Alasair 20, 229 2E: Setting Birds Free

Setting Birds Free
Summary: The Queen of Laniveer discusses Logen's release and Peace
OOC Date: 06/Sept/2014 (OOC)
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Great Hall - Castle Meade
Great Hall and Ballroom of Castle Meade is an immense room, easily capable of holding the entire population of the Castle and then some. A processional aisle, covered in a rich gold carpet, leads to the dais which is the focus of the hall. Gold and white marble extends in patterned rays from the raised dais of the high table, stretching to stone walls curtained in blue velvet to dampen sound. Tables line either side of the processional, all covered in white linens and set with candelabras. Fresh cut flowers from the gardens adorn small tables around the edges of the hall, lending their light fragrance to the ambiance of the room.
The wide arch to the south leads out to the residence hall. The dais is raised three short steps above the main level of the hall. A servant door sits unobtrusively along the north wall, leading to the kitchen.
Huge pillars of golden marble ring the room, silent guardians of the ballroom. Golden light spills over the pillars and onto the floor, shed by the huge chandelier which is suspended from the high ceiling. The floor is cool, pale golden marble made for dancing. On the balcony above, huge lion statues watch over the room below. Gold drapery hangs above the wall of glass that forms the northern edge of the Great Hall. Looking out, the ballroom is set flush with the sea, the glass wall giving an unparalleled view of the landscape across the sea.
Alasair 20, 229 2E

It is a smaller court that has sit down for dinner these days since the 'haunting'. For her part and to her credit, Queen Ophelie has made it a point to be present for every dinner since then. Whether out of curiosity of the event or to just show the people she is not afraid. One of her elder daughters sits with her at the high table while, while the King and Prince seem to be absent tonight. The queen is in quiet discussion with her daughter between bites of food.

Having been invited to to court after being met at the city gates, Lord Hadrian makes his way with the gaurds taking him. To his surprise, he's taken not only into the castle but into the room with he Queen of Laniveer herself. If he had bad intentions, this could have become an assassination mission. Luckily, he's trying not to shed any blood. He looks around a moment as he walks before turning his gaze upon the Queen. A slow bow is given to show his respect. "Your Majesty…." This is all he says for the moment, waiting to be seen and called upon before he rises.

Ophelie does notice the arrival of the guards as well do her personal guards and they move closer to the Queen. The queen goes through the motions of dabbing at her lips with a napkin before nodding to the guards to allow their guest to come closer. "We have been expecting you Lord Hadrian." Ophelie says smoothly to the young man. An older woman she may be but she has taken great pains with her appearance and presence, looking perhaps a decade younger than her years. "It is good that you show more respect than your King."

He was not all surprised that she would know of him, "Thank you for seeing me. I am a man of honor and respect. I come baring no ill wishes upon you and yours. I have come on a mission of peace. I am honor to be before you your Majesty. As you know, I have come for Prince Logen and wish no fight or armed conflict in this manner." He says and returns to a full stand. His eyes look over towards her as he continues, "Our two sides have been at war for a long time but I have had a change of heart about this conflict. After the event that happened and the evil that has come to our lands, it has come to my knowledge that man should no longer fight man. There is a greater threat out there. I am sure your priest are busy helping to sooth the population as ours have been. I do hope that one day there can be peace between our lands."

Ophelie watches the man for a moment before raising her hand slightly, giving a little motion to her guards and they step back to their places. The queen listens quietly to the man as he speaks and finally smiles a touch as he finishes. "No fight need be had. I promised to return him once he was well enough to travel and such has only just occured. It is good to see an escourt has arrived to see him safely home. Of course there must be some recompence for the care we have provided him though." She says oh so casually and politely. Oh a play on words it may be, 'recompence' instead of 'ransom', but that is her nature. "From conversations I have had with your countrymen it is clear we have been blamed for attacks that were not born of us and so this war continues." She cants her head slightly, "We each must defend ourselves from the threat of the other when as you say, there are far stranger and more deadly enemies we now face."

Benedict is late for the meal it would seem though he enters and glances about the place to see if his charge is here though not seeing her he frowns but is not surprised. He spots the queen though she seesm to be busy and so he'll bow "Your Majesty." he greets but will not stay in the way but step off to the side unless brought back.

Hadrian nods his head, "I will pay what I can and any I do not have can be sent to your border to be handed over to one of your boarder guards to be brought to you. On my honor and my title, I sway by these words. I am sure that if it was possible for your king and my own to sit in a neautral location to discuss a peace treaty, then perhaps this moment between you and I can become the foundation by which such an event can happen. Hate tends to brew lies. Revenge blinds men. But there always has to be a step forward and courage to see it through if we are to come to terms for a start of peace. We both have a common enemy and it is not of flesh and blood." He says softly while looking upon her a moment. A glance is given to Benedict and offers an acknowledging nod to the mans presence before looking back to the Queen.

