Inouv 16, 228: Shady Shadows

Shady shadows
Summary: Aldren orders the arrest of a man. Luna disagrees
OOC Date: 5/12/2013
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Your footsteps are muffled by the thick, dark blue carpeting of the library. This room has been furnished to encourage the pursuit of scholarship and learning: Several large, comfortably cushioned mahogany chairs invite you to sit and read for hours. A few tables and desks of the same deep red wood are provided for more serious studies. The room is well lit with chandeliers.

Heavy doors to the north lead out to the hallway, and cut off any sound from that direction. To the east, ornate windows let in the indirect sunlight, and a door leads into the royal gardens. An alcove contains a message area, and an archway leads into the Library Collections proper. Stairs lead up to the second level of the library.

16th day of Inouv, 228

Up on the second level the library is quiet. Well, the bottom is too, but the upper area is empty as well. Betweeen one of the back shelves and the stone wall, Count Aldren leans, reading a book. There is a nearby window casting some small shafts of light but other than that it is dim. Feignt shadows dance across the floor as nearby wall sconces flicker. Aldren is dressed in all hunter green, tunic to trousers, save the dark red boots. His pipe hangs from his mouth as he flips a page. The cover reads. "A natives harvest" and is bound in leather.

A small burst of white and gold appears as a tall priestess slowly makes her way up the stairs to the second level. Although her steps are silent, her pristine robe catches on a splintered piece of wood, causing a loud tearing sound to rend through the air. A slim text is tucked into the crook of her arm beside a scroll. Neither the cover of the former, nor the label on the latter are readily visible. Her curly raven hair has been bound in a bun, but several tight curls escape when her head whips around to glare at the offending object, then at the rip on her sleeve.

In the gloom, the pale shadow may be found camoflagued by the shelves heavily weighted by the accumulated text of years and the pale haired girl is at home, breathing in the must riddled air like ambrosia. Her gaze darts from the brow creased study upon the rent cloth, often her own robes torn. The book she had lifted to hide vivid eyes lowers, taking a single step to glance out at the world past the faded binds of the assorted books.

Dandy was following a young lady back from the tavern and it was cat and mouse, only the cat lost the mouse as he got lost in the tunnel of passageways and heard a door close and so after rounding a corner he entered a door he thought might be the one the lass he was chasing went into. Only to find himself in the liabrary, "hmmm I don't think she went in here. " as he slowly examines the vast array of knowledge and so looks at the various titles to see if any are on ships and navagation.

Aldren is still in the back on the upper level. Hidden from sight unless you were in the last aisle, between the stone wall and the end shelf. When the tear sounds through the room he jumps a little. A slight look around before he goes back to reading. the light is fading now and he slowly creeps closer to a sconce. Sub-conciously moving closer to the light.

Now Aldren gets one of those feelings. He looks about curiously and closes his book. He begins to move down one of the aisles to look about over the railing down to the first floor. White gold seems to clind him and immediatly catch his attention as he sees Luna ascending the stairs. He stares at her now. A look of confusion on his face as he bites his lower lip. A look back, Damn! Only one sttair way and his back to the wall. He shakes his head and goes for it. Beginning a regal like walk he holds his head high and approaches the Priestess. A nod of the head and he says, "Priestess Luna. How was your trip? Have you preached her in the city since you have left?" He forms a grin after his little jape and awaits her answer.

Once Luna disentagles the ripped cloth from the pesky railing, her vivid green eyes shift to Aldren. All annoyance instantly fades, replaced by a mixture of amusement and intense assessment. She presses her palms together in the traditional clerical greeting and smirks. "The trip went precisely as it was meant to go, Your Excellency. A spark of Light has seeded there and shall grow with proper nourishment."

The strong gaze shifts down the man, then back up again. "You have had ample time to consider what I posed to you before I left, my lord. What have you discovered and what shall you do about it?

Faerinia watches the interaction with a hard stare, the gloom not hindering her view of the entire affair. Watching. At speak of light, her quiet intake of breath can be heard throughout the room. It seems her faltering conscience has come to haunt her.

