Thedor 35, 229: Sea to Sutherland

Sea to Sutherland
Summary: The smaller group of family, friends, and a Priestess take the air on the Rosey Dawn during the trip to Sutherland for Roslin and Ronan's wedding.
OOC Date: 4 February 2014
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Aboard the Rosey Dawn
Ship's Deck on the second day of the voyage.
Thedor 35, 229

The ship is a day out of port, and already the weather is starting to change for the kinder. On the first day, so close to Darfield, the wind whipped across the deck like, well, a whip, and made for a very unpleasant time for those that had to go above. But as the group moves south on their three-day journey, it becomes more pleasant by the second day. Still not exactly warm - the sea breeze has made that impossible. But there’s no longer threat of losing one’s toes or fingers or nose.

The Princess Roslin has been encouraged to step foot outside the cabin she’s been appointed. She didn’t want to. From the moment the ship let fly its sails, the landlubbing royal has been slightly green. Sailing is a terrible experience, she knows it. She’s sure of it now.

But it’s time for some fresh air. So she appears above, dressed in a heavy purple cloak over … well whatever she might be wearing. The cloak and the white gloves cover all of that. She is dressed more casually than she usually is at court, though. Out here there’s not quite the same call for ceremony. So while she has her hair up in her usual crown of braids, and the tiarra sits proudly there, she wears few other adornments.

Her footing is shakey as she steps out, and the royal finds herself immediately reaching for the side rail.

The voyage was by far not the first that the older Kilgour woman had taken by ship, and while she had taken below at those times to be out from under foot, or when those who did not much care for having women aboard and were not mannered enough to keep their grumbling to themselves, Nylie was more often up on deck even with the winds that had often threatened to pull her cloak from her.

Thus she is already on deck when Roslin Designs to make her attempt at some fresh air. Dressed in a heavy cloak, dark brown in color, and likely some simple dress worn beneath it that cannot be seen. Her hair has been braided back to avoid looking like she might fly away with it being whipped about by the breezes. Even now, her maid is not to fair away, settled to some crate or barrel for the moment.

The movement has Nylie glancing to see who else has opted to brave coming up top, most seemed to prefer to stay below it had seemed. A small smile comes to see Roslin making that tentative apperance. "Good morning, cousin. It is not much longer before we'll be back to land proper. " Stepping over towards the younger woman, not seeming to quite have the issues in moving, though far from being as steady as the seasoned sailors. "A bit of fresh air does help though. And they have always told me about looking off to the horizon."

Elisabeth was so afflicted as well on that first rough day. While her brother is a sea Admiral, she herself has spent little time at sea. The bounce of the ship not quite matching the bounce of her stomach and so there was some lost meals overboard or bucket. She follows the princess out on deck, becloaked in her own heavy dark wool cloak. Her hair double braided and wrapped in a crown upon her head.
As the princess grabs the rail, Elisabeth extends her arm to support her if needed but turns her face up to the sun and welcoming clean air of the deck. “Surely today will be better.” She offers to Roslin. As she sees Nylie already on deck she lifts her free hand to wave to the woman before looking out to see to sek out her brother’s boat as it shadows theirs. Indeed within view and made it through the rocky weather as well. Satisfied all is safe she looks back to Roslin and Nylie, “I am told the air is better, but II feared disgracing myself and falling overboard.”

No doubt the ship packed full of noble guests, so many not taking kindly to the movement of the ship, is quite a laugh for the tried and true sailors of the Rosey Dawn.

“Good morning,” Roslin says, after she’s steadied herself between the railing and her Lady-in-Waiting’s hand. “Everyone who has come across me in the past day has told me that the fresh air will help. Perhaps it shall - I can’t say I know for sure. I do know that my entire body wishes only that I would remain curled in that swinging bed down below and sleep for the next few days. I think even once we find land I shalln’t be right for some time.”

At last, the Princess lifts her eyes to look out over the horizon. The sight of water - water everywhere - makes her a little green again, but she doesn’t become ill. Instead, she spies the Lady Aoife, and peers at it. “That is your brother’s ship then, Elisabeth? One of the men who helped load the trunks onto the ship informed me that it was selected as our escort to scare away pirates, because it is so fearsome. But it looks fairly similar to the one we are on now, does it not?”

A bow of her head is offered to the pair when Nylie is a bit closer, and a "GGood morning, Lady Elisabeth'offered along. "Ihave found over time it can help a bit, if nothing else is offers some change that allows the mind to pull briefly from consintrationg upon when the stomach might next roll with the waves. " Nevermind with so many seasick nobles below, it just smelled better upon deck.

Her eyes travel to the ship that escorts them, undoubtly she has watched it at various points along the way on this short trip. Though she is more than content to leave answering any questions about and it'sCaptain to Elisabeth, commenting only,"It Has kept with us, I think I have only once not seen it near."

“I have never been a ship long enough to find out. “ Elisabeth responds to the matter of what the return to land will feel. Then she is asked about her brother’s ship and she nods. “He told me it is the hull is stronger and can carry more people, namely soldiers below deck. Ki..Captain Mowbray’s ship is designed more for Cargo and transport of a smaller number of passengers in more comfort. Lighter and quicker in the water if not weighed down by cargo he will be able to spirit us away as Eoin protects our retreat.” Elisabeth says though offers a wavering smile to the two ladies, “Though I am sure all will be well.” She says though her gaze travels the deck, perhaps seeking out Rosey’s Captain.