Logen arrives from the Grand Foyer.
Logen has arrived.

Ophelie is seated at the high table, dinner interupted by the arrival of the guest who stands before her table. Ophelie listens quietly to the words of the man and nods, "Such sounds equitable to me. I feel he will not thrive in my court. There is too much history between our countries to be forgiven overnight and he may continue to bear the brunt of such despite my best protections should he remain." Ophelie responds and glances over to Benedict, "The Princess has not made it to dinner yet, but you may take your spot if you wish." She says and motions to his seat at her table before looking back to Hadrian."Before peace terms can be discussed, your king must recognize us as rulers of our own lands as we have shown at least that much respect to him. We will go into such talks as recognized equals."

"I will let him know of your words as I return with Prince Logen. I hope that after this day, he will not fail to see reason as he does listen to me and knows me to be blunt on matters that I speak. Once I make my case on the matter, he will call the council to sesson to discuss things out. I will be there to help push the peace talks in hopes that we can come together in friendship….in time. We both can't avoid to fight two different enemies and hope to come out victorious." He says as he remains where he stands, listening and observing. A light smile forms on his lips as he adds, "I would rather fight back to back with a Laniveer soilder then be sandwiched in by some great evil to my left and a Laniveer warrior to my right." Hadrian says warmly.

Logen isn't entirely sure he's allowed back into the Great Hall after the previous lashing out. He's wearing a light grey tunic tucked into his leather pants which are rather loose as he's still attempting to gain the weight back from what he lost from when he was ill. He's on crutches and he's hobbling slowly since it's very clear that he's missing the bottom half of his left leg, a few inches under the knee. He appears to be well though there is a healing bruise from his temple down to his jaw. He stops at the door seeing Ophelie and then Benedict but the confusion on his face becomes more obvious when he stares at Hadrian.
You paged Benedict with 'still here?'

"Thank you m'lady. I'm not sure if she will join but at very least I will eat now and perhaps take some to her." Benedict He looks towards Hadrian and nods to him as well before he'll nod to the queen's words and will move to take his seat though he has time to look up and spots the enter from Logen and his face hardens from his friendly greeting to the Queen a moment ago, but he'll take a deep breath and remains seated and silent.

"Our people have fought together at Crosswynd to fight the giants that attacked them there. From reports we have read, it was not an easy victory but one only won in our unity however short it was. There is much enmity between us, but in times such as these we can surely turn our combined gaze upon our mutual enemy. It will not be an easy peace milord. Many of each our nations will not understand, many who have not witnessed what we have. Such will only have a chance when we can meet as equals. Please do press upon that." She turns to her guard, "Please invite the Prince in to dine with us for it seems it will be his farewell dinner." She comments before motioning to a seat at her table, about four seats removed from hers, "You must be hungry milord, please do join us."

Hadrian turns his gaze over to the Prince and sees his leg missing. He offers a bow, "Prince Logen, I am pleased to see you. I have come to retrieve you and return your home." He looks down to his leg and his anger rises at the sight of it but he was not going to jump to conclusions. "What happened to your leg." He then looks back towards the Queen a moment, "I thank you for your invitation and hospitality. I would be delighted to join." He says but moves over to Prince Logen, offering him assistance should he need it. "Do note Prince Logen, that House Kincaid serves your family well, well enough to come and get you themselves. I was speaking to the Queen about finding peace between our lands. I think it's got promise to it." He says softly.

Logen bows his head to Hadrian and grins to the man. He shakes his head and sighs. "The healers here did all they could to save my leg but it was either my leg or my life and they chose my life. The infection was killing me." He uses Hadrian's assistance to steady himself as he moves towards the table. "Thank you for coming. I too wish for peace. I would like to help. I believe if anyone within the walls of this castle is royal, myself included in that, it is Princess Karissa and Queen Ophelie. She has show such grace in her protection of me when she did not need too. She has been kind when she did not need too. I will help push for peace as well, even if I must do so from this table." He speaks quietly. He takes a seat but does not reach for the food as he's still rather sore from his tumble.

Benedict listens to the words being spoken about peace and about.. returning home? The Ambassador is quite interested in this point and will look up no longer angry but curious as to what exactly is going on. He does get delivered a drink and takes a sip before standing he'll move around the table back towards the group.