Dandy curses as the lighting isn't as keen as he'd hoped as he smacks his foot into something, and not knowing there are others at that time "who in the mermaids fin would leave something like that on the floor. " as he leans against a shelf to rub his foot. "barnicals. " as his ears catch something from above and his scouting on books is replaced with curiousity of what might be going on up stairs.

Aldren listens along to Luna and when she is done he says, "Good, I am glad to hear it, I wo-" then he hears a strange noise and, all of a sudden he sees the sailor. "Excuse me." he says. Rusing down the stairs in a quiet fashion he approaches the man. "You, where did you come from?" He looks about, no one has noticed. Save Luna he is sure. Now he examines the area and adds, "Do you know where you are?"

Luna's expectant expression shifts to curiosity when the man rushes off down the stairs. Turning, her smirk deepens and she watches the interaction from her lofty perch. "I imagine he has deduced he is in a library, Your Excellency," she notes cheekily before giving the sailor a wink.

Leaning out from the fortress of the shelved books, the dark red gleam that are the noble girls eyes glitter in the gloom, expression deliberately ironed of any telling expression, leaving only a mild, statuesque impression for the onlooker. Faerinia is quiet, if not noiseless.

Dandy looks over at the man who comes bearing questions. Grinning at the quip by the priestess. "Well there you go. The liabrary. As for where I came from why my mother or so I was told but if you wish a more local explianation, We'll start wtih the hall way, then there was a few gates and then a snow covered street and lastly our starting point the bards tavern. As for why .. well its simple I met this lovely lass at the tavern she and I came here, were we played a rousing game of cat and mouse yet sadly the mouse got away and I thought she came in here only to find this liabrary and then I banged my foot and now I've you questioning me. " he glances up at the priestess and nods to her having missed the wink.

The Count looks him up and down incredulously. "You think it prudent to tell japes now? Your mother you say? You come from your mother? Well, where do you think it will be that you end up?" Aldren now stands tall and looks him dead in the eyes, quietly he says, "You may simply tell the truth. Or we can go to the royal magistrate. You can explain to him why you are here, univited…And dressed like that." He adds at the end, scowling now.

The priestess remains still, except for her smirk slowly deepening. Those green eyes twinkle with mirth as she watches the scene unfold. If the sailor makes eye contact, she will again wink.

"My lord. He must be resourceful to have run past the guards…unless you are staff? I do not reside in the castle myself, personally." Faerinias intrusion is subtly performed. One moment she has never been present, the next she always was there, for a few weak rays of light filtering in through the affixed candled brackets. Bending at the waist for all, though her stare fixes on the priestess, her opposite in colour. Green on red, as sported by the Count this day.

Dandy had been watching the priestess and shakes his head at the wink and just as he was about to reply to the man the woman he's seen once before arrives. "tell japes ?" as he looks to the man. " I've told no lies I lost the girl somewhere in the halls, she led us past comming in the servants entracnce for abit of fun. If I could I'd go find her and take up that fun. Though as for my mannor of dress. Why Im sorry but not much use for fancy clothing on board a ship, as it makes it hard to move around and if you fell overbard all that extra clothing just weighs you down. As for the uninvited part aye, that I be, as it be purely chance I arrive her whilest looking for me lass. " and for no matter how upset the noble seems, Dandy seems to be just as equally cheerful. He looks to Faefinia an bows. "lady, tis nice to see you once more. Though sadly under such poor circumstances as this. " he turns to Aldern and smiles " I ment thee no offencse great one, just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time. "

Aldren casts a quick glance to the little Albino girl as she appears. He hears the man out now and when he is done the Count is still scowling. "Yes, japes. As if you were lost at sea so long you thought it wise to remind me of where children come from. Do you think your self aboard a ship?" He shakes his head. "And if you expect me to believe you walked right in through some servants quarters, well. I do not believe that in the least. Now…" He pauses, "if, you were to arrive by some lesser known way than is usual, now would be time to share. Otherwise, we will have to discuss it with the magistrate. I am sure there are some guards who have answering for as well." He crosses his arms now and stares at the man, awaiting an answer.