Roslin is not seeking out the Rosey’s captain - she is instead focusing on the ship far out away on the rolling waters. Rolling … rising and falling … dipping and pulling … “Ohhh,” Roslin groans a little, moving then to sit on a built-in box nearby the rigging for many important peices of this or that. She holds the seat with a white-knuckled grip. “I am glad, then, that we travel in relative comfort. My thoughts and prayers go out to your poor brother, if his journey is less so.” What could be less comfortable? Damn the open sea.

Roslin’s eyes flit up to her cousins, curiously. “What would cause him to fall so far away that we cannot see him? Isn’t that terribly dangerous for us both?” She doesn’t sound afraid, but more interested in the answer.

"Most trips I have managed have only been a handful of days like this one. Usually there is some oddness in returning to land again and those I have seen grow quite I'llatsea seem to bounce back quicker than you might think now once they have dry land again beneath their feet." The woman was something of a seasoned traveler.

Nylie allows Roslin some space as she moves to take that seat, perhaps not wanting to end up splattered should the younger woman upend her stomach. "I Do imagine the Lord Admiral finds no discomfort, it is his own ship he travels upon and he prefers to be at sea then upon land. It seems to be so with most of the sailing men I have met. The winter months when they are in port for so long with the weather almost seem painful for them with the time they must be on land."

A glance goes back to the ship in the distance, " It is one of two things usually, least from what I have seen. Sometimes a need to scout or check upon something spotted. Or a tactic of sorts to
cause any that might be lurking to show themselves when they think there is but one ship about. There is not danger to it, but simply he seeing to our protection."

Elisabeth starts to answer about her brother’s discomfort, but looks to Nylie as she does instead. There is a little smile that plays on her lips but she speaks not her thoughts at the moment. She has been told not to meddle. Elisabeth looks out to see once more and to her brother’s ship. Her hands brace on the railing as the wind tugs at her cloak. Unlike Roslin she is finding her stomach settled by looking out onto the water. She nods to Nylie’s words, “I dare say if any concern were to be had we may well know by now and if it were for our safety we would have already been shuttled below deck.”

“I’m afraid I still don’t quite understand,” Roslin doesn’t like things that she doesn’t understand, and it brings a little frown to her lips. “How can they be seeking the enemy? Would we not see the enemy, for miles? And if we were to come up upon some Laniveer privateer or pirate, and the Grand Admiral was so far away he could not see, what then would we do?” She looks between the ladies, prying them both for information on how this magical art of sailing is done.

Kieryn had been manning the wheel of his ship since the beginning of th trip, while his crew had been seeing to the needs of the passengers. Perhaps he should have made sure that the healers had given something to most of them to make them feel not so sick on the trip, from all the reports of seasick nobles he had been informed of. Ah well, not everyone is natural at sea and people do get sick.

At the moment one of his crew is sailing the ship and Kieryn happens to be walking along the deck as he hears the three women speaking, he gives them a bow and having heard the princess question, he responds to her, “If the Admiral sees any trouble, then well, he will deal with it and catch up. If we spot trouble first? Well, I will do my best to see that does not happen, of course you will all be sent below deck and kept safe until we were out of danger. I know with such a precious cargo we cannot fight. I do think that the passage shall be safe though.” Of course, he doesn’t mention that there has been a known pirate ship seen somewhere between Stormvale and Sutherland in the last couple months, no need to frighten the passengers.

Nylie nods to Elisabeth,"That is a certainty, we would be below and told little, lest we be worried. " A faint smile comes,"They thinking we can't see something is and worry anyways. Since that has not come to pass, there is not need to worry."

When the Captain makes his way along and begins to answer Roslin's question himself, Nylie simply offers a bow of her head to him. She adds afterwards, looking to Roslin,"While it is stunningly more diffult to do, and harder for us to perhaps understand on the how, just as on land, there are ways to hide and ambush upon the sea. Thus why the Lord Admiral sometimes checks for and is not seen near."

Elisabeth turns aside from the railing to place a hand upon Roslin’s shoulder. “You are being escorted by the two highest ranking Captains of Mobrin, one of which is my brother. We are in good hands. Even if it should not be for you Eoin has incentive to see this ship safely ashore.” She offers with a smile to the Princess and a slight glance to Nylie.

As Kieryn joins them on Deck, Elisabeth dips a quick curtsey to the bow. She listen to his words of comfort to the princess and nods, “See, all will be well Roslin.” She says before glancing up at the Captain. There is perhaps a hint of appraisal in that look that causes some colour to come to her cheeks that could not be solely blamed on the wind and so she turns back to the railing once more.

“Captain,” Roslin says, nodding respectfully to the man as he walks over. She doesn’t rise, though - she’s a lady and a princess and even if that were not reason enough not to rise, she’s not feeling at all well. “I thank you for your words of comfort. Though I must confess - I am not so terribly afraid. I have spoken enough with the High Admiral to know that he is confident and capable in his craft, and I know that if you have his trust and faith it must be well-deserved. But the how, that is what is driving me mad today.” Nylie, and even Elisabeth to an extent will know just how nosey Roslin can be when she wants to learn or understand something new. It is her cousin that gets a glance, then. “Ambush from the sea? Will he rise out of the waves?” It all sounds so impossible! While she’s mulling it over in her head, those bright eyes of hers flit to Elisabeth and her reaction, and she can’t help but grin at it - a grin she hides with a gloved hand under the guise of thoughtfulness.