Ophelie inclines her head slightly to Logen's response to the question,"Yes he came to us quite injured from honest battle. He was found in such a bad state that we feared he would not make it. I fear it is not the only limb lost in this war. It seems even a prince is not immune to the common threat of the battlefield." Ophelie responds before inclining her head to Hadrian, "Your family seems quite dedicated to peace between us. The Lily and the Lion might make such a pact but I can hardly speak for the king or you your king. Let us enjoy a meal in peace just now." She smiles warmly towards Benedict, "As you see from our guests, we seek peace with all our neighbors."

Hadrian helps the Prince till he is seated then makes his way to his own seat, "I must say that I was most surprised by your kindness your Majesty. We were raised on horror stories and the like. I honestly came here expecting to find a corpse but I feel this is the road the Gods have set forth on us. An evil begins to plague our lands and they wish for us to unite, to better serve them. That is my wishful thinking anyway." He offers a soft smile to the Queen. "I am most thankful for your kindness in seeing to our Prince's health. I will be sure to inform our King of everything you have done. I will use it as foundation to towards peace. Now, what's on the menu. I must say I didn't eat much on the way here." He chuckles softly.

Logen nods to Ophelie. "Yes. Despite my hopes, I'm not immune to swords." He frowns slight and he bows his head. "I am sure such a great gesture of returning me alive and without forcing a ransom is a great step towards peace on our side and to my brother; however, how will that stand with your king." He leans forward. "I do not want to cause issues there. I am willing to stay to avoid strife." He puts his hands in his lap and appears actually worried for Ophelie. "Also I appreciate your tea and your kindness and would miss it greatly when I return."

"I had never doubted you, your majesty. You have been nothing but kind to me and my charges." Benedict says easily as its been quite true given their time here. "I know that my charges both want peace, and of course offer any help we may be to gaining such a thing."

Ophelie gives a laugh at Hadrian's first words, "Such I have heard before…many are surprised to see I am not some old hag with horns and a tail devouring small children for breakfast. Nor are you some dirt covered barbarian from the south." Oh she may not be as benevolent as she seems just now, but she is no demon either. Logen's comments about Eldwin cause her to laugh softly, "My dear boy, your are my guest, not his and your life is in my hands. Leave me to worry upon the mood of the king and be our ambassidor in Mobrin to speak well of your treatment here so that others may come to see us as you have. I have grown fond of you, but even a child must grow up and find his own place in the world." As to the matter of Ransom she glances to Hadrian, "Only a request for recompence was asked for to cover our care of you, it would not be seemly otherwise." A show of ransom for those that need it.

Hadrian nods his head softly to her words, "As I stated, just let me know an amount." Hadrian looks around the room a moment, looking at the decor and the like. He falls silent while pondering things before he turns back to them all, "As I have the King's ear, I wish I still had such with my own father. I'm afraid he'll be a tough one to see past the damage that has been done. He and I are not on the best of terms since he removed me as heir to Lakeshire and reduced me down to a lesser noble as well as stripping me of some titles I held in Lakeshire. The reason I mention this is due to the fact my father also has the King's ear and my try to counter the talks I place on the table." A look is given towards Logen, "And with the Prince words on the matter, we can only hope that things will grow between our people. I myself would enjoy being able to stroll through the country side with my wife and no worry about attacks."

Logen listens to Hadrian and his brow lifts slowly. "Hey, that sounds like what my brother wishes to do with me. Perhaps we will drink at an inn and lament when I return and he sees I am without use without a leg. I cannot be a warrior anymore and therefore I am rather useless to him." He chuckles without humor. He glances over to Ophelie. "May I write you? I would like to keep talks open between us at least. I miss … a strong woman to cuff me upside the head when I need it and you don't fear me and you do it." He grins. "I will push peace and I will visit and I will keep talks open as I must, keeping Lord Hadrian with me as much as I am allowed and able."

Ophelie shakes her head as he speaks once again of being useless, the proceeds to speak upon how useful he might be and gives a nod, "Not so useless then will you be?" She says with a faint hint of humour in her voice, "Of course you may right dear prince. I hope you may find a woman in Mobrin who may remind you that you are not as useless as you think yourself." Those words at least are sincere. It is clear there is some level of affection for the young man. The words of Hadrian are met with an amused smile, "I think it will not be so much a battle as you think on this matter." She says at first, "And should the Knight Kierne wish to return with you he may, but I think he has gotten quite lost in my library. The boy seems to have quite the thirst for knowledge." She cants her head to Benedict and nods, "We are honoured by the presence of your people and look forward to the fruitof her labors so that they may grace our walls."

Hadrian knew Keirne to be loyal to his father but was surprised to find he has visited here often. He offers a light smile and a nods, "While we talk about that, perhaps a notery of your Majesty so that the guards at the border allow us to pass freely and unharmed. I do not wish there to be an altercation and an accident due to a misunderstanding." He says to the Queen. He looks back to the Prince, "I do not see a useless young man. I see a wise Prince who understands peace can gain more then fighting. I respect that greatly. I am honored by your words to have me at your side and will gladly bring you to and from if you ask as long as my duties premit me. I still have business I have to tend to and this also is assuming the King does not forbid either of us travel. Also, I wish not to make it look as if we are traitors to our countrymen when we wish only to forge an alliance of peace and end the fighting."

