Sess 32, 229: Shattered

Summary: A shattered Draventa pays Emerit a visit, to present her with devastating news of the past.
OOC Date: 18/03/2014 (OOC)
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Draventa Emerit 
Emerit's Room, Moniwid Suite, Darfield Castle
32nd day of Sess, in the year 229

Draventa woke up in Logen's-her room. Her head is wrapped along with her torso. She was told to stay put, but she read the letters right before the attack….she has to find Emerit. Luckily most were focused on the prince when she slipped out. She did way Alice to follow, but it soon became clear that was because she's a bit confused, and wobbly. Alice helps her to the Moniwid suite, worry etched on her face. When she enters, the princess is pale, looking exhausted. Alice places her on a seat near the fire and goes to knock on Emerit's door. When it's answered, she tells the handmaid that princess Draventa is requesting to speak to the Ambassador .

Draventa won't have to wait for long, before Yulanda asks her to enter, opening the door far enough to let her inside. Emerit will rise at once when she sees her sister's pale face, worry and concern clearly showing in her moss green eyes. She wears a plain dress of dark green, devoid of any embroidery today. The Ambassador's pendant with the necklace can be spotted on her table, between books and sheets of paper. "Draventa," the friery haired maiden will greet, crossing the distance between them with swift graceful steps, her arms outstretched to give her a hug, if Draventa will let her. "Such dreadful news,… to think you were right in the middle of it…"

Draventa's dazed enough that she doesn't even flinch at the hug, in fact for a brief second it feels as if she almost leans into it. She's breathing hard, reminiscent of when her legs were bad and will make her way to the nearest chair. "Everyone else leave." There's a tone to her voice that's never quite been there before. Authoritative. Alice hesitates, looking concerned at the princess, she probably should not be out walking about with her wounds, but she insisted. The princess notices the pause and grits her teeth, "oh, Light above! If I pass out Emerit will come get you. Leave."

Emerit will raise a brow at the tone, but after a moment she will nod, casting Yulanda a glance. "Leave us. It is in order." After all they are in her room. Nothing will happen, and the doors are well guarded. "You look exhausted,… Oh my, your head. Shouldn't you rest? Pray have a seat over here? Or perhaps you want to lie down?" Her gaze lingering on Draventa, as she leads her over to the chair in the room. Yulanda will offer a curtsey, taking Alice's hand on the way, leaving the two young women on their own, after the door has closed behind them.

Again, very unlike Draventa she not only allows Emerit to guide her but uses her for support. "I should be, most likely…" Her eyes close a moment as she sits down, unable to hide the wince as her free hand goes to touch the wrappings on her chest. "I…we need to talk. Something has come to my attention that could harm us all." It's hard to tell which us she's referring to, but when she looks at the red head, there's honest fear in her eyes. "Father has done something that will bring ruin to our home."

Emerit will draw a puff closer, that she usually uses to rest her feet on and sits down on it, the concern in her eyes growing when she sees Draventa is in pain. "Maybe… you'd prefer to lie on the bed? Just tell me, if you need anything…" Her face is pale as well, it seems she did not get too much sleep last night. Moss green eyes widen, when she hears what her sister has to say about their late father. "Father?" She echoes, her gaze astonished. "What… is it he has done, Draventa, that upsets you so much?"

Draventa starts fumbling with an envelope she has tucked into a fold of her dress. Her fingers are shaking along with her breath. "M-mother send me…letters she found." Finally she gets it free. There's dried splatters of blood on it, most likely going through the pages. "I…I didn't read them till yesterday, before the feast…" Before the attack. She'll Shakily hold it out towards Emerit. "We…we need to …." Her voice is growing a touch softer, not quite passing out, but definitely not as steady. "..protect our home." When Emerit takes them, she'll add, "Father thought he was doing what was best, but leaving evidence like this…he's hurt us all."