Kieryn bows to the Princess and then nods, “Of course you are not afraid your highness, I would hope that you wouldn’t be anyway. I have been doing my best to steer into the calmest waters I can though. I admit that I do not really know the High Admiral’s tactics too well when it comes to his planning or what he does, as this will actually be the first time we have worked together, but just as he entrusts me with the safety of my passengers, I have confidence that he will do what needs to be done to see us safely through.” Well, it is true that he doesn’t know much about the Admiral, but he takes this as a good chance to learn some about him as well.

He then looks to Elisabeth and Nylie, “Lady Kilgour, you have sailed before?” and raises an eyebrow to her and then checks on Elisabeth, “And you Lady Haravean, you are feeling a little bit better I hope?” he ponders for a few moments since he hasn’t seen much of her since she may be a little seasick as well, “I don’t suppose you have seen my sister Emma have you? I do not think that I have since just before we left the docks.”

A nod goes to Elisabeth in agreement," I do believe you are correct in him have incentive to see the ship safely docked once more." EEven if her thoughts are for reasons other than Elisabeth's, the Lord Admiral'slittle sister.

The comment form Roslin causes a chuckle from Nylie,"Not exactly, cousin, but it can seem that way. There are ways and tricks to be done with the light. It can require the perfect conditions to achieve, perhaps, if you wish to better know such sea based tactics you mightsee if the Lord Admiral shall give you a few lessons."

Bowing her head to Kieryn," Aye; Captain," whiwhiLeft the meeting was perhaps brief perhaps someone was actually listening. "Ihave. Certianly not as much as you or your men. But often enough, the most recent this past fall when I returned from Aberdeen. It was the Lord Arlen who saw me safely home on that voyage."

Elisabeth listens to Roslin’s questions to the Captain, such she is used to from the Princess. Indeed Elisabeth is prone to having an inquisitive nature as well. Many a question and more on the matter has been asked of her brother. Her gaze remains upon her brother’s ship as it dips and rises on the waves out in flank to their own ship. The words of other ships cause her gaze to scan out across the horizon.

At the Captain’s question of her health she tilts her head to nod to the man. “Much settled now, the calmer sea and fresh air are settling me.” At to the question of her sister she ponders, “She may be with the Duke’s healers? We have taken a turn to look in on him when we are able.” Emma with her healering studies and Elisabeth with her interest in Apothecary skills. At least they may be able to assist a proper Healer should the need arise.

Her gaze slips to Nylie as she speaks of her own travels, a touch of respect and admiration in gaze such as one might hold a sister. “Perhaps you can teach me some songs from Aberdeen while we travel?” She asks of the more experienced musician.

“Music, I think, would be welcomed by all. Though I am always loathe to say it,” Roslin turns her gaze apologetically to Nylie. “I do always feel as if I am taking advantage of your skill when I do. I hope I do not seem too selfish, that way.” The ship rises and falls again and the graceful Princess does not seem terribly graceful, holding onto her seat that way.

“The Duke, Gods be praised, does seem to be doing much better. I am so glad that we have had some ladies talented in the healing arts to keep an eye on him as we go. In truth I’m impressed that we were able to leave as close on schedule as this. When he first removed his armor that the animal had peirced -” now she goes from green to pale. “Well, the boar was a powerful beast that did the damage to those three good Lords. The Gods in their wisdom and mercy must be praised for giving His Grace and the others the strength and fortitude to triumph in the face of such an attack.” That is a bit of an unusual speech from Roslin, who does not often sing the praises to men or Gods over such trivialness as a boar’s tusk. But then, she doesn’t look like she’s quite all there, today.

Kieryn nods to Elisabeth, “Ah that must be where she is. She hasn’t been at sea before, so I was hoping that she would not be among the sick. I am sure she was some at first, but I had not seen her up here on deck yet.” he chuckles a little, well at least he knows she is getting a bit more experience in different things now, “I wanted her to come along, because I thought that it would be good for her, she is shy a lot of times and well, since she had to leave Weston she just hasn’t been quite the same. She misses her friends there and I thought this would be a good chance for her to mingle with different people.”

He nods to Roslin, “It was good that we weren’t too delayed by Duke Crawford’s injury and that he is well enough to travel. It is a good sign of his constitution and the skill of the healers from the castle.” he smiles some, ok so his words might not be all that comforting on that front, but the younger male of the Mowbray family just does not understand political structure and procedure yet, not like the Baron at least, but he’s trying even though his appointment as the head of the western fleet only happened some days earlier.

“Oh, I am sure we can provide you some distraction below deck. I fear the wind and cold air is playing havoc with my lute and throat though perhaps nothing a brazier and a mulled wine could not cure.” Elisabeth says with a nod to Nylie, “We must practice either way.”
Elisabeth turns her attention to the Princess as she speaks words of the boar hunt and places a hand upon the woman’s shoulder giving it a squeeze. “He has made it through the worst and the healers would not have let him travel otherwise. A determined man he may be, but I hear tell my Cousin Wenna is more stubborn still.” She says with a half smile on her lips.
Her gaze turns upon the Captain as he speaks of his sister, “I understand well of that though I had made a friend in court before I did come.” She says with a nod to Roslin, “It is no easy thing to move to so far from home. Baroness Wenna did assign me to work with Emma so that I may learn more of the healing arts outside of my potions and herbcraft. I think she intends to make a healer out of me yet.” She says with a slight roll of her eye, “I will endeavour to make your sister feel at home amoung us. If you would excuse me I may go seek her out now or at least spell her for a bit.” Elisabeth says looking down to the princess for leave to depart.