Faerinia spares a smile for Aldren despite herself, lips twitching as the conversation reaches an impasse. That she appears composed and settled by his reference to her is a passable act, faint crease between her brows capable of being written off as mere lines brought on by ill temper.

Dandy looks flabberghasted as he looks at aldren and then the woman. "Why I be as daft as a mermaid out of water iff'n you think nobody has the common sense to tell truth by you. Just cause I can charm most … " as he pauses to look at Faerinia and then back to Aldren " ladies you think I'd be able to finegal my way past the guard without aid. or direct knowledge. As this be the first time I've been in this blasted place I'd not gotten five feet without getting lost, it only so happens I lost the lady I was with some where around here, she claimed her quarters were close. " Dandy doesn't say anymore as nothing he can say will convince the man short of a miricle.

"Your Excellency," Luna interjects smoothly. She blinks and gives a tiny start when Faerinia seems to simply appear. A small nod is offered the odd-looking girl, with a brief assessing gaze following. After a moment, she turns her head back toward the menfolk. Descending the stairs as she speaks, the priestess suggests, "Do you not see what has occurred here? A priestess of Umbra arrives and, on her heels, is a man of Shadow. What does that tell you, who have earned Her favor?" She reaches out a hand to lightly give the commoner a reassuring pat on the forearm. "You are far too bright to…" Something along the wall catches her attention and her breath hitches. A few heartbeats later, she continues as though nothing had occurred. "Far too bright to miss the obvious connection."

"Well, I will personally see that the guards are flogged. No noble girl would bring you in here alone and any servant girl should surely know better." Listening to Luna he looks at her as curiously as one could. "It tells me that you should have an escort as well, to watch your heals and guard the castle." He goes to grab hold of the mans arm and shouts. Then he motions to the Kincaid girl to get lost. He notices the Priestesses look to the wall but if he has gained the mans arm he holds it taught.

Dandy isn't one for being grabed unless the grabber is a woman and so slips out of the noblemans hold if for a brief moment to take up the priestess's hands and kiss them. Giving her a wink.. " Of course she didn't wish a guard to follow her if she knew she was breaking rules, Who'd be daft to do such a thing, and she'd be fine right now if I hadn't lost her. " he sighs, "Me only fault is bumping into the room where I get no sympatheic ear for me plight." as he looks to Faerinia and luna, giving each lady a slow wink before moving to the door. "now which way be a-leading to a window that has some water below it, as I be no trusting this fella on making sure I get outside this place in one peice."

On cue, the Kincaid spectre is vanished, melted into the stonework of the castle by all appearances, like the shadows she palely stands out in. Her last recorded expression a fleeting look of irritance, perhaps. It is difficult to discern in the blurry aftermath when the pulse gets pounding. The Count may feel a light touch brush his shoulder. That a heavy, drear book on agriculture goes flying moments later must be coincidence.

The smile on Luna's face freezes momentarily when Aldren gives his opinion regarding her need for a guard. "If it has come to the point that a priestess requires an armed guard for her basic safety in the royal palace, then you have far larger problems than a libidinous drunkard who lost his way." With that backward compliment, she looks to Dandy and chuckles throatily at his kiss upon her hands. Shaking her head, she notes, "Your Excellency, perhaps you are correct." That green gaze returns to Dandy. "Goodman, would you be my honored escort to the Temple of the Light? It is high time I returned to my duties."

Dandy finding no valid way out without getting lost and in more trouble the offer made by priestess is better than spending a day or two in a cell just for getting lost on a roust with a lovely lass who works in the castle. " My dear priestess I'd be delighted to escort you back to your temple, as It seems I've a bit of praying to do as well. " and for him its no slight or jest as he intends to do some heavey praying if he manages to make it out in once peice at the temple.