First letter:

Dearest Radino,

Here you are, sleeping in my bed and I am thanking my lucky stars or whatever Gods it is you believe in that you are here with me and truly love me. Who would have thought that I, Jamilla the Fierce, would find such happiness. I know this child I carry is not yours, that it belongs to Roderick Flamehair, but that you chose to remain with me and raise her as your own means more to me than you know. You own my heart, my soul and I treasure you above all.


Your Jamilla.

Second letter:


I lost you. The bastard of a Captain, Roderick kille d you and I will do everything within my power to assure you that your daughter Emerit will never feel the pain that he has caused me. I will take her and raise her as my own, on that I vow my life. No one will ever know. She will be raised as a Princess and my favored child, for she is yours, the only part of you I will ever have now.


Third Letter:

My Treasure, Emerit,

You are not my child by birth, but by heart, and that means more than you could ever know. I hope you never read this letter, for it means something terrible has happened and I am no longer with you. You are every inch your mother. Beauty, flaming brilliance, intelligence, fire and spirit. You have the same fight in you I so loved in her, the strength of spirit lacking in my own children. I love you, my Emerit and I leave it to you whether you share this letter or not, but I hope you know you will always be my child of my heart.

Your Father.

Emerit's gaze will drop from Draventa's face to the letters, her eyes widening even more, when she sees the blood stains on them. Words failing her she will just nod, as she reaches for the letters. Skimming through the first, her forehead will wrinkle, not really comprehending at first its meaning. The letter is put aside, as she takes the next, taking more time to read through it. Her fingers begin to tremble, and the skin of her face looks almost white, as she looks up, her gaze locking briefly with that of her sister, astonished, devastated. The letter dropped, as she reaches for the third, nervously nibbling on her lower lip as her moss green eyes move to study it, moisture gathering in them as she continues to read, and when she is done, leaving a wet trace on her cheeks as she sits there, the letter the father had written to her pressed against her chest, her eyes closed; and a violent sob leaving the depths of her lungs.

Draventa's head is pounding and the room is spinning slightly, but her heart goes out to Emerit. She was always so anger, because she knew father loved the red head more, better than his other children. And it hurt, but she never wished this. "I…I have not told Mantilo, but I fear mother will tell." Everyone. Her mother has been hurt by Radino too much for her to not wish some kind of revenge. The princess's one hand still holds her side, but she'll reach for Emerit's hand. If Emerit allows, Drav will give her a very soft gentle squeeze, probably all Drav can muster for the moment. "I…I will support you on what you wish to do, but I fear if others find out…" It could mean the end of the Moniwid reign. Kilgours are not known for dealing with lies, even unintentional ones, well.

Emerit's eyes will open when she hears Draventa's voice, and look over to her. "Mantilo… doesn't know?" She shakes her head, her voice but a breathless whisper. "I am ruined, destroyed. But… this is not so much your problem, is it. It is just me, as I am losing everything… my status, my office, but more importantly… where am I to go, Draventa?" Red eyes raised to meet her foster sister's gaze, the lower lip bitten to force down her despair. Her hand not withdrawing from Draventa's squeeze, as another series of sobs leaves her.

"Stop it." It's not meant meanly, she just doesn't know how long she'll stay conscious and this needs to be agreed upon. Drav's voice is barely above a whisper, "If no one knows, then nothing changes. Perhaps…I can send a letter to mother…" Drav's not even sure she could write currently. He hand tightens hesitantly, "And if it is found out, you go back to Mantilo. He will not abandon you." Draventa's swaying slightly, "It will depend on if the Kilgours feel it is an insult that you did the negotiations for Logen and I….I think….if we can do it without raising suspicion, you need to not have the ambassador position. Just in case. It will be less they can use against us…." Drav frowns, not realizing that she's swaying, not the room. She feels like she's on a boat. "If…if it turns out…badly…we go home. M-Mantilo will not turn you away." Mother might, but Mantilo can fight with her about that.