Roslin glances up at the touch to her shoulder, giving a little smile and then a smirk as Wenna’s name is mentioned. She says nothing furhter on that, though. Certainly not here.

“I’m glad you have your own interests aside from those the Baroness has assigned, Elisabeth. Though I did not realize I was not giving you enouhg to do. Surely, when we see Truborn, we will have quite a bit of studying to do, and even more work besides. His Grace has indicated he hopes to have it rebuilt and refurnished by the end of the year, as much as possible depending on the construction, anyway. At least, while you are still free to assist me in such things.” Another little smile, and then Roslin looks back over at the Lady Aoife.

“Captain, tell me - is there anything I might drink to settle my stomach a bit? Hot mulled wine?” Isn’t that the answer to everything?

Kieryn ponders the question from the princess for a few moments, he’s not much of a wine drinker himself. He shake his head, “I do not think that alcohol would be the best for an upset stomach your highness. I am sure the healers on board might be able to brew you up some tea or something, though? I am not really sure if that is the answer either though, seeing as I do not know anything about that sort of thing. Though, you could always have a few shots of rum or something stronger and you might no longer care about your stomach as it may put you to sleep.”

He glances to Elisabeth as she excuses herself and he gives her a smile, “I hope your voice gets better soon my lady, I would love to hear you sing once or twice before we get to Sutherland.” he nods and then glances out to sea for a few moments and then over to one of the crew as he’s called for and sighs, “I think I should go see what all the noise is about myself, sometimes they just can’t do anything without me, it seems.” he chuckles and then bows to both women, “By your leave your highness, my lady?”

Elisabeth can not help but smile at Roslin’s comments about her work. “It is but a hobby my cousin hopes to encourage. It is thought such a time would be opportune.” The last said more soberly. With war looming, the more that know how the healing arts the better. “I feel I would make a poor healer though I seem to have a knack for herbcraft.” Something to spend her inquisitive mind on.
At the request for something to settle the stomach, Elisabeth nods. “Some Ginger tea might help now that it is not so rough. Even chewing upon the root did little when the ship was being tossed about.” Ok maybe tossed about is a strong descriptor but that is how it felt! “I will have some prepared for you when she return below.”

She looks to the Captain as he speaks once more to her. “I would love to sing for you Captain.” She says in a softer voice as she dips a curtsey first to the Princess and Nylie, then to the Captain before she makes her way below deck, using the rail to keep her steady.

Roslin lowers her head, bowing to both the Captain and her Lady-in-Waiting. “Of course,” she says to both of them. “I shall be down soon enough, Elisabeth,” she adds to her lady, hoping that some of this tea will be prepared when she goes into the officer’s dining room later, which has become something of a social area for everyone to sit and talk and socialize.

When upon the seas, there is ever the threat of a bad wind knocking you off course, or at least irritating the living daylights out of you. And so a certain white-haired priestess of Umbra makes her way over from the other side of the deck. If she is feeling any hint of seasickness, it does not show in her serene smile. The wind presses her cloak to her left side, forcing it to partially wrap about her. The golden embroidery of her patron goddess catches the light as she moves and her tight curls seem to mesh with the background of the garment, as they share that pale hue.

Pressing her palms together in the traditional greeting, she offers to any and all, “Light shine upon you this fine day.” Her vivid green gaze lingers on the captain’s face for a moment, narrowing slightly as though attempting to recall familiarity, but quickly shifts to the Princess.

Caught in some thought, Nylie had fallen silent as the conversation swirled around much like the sea winds, though she does offer a bow of her head to Elizabeth when the woman departs, a soft,"AyE, we should practice."e captain getting a bow of her head in respectful fashion Before her attention again falls to her younger cousin. "It Is never an imposition or an advantage taken of me, my abilities in music is how I have long served our family, if it is not put to use then what good has all my studying been for?". It is said with a soft smile. "I really do not mind to play, especially for family. I think even if I minded, I would feel some measure of shame to not play for having such a gift with music and trying to hide it away."

The white hair does drawn Nylie' attention, a small blink as she is reminded her brother does not have such long hair, nor is he amongst those going to Sutherland first. Offering a faint incline of her head to the Priestess,"A fine day to you."

Ah, the Priestess. Truth be told this is the first time Roslin has lain eyes on the Priestess since … well, it’s been quite awhile. There’d been a near war with the temple between then and now. And so it’s probobly not a surprise that Blessed Luna is not greeted with a smile and a cheer - instead, she is greeted politely with a drawing of hands and a bowing of her head. “Blessed Luna,” Roslin says, lifting her eyes to teh woman once more. She sits, still, on the bench by the rigging along the side of the ship, still just barely tinted green. So already, she’s not feeling well.

“Thank you for being able to attend on such short notice. I am so happy to see that the Gods have blessed you with a calm stomach for these difficult times. No doubt it will make your travel to the people of Sutherland much easier, when we arrive.” Roslin looks back to her cousin, Nylie, and smiles - it’s a more relaxed, casual, natural smile for her. “I am so glad the family is blessed by you, My Lady, not only for your talents but for your generosity in sharing them with us. Thank you. PErhaps soon we’ll retire downstairs, and get warm, and perhaps I will have a bit of rum as the Captain suggested, that I may sleep the next accursed day away.”

