Thedor 28, 229: Shared Frustration

Shared Frustration
Summary: Log Summary
OOC Date: 28/1/2014 (OOC)
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Caedmon Nylie 
Private Residence - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartment is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft pale blue. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. By the door hooks have been placed to hold the owners cloaks, scarves and even a cane. In this room you see a long bench near the fire that is of walnut and the back of the bench has been carved to show an ocean scene with a ship sailing. The bench also has comfortable cushions that covered in a woven fabric with the following colors: white, light blue, dark blue. Wall sconces of silver hang on the wall to provide illumination for the room. Opposite of the bench there is a large stone fireplace that is flanked by two comfortable tall wooden chairs. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Above the fireplace, hangs a wood carving of a ship at sea. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a ships sailing on rough waters. On the mantel is a model of a wooden sailing ship that look like exact replicas and silver candelabras holding bees wax candles, last but not least there is a large conch shell.
Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom.
On the opposite side of the room across from the windows is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers.
Along the wall there are two doors leading to other rooms. The doors are spread apart and between them is a wooden bookcase. In the book case there are rare scrolls and books on various subjects.
It is day 28 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

Now that the sun has set, an abundance of beeswax candles burn brightly in wall-mounted holders at intervals around the room. Caedmon is sitting in one of the chairs before the hearth, with a portable writing desk in his lap. Between his fingers, he pinches a charcoal artist's pencil. Beside him is a small table bearing a clay cup.

A knock comes to the residential door, a warning before there is an unexpected visitor opening the door to peek about, seeking…ah…ha! Nylie's smokey eyes landing upon Caedmon in his moments of sketching. "Caedmon, brother…do you have some time, or am I interupting?" Stepping some into the room, though she hangs in that balance, should he shoo her along in a quest for a more peaceful night. Her guard simply confirming that her brother is indeed present before he and the maid both seek to settle to the hall.

When the knock comes, Caedmon shifts his eyes from the paper to the door. He nods to Nylie's guard, who is familiar to him, and sets the desk on the floor beside his chair. He stands and turns to find his sister standing there. A warm smile spreads over his face. "I might turn others away at this hour, but for you, my sweet sister, I certainly have time. I have dismissed the servants, but I have no qualms about serving tea if you should desire it." He gestures toward the other chairs and the couch before the hearth. "Come and sit by the fire if you wish."

When he is not to send her back out, Nylie moves easily to where he stands to give a hug. "I am fine without tea, brother. It is time and aid to unravel the troubled thoughts of my mind," there is a mild pause, a hint of a frown," or perhaps my heart. I am not certain in truth, brother. These thing are confusing to me, and for all we have talked, seem to lessen none. " Drifting to take a seat upon the couch as she tries to explain,"It seems the longer I am here, there is more interest to find some way to make some move within the Court with me. Even Count Aldren takes to considering such a thing, he so much as offered to see me arranged. Like he has such a right to even make the offer!"

Caedmon hugs his sister, and because he has seen the emotion in her gray eyes, he continues the hug until she is ready to retreat from it. When she begins to lament her situation and internal confusion, he frowns. "What am I to do?" he queries. "If we had any other name, I would be the head of our house. Those with aspirations to power probably would have no use for me, or for you. The gods have decreed that we must be Kilgours, prisoners of the king's house and rule even more than most are." He sighs. He settles again in the chair, but leaves the portable desk on the floor. He reaches for the cup of tea on the table and takes a small sip. "Even so, I might have some small influence with the king. Tell me of your struggles, my sister."

The hug is kept to for a time, it is a rare comfort that she cannot seek from any other. Nylie sighs with a shake of her head,"I do not know, brother. I do not even know what I should do…..I feel as if I am suddenly a young Lady just come of age to be debuted at Court. And yet, we both know I am not. The Gods have made us as you speak, we are Kilgours, and we each have born the duties that we must for it. " There is a flicker of a smile,"My struggles, brother, is that I have such attention that even the most vain of Princesses would be pleased. And I know not what to do, I know not Callem's mind on this, I have not had chance to raise the matter with him. In the past, you know well how he has refused any hint of interest in me, a match. But then in times before, he has also ensured I was never around long to draw interest. That as we know has changed, does that mean his mind may be changing on this as well?"

Nylie sighs softly,"There is Count Aldren as I have spoken, even if Wenna will cease to meddle…He seems to have plans of his own, even if he railed, quite vocally about her meddling. I would have thought he not one I would need worry about, even if his offer seemed mor ein kindness." He had achieved something surely with his sister's marriage to her own brother. "And there is James," brother to Issac and all that," he has come to join the Aberdeen delegation….when I was there I thought he was just being…kind," yes, let's call it that," but now. I am not certain. "And there are the gifts from Duke Aidan. Then there was Baron Wuould, asking for aid to find him a match, and in the next breathe asking why I am not married, and I swear he was eyeing my hips to see if they were suitable for bearing child!"

Caedmon bites his bottom lip and his complexion grows visibly red while Nylie enumerates her list of hopeful suitors. He shakes his head. "They are like starving cats following a poulterer." he growls. "I would tell them to look elsewhere, but I have no power in the matter. For that, you must speak to our /dear/ royal cousin. He holds the only power in this accursed family," he sneers.

