her gaze, she looks towards the tidal pools and along the sand as well, rising slowly to her feet to head their direction. The piece of 'shell' is placed carefully in her basket after one last look, though there's a thoughtful look upon her face, no doubt, the young woman going through everything she knows to try and figure out what it is.

The pools seem still save for that gentle lap of waves over the ones cloest to the sea yet. Or so it is for several long minutes before there is 'something' that leaps and splashes again, a fish of some sort perhaps? But there is that keening cry given. A sadness existing within it.

Leaving her basket behind on the sand, Cordelia takes her skirts in one hand, and starts climbing amongst the tidal pools, bare feet lightly jumping from rock to rock in some places. Hearing the splash and the keening cry, she turns and makes her way forwards, head tilted to listen. "What…" The question lingers upon her lips, the sound unknown to her - not the normal, at least she doesn't think so. Glancing about, she seeks sight of anything around the beach, then turns back as she crosses another pool area, skirting around fish and starfish stuck within their small oasis.

Fish do dart away and try to hid amongst the seaweed and what small rocky turns and twists exist for them within the tidal pools, when Cordelia's shadow might fall over the pools. Definitly if a toe so much as disturbs the surface. The starfish, seem to give little mind to the woman who moves about the tidal pools. There is the occasional oddity amongst the pools, a handful of sea snails, a small eel or tiny octopus. But in that one tidal pool, something bigger swims. It seems to have a serpant like shape at first glance, but as it jumps again, there are flippers or legs? The sound coming again, it is not like anything one would have heard before. Not of any bird, or land animal. Perhaps an edge of a dolphin to it, but still not quite there.

Any other time, Cordelia would stop to poke around within the pools a little more, finding interest in what might lie within each. But with her attention snared by whatever lies within the pool closer to the waters, she continues forwards until the creature jumps. Surprise, curiosity, brows furrowing as she peers closer. The sound has her inhaling, catching hr breath for a moment before letting it out. "Curious." Now, those two who came with her, are forgotten as she scrambles ever closer to the pool where this unknown creature lies, until she might crouch down at side, gaze falling towards the water to peer down into it.

The creature in questions, once that tidal pool is reached, is circling about the confined space that seems to hold it 'captive' in a slightly frantic fashion. It seems to have along neck that that flows into a slightly larger body with four flipper like legs, a long tail trails after it that might remind one a bit of a lizard like tail. A sea serpant? Perhaps. But then it notices her hovering near the tidal pool and the circling ceases, that head pokes out of the water and another cry is let loose before it is diving to the bottom of the tidal pool, not that it achieves much for it.

Eyes widen upon spying the creature within the pool. It's enough that Cordelia almost falls upon her butt there upon the rock at the pool's edge. "Ooh.. sweet.. Anahyta.." A whisper now as the head peeks out, only to be pulled back in before heading to the bottom of the pool. A hand reaches down, to touch the water, lightly, an invitation, perhaps, as she looks from pool to sea - so close, and yet not close enough? "Do you need help?" Surely she's helped out various sea creatures caught in low pools to find deeper waters while growing up.

That Cordelia 'vanishes' suddenly, causes the creature to tenatively swim back up to the surface. Wide epressive eyes blink with a touch of curiosity. The creature itself is a cerelean blue with flecks of green within it's flippers. Her fignerd touching the water have it drawing away a bit. When she does not make a grab for it, the thing floats back up. It's head bumping against her fingers. Before sneaking above the water to cry again, it does face the sea to do so. The call a bit mournful.

Seated then, Cordelia catches her breath when the creature comes up again to peer at her so curious, "Oh, you are beautiful.." That it actually comes to her hand, bumping against her fingers, draws a smile from the young Horizon woman, though the mournful cry has her turning to look to the sea, "I can help you. if you would trust me?" With the tide out, it'd be too long to leave the creature there, crying, for another to find it! Slowly, she moves forwards, around the edge, to where it lingers, staring out at the sea.

It stares long at the sea before it ducks down under the water for a turn before popping back up and staring at Cordelia then the sea, then back to Cordelia. And out comes a little squeaking sound. Another look to the sea given.

Cordelia waits, then nods to the creature. Odd as it might be, she doesn't think anything odd of it. It's a baby, wanting home, right? One quick glance at guard and handmaiden still caught up talking, and she smiles, holding out a hand towards the creature, "Come on, little one. Come to me.. I'll help you over the rocks.." She spreads out her skirt over the rocks, looking to perhaps draw it into there so she might rise and carry it over the rocks to the water nearby.