A smirk touches Luna’s lips, as often it does, when Roslin speaks of the blessing supposedly bestowed upon the clergywoman. Her brow twitches upward at the mention of rum, that quirk of lips deepening. “The Eight have blessed me with something better than a naturally calm stomach, Your Highness. They have instead gifted me, and us all, with these.” Slim fingers deftly open and slip into a pouch hanging off the golden rope about her waist. A moment later, a small cluster of mint leaves are held up. Keeping a firm grasp so that they do not fly away, the priestess offers them to both of the other women. “Making these into tea is helpful, but for the worst cases, I have found biting into one and then tucking it between the teeth and cheek or under the tongue to be best. The unfortunate side effect is that anything consumed for some time after doing this will have that odd minty hint to it.”

The first day Ronan kept below in the men's section. Mostly to continue resting after relocating from the infirmary due to his wounds, but also so that he may avoid the cold wind. It is reported that the Duke has had mild sea sickness but not badly, and his squire Kierne none at all. Those Kincaids seem to be immune. Rosley on the other hand … poor bastard, has been terribly ill and bemoaned that surely he's been poisoned, an attempt on his Duke's life! Kierne assures him not.

On this day, half way through their voyage and already somewhat warmer, Ronan finally comes up on deck. He moves slowly, Kierne right by his elbow to steady the Rioga. Like the others he is garbed against the cold in a thick dark blue cloak with silvery wolf pelts. Ronan's face is a little tense as he moves slowly, intent not to undo the past few days healing. As soon as they are up on deck, Kierne directs the Duke to the mast to take a seat at the base of it where he can watch the others moving about but not be close to the railing.

"I'll see if there is a better place for you, Sir. Please don't try to move around without letting me assist and steady you." Kierne asks. Ronan gives a nod, "I'll be fine, here."

Nylie gently bows her head towards Roslin at the words spoken to her, a soft smile had for the Princess,"I am certain it will help, and perhaps a spot of soft music to occupy your mind, if the Lady Elisabeth has not already seen to singing a few songs. She does have a lovely voice."

Her gaze settling on the priestess, not quite having made personal aqauintenance with the woman like much of her family. Nylie glancing to the leaves that get revealed in turn with the words, a simple comment added," I would recommend staying away from apples if you opt to take a leaf directly, cousin. The flavours does conflict in a way that your stomach would likely rebel against."

Her eyes touching towards the movement of more brave souls coming upon deck, the older Kilgour woman seeming one of those not so afflicted by the voyage by ship. A bow of her head made in their direction with a light touch being made to Roslin' arm to Gardner her attention if was not already directed towards the latest arrivals.

Roslin looks down at the leaves, and flits her eyes back to the Priestess. She shakes her head at the offer of them. “Thank you, Blessed, but Elisabeth is downstairs, brewing for me a ginger tea. Her brother is the High Admiral, so I daresay she may do so with confidence in her abilities and knowledge.” She nods her head thankfully to Blessed Luna, though moves her eyes once more to Nylie.

“Cousin, forgive me. May I introduce Blessed Luna, Priestess of Umbra?” She nods in Luna’s direction. “Blessed, this is my cousin, the sister of the Voice of the King.” Roslin seems about to say more, but the small touch to her arm makes her turn her head and there, seated and yet still somehow alive is Ronan Crawford.

Roslin relaxes at the sight of the man sitting up, and it’s visible in her features. Her still slightly green features. “Please excuse me a moment. I would like to see how His Grace fares this morning, and if he requires anything.” She nods to both as she rises, making her way toward where Ronan has been seated and standing before him. She moves to lower herself into a bow of her head for him, as is appropriate. But the ships rolls just at that moment, and throws off the otherwise graceful woman’s footing. She stumbles, but regains herself, and bows again to hide her embaressment. “Your Grace.”

"Ginger is helpful as well. Some react better to one over the other." Luna nods in agreement with Oh deOElisabeth's currently concocting brew. As she secures the leaves within her healer's pouch once again, the priestess notices the newest arrivals on deck in her peripheral vision. Her grin deepens just a touch, but she makes no indication otherwise, for introductions are being made.

With her gaze fully on Nylie now, she again presses her palms together in greeting. "It is a pleasure to meet you, my lady. I greatly enjoy the time I have spent with your brother and his lady wife." She is about to say more, but then the princess is rushing off — as much as a graceful walk can be called rushing — to her groom. Again, that smirk appears, but quickly smooths out before she continues speaking. "Are you newly arrived in the Palace, my lady?"

Ah, there are some of the women speaking together. Ronan watches them and inclines his head politely if any look his way, such as Nylie. Yet he does not get up. Kierne is looking around the ship for best options in the sun, but out of the wind as best he might, that Ronan can be located on the deck. When Roslin comes to him, Ronan makes himself smile a little, "Forgive me if I do not rise, Your Highness."

There is at once a startled look of concern for Roslin when she looses her footing. Ronan can't help himself and moves to his feet, one hand reaching out for her arm to steady her - and perhaps as much to steady himself, "Are you all right?" A quick study of her face and for an instant, he is uncertain whether he should laugh or be sympathetic for her motion sickness. Ronan has enough sense to choose the latter though he manages a hint of a smile, "You will get used to it. Likely by tomorrow. Will you sit?"

A nod of agreement comes on how some react better to one or another,"Sometimes it is a matter of taste as well. I have come across a few that are rather picky when it comes to tastes and their foods. ". Nylie offers a smile when the introductions are started and then there is Roslin drawn like a moth to a flame, a simple murmur of,"OfCourse, cousin," hen The young woman goes to check on Ronan.