Those just being the ones she is aware of even. "Nor I have any power in it," Nylie blinking a little to see Caedmon grow so red, and the growl. He was not exactly a Kilgour known for his temper…not like their cousins. "And by the Gods, Caedmon, you know I dress as simply as I can get away with," her outfits rarely had much of the way in extra adornments, flare or flash. "That I do not prance about and bat my eyelashes like some of the younger Ladies do, seeking and wanting attention. I see the politics that can be sought, gained. But it just…confusing. The one Laniveer, that Sir Bowden even made comments, and the looks." She still seems not entirely certain if she should have been flattered or insulted. "I know, brother, that I need to speak to him, that it is his decision in the end, as it has always been." What chance is there that his mind will change now? "What if he has come to change his mind? I do not think he would wish me unhappiness…You speak of influence upon him, and I am not without my own…But to what end? I know you will say to go with my heart, what will make me happy. But I don't even known my own heart, I'm afraid to consider it, especially now…"

Caedmon picks up the cup again. His face loses some, but not all, of its color. He takes a slow breath, and then drinks more of the tea. "I would urge you too follow your heart in this, but duty to the crown holds a high place in your heart. Unless you intend to defy that duty, you should seek the king and his counsel. You should ask him to intervene on your behalf. He could make clear to the court that anyone wishing to court you must speak to him. While they are doing so, you could use that time to consider what course you would prefer, and then attempt to convince him that it is the better one for you."

Nylie nods slowly,"My duty to the crown has consumed the days of my life, and I cannot dream to defy the crown now. I will seek him, and discover where is his mind rests in this. Though I know for as much as it weighs upon mine, it cannot be a thing of great importance for the Kingdom." Surely marrying off the actual royal kidlets was more important. She studies her brother a little as he slowly regains some of himself again. "I am afraid to say, there are moments, where I think it would be easier if he had sent me along again. Though, it is perhaps a small price to pay to actually have time and oppurtunity to spend with you. I imagine though you had never thought you would have to deal with your sister so frustrated and overwhelmed with countless admirers."

"Nylie, you are innocent in all of this … foolishness," Caedmon objects, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture. "As for frustration, you are not alone, although mine is the frustration of a brother who would protect his sister from abuse and unhappiness." He shakes his head again. "You deserve better, but I am powerless to see that you receive it. Instead, I must stand idly, and wait for his majesty to condemn you with his royal decree."

"Caedmon, I would wish neither of us were so frustrated, though I cannot deny, that I appreciate a great deal that you are frustrated in this. And it makes me feel better to know you would protect me so. " Nylie's head cants slightly as a brief study is made of her brother before she inquires,"Do you think so little of Callem these days to think that he would truly condemn me to a marraige that would see me abused and unhappy?" A hint of a smile makes an attempt to exist,"You are not entirely idle, you spare the time to listen to me go on like some foolish girl. And do not mind when your sister hugs you for far to long."

Caedmon lifts the cup once more and drains the last of the tea. He sets the cup on the table, but his hand toys with it for a moment. "I welcome your visits, and your hugs even more. We were apart for far too long," he answers. "As for Callem," he shrugs. "I do not know what to think. Look how his own children fare. He gave Caillin to the Ruxtons to buy their loyalty. Logen's wife is hardly cold in the ground, and our dear cousin is arranging to sell him to the Moniwid for loyalty, ships, silks, and chests of pearls." He snorts. "Do you think that you will fare better than they?"

"We were….we always were. The last…longer than most before." Nylie sighs a little bit, Callem's children. Now there is a topic of it's own right. "Aye, but from what I have seen, Caillin was not exactly distressed by her match, nor abused. Of Logen," Nylie just shakes her head," Even if I was not here for it, I know how there was not exactly great sarrow for the passing of his wife with the scandel that surrounded the match, as cruel as that is. Though I cannot say I do not wonder at the quickness to rematching him, though can you lay that all upon Callem's shoulders?" It was more the Queen's doing after all. Nylie slips to her feet,"But aye, I do think I would fare better then they, brother. I am as dear to Callem as I am to you. Unlike some of his children, he has faith and trust in me. And surely you can see that he has found my worth to be far more than a simple binding of politics, else I would have been married off long ago. If it eases your mind any, I cannot see that he would see me sold to another Kingdom, he would lose to much." That or gain a great deal, depending. Drifting to lean and place a sisterly kiss to Caedmon's forhead befor hugging him where he sits. "But I should go, the hour grows late, and we both could likely use some sleep before the morning light comes. I will speak with Callem and tell you what he says. Though I warn, before then, I may end up here again, if only to escape for a few moments in a hug."

Caedmon listens quietly while Nylie mentions that Caillin seemed happy to wed, and that few, if any, mourned Caitlyn's passing. When she confidently asserts that she would fare better than the children because Callem cares more for her, he nods briefly. When she stands abruptly, and hugs him before he, too, can stand, he places a hand at her back and presses gently. "Do speak to him about your concerns, dear sister. If he hears you and gives you more favor than he has given to his own offspring, then I shall rejoice." He stands when she straightens from offering the kiss, and then he walks with her to the door. "Considering the flurry that you have seen recently, I am sure that you are right. Both of us need sleep. Rest well, sweet sister."

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