Thedor 01, 229: Seeking Brotherly Advice

Seeking Brotherly Advice
Summary: Ruthgar seeks out his brother Robben to discuss his own recent decisions with him.
OOC Date: 01/01/2014 (OOC)
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Ruthgar Robben 
Weston Suite, Darfield Castle
The sitting room of the Weston Suite is a cozy room, with a general seating area centrally located. Several comfy chairs and a small sofa with a settee, in a simple tan colour have been placed around a black wood table. There is a fine carpet underfoot, its dark brown with black waving throughout a contrast to the light wooden floor. A couple side tables against the walls can be used for storing small items. Various vases with bright flowers can be found as often as they are in season. One corner of the room houses a full sized harp and various other musical instruments; the opposite corner has several shelves which house some books, but also writing, art and embroidery supplies. On the wall in place of prominence, the Ruxton coat of arms can easily be seen. Elsewhere, some tapestries of day-to-day life in Weston have been artfully placed. There are doors leading off to the private areas for the Duke and other family members.
1st day of Thedor, 229

It is the first day of the new year, and the Weston Suite already has its first visitor. Ruthgar sits in one of the seats in tunic and breeches of red and black, his usual attire, his mien is pensive as he lets his gaze wander over the room that had been his own home some time not too long ago. His face has changed somewhat since that time, there is a line between his brows, and he might appear a bit paler than before. Still, there is that hint of determination about the corner of his mouth. He has definitely grown since his marriage, but for the better or worse, who can tell?

Stepping into the sitting room of the suite from his room, Robben stretches a little as his gaze moves around the room now. Smiling briefly as he spots his brother, and starting to move over in that direction now. "Ruthgar. What brings you here?" he asks, with a smile.

When Robben enters, Ruthgar rises at once to greet his brother with a hug. "Brother. I… just wanted to drop by. We haven't spoken in ages. I hope, Aemy and the kids are well?", the younger Ruxton mutters, before he lets go of him again. There is a flicker in his pale grey eyes, hinting that there is something boiling beneath the composed facade. "I've already returned some days ago. Caillin is safely in Dellhaven, with little Bran. She…", he hesitates for a moment. "She needs a bit time for herself and the little one. And maybe… maybe I need a bit of time for myself too." He frowns at his own confession. "By the Light. How horrible that sounds. I am married but a few months, and already have a feeling as if it has already been many years…"

Hugging Ruthgar back, Robben nods a little. "It's been far too long," he agrees, before he adds, "Do you want something to drink?" Gesturing back towards the seats, before he adds, "And Aemy and the kids are well." A brief pause, before he adds, "Duke Kincaid is in town as well now. He's planning to come visit her, and get to meet the kids soon." Nodding a little as he hears Ruthgar's words about Caillin needing some time for herself. "Understandable that you both may need some of that time for yourselves." Nodding again at the last part, before he adds, "Much has happened in that short while, brother."

"Some wine, perhaps?", Ruthgar replies, lowering his gaze. The answer to his question has his brows hardly twitch. "Good.", he says. "And aye, I've heard he's here. To think that I've left Lakeshire two years ago… I've only fond memories of the place." Then he will just retake his seat, a mirthless smile appearing in response to the topic of Caillin. He shifts a little in his seat, until he glances at Robben again. "What's your opinion on our adoption, Robb? Some Royals think it wasn't a good idea." Getting to the point, rightaway. "You have been brought up to become a Duke one day. What do you think? Have I carried myself well? Made the right decisions, befitting a baron?" There is doubt showing in his pale grey eyes, and some frustration as well.

Robben looks thoughtful for a few moments as he hears the question, before he gestures to a servant to get hold of the wine. "I don't know," he finally replies, as he takes a seat as well. "It probably wasn't the best idea, at least politically speaking. But sometimes other considerations has to be taken as well, right?" A brief pause, before he adds, "How do *you* feel about it, Ruthgar?"