Nylie returning her attention to Luna, even if an eye is occasionally checking upon her cousin. "It is a please to meet you, Blessed Luna." She offers that whichRoslin managed to leave out in the introduction,"Lady Nylie." There is a small shake of her head,"oT entirely recent, I returned just before the days of winter began. So I have been about for a few months, trying to catch up with my brother and become acquainted with Wanna. " Least when the woman isn't trying to match her to every widower within the city limits. Catching the stumble Roslin makes, Nylie does have a flash of concern that briefly comes, but Roslin recoveand Ronan is quick enough to help steady her.

Roslin finds herself with Ronan there to help her, despite the boar tusk shaped hole in his side. Healing hole, but hole all the same. She looks where his hand has moved to assist her, then up at him. And he’s smiling - such a pleasant thing to see on the face of a man who smiles so seldom, these past months! And indeed in all the months that Roslin has known him.

“I think I would like to sit, Your Grace. Thank you - you are very kind to offer.” And she moves, more carefully this time, to take a seat beside him. As she does, she looks to him, and moves a hand to his back and another to his arm in order to assist him down into the seat once more, if he so needs it. Not that much could be done if he actually needed assistance - his much superior weight and size would render Roslin’s help all but useless if he decided to rely on her for it.

“I don’t believe I’ll ever be used to it,” she confesses, quietly to Ronan as she throws another glance at Blessed Luna. “The Captain has suggested I take a few drinks of rum and sleep the rest of the voyage. I’m not entirely sure I disagree with his suggestion. How are you faring - does the movement hurt your stomach? Or does the hurt there already mask the seasickness? If so, perhaps the feistiness of those boar may have been a blessing in disguise.” She’s able to smile at him. A green, unsteady smile.

Luna subtly angles herself so that she, too, may keep a surreptitious eye upon the couple. It is only proper, after all. "What a lovely name," she replies to Nylie. "I am sorry for being so uninformed of your presence in the city. It has been a very busy time for us all, it seems."

The icy wind carries droplets of similar temperature from the sea and the cold spray causes her to shiver lightly, despite her heavy cloak. "Have you had time to explore much, or are you mainly staying in the palace?"

Aye, more than one puncture in his gut but he was lucky for his armour saved his life. Those tusks would have ripped everything out otherwise and killed him. Ronan is yet slightly pale but he is back on his feet in limited fashion. He is glad enough to retake a seat when Roslin does, letting go her arm. "Aye, it hurts. Nothing I can't ignore, if I'm careful with it." A negative movement of his head, "Only a little queasiness. Perhaps riding horses so much, I tend less to sea sickness than most." To which he is thankful, whatever the reason.

Kierne has come back, looking slightly anxious. He bows low to Roslin, "Your Highness, Your Grace, did you wish to join the others or should I ask them to join you?" It is polite to greet their wedding guests. Ronan looks back to Nylie and Luna, "I would like to speak with them, aye." While he looks ready to brave getting up and walking over, there is Roslin to consider and she only now sat down. So he adds, "Please ask them to join us, Kierne."

The Duke's squire lays fist to his heart and turns to go and ask if the Lady Nylie and the Priestess Luna would care to join the Duke and Princess. He is very polite in his request.

Nylie bows her head at the compliment,"Thank you.". A quiet smile comes, many had forgotten the Voice had a sister, so Nylie seems none putout when Luna has been so far unaware of her presence in the city. "Iam not as outwardly involved as much of my family is, my abilities are more within music then in speaking as my brother'sgift. So I am not surprised really, I tend to not linger long either. His Majesty is off sending me along to go learn of some new song he has heard of."

A nod of her head comes,"Ihave made some explorations, as I enjoy a good walk to help put my thoughts to order. Even if much of my time is spent in the palace," addng as if some explanation," usually trying not to bore to many with my playing." Her gaze shifting to the Kinciad squire who comes their way, a respectful incline of her head to him. A glance to Luna at the polite rquest, before she responds,"I would be delighted." Before she does move to join the pair.

Roslin nods as she listens to Ronan describe, however vaguely, his discomfort. She smiles, reassuringly. “And yet each day seems to bring you closer and closer to removing the pain all together. I am so very glad to see it. I think you’re right - by the time of the wedding it may well be as though nothing at all ever happened, save for the memory of the delicious meal you and Lord Ruxton and Lord Trevian provided to the court.” She turns her eyes to Kierne, then, nodding when Ronan makes the decision on if they ought to stay or move. Wifely obedience, and all that, right? That counts, right?

She turns, then, her attention to one of the passing men. “Can you please step downstairs and ask one of the maids to bring up a pitcher of hot cider for everyone? I think it may yet do wonders.” Not on the tummy, perhaps, but at least on keeping warm. The man doesn’t look too pleased - he’s a sailor not a servant - but she’s also a Princess. It gets done.

She looks over then to Nylie and Luna, offering them both polite smiles.

"It is little wonder you mainly remain indoors. This has been a harsher winter than most." Luna also turns her attention to the squire, a light smile coming to her lips. Her hands meet once more as she intones, "Light shine upon you, Squire. It is a pleasure to see you again." After exchanging a glance with Nylie, she nods in agreement. Yes, she shall join the couple as well.

Now that he is seated once more, Ronan can relax. Aye, he does smile a little at Roslin, "I will be fine by the wedding. I have been seriously hurt before at the Battle of Westgate. It is slow going at first but if I do not push too much, I will recover for the most part quickly. Then it takes time to recondition the muscle. Do not fret and I will take care, Your Highness."