The man slips his grip and when he does Aldren goes to give chase. He does not listen to the priestess, nor does he notice the kincaid and her actions. Just then three guards bust through the door as Dandy makes way near it. "What is the meaning of this?!" One shouts. The Count points to the sailor. "Him! Grab him!" He is certainly not allowing the man to escort anyone anywhere. Especially as it was proposed as he allready attempted to evade him. If that were his true intention it would have been plainly stated from the beginning.

Luna straightens her spine and lifts her chin, easily looking one of the guards in the eye due to her considerable height. "The meaning is that this man, clearly of a mind muddled by spirits, has committed no crime and wishes to leave with me to the Temple. He wishes to pray and confess, but I clearly cannot take his confession." As only a priest may take a male's confession and a priestess, a female's. "The meaning of this is that you are now barring both my exit and his, when we are on a divine path to revere the Eight. Now, please let us pass."

Aldren steps forward now and says, "Nonsense. I insist this man be taken to the dungeon. His entry to the castle is a mystery. And his reasons must be discovered immediately. There are guards who will be punished /and/ anyone else who might have aided his access to our home. The priestess cannot wipe away drunkeness nor tresspassing. I will fetch the magistrate myself if need be."

The guards look confused, split. A deep frown enters the mans features as he decides what to do. He offers the sign of the light to Luna. "Priestess, I am sorry. I must do as ma' lord wishes." He turns now and looks to Dandy. "Come on. And I'll have no trouble." Aldren looks to the priestess. A defiant gleam in his eye.

"That I may confirm, having parleyed with him before once." In a few steps the Kincaid reappears, smoke coloured spectacles in place and Venya her handmaiden in tow, all respectably turned out. If not for the slight breathiness and sweat lining her forehead, she would be the picture of a noble girl, out about her day. Joining her voice to the considerably taller priestess. "He was past a reasonable stage and…" Her mouth twists as if with distaste. "Priestess Luna has a lost soul, that would be saved…Count, I defer to your wisdom if you insist on chaining him up."

Dandy looks to the Count and shakes his head. Then he glance over to the priestess and says, "My thanks but it seems my confessions will have to wait a day .. or two. " as this one sadly cant see the truth unless it were to bite in him the arse. " He then looks to the guards and smiles " aye lads lets be going. Dont wish to keep you from your dice for too long. " as he steps out past the trio and waits to see where they escort him.

The guard turns and binds the sailors arms behind his back. "Lets go." He pushes the man through the doorway where they will then take him to the dungeon. Aldren turns to the two women now. "I would not have my word questioned." He says dissapointed. "Lady Kincaid, Priestess Luna. I do not think either of you reside in the castle. for if you did you would know of stabbings and the like. I for one, will not turn the blind eye to uninvited guests." He turns back to the guard, "I will personally notify the prince and the magistrate. After you have locked him away retire for the evening. And thank you for your immediate response." He nods to them and looks back to the outspoken noble and priestess.

Luna turns her head to Aldren and lifts an eyebrow. Shaking her head slowly, she says quietly, "The arrow can be directed toward the recently disfavored as easily as away from the favored, Your Excellency." Raising her voice to a normal volume, she states, "You are keeping a lost soul, who has done no wrongdoing that you know of, from his desired redemption so that you may feel important. This insistence on venerating your own puffed-up pride and glory over any and all of the Eight shall be on your head." Suddenly, there is a touch of sorrow to her features, as though she just heard some sad news. "And your House's." Looking tot he guards, she finishes, "And, though it be less fault of your own, all of yours as well. I… I am so sorry for what shall be." A glance is sent toward the pale lady, then the commoner intruder, before she shakes her head and heads for the door. It is clear she is praying fervently, apparently for the welfare of Aldren's House. Almost pleading on their behalf, in fact.