The extended hand does draw the creature over, another bump of its head against her fingers, there is a smoothness to its skin. There a lack of scales. More akin to an eel that way. Sensing perhaps the intention, it does try to press up on ther rocks to get out of the pool, but its flippers do not seem to work well to hold its weight and it starts to sink back down, showing why it has remained in that pool. And perhaps as if to confirm Cordelia's thoughts, there is a loud rumbling bellow that floats in across the sea, that has the little creatures squeaking before answering with that cry again. A look to the sea with show nothing, and the rumble seems to come off from quite the distance. Almost like distant thunder from a long away storm.

As the little one returns to her hand and tries to help itself, Cordelia sees the problem. "Hmm.. let's see if we can…." As the rumble comes from the way of the sea, she turns, teeth to catch her bottom lip, before turning back to the little one who cries out in such a way, "Your mother?" Well, that might be.. worrisome. She looks to the guard, then back, leaning over then to slip both hands into the water. When the little one comes back, she'll slip hands under it's front flippers, and as long as it doesn't try to get away, she tries her best to lift it up and out of the pool, and onto her skirt. Here's hoping it all goes as planned!

To have heard the rubmle, mother or perhaps simply another family member? Hard to say truly. But it does seem more excited, hopefully, the added help has it trying to scramble along. So while it is not trying to get away exactly being still. A squirmy little slippery thing, but a hold under the flippers like she has does seem to help ensure she can keep something of a grasp on it. A few excited squeaks come and then there is another cry, not quite as mournful.

Cordelia tries not to laugh too much as she tries to pull the little creature out of the pool. Slippery, splashing, she's likely going toend up wet from head to toe by the time she gets it out of the pool, and into her skirt. Here's hoping the guard and all don't notice! Once she gets it out of the pool, she holds it for a moment in her lap before moving to scoot towards the water.

With Cordelia known to give attention to the tidal pools and recuse stray sea creatures, the guard and maid don't seem to be giving to much mind to her actions. Save perhaps a keen eyes to make sure she doesn't go slipping into one and bump her head. The rumble had simply brought a look to the sea, some thought that another storm was brewing. But the little creature had no such thoughts, it knew what awaited out there and was eager to be reunited. How it wiggled and squirmed around in that skirt. And without much luck in going anywhere! Movement just didn't occur in this fabric like it did in the water, and out came a somewhat pitiful little squeak before another cry. And then it look at her to give another squeakie sound.

Wet, flushed in face, Cordelia is giggling to herself as she scoots and moves from tidal pool to ocean. Once she's able to get her feet under her, she rises upwards, hands clutching at the creature in her skirts until she can get across the break of sand and rock and crouch down once again. Slowly, her skirt is lowered till she can let go of it without just dropping the poor thing on the ground, the next lap of water to soak the skirt even more than it was. "There you go.." She brushes fingers against the creature, "You are truly beautiful, little one. I have never seen your like.." She's heard stories here lately of odd creatures being seen, but this one? Not so scary, right?

There is a squeal of delight when she is lowering her skirts and the ocean is RIGHT THERE!! The creature to tries to flip and scoot itself along, with the sand beneathe the skirt, it is able to make progress enough until the water can help bouy it up. Its skin smooth and flawless beneathe her fingers. The water making it a bit slick, but far form slimey. There is that rumbling bellow again, closer. And it answers with its own cry, but is soon being caried by the waves and able to swim within the sea and swim it does. A flip and splash, a squeal aimed back at Cordelia before it is leaping and crashing it's way out to the sea. And she just might hear a much louder 'splash' out in the distance, but with her attention to the smaller creature, it is possible it is missed.

"Go, go.. back to the sea with you, little one. Give my prayers to Anahyta and Theodor both, hmm?" Cordelia says as fingers trail along the smooth skin of the creature as it finally manages to reach the water enough so that the waves lift it up and carry it out further into deeper waters. When it leaps out of the water, she's still there, hand lifted to wave goodbye to it, thus missing the larger splash further out to see. A sigh escapes her then, along with a soft laugh as she notices how wet and sandy she is, "Marilla is going to fuss so at me when I get back to my rooms…"

There is perhaps a few more splashes to be seen as dives through waves beofre vanishing and there is only those rolling waves coming in against the shore line. And perhaps…just perhaps….when Cordelia is walking back along the beach, there is a rumble that can be heard, a welcoming edge to it. Perhaps the pair have been reunited?

Slowly, only after Cordelia does not see the creature again, does she rise to her feet. Dusting off her skirts as best she can, she smiles and turns t find her basket, and to walk back along the beach. As those rumbling tones are heard, she cannot help but turn to look back over a shoulder to the sea again, smiling a little more until the handmaiden spies her wet and dirty dress and gasps aloud, "My lady! What happened to you?!?"

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