Hot cider would be nice. Ronan turns his head when the other two start over, requested by Kierne. The Rioga says low to Roslin, "I will be sorry to loose Kierne. If he lives through the coming year and sees war, he will be knighted and return to Lakeshire. He has been fine company these past few years."

"Lady Nylie, a pleasure to see you. I hope you have brought an instrument with you? Priestess, welcome. It is my hope you shall both enjoy what hospitality Sutherland has to offer."

"Aye, it has been. Though I do not much mind the snow, I admit." Comes Nylies agreement on the matter, the comment coming as she and Luna move to join the other pair. Though as Nylie catches the sailor being sent along like a servant, she nods at her own maid, who is soon stepping to intercede and see to the task. The woman not figuring Nylie can end up in to much trouble in the span of time it'lltake to fetch the wine, unless a kraken snatches her off the deck or something along those lines.

A bow of her head goes to Roslin and Ronan when the groups are joined,"It Is a pleasure to again see you as well, Your Grace."A smile comes at the question,"Aye, I have. Two, in fact, my dulcimer and flute both. I figured they should be sufficient for entertaining those who might wish it. "

Roslin nods to Ronan as they have a few seconds more of quiet conversation before the others approach. The sun is getting high in the sky now.

“You shall just have to do equally well with your next squire, Your Grace,” she says, smiling and then turning her attention to the other ladies approaching.

“I was just asking Lady Nylie a little bit, earlier, if she would grace us with her skill. She and Elisabeth, who has a lovely voice, have both agreed to honor us downstairs later today or this evening. It will make everything much more enjoyable, I’m sure.” Because the ship in and of itself is not enjoyable. At all.

“No doubt, Blessed Luna will be very keen to visit the people of Sutherland,” Roslin says when her betrothed speaks to that lady as well. “It will be so easily done, too, as we tour the duchy in the upcomming week.”

Really, how much trouble can Nylie get in with a priestess for company? Never mind that Umbra is the Goddess of Shadow and on friendlier terms with Inouv than any of the other deities. Minor details. Luna's hands lift once more in greeting once she is before the couple.

The warmth in the familiar smile she offers Ronan makes its way to her voice. "It seems the Light indeed has been shining upon you since our last discussion, Your Grace. You appear to be doing better, especially with the added ray of Light beside you." She glances toward Roslin with a widening grin.

"I shall indeed be happy to speak with the people and the Temple. His Grace suggested the latter and described the beauty of the devotion to the Eight and the site itself." Again, that warm smile flashes toward Ronan. "Undoubtedly, the Enlightened there will be busy speaking with you both, but perhaps I can have a moment of his time once all is underway." Looking to Nylie, she asks, "Would you care to join me and possibly lend your talent to bring greater joy to the parishioners?"

Ronan has somewhat fallen quiet to enjoy the company of the others. He gives a faint nod to Roslin and says low, "But a new squire would be but a young boy, and years to grow. Kierne has been a boon to me." And will be missed, but like a son, every boy must grow into a man and be let go to forge his own life.

A warm smile indeed for both women, "Aye, it is good to get out into the fresh sea air. To be on our way, and soon I will come home with friends. A man can ask for no better, with his lovely bride to be by his side. I am most pleased." He glances to Roslin, then back to Nylie, "Is there anything you should like to see, or do, while you are in the South, my lady?" A nod to Luna, "We will have time to speak, Priestess. Music this evening would be very welcome, if it is no imposition upon Lady Nylie."

The Rioga Duke looks around, "Has the Princess Draventa come with us? I should like to see her painting and discuss a commission with her."

Having spent all her life unwed, and keeping such company, probably a lot. Least according to some, a Bastian of sin just waiting to happen. But never given time to take root and come to fruition for the maid does not take long to fetch up the wished for cider, warmed. Bearing a tray with mugs, and some manner of small tarts should anyone be brave enough to attempt food. Nylie inclines her head to the maid, giving some aid in serving out the cider, things were trickier with the motion associated with a sailing ship and she doesn'tmake the maid put on a show to attempt to serve and balance the tray.

"Lady Elisabeth has some skill with the lute, if you have not had chance to hear her play. She and her brother have convinced me to pair with her in the contest that will occurring as part of Duke Kinciad's coming tournament." Nylie gives a faint smile,"If I can manage that, I think it is but a small pleasure to provide some music for us all this eve. The mild distraction will no doubt be welcome for some."It Was a thing to help distract the mind.

Offering partially filled mugs out as she answers the questions that have come her way,"Ithas been some time since I'v been south, I admit I am curious to visit a few places to see how they have faired over the years. Though more, I have some teachers I once studied with I have some hope To visit and perhaps rekindle a bit of past musical venture.". Nylie bows her head to Luna," I do think that would be enjoyable, and more then a fine use to put my skills to."

The warmth of Luna’s words and smile toward Roslin are returned with a moderately larger polite smile for the Priestess. Odd, considering Luna is the Princess’ personal confessor. But the gesture is still polite and appropriate. “His Grace’s strength and constitution are both reflections on his character. I imagine before too long he shall be as well as he has ever been in his life.”

She looks to the man then and speaks quietly, continuing their little side-conversation. “I have every faith that you shall somehow find the resolve to take care of yourself until the next boy is of age,” she says, in a teasing, but fond, tone. And look! There’s cider. Roslin takes a cup and nods in thanks to the maid and to Nylie, who so deftly assisted her. A heroine indeed.