Emerit will try to calm down, especially since she notices Draventa is not feeling well, for apparent reasons. "She hates me," she says, referring to the Dowager Duchess. "I was going to give it up anyway, remember?" This said in regards to her position as Ambassador. Then shaking her head, fiery locks boucing about her. "I… would not think the Kilgours would mind that much, if they would learn about it. I was acting on the office your brother bestowed upon me. No, I can't imagine, your marriage is in danger, Draventa." Her voice sounding a bit more confident now. "Yes… maybe you are right. Maybe… I'm safest with Mantilo,…" Her gaze grows thoughtful when Emerit considers that possibility. "I even said I would leave for Rustles Isle." Fingers entwine in her lap as the Mist of the Island turns her moss green gaze towards Draventa, offering a faint smile.

Draventa nods, but it's a slow, underwater looking nod. She can't blame her mother for hating Emerit. She'll blink, she had a thought, but it keeps slipping away. "I….I think …you should be the one to tell Mantilo…" He may take it best from her. She'll shutter, her eyes leaving Emerit a moment focusing on something on the floor. It's like she's seeing something, but if Emerit looks, there's nothing there. Her pale eyes stay focused, "I…I fear this is going to end poorly…" She even swallows, that fear creeping back into her voice on whatever she thinks she's seeing. Drav's own hand now free goes back to her own lap. Her head raises slightly and there's pain lines around her eyes, "If…if it helps…Mother said I should show you, so you could be prepared." it's not complete sympathy, but more than she thought her mother would have been capable with, for Emerit anyway.

Emerit will tilt her head, considering Draventa's words, before she nods, her hands moving to wipe the tears from her cheeks. Glancing towards the former Moniwid, she will frown. "You are not feeling well, sister! Let me get Alice for you. You need to rest. And… do not worry about me. I'll be fine… And you as well. No need to worry about this. I'll take those, if you don't have any objections." She reaches for the letters. "I'll show them to Mantilo. But then I'll burn them. They are after all the only evidence…?"

Draventa blinks, almost looking surprised, "I…they said it was a sword….I don't really remember…" Drav has no use for the letters, the damage has already been done to her. Father truely preferred a child that wasn't his to his own. He thought they were without …spark. Funny how parents can cause damage, even from the grave. "I assume so….But mother has read them. Be aware."

"Hush now," Emerit will murmur, supporting Draventa with her arms. "You need to rest. You have already exerted yourself with coming here." Her hand moving to stroke the Kilgour princess's hair - not where the bandage is. "I have known your mother all of my life. I have never been careless when she was around. But thanks for warning me." A smile is offered, yet some of the magic in those moss green eyes seems to be gone, when Emerit looks at the woman she has grown up with. Leaving her for a moment in the chair, Emerit will rise and open the door, to call for Alice and Yulanda. "You may want to return to your new quarters… Or would you prefer to stay here for a moment? You can rest a bit on my bed,… if that is agreeable to you.", the fiery haired maiden will offer, with a thoughtful smile.

Draventa's unsure of this new…dynamic between the two of them. Part of her is relieved, always being resentful of someone is tiring, but the other part of her feels like she should still be mad? It's all very confusing and Draventa can't seem to focus. There's very little of Drav's head that isn't wrapped, but the back is strokeable. Drav just watches, eyes getting cloudy as her former half sister stands up and goes to the door. She can't even argue that she'll be ok. Alice comes rushing in, "Oh…princess! Please let me take you back to your bed! I'm gonna get lashed as is if anyone realizes!" Draventa struggles to stand with Alice's help, "I should go. Logen isn't…I don't know how he'll …react if I'm not there." He may be overjoyed, for all the princess knows.

"Very well then. Let me accompany you, though, to see you safely to your room," Emerit will reply, moving to support Draventa on her other side. A nod is given to Yulanda who will follow and assist with opening doors and closing them, while the Mist of the Island and Alice will help Logen's wife back to her quarters, where she will be put to rest in her bed.

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