Logen nods slowly. "I will wish to bring Sir Kierne home with us as he is more than likely made himself a nest in your library and he needs to see his family and his lover. She probably misses him greatly." He grins to the queen and bows his head to her then turns to Hadrian and lifts a brow. "I see a Prince with a nubbin." He points to his missing piece. "Prince Nubbin." He turns into the table. "Oh gods, don't make that my nickname…" He shakes his head and sighs. "We must make my brother see how well I've been treated. I might have easily be hung. Killed, tortured. All sorts of evils could have been done. Yet I was treated with respect, protected, medically treated. I could only have found equal care in the hands of family and that is showing respect. I believe it is time to open talks."

Ophelie nods to Hadrian's words and rises to her feet, "I will see to such myself. There are several rooms in the Mobrin suite upstairs, please stay the night at least so you are rested for your journey south. You will carry papers to will give you safe passage and the ransom request at the boarder so that your people will know you did your service to their kingdom in retrieving their prince and so will mine." She inclines her head and makes to depart to deal with these matters herself…and to speak to her husband no doubt.

Hadrian comes to a stand and offers a bow when the Queen goes to depart, holding it till she has left. He then looks over to the Prince, "I have to ask however, what caused the illness in your leg?" He wonders some while leaning over onto the table with his elbows as support. He watches the Prince, wishing to know the story of what happened to his leg.

Logen pushes himself up as well and bows his head. "I will come to say my good byes before I leave." He speaks softly. He sounds like he will miss the queen. He turns his eyes to Hadrian as he slowly sits down. "I got hacked in the leg, climbed onto my horse and then passed out from blood loss. I can only assume, as I woke up wrist purple from being wrapped in the reins being dragged being my horse that I fell from her and was being dragged so it could have been anything from dirt to feces to urine to other blood to rocks and put that all together with being weak from lack of blood and I could barely fight off the fever."

Hadrian nods his head to that, "And why were you in a battle? The King seems to beleive you were kiddnapped if I recall. Did you have a mission? Did you leave the castle to go fight? I only wish to understand the full intent of events that lead to your fighting." He states before he leans back some in his chair. He moves his hands to rest behind his head, merely watching the Prince and waits for what is to be said.

Logen sighs quietly. "The King put me out with a company of men to fight Laniveer forces and push into Laniveer territory. It was his command. He commanded I move toward Weston and the first night I moved in that direction I was ambushed by Laniveer soldiers and while my men attempted to fight them off… some of my men we not loyal to Mobrin and turned. I knew I was out numbered so I fought my way to a clear path but was injured on my escape and got onto my horse…you know from that point."

Hadrian nods a bit and found that to be odd. He ponders the Prince's words a moment. "I am thankful that you are alive and well but I am saddened at your leg. We have much work to do at home and I suspect it's not going to be easy. But I did speak to him and he is worried about you. But how did Keirne come to be in Laniveer?" He wonders as he was not told of his own knights to be here in Laniveer.

Logen frowns and lifts a brow. "He was the one that found me and brought me here." He sighs quietly. "This castle was closer than my own he was surrounded by Laniveer soldiers at the time so he was out of options. I will let him explain why he is here. Lord Aidan sent him. Again, I will allow him to explain." He frowns. "It's not what I thought it was so I want to assure you it's not what you might assume either."

Hadrian begins to wonder if his father had been plotting something. Hadrian will get down to the truth on that matter. The business with Keirne was Lakeshire business and one he will get to the bottom of, "We should get some rest, Prince Logen. It's a long way home. I will see a message is sent to Keirne as well to be ready to move out in the morning." He comes to a stand and then moves to the Prince's side. "But I will tell you something funny. The last council meeting, I told the king and all that I would come here to get you and I would not fail. The look on their faces when I said this was funny. Now when I return with you, I suspect their jaw will hit the floor." He says with an amused look.

Logen is helped up and grabs the crutches. He grins and nods to Hadrian. "Fathers have odd ways of protecting their children." He nods about the message to Kierne and attempts to get his balance while he watches the other youth. "You've fetched me twice, Sir Hadrian. I think I shall make you official…something… Can I even give a title? I forget what my punishment was? Am I still Duke of Darfield? Am I allowed to give land? This is all things I probably should have learned before but I was too busy attempting to bed all the women in Mobrin." He grumbles as he begins to hobble towards the exit.

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