“Yes,” she adds, after a moment. “Princess Draventa has come with us. We have the most talented ladies of the realm aboard this ship. No wonder the Captain and the Admiral are taking such good care of us. Between Lady Nylie, Lady Elisabeth, and Princess Draventa, we carry the treasures of Mobrin.” She sips her drink, cupping it with both hands not only to savor the warmth but to keep it from sloshing about.

“Princess Emerit is also with us. A most impressive young woman, and such a beloved friend of mine.”

"I have not heard the Lady Elisabeth play, no. I would be pleased to." Ronan rumbles from where he sits at the base of the mast. A cup of the warm cider is accepted and though Rosley is not here to poison taste it for him, the Duke does not seem to be concerned for it. For the moment it warms his hands. He curls one side of his mouth into a grin for Roslin and answers her low, "Until I have sons to squire, I will make due, aye." The look he gives her is decidedly fond. The Duke already adores his Princess.

Ronan's attention is drawn back to the others. He tastes the hot cider lightly. "Very good. I have only met the Princess Emerit once, but she took things well in stride." To Nylie he says, "My uncle's tournament should be enjoyable. I hope to be sound enough to compete by then. If not, I will be content to watch and listen."

Lowering his voice, the Rioga says aside to Luna, "I should like to sit a vigil at the temple ere I am wed. Likely many of those whom will wish to compete at tournament will do the same. It would do well to turn their minds to preparing them for war in the spring, to cleanse their souls and open them to guidance from the Gods, Priestess."

Once all are served, even the squire should he accept such an offering, Nylie finally takes a mug for herself, her hands curling about the vessel to enjoy some of the warmth it offers. Content to listen to some of the exchanges whilst taking a sip of the cider.

"I first heard her at the reception for Count Aldren' wedding myself,"not long ago then. "But we have enjoyed some practicing since then as well, as time and our duties have permitted of us. And I know she is eager to learn some of the songs I picked up during my time with the Aberdeen's. Hopefully we shall manage a decent showing at the tournament, as I admit, I have been looking forward to attending since I have heard it would be hosted."

Ronan’s answer brings a pleased smile to Roslin’s cheeks and a flush to her otherwise green contenence. She meets his gaze for just a moment, and then looks away - in such small company, little acts of forwardness like that may easily get noticed! And they’re terribly embaressing.

“Their reception was lovely. One day I think I shall endeavor to fully participate in a Greenshire wedding. The kidnapping - the whole thing is such an interesting tradition. I would like to see how it’s done, though I can surely see how it’s not for everyone.” Gods know that if Ronan could have had such an excuse, he’d have snatched Roslin from a ride weeks ago and bore her south for the ceremony.

“Really, Nylie. I hope you won’t be too upset if no one tries to best you during the competition. I can’t imagine who would dare stand in the face of the two of you - you especially, as the most renowned musician on the continent. It would take a bold, brave soul.” She sips her cider again.

“I am afraid that I missed Count Aldren’s wedding, alas. It sounded festive.” Yes, Roslin is right that Ronan was so tempted but he needs not more ire of her family so he has had to be patient. Another taste of his cider, then he sets the cup aside. “If you will all excuse me, I think I should go back below and rest. Tomorrow, as we near to Trueborn, it will be warmer still lest there be storms. Spring like. And further south yet if the weather be fair we’ll find the South coast even warmer still, Gods willing.”

Kierne moves in to assist Ronan with standing and steadying him. “I am very pleased you are each coming south with us. I shall endevor to be better company soon.” To his squire, Ronan adds low, “Perhaps some small lunch might be prepared … for myself and the ladies. Perhaps her Highness will share hers with me.” He looks to Roslin to see if she might, and offers her his arm. Both to steady and escort her, and well it may do him well himself. It’s not far to go to get below where there are tables, chairs and cots to rest.

The small measures of forwardness between the pair are likely noticed, but they are betrothed and soon to be married. Some things can be overlooked at such a time, especially considering wounds and sea sickness, and that the pale in comparison to some of the rather forward behaviours the older Kilgour has endured of late.

"Th reception was quite festive, though I cannot speak to the other events of it," ns Nylie. All having occurred in Albion. "Though I know Caedmon was along if you wished greater details, cousin. And I do hear many will be going to Green shire after the wedding to attend the spring festivals there, rather than the tournament." Mroe so Green shire folk who aren'tas keen on Lakesshire folk.

A soft chuckle comes, Nylie smiles to Roslin,"Yu have quite obviously not meet Master Blian, he is most bold and I would be surprised if he did not compete. He thinks most highly of himself, though I will not deny he is a skilled bard. It should prove interesting if he does show."

Offering a bow of her head to Ronan as he makes to depart, accepting the mug from him should he wish to rid of it as his squire gives him that bit of aid. "You have been fine company, Your Grace. And it is pleasure to be traveling south. " Easily taking up Roslin'sud as well if the Princess does design to return back below deck.

Roslin can’t help but laught at that. “I daresay Aldren Haravean would never deign to have anything but a festive wedding,”the Princess says gaily. “I am sure your brother too has some delightful stories about the event, My Lady. Thouhg I didn’t know they weren’t staying for the tournament. It’s a shame I have committed myself to it already, else I would like very much to see Greenshire again.” When Ronan starts to rise, Roslin is quick to set her own cup aside and slide her arm win with is, as if she could in some way be helpful in that task.

“I should be most honored, Your Grace,” she replies to his query, softly and respectfully. Both Nylie and Luna are nodded to, both with polite smiles though Nylie’s is a bit warmer. The betrothed pair make their excuses and move to step below ship.

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