The infamous pride of her lineage struggles to surface, halted by the mention of stabbings mid breath drawn to raise dispute and is rendered mute. Painfully. Their own far fiercer than hers, though mention of the Eight earns a frown. Rebellious words tremble on her tongue, if her look be any indication to interject. "The Eight…what did they do when I dreamed?" She says quietly, more to herself than the room. Reflective moment shortened. For Faerinia has work, ever is the healer busy. Turning to go, the Kincaid studies the priestess again, then the Count with a barely perceptible softening of her features.

Aldren looks at the priestess and scowls. "Do not think to threaten me. You speak of pride? My sisters live here!" He is overly loud now. "And do not speak to me of arrows. You should be back to the temple. The hour grows late. Can I arrange an escort for you and Lady Faerinia." His voice is stern now.

"Arrows and stones. Will break my bones." Faerinia quips and instantly will like, continue to regret it for a long time with Aldren looking thunderous as he does.

"They gave you your dreams, child. Their gifts can be painful to the unprepared." Luna flicks a glance toward Aldren. "And the undeserving." Lookig back to the girl, she adds, "I know all to well. Perhaps we may discuss it another time without such…" Another glance to the count. "Loud interruptions." Looking fully to him now, her gaze hard, she sympathetically says, "No, thank you, Your Excellency. I assure you I am far more likely to come to harm with any in your family or employ by my side right now than alone." Which is saying much, considering the recent dangers. "It is not a threat. I pitied you and warned you. Something I should not have done, for it brings Their wrath upon me as well. As it was so ill-received, I shall avoid alerting you to such in the future and leave you and yours without notice." With a haughty lift of her chin, she turns and strides toward the doors to the hallway on long legs.

The Count looks to her for all herr ill words and curses and the own pride she seems to permeate. "Good. Save your stories for the children. And I will gladly have you keep away from me and my own." He turns to Faerina now and says, "And you? Would you be safer alone than in the company of me or one of my guards? If so, by all means. Tell me." He is becoming less unkind as he speaks to Faerinia and has turned his back on Luna.

Ronan enters into the Library just in time to hear some strange words from the Priestess, to Aldren. The tall Duke is accompanied by his squire, Kierne, who is his almost constant shadow.

Dressed in his state finery, the Rioga is wearing a heavy, ornate gold chain fashioned into rearing stallions set with rubies that drapes over his shoulders and down over the chest of his blue doublet. Ronan is also armed with sword and dagger. His eight pointed rawls of his spurs chime softly with his boot steps as he enters, dark eyes to take in the strange scene. Guards, tensions? His baritone speaks up. "What is going on in here?" It's not directed to anyone specific, as yet.

A lengthy pause, lips working to issue the noise to form her words when the Count decides to address her directly, pinned by the gaze of the goddess mortal. "No Count Aldren…insofar from the dangers we speak about. I would feel my life secure enough in your guardianship." Faint warmth and terror make unusual bedfellows to underline one's speech, Faerinia steadier on turning towards Luna, the imposing priestess. "We may. I spend hours in the temple infirmary…" Then Ronan enters, decked in his finery, robbing her sentence its structure.

Aldren nods to the girl and when he hears Ronan he nods to him as well. "Duke. A most interesting situation. Come closer I will explain." When the Duke is close he mutter to him.
Aldren mutters to Ronan, "… of it…"

He offers his arm to the little white girl now and says, "I was just going to escort Lady Faerinia and her guard. Join us. We will speak of it. She saw the whole thing as well. And, if I know her." He grins down at her and says, "she may have seen something I did not."

Kierne doesn't know Faerinia well for he has been sent away as squire since he was nearly 12 and now he's a young man of later teens. Tonight as he was accompanying Ronan on official diplomatic business, he is wearing Sutherland colors as the Rioga's squire, but yet bears a small badge for his own house of Kincaid. The young man offers his cousin a slight nod with a faint smile, saying nothing.

The Sutherland Rioga's dark eyes go from one person to the next, then back to Aldren, "Very well, Count Havarean. Lead on, if you will." Politely he inclines his head faintly to Faerinia, "Good evening, lady Kincaid." The Duke turns to stop blocking the doorway and will join the others elsewhere.

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