Ruthgar exhales when he hears Robben's reply, his pale grey gaze shifting from his brother towards the window. "I feel it was the only decision that makes sense. I don't understand, why by the Light, my wonderful in-laws should take offence. Caillin has been known to be charitable, she always was. That boy is but a foundling, he does not even carry our name. Still, had I not adopted Brandon, my wife would have faded… Famished as she would have refused to eat. Her wits… Ah…" He sighs, the worry now clearly visible in his mien. "Gone. So far that she might have killed herself. So all I did, was ensure her recovery. What - by the Light - can be wrong with that?" His soft voice has raised a little in volume, the anger boiling within him showing itself in a clenched fist.

"Brother, isn't one's family supposed to care for the well being of its daughter? Would Caillin's death have been preferable? As a better, a more 'political' solution?" Another sigh leaves him as he lets himself fall back against his seat. "Princess Roslin is displeased, and she tells me Bran will not be well liked by the Royal Family. As if that would matter…" His anger now bordering on treachery almost. After all it is not sound to speak about the Ruling House of Kilgour in this way. Even if one has married into it.

"That is what I was thinking about by other considerations. You did the one thing you could do, Ruthgar. Never doubt that." Robben offers a quiet smile to his brother, before he adds, "And to be honest, your in-laws doesn't always make as much sense as one could hope for. There are times I have considered just packing up and taking Aemy and the kids back home." Spoken a bit quietly, before he offers a quiet smile. "What matters most is how you and Caillin feel about him, after all."

The wine arrives, and Ruthgar takes a good sip from the cup that is offered to him, which helps him calm somewhat. Robben's reply has him shoot the brother a surprised glance though. "Is that so? You are part of the Council, Robben. Aren't you supposed to stay here?" He takes another sip. "And… well, Caillin adores little Bran, of course. I cannot say I dislike him. He's so tiny, I hardly know what to do with him. That will change, when he grows up, I hope." His tone is pensive now, as he plays with the cup in his hands, his gaze resting on it intently. "That other matter. What's your opinion on the punishment of Gaela and the guards? I feel I made the right decision there as well, alas, failing to please both Roslin and my wife." His pale grey eyes are raised until they meet Robben's gaze.

Robben takes a long sip of his own wine, before he nods, "I'm supposed to. But at times being part of the Council can be quite frustrating." A brief sigh, before he adds, "And I'm sure it will change, not knowing what you should do with little Brandon." A pause at the mention of the punishment, before he adds, "Let me guess, Princess Roslin wanted you to be stricter, and your wife wanted you to be less strict? You did what you had to do, Ruthgar."

"Why, certainly it was that way. Princess Roslin wanted them to be executed, and Caillin,… she would not have them punished, as she felt responsible." A small pause follows when Ruthgar lowers his gaze, scratching his chin in a pensive gesture. "But I'm glad you see it that way, too.", he admits then, his demeanour lightening up a bit when he hears Robben's words, especially the latter part. Shifting a little in his seat again, the Baron of Dellhaven offers his brother a moderate smile, before he adds: "Maybe I should have approached you for your counsel in this /before/ I made the decisions. But I felt I had to figure it out on my own. And even so, it seems it would not have made much of a difference…" A pause follows. "I hope your marriage is not exhausting as mine out turned out to be in the last months?"

Robben nods a bit as he hears that. "We all have things we'd need to figure out on our own. I imagine I'll face some of those in the future as well." A smile as he hears the question at the end. "At the moment, the only exhausting part of it is your niece and nephew refusing to sleep every now and then, thankfully. I've been quite lucky, I know."

Ruthgar's pale grey eyes linger on Robben when he gives his reply, and his lips curl into a moderate smile. "At least one of our family gets to be lucky, I suppose. It is good to hear though, and I am glad for the both of you, that everything turned out this well. I am certain, that Caillin and I can find a way to live with each other and find perhaps a happiness similar to yours. After all, the month of Inouv is finally behind us." A bad month it had been indeed. "Things can only get better now, can't they." The expression in those pale grey eyes is surprisingly distant though, when Ruthgar rises, placing the empty cup on the table. "I thank you for the conversation, brother. And the wine. Give my regards to…" His gaze flits to the door that leads to Robben's and Aemy's private quarters. "… your wife. And give your kids a hug from me." The tone of his voice once again soft and strangely detached, as the Baron of Dellhaven turns to leave for his own quarters, that will appear deserted in comparison.

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