Kratos as Sess
Full Name: Sess
Age: 2,354
Kingdom: None
House: None
Position: god of gods
Place of Birth: Mount Kilgash
Father: None
Mother: None
Siblings: {$siblings}
Spouse: {$spouse}
Children: {$children}

The God of Victory, is an exotic beauty, with fair skin, and red tattoo like markings, and eyes the color of flames. He is tall height and broad-shouldered, and sometimes seems very angry. He usually wears rich robes dyed dark brown.

He is also associated with oaths and lovers. He is often worshipped by city dwellers and nobles. His dedicated followers can be primarily distinguished by the symbols they wear. There are quite a few offerings to him in most villages. There are many myths involving his unlikely friendship with Alasair. He is known to help virtuous mortals.

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